My name is Shawn and I'm a linebacker at State U. As a result of my mixed heritage (half Black/half White) and some creative supplements I have biggest bubble butt you've ever seen. It's crazy how big and round it is and it always draws attention. I used to be embarrassed, but now I enjoy the attention.

I've started to share my stories with my friend Sandra. She's been cutting my hair since I was a kid but as I got older our relationship changed. She smoked my first joint with me when I graduated High school, and got me drunk when my girlfriend dumped me, and because she also used to be an exotic dancer, she 'accidentally' gave me some of the best free shows of my life. Sandra is Puerto Rican and has an insane body. Her big round butt and big round titties always seemed to attract Black guys, and she loved it! Her face was never much, and the years had not been kind. Most guys would fuck her but they didn't take her out much. Sandra was easy to explain, she loved big black dicks. No matter how a guy treated her, if he had a big enough dick she would keep begging him to fuck her. Her salon was in her living room, so I knew a lot about Sandra's sex life. When she was cutting my hair a few weeks ago there was a knock at the door and when Sandra went to answer it she opened the door to find a cop!

He was a black guy in his mid to late twenties. He was dark as night and shaved bald. As Sandra ushered him in I realized he was huge! Not much taller than me, but he was packed with muscle. Through his patrol uniform all his muscles looked swelled and exaggerated. His pecs were swollen and firm. His abs were huge ridges. His uniform seemed oddly tight and his massive dick was running down his thigh. I knew many of Sandra's 'man friends' were dancers and escorts and I was afraid I was going to get caught up in a bust. I was put at ease when the cop pulled Sandra into the bedroom and closed the door. I got up to leave but then I could hear Sandra audibly yelping. The cop was fucking her with that monster cock! I listened to her beg him not to stop and pulled out my own thick nine inch cock and beat it until I came hard.

I had barely cleaned myself up when he walked out of the bedroom. His shirt was open showing that massive chest and his pants were undone. I could see the thick veins responsible for feeding blood to that beast. I could also see a wet spot where cum was still leaking from his cock. I could see the outline of the swollen head. I realized I was staring and looked up to see the cop grinning. He walked past me and made sure I had a great view of his throbbing, spent cock the whole time. I tried to look away but it was just so fucking hot. When he walked out I went to check on Sandra and she was naked, face down, hanging off her bed. She was passed out from a tremendous fucking. I pulled her up on the bed and from the stretched out gaping holes, he fucked her in her pussy and her ass. She looked used, but sexy.

She mumbled an apology while half asleep and asked me to get something to clean her up. I said I'd do better and I spread her cheeks and thoroughly tongued her ass and pussy until she came again. I couldn't stop thinking about that cop's dick and how thick it was. I hungrily tasted and swallowed as much of his thick cum as I could suck out of her pussy and ass. When I was done she passed out for good and I left. At my next appointment I asked her about the cop and she laughed. Turns out he wasn't a cop, but a stripper dressed as a cop for work. She said he was a client, and I scoffed because he had no hair for her to cut. Sandra told me that he came to her for 'man-scaping' and explained that she did this for a lot of dancers. They liked to stay hairless, so she would wax or shave their private areas for them. Their groin, balls, taint, ass...pretty much anything. She said she would show me, it was the least she could do after leaving me with an unfinished hair cut last time. When she was done with my hair she told me to undress and when she saw my naked body she was visibly impressed. You are all grown up, aren't you? She asked. She gently grasped my dick and purred. 'Nice and thick' she whispered. 'And that's almost perfect'. 'Almost?'

I asked indignantly. 'I've never seen such a sweet booty' she replied 'but it's too hairy down the crack, it doesn't look good'. I was embarrassed, I never knew guys were supposed to shave their body hair. She put me at ease and promised she'd fix everything. She started by shaving the base of my shaft and my ball sack. It felt so hot and she kept stroking my dick to keep it hard. She explained that it was easier to shave my dick while it was hard, so she wouldn't miss any hairs. I just moaned my approval. We shared a fat joint while she worked and I really had to concentrate to avoid coming. After a while we started some idol chit chat. Sandra said the fake cop's name was Pete and he was a new customer. She said he was a real hustler. He danced in strip clubs for men and women. She said he was kind of vulgar but he was charming and most importantly he was blessed with a perfect body and the kind of dick she had always dreamed of. She said he was thick and hard and so long. She said he fucked her so deep he found new parts of her pussy.

She said he had walked up to her door a month ago, pulled out that perfect cock, and told her to shave it and she did. When she was done she got real close to inspect her work and three hours later he was wiping his dick on her sheets and walking out the door. I remarked he did seem to really be packing a monster in his pants. 'So you noticed? That's...interesting.' I presented a weak denial but then Sandra said Pete had asked about me. I was surprised. She said he asked her about my big booty and what my scene was. Before I could ask what she told him, there was a knock at the door. Sandra walked towards the door and then realized I was naked and when she opened the door anyone could see. She threw me some shorts and said 'put these on'. I slid into the tiny little boy shorts she had given me. I looked across at the mirror and the shorts were hugging my ass just right. My dick swelled up immediately. When Sandra opened the door we were both surprised to see Pete. He walked in quickly explained he had a gig come up tonight and he needed a quick shave. He asked me if I minded, and said it would be cool if I could hang out while he got his shave. He knew I was a friend of Sandra and he wanted to get to know me.

