A cool draft awakens him… he rolls onto his side to flick the lock of golden blonde fringe away from his right eye. Still drowsy from sleep, his eyes remain partially closed as he lifts his head up, bracing himself on his elbow.

The first thing he sees are the stars outside through the window… his room is well lit, its artificial light... temperature is perfect…the only sound he hears is a deep rumble… it is not yet morning…

The drowsy morning expression slowly diminishes and a panicked expression emerges.
 No doubt the gears in his head are working overtime.
 He sits up adjusting himself on the side of the bed… he fully opens his eyes… inspecting the bed.

The soft thing he though was a bed is a soft mattress that seems to be imbedded in the floor.
 By this point he is wondering where he is… possibly questioning who he is.
 What is this room? What is that rumble? Who am I?
 It must be incredibly scary for someone so fresh out of adult maturation.

He finally recognises he is not alone in the room; he turns around to see 2 others on the floorbed.
 One is a red haired boy; the other boy has brown hair… He undoubtedly has no idea who these people are. They look just as scared as him; all three of them swap eye contact for several seconds before a word is spoken.

“Wh- sorry… Who are you?” the red haired boy asks, looking at the blonde and brunet.

The blonde boy opens his mouth to respond, frowns in confusion, and closes his mouth again.
 The brunet simply stares into space, appearing increasingly terrified with each passing second.

“I…” the blonde boy replies as he is interrupted by his own brief laughter.

“I… don’t know… this is going to sound ridiculous but…” he pauses again, looking down.
 “I’ve forgotten my name” he continues, returning his eyes to lock with the red haired boy.

The brunet continues to stare at the other two boys, seemingly on the edge of emotional breakdown.

“Me too” replies the red haired boy.
 “I don’t remember anything about myself” says the blonde.
 “Same here” says the brunet with an uneasy tone.
 “Why are we all in this room?” continues the brunet.
 “Are we friends?” says the blonde.
 “I don’t know…. maybe” replies the brunet.
 “How can I talk to you but not remember anything about who I am?” says the blonde.
 “No ideas… hang on… I have an idea… what is… erm… water?” says the brunet.
 “What the… the…. the umm… We drink it?” replies the red haired boy.
 “I know what it is… but not really… if that makes sense” continues the red haired boy.
 “It’s a molecule consisting of hydrogen and oxygen and we drink it… that’s all I know”
 “Were we drugged?” asks the blonde.
 “I don’t know… I hate this” says the brunet as he places his head in his hands.
 “Relax..  we will work out what is going on” says the blonde, keeping his own nerves in check.
 “Ok so we know how to communicate… but essentially we have no identity” says the blonde.
 “What is identity really though? I can’t define it… also what is define… what is communicate?”
 “Let’s not get caught up in how we can communicate and why we know certain things… let’s just figure out where we are”

All 3 boys are now sitting up with the bedcover draped over their lower bodies.

“Okay” replies the brunet.

As he moves to stand up he halts, clearly realising something.

“Umm, why are we naked?... and… in the same bed?” asks the brunet.
 “Like I said before, we might be friends?” suggests the blonde.
 “I don’t know why… but something tells me that us being in the same bed together naked is weird… but I cannot tell you why it is weird”
 “Another question to answer later” says the red haired boy as he stand to walk to the window.

The other two boys stare as their mouths hang slightly open as they watch the fully nude red haired boy walk to the window.

“Maybe it is offensive to be unclothed..… I don’t know I cannot remember” says the blonde.

The red haired boy turns around to listen.

“I don’t feel offended… not that I would fucking know what ‘offended’ means” adds the brunet.
 “What?” asks the blonde.
 “I don’t know but I felt like saying it” replies the brunet.

The red haired boy turns and continues back toward the window, with a chuckle.
 The brunet is becoming increasingly agitated; perhaps he is not as resilient or resourceful as the others.
 He is clearly more susceptible to confusion.

“Mayb-”  the blonde boy is cut off by the red haired boy.
 “FUCKING HELL” shouts the red haired boy.
 “What?” asks the blonde, now standing up and making his way over to the window.
 “What the fuck!?” the red haired boy shouts again.
 “What is it?” asks the blonde again.
 “There… just look….” replies the red haired boy, visibly distressed.
 “Oh shit” says the blonde.
 “What?” asks the brunet in a worried tone.
 “We are in space” says the blonde.
 “What is space” asks the brunet as he also stands up waddling over to the window, covering his junk.
 “I don’t know what it is… but I know we are in space” replies the blonde.

