Wife loved 

I met my wife, Wanda in Allentown, Pa. I was her second marriage. I was driving truck at the time and Wanda was a waitress at the local truck stop cafe. Our dispatch office was on the second floor there so I was usually at the truck stop every other day. When I first met Wanda, I thought she was still a teeny-bopper from her looks but found out later that she’d been married and had two children. We started dating and she told me that she thought about trying bi sometimes, usually when she got high on weed. I told her I had thought about it too when I watched certain type porn videos.

As time passed, I took Wanda to an adult bookstore in Quakertown, Pa. that I’d been to a few times. In the back it had individual viewing booths with ‘glory-holes.’ She had never been to a place like that before so was a little excited about being in such a ‘naughty’ place. A typical adult bookstore, the smell the disinfectant permeated the air and there was a counter up front for the cashier and then rows of adult movies and magazines in the middle arranged front to back. The back wall had a doorway cut out of the left side that was blocked by beaded strings hanging down. Next to the doorway there was a sign advertising the different movies available and an arrow pointing to the doorway. There was also a change machine and a sign that said "Quarters Only Inside." 

I put in a five, scooped out the quarters and Wanda and I went through the doorway into the room. There’s something sexy about the ambiance of the adult bookstore video booths. For the first timers like Wanda it can be gross place what with the quasi-chlorine smell of the old cum smell combined with the musky smell of sex and perspiration and sticky floors. But once aquatinted with the shabby décor, you learn to let it turn you on. I found my dick begin to harden as I walked into the darkness of the hallway.

The back room consisted of two hallways and each hallway was lined with booths. There were ten booths in each row, totaling forty booths in all. The booths were constructed out of one inch thick particleboard and cheap paneling with doors that locked. The booths are about four by six feet inside with cheap padded metal chairs. There were six inches glory holes waist high from the floor between every other booth. So each booth has one glory hole but none have two.

It was very dark back there, so it took some time for our eye to adjust.  Above each booth was a little light that indicated whether or not it was occupied. We wander the hallways, where a lot of guys were just milling about, obviously looking for some action. Most of their eyes got very wide when they noticed Wanda walking down the hall.

We finally chose an empty booth right in the middle of one of the aisles and locked the door behind us. 

I had Wanda her sit on the chair and I put some coins in the machine. As we were watching the video I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my dick. Wanda had seen it before so she was surprised by its size. As I stood there, she started to stroke me, getting my 8-inch dick to the max. 

Between the sounds of the video as well as the sounds from booths around us, Wanda was really getting into the spirit of things. 

When I asked her what was going on next door, Wanda gave me a puzzled looked. Chuckling, pointed to the glory hole in the wall to her right. She said, "I thought I saw something but it was too dark to tell." 

So I told her, “Take a look through the hole.”

As Wanda was looking, I asked, “Do like what you see?”

When she turned to me with a big grin on her face. I told her, “If you like it, put a couple fingers in the hole and see what happens.”

She did and this beautiful nine inch dick with its large swollen head leaking a drop of pre cum came through. Wanda was so amazed that she just sat there and gaped. I told her, "You invited him over, now you have to play with him." 

Then Wanda did what any red-blooded girl would do in this situation, she reached out and stroked him a few times. Wanda eased back the guy’s foreskin, revealing a purple head. Flipping her tongue out, she teased the small opening where a small amount of pre-cum had accumulated. As I kissed the nape of Wanda’s neck, she grabbed the protruding dick and immediately sucked it into her mouth. As I watched, Wanda eagerly sucked the stranger’s dick, plunging down deeper with each pump of her soft, full, pink lips. I placed my hand on the back of Wanda’s head guiding her head up and down as the saliva-slicked shaft slid again and again between her slick lips.

Wanda must have been on him for about 5-minutes as I fondled her breasts and pussy. And from the wetness of her pussy she was enjoying what she was doing. I know that I was most definitely enjoying the show.

"Mm-hmm," Wanda moaned passionately around the stranger’s dick, sucking harder, taking more and more in her mouth. He gasped and judging the sound of his body banging against the wall, arched his back. Wanda’s eyes widened and her chin pressed against the wall as her lips fluttered around the base of the stranger’s shaft. Then she tried to press even closer to the wall as the stranger’s dick exploded, firing pulse after pulse of hot sticky cum into the back of her throat.

When she finished swallowing, Wanda pulled her mouth off of the stranger’s dick and gave me a really big kiss on the lips, with tongue. As we kissed I heard coins drop into the video machine next door and then another dick came through the hole. It wasn't a large dick but very nice sized. Breaking our kiss, Wanda gave me an impish grin and said, “Your turn?”

When I hesitated Wanda took my wrist and guided my hand towards the hole. Suddenly I was holding the new stranger’s dick and Wanda and I were both staring at it. Nudging my shoulder, Wanda pushed me to my knees. With her gently pushing on the back of my head, I opened my mouth and took it in my mouth. As I closed my lips around the shaft, I thought Wanda was going to cum right then and there. I was too busy to pay much attention, but I thought I heard her murmur something to me about being a good little cocksucker.

