Who Knew?

We like to play fantasy games, my wife Haley especially gets off on this much more than I do. She enjoys lots of different scenarios but one of her favorites was being tied to the bed, blindfolded, then I’m to pretend to be a stranger roughly 'taking her.' I’ve even mastered several different accents to try to make it more realistic for her.

Who would have ever thought that 'play-acting’ would get us into so much trouble?

 It all started with her latest fantasy of being a prostitute and being paid for her services. She had me at various times be a businessman, a sailor, a ditch digger etc. One night after going to the movies, we stopped into a bar for a drink before heading home. I had to run to the restroom so Haley went to the bar alone. The bar was quite empty so I thought she’d be OK. When I came out the restroom she was sitting at the bar on a high stool and showing a lot of thigh.

As I approached her she said, “Hello stranger, you want to buy me a drink?”

I could tell right off that she’d gone into her 'prostitute' role. She’d never done this outside of our bedroom before and it was kind of hot. So to humor her I went along with the game.

 ”Hi Baby! I want to buy something but it isn't a drink.”

”Oh Yeah! You like what you see?” she replied as she hiked her skirt even higher.

 ”Mmmmm…mmmmmm! Sure do. I wouldn't mind buying a slice of your pie,” I said, licking my lips.

Suddenly, the manager and the bartender grabbed me from behind and one of them said, “We don't like our customers bothered by you perverts.”

 Then, completely ignoring my protests, they frog marched me to the door and threw me out. I was fully expecting Haley to follow me outside. After 5-minutes I decided to go back into the bar to see why she hadn't joined me.

I was surprised to see the bar empty and a different guy behind the bar.

 ”I'm looking for my wife,” I said.
 ”Ain’t been no women in here tonight, except for the whore,” answered the new bartender.

 ”That's my wife you're talking about,” I snapped angrily. “Where is she?”

 ”Who? The whore, she's in the office paying her dues,” he laughed.

 Just then the other bartender returned. “OK Brian, you can have a turn with the slut now, I'll watch the bar.” Then to me, “Yes Sir, what can I ... Oh it's you. What you’re doing back in here?”
 ”I've come to get my wife,” I said as I followed Brian the bartender.
 ”She sure is a tasty slut and she fucks good too,” he shouted after me as I turned into a dark passageway. I could hear moaning that was unmistakably Haley in full orgasm. As I got to the office door, the manger was groaning as he was shooting his load into my lovely Haley, who was lying on the desk with her legs over his shoulders.
 I could see cum oozing out of Haley as he pulled his cock out of her pussy. She had her eyes closed and was obviously enjoying the experience. Seeing another man inserting his cock into my wife and knowing that he was the third cock she was having and cum dripping from her into a pool on the floor, I couldn't help but get a terrific erection.
 It was such an exciting scene that I couldn't resist getting my dick out and stroking it. I never thought I could be so 'turned on' just by watching.
 As the manager passed me on his way out of the office, he said, “What a great little fuck. You can bring her back here anytime.”

 I just ignored him and went over to Haley, I started playing with her breasts and sucking her nipples. She opened her eyes and looked right at me. Then smiling she said, “Let me suck on your cock.”

 I didn't need asking twice. I was so turned on that as soon as her lips closed around my shaft and I started moving I started to shoot cum down her throat just as Brian was shooting into her lovely pussy. When he finished, he just callously pulled out and left the office. When we were alone, Haley moaned, “I need to cum again, lick me, suck my clit.”

Even though I’d just cum, I was still hard rock and still 'very' turned on. I didn't hesitate to kneel down and bury my face in her sloppy cum soaked pussy. Eagerly I licked, sucked and slurped away at her loveliness, making her cum and cum. My hard cock was sticking out and bouncing about with my movements’.
 Just then I heard laughing. The 3-men were standing in the doorway watching, laughing and pointing at me. They had even brought a young barmaid along to watch and she was joining in the laughter. I felt totally humiliated when the manager said, “Will you look at that. He’s licking our cum out of the whore’s pussy.” Then as he un-zipping his fly, he chuckled, “If he likes to lick it out of her pussy, I’ll bet he’d like it even better straight from the tap.”

Stunned, I watched as the manager advanced menacingly towards me and swung his prick teasingly in my face. It was a medium sized dick just a little smaller than my own. I marveled in the warmth that was radiating off of it. I could feel it even though it was inches from my face. Without him speaking, I knew what he both wanted and expected. I’d never done anything like this before and I was suddenly scared to death. Fearfully, I reached out and with a shaking hand grasped his cock. Then started to slowly stroke it up and down.  I heard a groan, then I realized that it was coming from me.  

The musky smell of the manager’s balls drew me in like a magnet. Closing my eyes, I leaned forward and stuck out my tongue as I prepared to taste my first cock. Timidly I kissed the head of his cock and ran my tongue around the head. I stopped and looked at it for a minute. All of a sudden my lips were wrapped around it and I was sucking a cock. A manly, hard, cum filled cock…and I liked it. I licked again at the head and sucked it into my mouth. I sucked as much of its length into my mouth as I could. I pumped my fist up and down the shaft as I sucked at the head. Then as I took its length into my mouth again, I felt the cock grow and knew his orgasm was approaching. I reveled in the power of this cock and I wanted it to explode. I wanted it his cum, I craved it. Then I got my wish. I felt the first blast of cum hit my tongue and I liked the salty flavor.  As the second blast of cum filled my mouth I gagged trying to swallow it all. 