The brunet stands between the other two boys to look out the window.
 Still unable to see, he pushes up between them to make room.

“Shit. Fuck. FUCK. This feels so wrong” states the brunet.

The blonde explores the room for an exit. There is none.
 “There is no exit to this room” says the blonde, seemingly frustrated.
 “OK, let’s figure out why we are here” suggests the blonde.

The boys make their way back to the bed to sit down and talk.

“First, why are we all sleeping in this bed?” asks the blonde.
 “Secondly, we need names or identities until we can figure out who we are.” Suggests the brunet.
 “You can be called… umm… Oxy…” says the blonde pointing to the brunet.
 “That name is peculiar somehow, but it’ll do for now” replies Oxy.
 “Umm… you can be Red” suggests the blonde pointing at the red haired boy.
 “Fitting... hold on… that actually feels familiar” says Red.
 “How so?” asks the blonde.
 “I- I don’t know…” replies Red, looking puzzled.
 “You can be Star… that’s a good name” says Oxy, looking at the blonde boy.
 “I like it” replies Star.

They have created their own identities in just 0.0161 of their world’s rotational period. Impressive.

“I think we are back to the first question, why are we all here together?” asks Star.
 “Do we KNOW each other somehow?” says Red.
 “I don’t know… you guys don’t seem familiar” says Oxy.
 “Yeh I agree” says Red.
 “We all seem to be on a starship together” says Oxy
 “Yes… a starship! I know what that is… a form of transportation between stars” says Red.
 “Okay so we are travelling together to a star? With Star?” says Oxy

All 3 boys burst into laughter.

“Maybe that identity isn’t suitable” suggests Star, with a smile.
 “I wonder what that is over there” says Oxy, pointing to the far corner of the room.
 “It looks like storage” says Star, walking toward it.

Star touches it and it opens.

“Seems easy enough to open” says Star. “There is a book in there!!”
 “It’s called, ‘Humanity: The Basics’” continues Star.
 “What is that?” asks Oxy.
 “Bring it back here let’s read it” says Red enthusiastically.

Star carries it back to the bed and sits down as the other two sit on opposing sides of star and lean in close to have a look.
 Star begins to dictate.

“This book is a comprehensive yet basic and short guide to Humans, their history and basic culture”

They have found the book. This is the part we have been waiting for.
 The boys flick through the pages for the next 0.25 rotational cycles… not one of them takes their eyes off the book. They feed off the words as if they were starving and the book was organic sustenance. In 0.34 rotational periods they complete reading the book. The first to speak is Star, who seems to be the most analytical and dominant. He has already established himself as a leader.

“According to this book our primary goal now is acquiring food, water and later sleep…. Our second goal is procreation… we need to mate with females… since we are male. Our third and final goal is recreation” says Star.
 “We are all male, and there are no females here” says Oxy as he stands up to return the book.
 “Are we travelling to Earth to find females? asks Red
 “Possibly, let’s assume we were meant to be in stasis for the journey… we were put in this room together… maybe we woke up prematurely?” says Star.
 “Sounds plausible” says Red.
 “I don’t remember Earth… yet the name and the pictures seem vaguely familiar” says Oxy.
 “Same here” says Star
 “and here too” adds Red
 “Guys, I’ve found supplies… seems like there are… yep, water and food packs here” says Oxy.
 “Okay so we have food and water now… this bed can be used for sleep… it seems our primary goal is covered” says Star.
 “Awesome, nice find Oxy” says Red.
 Oxy responds with eye contact and a smile.
 Star reiterates: “We have sustenance; we can’t procreate… that leaves recreation in order to maintain mental health”
 “How long is our journey” asks Oxy.
 “No idea, let’s assume we were awoken because we are nearing our destination, that means we shouldn’t have to wait long before another human explains what is going on” replies Star.

Their main assumption about their whereabouts is incorrect.

“So what do we have for recreation?” asks Red.

All 3 of them brainstorm for ideas.

“We don’t have anything else in this room… the book suggested humans use physical objects for things like sports, food tasting, board games, reading, outdoor exploration. I think we can take those off the list of potential recreation” says Star
 “Under the category ‘human interaction’ remember there were suggestions like… conversing, sports, jokes, games and physical contact” says Red
 “We will need to interact with each other, jokes and conversing are the only ones that apply there” says Star.
 “That’s not true, remember there was physical contact…” says Oxy with a wink.