He was undressing as he said all this and his fat cock flopped out just as he asked me to stay. I just nodded my head silently and slumped into a chair. All of my explorations to this point had been about letting guys worship me and my big booty, but this was different. He was here to get that beast serviced, and I was hoping to see that cock in action. And what a cock it was. It was dark chocolate brown and smooth. It was long as my 9 inch hard dick, but it was completely soft! There was something powerful in the way it hung. It was thick at the base but got even thicker in the middle then tapered to the head. It just looked swollen and meaty. Sandra was preparing to shave Pete's shaft and she was stroking him for a while but he still wasn't hard. I wanted to help, but how? I offered Sandra some lotion I saw on the counter and I stood up and walked across the room to get it. I was still pretty stoned and I was compelled to please this powerful man and his massive dick. As I crossed the room I walked with a switch and made sure he could see my enormous ass jiggle and shake as I rushed to serve him. What was happening to me? I reached across the table to pass Sandra the lotion at just the right angle so Pete was face to face with my sweet booty.

My face was close enough to his cock to see he liked the view. His big thick black cock had huge raised veins running through it. The site of my ass in those ridiculous shorts had him hard as granite. While Sandra trimmed his pubes before shaving the rest, Pete told us how he was really enjoying blow jobs more than ever. When I asked why he told me that no one could ever swallow his entire cock. 'no shit' I thought. Pete said he had mastered the art of deep throat cock sucking and he could teach anyone to swallow a dick as big as his. 'Who could swallow such a long thick cock?' I exclaimed without thinking.

'You could swallow my big thick cock, with those lips you could swallow this dick so good' Pete answered me. I was stunned and said 'But I'm straight...I mean I don't suck...' and my voice just tailed off. Pete looked at me in my tiny booty shorts staring at his cock waiting to see it explode and said 'Yeah, my bad. Of course you're straight.' He said he would explain the technique to me anyway, so I could teach it to my girl. He explained in detail how you needed to take the cock as deep as possible and when you gag and want to spit it out you need to force it deeper. When you want to please such a big thick cock you need to be aggressive and suck it good for daddy. That last line stood out, suck it good for daddy. Sandra realized she needed a new razor blade, but since it took so long to get Pete hard she didn't want to stop stroking his meaty rod. She asked me to just hold it and 'move my hand a little' so it didn't go soft before she got back. I put up a weak fight and before she bothered to convince me I grabbed his cock awkwardly and shook it. Sandra smiled at me and left the room and Pete told me sternly 'if you gonna do it, do it right. Where's your pride?' As his dick softened in my hand it did hurt my pride. I started to stroke his dick aggressively and I when he wasn't looking I slipped my shorts down in the back to look like my big juicy ass was accidentally spilling out. His cock responded and was hard in my hands. I stroked him and teased the head and he watched me silently. He started to speak to me in a strong but quiet voice. He said he didn't mean to be stern before. He praised me and told me I was doing good. He said repeatedly 'damn, you keeping daddy's dick hard' or 'You are pleasing daddy's big dick' He asked me if I remembered how to teach a bitch to deep throat a big dick. I said I did. He asked me to tell him. I told him what I remembered. He kept asking questions in different ways. 'Why a bitch gotta be aggressive?' he asked 'To please daddy' I responded. 'Damn you keeping daddy's dick hard, why you stroking daddy's dick so good?' 'To please daddy' I responded. 'How do you please daddy?' He asked 'You gotta suck it good for daddy' I responded without thinking. He rose from the table and pushed my back to the wall and gently forced me to my knees.

When presented with his cock I gasped at its size which he took as an invitation and stuffed several inches of sweet tasting black meat in my mouth. I realized the lesson had been for me all along and I aggressively sucked his dick deep into my throat. When I gagged he force fed me more inches while praising my effort. When he bottomed out and his balls hit my chin I was proud of myself. Pete was pretty please too and started face fucking the shit out of me. The back of my head banged the wall a few times but all I cared about was sucking it good for daddy. And I was. Sandra had snuck back in and was watching enviously while I tamed the bucking bronco with mouth and throat. I swallowed the length of his cock for an eternity and then I felt the mighty dick swell and braced myself as his cum flooded my throat and rushed up and spilled from the corners of my mouth. I swallowed all I could and kept sucking that big dick until daddy took it away from me. Now that it was over I was scared about what I had just done. Sandra had come over and licked the excess cum from my chest, and she gently removed her breast and fed me her nipple. Sucking her ample breast gave me comfort. She reminded me that I still had a good asshole shaving coming to me, and she asked Pete if he could help her keep my huge cheeks spread. Sounds like its not over yet. To be continued...



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