Why do you wear your hat backwards?

Add your reason in comments

Knobservice4you: I saw in DETAILS magazine once an article that it is never proper or fashionable for a guy to wear his hat backwards unless he is giving a blowjob.  shall i turn mine around?

ABFITCH0318: ... so that whenever a hott guy is stuffing my tight ass with his thick cock, my head can be shoved in the pillow

Justme21044:  yeah...to suck your cock better

SuthrnMale01:   most bottoms wear there hats backwards, so they dont crush it when they are laying on thier stomach

Bluejarod1:  its so  we are always ready for sex, brim gets in the way dude

PhyneAtlBoi: cause the rim gets in the way when suckin yer dick!!

BndOvrMe: to allow a guy to suck dick?

Hotnstudiocity: the answer to your pop quiz is:

so they can suck dick better.

Eschacks: So they can suck cock..

Woodman93: to answer your question     so that they can work on my cock

TEE022354: they wear there hats backwards so they can go down on a cock better;  go all the way down on a cock and feel the pubic hair on the face

CalebFratSC:  so it don't get in their way taking care of their JOCK's rod!

Sdarling0529: so u have something to hold onto while i bite the pillow

Chillboy2002: guys wear their hat backwards so they can suck dick?

TallAsianX: Pop quiz: Why do guys wear their hats backwards? - << they like to give head..

LoveCrossinLines: on why guys wear hats backwards?  ...to suck cock easier I think

AnpuXI: to suck dick !

Frenchinmalibu:  So it's easier to suck dick

SweetNSingleTeen: To give better blow jobs.

WellDuhh: so they can still have a hat on while i fuck em

BuckNakedU:  so the brim doesn't get in the way when sucking cock

Bobbo305: guys wear hats back wards to lay on the bed flat on thier stomachs so a dude can fuck thier ass

Parrot Redneck: Hat on backwards so I don't stick you in the gut with the bill while I'm deep throating you.

TROUBLEina4x4: So they can suxk cock?

Ffox: caps are worn backwards so the guy can get down to givin head with out knockin it off

Hundistihl: so you can see there face better?

DaKiDD338: b/c it looks good it's the style

Exxxtra11: like to say .. to bite pillow  

ArcadiaRMM: so I can suck better

Xyjoc: so they can suck cock

Hot19flyboi: they want  the   sun  in  their eyes  i  give   up

Jocentralhs1: Because the bills of the hats get in the way of sucking dick!

Lakingsfan6969: I dont know but I do it cause it makes me look hot, so I have been told

Jimthesteelman: i would turn my hat around to suck your cock anytime

Jimthesteelman: Hi  the reason that guys wear their hats backwards is so that it don't get in the way when he is sucking on a good hard stiff cock

Nwflmanspnkr: Why do guys wear their hats backwards?  to suck dick! ; )

Bluerunner33: cuz they were cool

LawGuy328: to suck cock

BatCountry22420: so i can roll over and bite some pillow

Filmmbff: so they can suck your dick better?

Filmmbff: man im a genius

Filmmbff: i love sucking dick

RuggedPunk: so when i suck ur cock it wont get in the way

Tony02TBird: so they can suck?

SdKid00: so it dont get in the way of suckin cock ;-)

SoCalSurfJock:  hat is backwards and your ready to suck my cock and to fuck

ETis BACK1284242: wear hat backwares... so u can get more dick in your mouth    =-O

Edgeh20rob:QT  - easier to suck cock through hole in bathroom stall

DpJl75:only one reason to wear them backwards.......:)

Italricanstud: like i said..it'a fad that perhaps some popular dude like Marky-Marky or some other musicican wears in some movie and bingo...every young bro wears it the same

Italricanstud:.the same can be said when a guy sucks or kiss a girl's  pussy or suck her tits...right?..at least it works for me bro

Bdddy603: because the sun is at their back.

AberNFitchDude77: quiz::so they dont keep hitting the bill in your stomach

DfwHottie: cause it looks better -------- but i was refering to you r prof.

YpsiStudSean:So the bill of the cap doesn't hit your stomach when they go down on you.  :-)

Anything4aJOCK: so they can suck

JoeBoxerBoi81NY: so I can suck cock

JerrynAtl: so the brim won't get in the way when they suck cock

Nubointwn: so we can give head at a moments notice! lol

UcNCguy:so they can suck dick better

ShrpFang18: because to me, almost most of the guys who wear their hats backwards are braver and more manly.

One 2 pipe: it means they give head

HotStudFromSpace: if you're gonna suck dick, it's polite to take your hat off.