The one they designated Oxy has taken note of human courting rituals as explained in the book.
 The other two are still a step behind, however the experiment is still progressing as expected.

“That’s right I remember now… pro-creational and recreational sexual interaction” replies Star.
 “But we are all male… I don’t believe it’s possible to interact in this manner…” says Red.
 “Grab that book again Oxy” suggests Star.

Oxy returns with the book and he opens to the sexual interaction section.
 Star dictates “Sexual interaction can be considered as pro-creational and recreational”
 “Read under recreational” suggests Red.
 Star continues to dictate “Recreational sex is likely the most ancient forms of human recreation. In this age it is considered natural for most fully matured adults to have recreational sex at least once during their lifetime. Many religions prohibit this form of sexual interaction before marriage and some even after marriage, however it is a highly secretive and person-”

Oxy interrupts “Blah Blah Blah, find the part that explains it… I don’t care about the history”
 “Okay” replies Star “Here we go”

Star dictates: “Recreational sex can be experienced by females with males… males with males… females with females. Same gender sex is considered only recreational and is commonly accepted by most cultures. Specific methods and nuances considering this form of sexual interaction are detailed on the next page; this includes pictures, diagrams and material that may cause offense to some cultures”

“Ok so you guys want to do that then? Sounds more interesting than conversing, which we have been doing for far too long now” says Oxy, enthusiastically.
 “This says it seems acceptable for us to sexually interact… so I’m fine with it” says Red.
 “Sound like a good idea, but I wouldn’t know where to begin” says Star.
 “Let’s read the next page and learn then” suggests Red.
 “No need, let’s just experiment” suggests Oxy.
 “Okay” agrees Red. “We are already naked”

After listening to the other two deliberate, Star naturally takes the lead and leans in to kiss Oxy on the lips. Watching this, Red feels instantly excited by this and his penis begins to grow in length and girth. Both Oxy and Star are stimulated by the kiss and they let their hands explore each other’s bodies. Oxy breaks away.

“Wow that felt great, I feel warm and fuzzy” says Oxy with a grin.
 Star chuckles slightly.
 “Yeah felt good for me too” replies Star.
 “Come try it Red” says Oxy.

Red scoots over next to Oxy on the bed and they instantly lock lips. Oxy sticks his tongue up against reds lips and Red naturally parts his lips letting Oxy’s tongue explore his mouth. They both pull back slightly for a breath and lean in to kiss again, this time leading with their tongues. Oxy grabs the back of Red’s short red hair. Star reaches for Reds small nipples, which are surrounded by light tufts of red hair, Star doesn’t know why but he is aroused by the hair. He grabs his nipples and begins to stroke them and flick and twist gently. Red moans into Oxy’s mouth and they break their kiss, both of them giggling and looking down somewhat embarrassed.

Star grabs his growing penis and closes his eyes as he is immersed in the pleasure of holding his own penis. Oxy reaches for Red’s cock and takes his in his hand as Red returns the favour. They begin to stroke each other’s’ cocks, the room is filled with light moans from all 3 boys. Star licks his fingers and wipes the saliva over his glans, he jumps slightly as his lubed fingers slide over the most sensitive part of his penis.

“Did that feel good or bad” asks Oxy, puzzled by Star’s reaction

Oxy immediately does the same and flicks his fingers across Red’s glans.
 Red moans loudly “Fuck that felt good, do it again”
 “Okay” replies Oxy smiling excitedly.

Oxy repeats, Red closes his eyes, moans and smiles.

“Hold on let me try something”

Star leans over toward Oxy’s lap and licks Oxy’s cock while Red is still holding onto it. Oxy jumps.
 “Fuck that felt weird” exclaims Oxy.
 “I’ll do it again” says Star, encouraged by his reaction.

This time Star places his lips over Oxy’s cock, still being held and stroked by Red. He rubs his lips over the glans in a bobbing motion…. extracting even louder moans from Oxy.

As Star continues to work on Oxy’s now stiff cock, Red grabs Oxy’s head and gently pulls him over to his crotch. Oxy engulfs Red’s cock attempting to replicate Star’s bobbing motion on his own cock.
 Red reacts by moaning loudly and thrusting up into Oxy’s mouth, which only enhanced the pleasure.
 He continues to thrust into Oxy’s willing mouth and leans over to take Star’s meat in his own mouth, completing the chain.