The soft feeling of the new stranger’s skin in my mouth was exciting. I could feel all the veins on the shaft with my tongue and how the soft hood of that dick felt as it rubbed on the roof of my mouth. I took as much of him in my mouth as I could and started to gag. The hair around this new stranger’s dick and the odor was pleasant.

As the dick in my mouth was becoming more aroused, Wanda starting to use her tongue on what I didn't have in my mouth. She and I started to take turns sucking him and after about ten minutes or so he whimpered, “I’m going to cum.”

I became confused because I didn't know what I wanted to do when the guy cummed. I wanted to taste it but I wasn't sure if I wanted to swallow it or spit it out, or just take him to the edge in my mouth and finish him off with my hands while I watched it shoot. Not a problem though, because the stranger helped me with my decision. I felt his nut sack start to tighten up and his dick got harder and his breathing began to quicken. Gasping, he pushed further into the hole and froze in place. 

I knew he was going to shoot any second so I just shoved my mouth down his shaft as far as it would go. I felt my gag reflex trying to push this foreign object out but I was not going to be denied.  So I just pushed harder and the swollen head seemed to slip past my gag reflex just as he started to shoot down my throat. 

I was surprised when I didn't try to spit it out. Instead I just swallowed and swallowed as the stranger kept cumming in my mouth. I can't describe how it felt for the first time in my life to have a dick in my mouth shooting it’s cum and me swallowing it or the taste. The taste of his cum wasn't any thing like his pre-cum, it was hot, thick, and salty, but it didn't take long for me to get use to it. I was gagging and my eyes were watering but I stayed on the dick sucking it and enjoying the feeling it gave me as it softened and slipped from my mouth and back through the hole. 

Wanda was ecstatic. She couldn’t believe that I actually sucked a guy’s dick and let him cum in my mouth … and I swallowed.

The next one through was only about 5-inches but fat. Going back to her knees, Wanda took it. While she sucked it, I feverously kissed and sucked her erect nipples like I expected them to give milk.  And give he did. As she wrapped her lips around its thick shaft and started sucking it pulsated hard against her my lips and a hot stream of cum squirted out and down her throat. It shot so hard and fast Wanda didn't have any warning and started to gag on it. She swallowed quickly, but some of the salty fluid came out the corner of her mouth. 

As quick as it had come, the dick slid out of Wanda’s mouth and back through the hole.

Word must have gotten around what was going on. No one was wait for an invitation. The door of the next booth was just opening and closing a dick was being shoved through the hole. This time it was another big one, between 8 and 9-inches, uncut with a shaft as thick as the head. One look at the huge purple head and the rigid cords running its length and I was glad that it was my turn.

Still not believing what was happening, I tentatively reached out, wanting to see if it was real, and put my hand around it. A feeling of wonder and sexual awe overcome me as I felt this anonymous dick jump and grow even harder in my hand. His dick was hot, hard, velvety soft all at the same time. This brought a height of sexual awareness and excitement I never knew existed. A feeling of brazen uninhibited illicit eroticism over took me when I felt this anonymous stranger’s dick. I loved the feel of his dick,

Wanda was speechless as she watched me lower my head and engulf the stranger’s dick in my warm mouth. Both Wanda and the guy on the other side of the wall gasped as I closed my warm lips around it and then started bobbing my head up and down. As I deep throated him, I felt my lips touch his pubic hair. Driving the guy on the other side of the wall crazy, I swirled my tongue around and nibbled the head the stranger’s dick. 

I felt the throbbing dick grow inside my hot mouth and knew my anonymous lover was getting ready to cum. I couldn’t wait to have this huge dick spewing into his throat. I picked up the pace and sucked deeper and harder. I felt the bump as the stranger thrust his hip against the other side of the wall.  And then, "Oh shit, here it is. I'm cumming," he screamed but it was more of announcement than a warning. The first spasm hit and a gush of thick, steamy cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed but not quick enough, the second shot of cum filled my mouth, leaking out of the corners of my mouth and oozing down my chin.

I enjoyed the feeling of the warm cum in my mouth. I thought for a moment as I savored the salty flavor, ‘I guess it's an acquired taste, a little salty, a little bitter I guess but not terrible though.’ But it was a taste that I'd already learned to love.  With each spasm of the stranger’s throbbing dick, I found myself enjoying the taste more and more. I think the biggest thing to accept is where the cum is coming from … another guy’s balls."

Finally, the dick in my mouth stopped the flow of cum and just twitched in my mouth every time I ran my tongue along the sensitive underside. I was thrilled by the feeling of having a dick in my mouth and didn’t want to let go. I was amazed, here I was in a viewing booth with my soon to be wife, Wanda and had never thought about having sex with another man yet here I was in heaven, filling my mouth with another man’s cum. 

The stranger withdrew very slowly as I savored every drop, and then with a few drops on my tongue, I kissed Wanda. She said that I tasted delicious. 

Wanda and I have since gotten married and now make occasional trips to adult bookstores and their glory holes as part of our love life. 

Needless to say, we have MANY-MANY other stories if anyone wants to hear them

The end…



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