Hallscreen: so the bill doesn't get in the way when i suck dick   :)

SktrJck:  i wear my hat backwards to bite pillow

AlAmerBoyNextDr: well i only know why i do cuz if you wear it forwards it hits the hot guys on the abs while ur likcing 

BRUTUS I BRUTUS: I guess 'cause they think it looks cool


MuscleWillTravel: Boys wear their hats backward so they can suck cock :) 

Boryag21: so they don't hit their boyfriends in the stomach when their suckin his dick

Payment4me: i think they wear their hats backwards so when they are giving a blow job, the front of the hat wont get in the way.

SoBeMark305: Answer:  Its easier to give head when your hat is turned around. I laugh when str8 guys think its cool!!  The cock suckers position!!  hehe!

WannaPop1:ans. so it dont get in the way of blow job

ReedWinter:  i wear my hat backwards 'cause i'm adorable that way.

Lovehotphone3668: so the rim doesn't get in your way while you bob up and down on my hard dick :)

Tenniserve: Guys wear their hats backwards, of course, so they can eat (out) their "honeys" and/or suck and lick some big hard rods all the way down--and up--and down-and up--and down--and all around.   dave

Theshadyname: so we can suck dick better

SNiCK003: to look hella sexie and flie... 

BuffaloGroveBoi: it makes sucking dick easier

Jel0210: cause you look cute ?

Fitch6979: id wear it backwards to get plowed hard and not have the bill break

Pologuy423:  so guys like you can deepthroat guys like me :)

Arguendo5: so it doesnt get in the way when they are giving head:-)

LadnLV: so they can still get atan on their face?

Jockstud355: so it doesnt get in the way when they are sucking cock

Dnvrswallower3: there is only one reason to wear that hat backwards so get down here and get busy

Theblueagle: guys wear hats backward so when they go down the brim doesnt hit the other guy's belly

Rowharder2: so the brim doesn't get in the way of sucking dick

GyrineGrn: hey dude saw your pop quiz.  dudes where hats backwards so when they suck cock their hat will not in the way?      

GyrineGrn: or when you cum it's wont get in their hair?

Jockollege: keep the son off their back

Tim781: so they can suck dick easier

Indy14thin: well I have heard so the brim doesn't get in the way of them suckin dick, but thats not why I do it..;)

Indy14thin: cause I hate the brim in my face..;)

PREP1STUD: to suck better    take ya deeeeep more fun  that way bro!

Hardstevensd: they wear the hat backwards so they can kiss without hitting the other person

Rocky1nj: lets you get to dick

Dodgeboydude: Guys wear their hats backwards so they can suck a stud like you dry?

Musclejock1976: tell me the answer about wearing ur cap backwards - i always do    ;) mike

Oieoie its hard to give head with it on forward......:)

and thats my final answer.....



JMF0820: guys wear their hat backwards so the brim doesn't get int he way of giving head

Two2play N U: the ONLY reason a guy should wear his ballcap backwards is to take cock to the hilt dude

AandF sk8er boy: fuck yeah i wear a backwards hott want me to bite a pillow for u?

ATIGERKID: The answer to your pop quiz is so they can give better head

InnQbus: answer: so it won't get in the way when they give head

Sweetvanbc: because if ur wearing your hat forward with the beak facing forward, u cant swallow ur buddy's hot cock. the hat would fall off. so before u go down on any guy, u must turn your beak to face backwards. then u can suck and lick and take his whole cock down your throat.

SMOTHBG:  so the visor doesnt hit the guy they are suckin  ???

SteveMiamiBeach: i do not want the cap bill smashed into the pillow if you are fucking me from behind as my face is smashed in the pillow

SteveMiamiBeach: i wear mine backwards so i can swallow your whole dick without interference

MNS70: so the rim doesnt hit my stomach

HOPPER69S: Funny profile, the hats go backwards so they can suck....

Vgn17: guys wear there hat backwards so they can give you head better so they can turn around and bite the pillow

RepJunkie   guys wear their hats backwards cuz it uncomfortable when the bill pecks your stomaches

Prepguysnj: answer to ur question: so the bill doesn't keep hitting the stomach

MickeyDWPB: hello, nice profile, I don't know why people wear their hats backwards either.  I guess they think it's cool, or maybe they're trying to hide their receding hairline!  I don't have that problem thank God.

Bi Guy Cut: I know why guys wear their hats backwards. :) 

Bi Guy Cut: so they won't have trouble handling dicks less than 8"?

BRIANKYLE  ans: so they can go all the way down

BGDKNPS: Wearing hats backward draws your attention to my backside --- what you notice most--is my big bubble ass. .

BaseblJoc: they wear their hats backwards so it's easier to give blowjobs

Aldiemen: answer: so they can suck cock

Nick3inCT: yesand the hat backward is bj position

DocJersey: i think they do that to keep the sun off their necks, LOL,,,,,

TN Scorpio 75: hey... i was reading your profile...  i think guys look "sexy" when they wear their hats backwards... : )~

THICKBEEFSOCAL: they wear their hats backward because they cant 

find the tag that says FRONT?