Before long all the boys were leaking precum out of their cocks and getting close to cumming. Each of them determined to extract pleasure from their buddy’s warm mouth. They are violently thrusting their cocks into each other’s mouths, commonly switching positions to taste each other and add variety. The room sounds like manly moaning, groaning, slurping and smells like sweat and sex…. the aroma and sounds driving them further into their sexual frenzy.

Oxy’s moans begin to get louder and his thrusts more erratic, Star is shocked when Oxy unloads the first shot of cum into his mouth, and immediately pulls away and swallows the cum. Oxy’s cock continues to shoot spunk, just centimetres from Star’s face, the second shot lands on Stars upper lip and dribbles down over his lips and down to his bare chest, the third and most powerful hits Star’s golden blonde hair. Star smiles and takes Oxy’s cock back in his mouth and takes the remaining shots of cum and swallows enthusiastically, this sets Star off in Reds mouth who reacts much the same way, cum shoots from Star’s cock all over Red’s lightly defined abs and into his red hair, he points Stars cock at his mouth and lets the cum dribble over his cheek until Star finishes.

Red lets go of Stars hard cock and grabs Oxy’s still sucking mouth and humps harder and faster until he lets out a loud groan/growl and shoots into Oxy’s mouth and down his throat. Oxy gags and tries to pull off, but Red holds Oxy against his crotch and continues to hump his load into Oxy’s throat.

Oxy is moaning after a moment and begins swallowing the load his red haired friend gave him.
 The boys all lay on their backs and pant breathlessly. Red is covered in cum, his chest and face splattered by Star’s cum, Star is much the same covered by Oxy’s cum.

They all simultaneously start chuckling.

“That was fun, I don’t think I’ll get bored of that” says Star.
 “Yeh, wanna go again?” asks Red

Oxy stands up and pulls Red to his feet before grabbing Star and pulling him up.
 From here they all look at each other’s bodies and explore one another.

Star has an attractive rear and Oxy makes note of it. Light blonde hairs are visible all over his body and they almost shimmer in the artificial lighting. His ass, thighs and arms are covered with light blonde hairs that are only slightly visible; his pubic patch is slightly darker. Overcome by curiosity, Oxy walks behind Star and checks out his ass closer… darker blonde hairs line the inside.

“So how old are we?” asks Oxy.
 “Judging by some of the examples in the book for human males, probably around 19, 20 or 21 years” suggests Star.
 “You guys both have amazing bodies” says Oxy.
 “So do you, I don’t know why but I feel attracted, almost addicted to do more of that” says Red.
 “Same here” says Oxy pointing at his semi-hard cock.
 “Oxy, you have slightly darker skin than me, which would imply different ancestry, but you speak the same language and have the same accent” says Star
 “Yeh, and Red has lighter skin than you, it’s so smooth and feels nice” says Oxy as he rubs Reds arms.
 “Do you think we are friends then? If we are from the same place?” asks Red.
 “Possibly, I think those questions have to wait unfortunately, we have no way of answering them” explains Star.

The boys continue to feel and touch each other, exploring every single part of their bodies. Before long, Red is behind Star rubbing his crotch against Star’s ass as Red feels the front of Star’s body from behind. Red’s slightly wet cock lets it slide up and down Star’s crack with ease. This arouses both Star and Oxy. Oxy walks up behind red and pushes his loins up against the back of Red. Star grabs hold of his own cock and starts stroking as Red picks up the pace and starts humping Star’s rear, closing his eyes and enjoying the moment.

Oxy parts Red’s ass cheeks and spits into his hand to make his cock more wet, before putting his fully hard cock between Red’s ass cheeks and sliding it up and down. The boys pick up the pace moaning into each other ears. Star swaps with Oxy and they continue to hump one another, none of them seem to mind the natural hair.

Star pulls away and grabs each of the other two by their hands to pull them onto the bed.

“Here, get it slick again and try to put it in” says Star as he lay on his back with his legs above his head.

Oxy jumps between Stars parted legs and gets his cock lubed up. Red lubes up his own cock before rubbing Star’s ass to lube it up also. Oxy leans in above Star and their eyes lock, one hand on the side of Star’s face and the other guiding his cock into Star’s willing virgin hole.

As Oxy begins to push the head in, Star winces in pain unsure if he should continue.

“You okay?” asks Oxy seeming concerned for his new friend.
 “Yeah, keep going” replies Star.

