It was that dream again. That one where you are running and you can almost grasp the thing that you want the most. It was right in front of me. HE was right in front of me. And my hands wouldn't reach that far.

I fell short.

* * *

I had just turned 18 and lived in Santa Monica, California. Right on the beach, in fact, my window overlooked the Pacific Ocean. Dad gave me my own wing to myself. My room was a pale white. My workout room was splatter painted with black walls with the white paint. It looked cool.

Dad moved here to invest in his writing career. Ever since he divorced Mom a while back, we have been moving around for a long time. Mom just wanted his money. He wasn't really crushed, he was used to rejection. So we ended up in a place with really hot people.

Including my dad.

He had a little bit of a hairy chest, and these big pecs, the kind that you just want to lick and put your mouth all over. And his package...? Seven inches soft and ten inches when it was hard. I would lick my lips and let my mind think dirty thoughts. He believed in working in the nude, so his cock was always in my full view.


Sure, I was as gay as they come, but my dad didn't know that. All I wanted to do was look at his washboard abs and get a hardon just thinking about wrapping my mouth around his thick cock. Oh, well. He was dating a girl named Julia, so it didn't matter. I would never fuck my dad. No matter how much I wanted to make him beg and scream, it wouldn't happen. Never ever.

Oh, well.

I could dream, couldn't I?

* * *

Dad walked into my room, cock swinging freely. I had to remain perfectly still so I would react and stuff it down my throat. His pecs bounced a little. 'Wake up, sleepy head.' His abs pressed down, a couple of inches from my face.

I wanted him.

I woke up, put on my jock, my jeans and shirt that exposed my muscles. I did crew, so I had large pecks, beautiful abs and thick thigh muscles. My cock was nine inches last time I measured. Dad went down to fix me breakfast.

When I came down, he said, 'Good luck at school,' and I ate. He hovered, my eyes never leaving his fluffed cock. He must have had something on his mind because he didn't mind or see me ogling his beautiful meat.

I licked my lips and left for school. Mr. Heart, my teacher [not cute... very fat...] told our homeroom that we had a new student today. I hoped it would be a guy who would do crew. We need a new rower since Danny left for college.

A tall man, with shaggy brown hair, piecing eyes, a tight CREW shirt exposing his massive pecs and firm abs walked down and sat next to me. His tight jeans exposed a tinted manhood. I gasped. He was beautiful.

'I'm Trent,' he said. I looked up. I had been looking at his cock.

'I'm Cody,' I said.

'Me and my dads just moved here from Massachusetts.'

I looked up at his perfect face. I could imagine me face-fucking it till there was no tomorrow. We would gasp for air by the time I was done with this stud.

'Your dads?' I asked, only calculating what that meant.

'My dads are gay. So am I. Got a problem with that?' he asked. My breath grew ragged. Of course it was okay!!!

I brushed his growing knot in his pants. His cock sprang to life. 'I'm gay, too.'

He breathed out slowly. 'Mmm, what a stud!' I brushed his hard nipples. A ripple of desire rushed through him. 'Meet me here after school,' he said as the bell rang. Trent ran out of the room. His firm ass was making my mouth water. I was in love with the new stud.

* * *

I was putting my binders away in my bag when I felt somethin brush my ass. 'Trent?' I asked. He kissed my neck. I gasped at how good his lips felt on my skin. He looked at me and smiled.

'Come and meet my dads.'

I nodded. My cock started to get hard. I knew something good would happen.

I got into his beat-up truck. His hand groped into my pants and grabbed my stiff cock. 'FUCK!' I screamed. He hushed me, and went back to jacking me off. My cock grew fatter and harder. I started to moan and scream. It felt so good. His hand on my manhood.

'! Oh, God, your... ha...nds...feel soo gooood.... Godd!' I moaned. Then, I pleaded with him, wanting him to kiss me, to fuck me, to love me... Warm, sticky cum exploded in bursts across his hands and my washboard abs. I smiled and leaned over to kiss him. 'I love you...' Funny. That is how I said it. I barely even knew my first lover, but I already knew that we meant for each other.

'I know...' he said and drove us to his house.

* * *

At his house, he knocked at his door. We were holding hands, new gays in love. His father, I guess Chris, opened the door. His was naked, with a hardon. His cock arched over his hard abs. He had massive pecs with nice nipples. He had a semi-beard. I loved him the minute I saw him.

'Come in...' he said.

I pulled off my shirt and yanked down my jeans. My cock sprung to life. Chris licked his lips, bent down, and stuffed the whole thing down his throat. 'Ohhh... GODD!' I screamed. It was the best thing. I grasped his bald head and bobbed it up and down. Then...

'Oh... ohhhh.... Godd! Oh, God, you little fucker! Suck my dick... you big, hairy man... SHIT... that feels good....!' The bear [Chris] with his big, hairy pecs sucked me off. I loved it... I was in heaven. His tongue went down to my trimmed hair down at the base of my cock... My loins in my ass cringed... then... I shot all over, down his throat... He took it. He licked down my cock, making my eyes roll back into my head. I groaned in pleasure.

'Welcome,' Chris said. 'Welcome to the family.'

'To the family...?' I asked.

'Well, you just face-fucked me... Anyway... Kyle, my husband, is in Los Angeles on business. He's a director for porn videos...' He started to suck on my nipple and I groaned again in pleasure.

His tongue flicked over my nipple. 'FUCK!' I screamed. I was in so much pleasure. I bent down and stuffed Chris's man meat down my throat. My first gay act... I can't believe what I just did...

I, an admitted gay, just stuffed my boyfriend's dad's cock down my throat.




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