To my amazement, I was on my knees in the bar office, sucking Brian the bartender’s cock. Two days prior, if you’d have asked me if I would ever suck a cock, I would have said that you were crazy and that I wasn’t gay. Yet, here I was, sucking this cock as if my very life depended on it. And I was relishing in the excitement of it all. It was almost as if I was breaking some long-time taboo. I wasn’t proud of what I was doing this night. In fact, I was downright embarrassed. It was then that I realized that it was the humiliation that was the really BIG turn-on. I was kneeling in a pool of cum, licking and sucking a cock while being laughed at. I’d never felt such a tremendous thrill in my life.

For the next few minutes I was a cock-sucking whore, bobbing my head up and down on Brian’s rock hard dick. As I sucked and licked, I felt Brian take a strong controlling grip of my hair and yank me back away from his cock. Before I could grasp the situation, I felt the warm ‘splat’ of his hot cum on my face. The first thought that came was what if someone I knew saw me with another man’s cum on my face. The next instant I was opening my mouth and reaching out with my tongue to grab the cum that was slowly flowing down from my cheekbone toward my lips. Just as I tasted the first drop of his hot, creamy cum the next load hit my lips and chin. 

With Brian’s cum coating my lips, I looked up at my wife to gauge her reaction. I needn’t have worried. The barmaid had taken Haley’s place on the desk and Haley was down on her knees between the barmaid’s legs with her head under her skirt making slurping noises. 

I have no idea where he came from, but when I turned my head back around a Hispanic guy was standing so close that the head of his cock was only about an inch or 2-from my face. I was so surprised that my mouth dropped open. Before I could close it, he grabbed my hair and feed me his cock. Once he had it was in my mouth, I had no choice but to suck it for him. Judging by the way he grabbed the sides of my head and started hunching, I think he liked my mouth. It wasn’t long until his balls burst, filling my mouth with his hot gooey cum. naturally he didn't let go of my hair until I swallowed every last drop. Then he casually zipped his pants and moved away. 

Taking his place was a guy with his pants around his knees and his big dick hanging out. Like the Hispanic, without a work he pulled me forward and feed me his cock. As I closed my lips around it, I glanced out of the corner of my eyes and saw a couple of other guys were crowding in the door so they could watch me sucking cock. Even as embarrassment reddened my face, I realized that I was a little turned on by the all the attention. When I finished off this guy, I looked up and a black guy was taking his place. By now I knew what I was doing, so he didn’t have to feed me his cock, I grabbed it and feed it to myself.      

I’d never seen a black cock before, so once I got it in my hand I couldn’t seem to tear my eyes off it. His cock was so big and black that I was awe struck. I had never seen anything like it before in my life. It was pulsing with a life of its own. I couldn’t believe the raw power and the heat that I could feel radiating from it. As I leaned forward I could see the blood throbbing through the rope like veins that lined its ten-inch length. The golf ball size head looked like a huge purple plum peeking out of its coal black foreskin. It, it felt like a piece of flesh-covered steel. I could feel its heat on my face, as I leaned forward and inhaled its wild untamed earth aroma.  I could feel my eyes glazing over with lust, as I eased back its foreskin and touched its dark purple shaped head to my lips. I had to open my mouth so wide to get its big head between my lips and into my mouth, that I almost had to un-hinge my jaw.  

Even with both hands wrapped around the base, I still had more than a mouth full of black dick to suck. I almost couldn’t contain my excitement as I simultaneously stroke it with my hand and slowly worked my moist mouth up and down its length. 

I was such a bigoted homophobic that even with my mouth full, I still couldn’t believe that I was sucking a cock, much less a black one. What was worse I was enjoying it. Still trying to retain a shred of southern white boy dignity, I thought to myself, "I may be sucking his black cock, but there was no way that I was going to let him cum in my mouth." I might have been thinking no, no, but the black guy had other ideas. His balls suddenly clinched up and his cock swelled even fatter. My mouth was so full that I couldn’t have gotten his cock out of my mouth, even if I’d tried. His balls exploded and scalding hot cum spewed into my mouth like lava out of a volcano. When he erupted, I was on a backstroke and my lips were wrapped around the base of his cockhead, so I felt the full force of his gooey cum crashing against the back of my throat as it gushed into my mouth and oozed over my tongue and down my throat.     

I couldn't believe how much fun that I was having kneeling there with the black guy’s cock in my mouth and swallowing his huge load of hot cum. By all rights my life should have been at an all time low. In the last few minutes I'd turned queer and started sucking cocks. To make matters worse I was sucking a black cock. By southern Bible belt standards being a queer was an abomination, but sucking a black cock was about as low as white boy you could sink. But, as I knelt there slurping up black guy’s cum, I didn't care what southern Baptists thought. All I knew was that I was sucking a big black cock and loving every minute of it.    