Oxy continues to push into Star’s ass slowly, it takes a minute to be in all the way, Star’s ass begins to relax. Red is rubbing his own cock, watching the two guys in front of him intently.

“What now?” Asks Oxy.
 “Thrust like you were into my mouth” replies Star.

Oxy begins to pull out, just before reaching the end he slams his meat back into Star with a slap as their thighs make contact. Star winces slightly in pain but smiles and urges Oxy to continue.
 Oxy continues, picking up the pace slightly. Slap… slap… slap. Oxy pulls back to adjust and get better entry, he is not centre meters from Star’s face. They lock into kiss, before breaking to breathe. Oxy stares deep into Star’s eyes as he begins to pound Star’s ass with speed and force. Both boys begin breathing heavy, deeply engaged in passionate love making.

“Give red a turn” suggests Star.

Oxy smiles and nods and pulls out, continuing to rub his cock.
 Red slicks up his own cock and gets between Star’s legs positioning his thick cock at the entrance of Star’s hole. Red’s cock slides in easy and meets the full depth with a slap of their thighs. Slap. Slap. Each time that happens Star feels a rush of pleasure. He starts tugging on his own cock as Red thrusts passionately into his lubed up and loose hole. Both the boys are panting again before long and Oxy is moaning as he pleasures himself.

“My turn again” says Oxy.
 “How about you let me do that to you Oxy?” says Star
 “Hey I’m down, just go slow like I did alright?” says oxy, looking a little concerned.
 “I will” replies Star
 “Here try kneeling and getting on your hands like this” says Red to Oxy.

Oxy complies and gets into position for rear entry.

Star lubes up and enters Oxy slowly, holding onto his waist for guidance as he pushes deep into Oxy.
 Oxy doesn’t seem to be in any pain, so Star picks up the pace. Oxy begins to moan and Star starts slamming his cock in and out of Oxy’s tight hole. Red positions behind Star again and slides his cock straight into Star as he is fucking Oxy. They get into a fast and forceful rhythm and all boys are moaning.

Oxy slides his ass away from Star and as Red continues to fuck Star, he positions himself so that Star can suck his slick cock. Star takes Oxy in willingly and works on his cock as Red continues to slam his meat in and out of him. By now his ass is loose and completely lubed up from precum and saliva.

Red’s moans become louder as he announces his orgasm is close.

“I’m feeling close again”
 A moan slips from Star’s lips.

Red grunts one last time before shoving his crotch flat against the back of Star, unloading his load deep into Star’s hole.

“Fuck that was hot, scoot out of the way Red” says Oxy.

Red pulls out his deflating cock and a little cum drips out as Oxy positions behind Star and shoves his cock straight back in using Red’s cum as lube. Oxy pounds Star furiously and it only takes a few seconds before Oxy is cumming… grunting loud and grasping Star’s waist for support he thrusts his ejaculating cock into Star. Stream after stream off hot spunk fills Star’s hole, this sets Star off and he cums all over the bed, spraying cum which hits his face.

Oxy pulls out and holds onto Star’s cheeks watching the mixture of fluids drip out of Star’s wet hole.
 “Fuck” exclaims Oxy, still breathing heavily.
 “I can’t get enough of you guys” says Star laughing and falling over onto his back, still dripping cum.
 “Yeah I’m taking it from you guys next time, that was great” replies Red.
 “I don’t know about you guys but I need a break and some rest” says Star.
 “Second-ed” says Oxy.
 “Third-ed” adds Red.

All the boys collapse onto the bed and are fast asleep before long.

A bright light awakens them at once. Their eyes part slowly and they rub the sleep out of their eyes.

“A door” says Oxy.
 “What?” asks Star, eyes still closed.
 “There is a door there” repeats Oxy.
 Star opens his eyes fully to inspect.
 “There was a wall there yesterday” notes Red
 “Let’s see what is through it”

They all leave the room together and follow a well-lit triangular hallway which seems to meander randomly like a river, it is seemingly purposeless architecture.

The walkway ends at another well-lit room… as they approach the room they notice a figure standing up the back in the dark. It is the silhouette of another human.

The mysterious figure turns around and its face is briefly revealed as the light flashes over his face.

It is a human male… or at least a human-like being to them.

“Hello, no doubt you have many questions for us”

The boys continue to approach the figure, still without clothes and without speaking a word.

He steps into the light so his entire body is revealed. He is wearing a full body suit with decorations on his attire. The first notable feature is his height; he is almost a full meter taller than the young adults in front of him.  Also, his lack of hair… he is bald and there is not a trace of hair on his face.