Ohiomstr: Those baseball cap is on backwards so they can drop to their knees in an instant and service your thick cock without doffing it.

JizPig: Guys wear their hats backward because it's easier to give a blowjob without the bill in the way...


Camelcatz: guys that were their hats backwards do it so that the bill will not get in the way while they deepthroat a cock

T5o5n5y5: So it doesn't hit you in the stomach....

OhhhJeff: so the bill don't get in the way of blow jobs

NYCeltStud:  - so they can suck cock easier? :-)

LVMIKES: I wear my cap backwards so I can get on my knees in a flash and give a cool guy like you head...

Bi Guy Cut:  I know why guys wear their hats backwards.   Only one reason.   To give blow jobs

Mrd972: I always wore my hat backwards so it wouldn;t get in the way while I was working on a guy's rod!

LAShredded: Why do guys wear their hats backwards? 

So the brim of their hat doesn't get in the way when they're down on their knees, sucking you off. Right?

Tallbud65: SO THEY CAN SUCK COCK ! :)

Cstreet9: Why do guys wear their hats backwards?  So they can take it in the face without the bill getting in the way...I thought everybody knew that

Hickrydave: so when im sucking cock....i dont keep poking my bud in the abs with the bill of the cap...

DylanMast: the wear their hats backwards so that when blowing a hot stud like you the visor doesnt interfere :)

Hugh Mungus One: I can tell you I wear my hat backwards so the barbell wont knock my hat off

I would wear my hat backwards to suck your cock any day man

JonCinCal: So people walking behind them can see what their favorite baseball team is.

XXX Muscle Butt: so their hairy ass necks won't get sunbleached

Charlie02Z: guys wear hats backward because it looks kool

Sprt23fan: i wear mine backwards so i can deep throat when i suck

SWTCMS: the only time I wear my hat backwards is when I am working out on pulleys and the bill gets in my way.........I do not know why people walk around like that.....had anyone tell you?

FRATBOY HAZEME: brim of hat gets in the way

YngHungStud22: lol..so they can give me blowjobs

Gregsnake: so bill doesnt hit a dude in the abs while he is gettin sucked

JSCTG: why do guys wear there hats backwards? that way when they go down to give head they dont have to take off there hats

MNS70: they wear hats backwards so when given head the rim does not hit ur stomach

Knotme9999: So the bill doesn't poke you in the abs while they give yo a blow job...

Lacatch: because their heads are screwed on backwards!!!

JBen321:  ANSWER TO YOUR QUERIE because they dont know if they are coming or going..

HardBodNHou: hat backwards....so get all the way to the pubes when suckin you off?

BlueManRoo: they wear hats backwards because some idiot with no fashion sense made the statement that other lemmings followed.  

AthleticNLA: Hey, I have the answer to your question.

It's either A) They are trying to look younger by turning their cap around. Or B) They have a rug and are showing everyone that they have hair by turning their hat around so the hair shows.

Stpete69x: guys wear their hats backward because it is hard to suck cock with them foreward

MuscleBudLA: Guys starting wearing their hats backwards in the village (NY) as code.  Just like in baseball you have pitchers and catchers (tops and bottoms).  Catchers wore them backwards.  

J ParkerSxy: guys wear their hats backforward for one reason suckin cock

Muslguy50: so they can suck on your dick without losing their hat

PPTeach: so I can get as close as possible and swallow your meat ALL THE WAY and massage the head with my throat muscles

BFLRipped: guyz wear hats backwards .... 

(they are dumb ) and think they look cool...

Try4apin: The reason that guys wear their hats backwards it so that they don't have to take their hats off when their face is pushed in the pillow.

Got8ormoreforme: I love to deep throat a huge cock while on my knees...have to turn my cap for that or if the guy is huge I can just tilt it and still take you to the balls

Order2Law: so when i get on my knees if front of YOU it will not get in the way

FREEWTVA: guys wear their hats backwards so the bill wont get in the way when sucking cock

ZZZHotBod: guys wear their hat backwards cause the front flap gets out of the way and its cool

 just not in the way of blocking your vision upwards and if working in a tight area it can cause the hat to come off if you bump into something

GARLEZZ: BB hats are worn backwards to make it easier to suck cock, man

YungGQxy: guys wear hats backwards in order to give you better blowjobs SIR.

LARHOND: guys wear their hats backwards because...

the other way gets in the way of sucking a big cock. You ever try and give head with the hat on the other way impossible.

MrNiceGuyAtl: Guys wear their baseball caps backwards so they go deep throat

BufMuslDad: Guys wear their hats backwards cause they're trying to emulate the cool superjocks they knew in high school -- and hoping some of that coolness might rub off.

RWHOW: The answer to the question -  Guys wear their hat backwards so the bill won't get in the way when they're going down on another guy.


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