Before they let me up off my knees I’d sucked off the original 2 bartenders and the manager plus 2-guys that had come in later to watch. I had to laugh at the last two guys that I sucked off. They walked in the bar to buy a beer not to get their cocks sucked. Neither one of them seemed to mind though.             

Red faced with embarrassment, I took my still naked wife’s Haley’s arm and we ran the gauntlet of laughter as we rushed across the bar and out the door and to our car. 

As I drove along with a smug look on my face and a belly full of cum, I thought about what had just transpired.  I’d always associated the term ‘pulling a train’ to a girl taking on several guys one right after another, and that it was usually meant as a derogator remark to show what a slut she was. Now that I’d ‘pulled a train’ I knew that it also applied to guys sucking cocks, too. After all we could be just as big, if not bigger sluts than a girl.              

A couple of days after the ‘train pulling’ experience, I stopped back in at bar under the pretext of getting Haley’s clothes back. There were only about 3-guys in the place, when I timidly I walked in and sat down at the bar. I hung my head in embarrassment when I realized that the Hispanic guy from the other night was sitting 4-stools over from me. I was too embarrassed to see if any of the others were there. I almost died of embarrassment when the bartender walked up and laughed, “Well, well, look who’s her. It’s our little Nancy-boy back for another back room session?”

Unable to look him in the face, because I was thinking about how good his cock had felt in my mouth, I stammered, “No I came back to get my wife’s clothes back.”

Still laughing, he told me, “Let me make sure everyone has a beer and I’ll get them for you.”

While he was serving beer down at the far end of the bar, I heard the door open. When I looked around, I saw a stocky bastard come in and set down at the bar and start talking to the Hispanic guy.  It was soon obvious that they were talking about me because they turned, looked at me, and then as the bartender joined them they talked a little more.  

When they finished talking, the stocky bastard turned towards me. Then with a nasty leer on his face, unzipped his pants. With his cock hanging out, he moved towards me. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was. He was very proud of it; too, because when he got in front of me, he held it up in front of my face so that I could admire it. It amazed me that such an obvious ass-hole has such a beautiful cock. It was about 8 or 9-inches long, very fat, and had a big reddish head peeking out of his foreskin. My knees got weak and I was his the moment he gave me a nasty sneer, and ordered me to, “On your knees and open your mouth.”  

His cock was so fat that I popped my jaw opening my mouth wide enough to get it in. I almost chocked before my saliva got his cock wet enough to smoothly slide in and out of my mouth. Once it was sliding freely, he roughly jammed its head against the back of my throat. My mouth had never been so full.              

Not only did he have a big fine cock, but he also knew how to get it sucked. As he held my hair and pumping his huge cock in and out of my mouth, he snarled, “Suck my cock, you little fagot” As I sucked, he moaned and alternately called me a queer, a fagot, and a cocksucker. Right before he got ready to cum, his cock swelled up so big that it almost split my jaws apart. His cum came out so hot that it almost scalded my tongue. His load was so big that cum oozed out of both corners of my mouth. He was an animal. He didn’t release my hair until I not only had I swallowed his load of cum, but until I’d licked his cock clean enough for him to put away.              

As usual, all the other guys had crowded around us so they could watch me suck the bastard’s big cock.  The Hispanic guy actually stood there and discussed my cock sucking ability with the bastard while I was sucking him off. When the bastard was cumming in my mouth, one of the other guys even held my head so they’d be sure that I swallowed his whole hot load of cum. 

The guy holding my head was so excited that as soon as the bastard finished cumming, he moved in front of me and offered me his already hard cock. While I was sucking him off, the Hispanic guys and one of the guys from the end of the bar got in line for a turn. 

I guess the big bastard realized how submissive I was for dominant males, because after I sucked everyone off, he demanded my name, address and phone number.  After that, anytime he wanted his cock sucked, all he’d have had to do was call me and TELL me when he was coming over. When he came over, not only would I suck his cock, but after she saw how big it was Haley my wife would fuck him. For a couple of years, until his company transferred him out of state we were virtually his sex slaves. He was always bringing friends and clients by for service. If I wasn’t home, Haley would fuck and suck them. If she weren’t home, I’d suck them off. If we were both home we’d do it together. Either alone or with friends he’d come by 2 or 3-times a week to be serviced. 

Haley and I grew to love being his sex slave, available on demand. We loved it so much that we eventually moved to Ft. Worth just to be nearer to him so he could come over more often. We now not only lived about ten minutes away, so if his wife sent him to the grocery store, he could stop by for a quick blowjob. On his orders I started to wear panties and Haley started to wear men’s jockey shorts. I couldn’t believe how hot Haley looked in a pair of ‘fuck-me’ stiletto heels and a pair of guy’s jockey shorts or how hot she thought I was in a pair of panties. After the bastard would go home, we’d fuck our brains out. 

With Haley’s blessings I was free to explore my feminine side as much as I wanted too. I even started wearing nightgowns.  When I’d get home at night, I’d shower, shave, and put on a pair of clean white granny panties and a frilly gown before going to bed. I don’t know what it was, but there was just something about white granny panties and a frilly gown that made me feel feminine.

The end…



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