“Don’t be scared, I am human too” he continues.
 “Why are you so tall?” asks Star

The man laughs. This somehow allows the boys to relax a bit.

“If that’s the most important question, I’ll answer it… our planet is much smaller than yours, less mass and therefore less gravitational pull. We have grown over the generations as we adapt to our homes gravity” says the man.
 He continues, “You see… we are ‘future humans’ to you. But, we call ourselves something else in our new language”

“Why don’t I know who I am? Why are we here?” asks Red.

“We will restore your memories now, we have been blocking them for the purpose of our experiment, but don’t worry you will be home soon”

The man speaks seemingly at no-one in a language foreign to the boys.

In an instant they remember who they are, what Earth is, where they live, what they do.
 The process leaves them slightly shocked and confused.

“Take a seat to remember” says the man as he gestures to the side of the room.

Seating appropriate for them appears before their eyes, from apparently nowhere.
 The boys simultaneously look at the man, bottom jaws dropped.

“Energy to matter conversion... don’t ask” says the man with a very human smile.

They boys sit down still appearing confused.

“You are from the year 2023, you are all from a city called Perth, you are on space vessel of human design… in your time you are currently in the year…”
 The man pauses.

“Why have you taken us here!?” asks Oxy angrily.
 “Don’t worry we will return you, and I will answer that question soon”
 “My real name is Owen” says Star, surprised.
 “Mine is Alex” says Red
 “I liked Red better, Troy doesn’t fit me either” says Oxy.
 “Use your real names, it is who you are” says the man.
 “What are you called” asks Owen
 “We do not have names, there is no need for them, we recognise our differences.. well.. differently”
 “So why are we here?”

 “We have been studying our ancestors for a long time, which you are, taking people forward into our time, onto our ship in orbit of your once beautiful world… we put the people in different situations because we had no idea how you acted, lived, enjoyed life. We had everything physical, but no idea about your interactions”

“Our ONCE beautiful world!?” asks Troy.
 “Take a look” says the man, gesturing to the middle of the room.

A hologram of the Earth appears.

“This is your Earth now” says the man.
 “It is just a ball of ice” says Alex.
 “A great ice age developed around 40,000 years into your future, your people mass migrated to other worlds, we are one of those successful colonies… our people documented our entire history, but many details from your period have been lost, we are attempting to restore them”
 “By setting us up for homosexual interaction?” asks Troy, clearly annoyed.
 “Is it offensive?” asks the man, recognising his tone.
 “Yes it is!... well…. No it isn’t… but you see… I define as straight, as I can remember, and what we did before… conflicts with that identity” says Troy
 “Well that is interesting… without your social constructs, just your raw human emotions, you were all willing, able and most importantly happy to engage in that activity” says the man.

Troy pauses to think about what the man has said.

“I guess you are right” says Troy finally.
 “25% of the population in our country is bisexual you know Troy” says Owen.
 “I will note that down” says the man.
 “I know but before now I hadn’t even considered it would be for me, I’m just confused” replies Troy.
 “I am fine with it, don’t get me wrong… but the way you abducted us and basically forced us into this is unethical”
 “We know” replies the man “but we knew you were intelligent enough to understand why we did it”
 “You exploited our humanity, knowing we would forgive you” adds Owen, smiling cheekily.
 “Ah your humour is so different” notes the man smiling.
 “I don’t care what you did; at least I am going home… I’m still confused” says Troy
 “Don’t be, I was straight too and this has helped me understand myself” says Alex.
 “Yeah just accept it man, we had a great fuck” adds Owen chuckling.
 The other 2 boys laugh too.
 “You know in our time we don’t have any of this, we interact in any way we want as long as it doesn’t make another person uncomfortable” says the man.
 “Sounds like a perfect world” says Alex.
 “So, can you give us some tips on the upcoming horseraces?” asks Owen with a smile.
 “No… In fact think it is time you depart” replies the man with a smile.
 “We don’t want to keep you here too long”
 “You will be returned to the exact point in time we took you from”
 “Before we do that though, we will restore the last of your memories”

Again the man speaks in his language to seemingly no-one.
 The memories are restored and they look at each other, their eyes wide open, shocked and stunned.

 “It’s you!?”

“Farewell and thank you for everything” says the man.

In an instant, they all return to their time, sitting together in a physics lecture theatre.

The End.



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