White walls, window, blind.

Drain in the floor. He can imagine blood, traces, spatters staining the white walls. Cleaning, someone cleaning them away. Ready, ready for him.

One straight backed wooden chair sits there in the middle of the room

Long blond hair, great breasts, narrow hips, long legs. She said, 'Sit down and wait here for me,' in her sexy husky voice.

He sat down on the wooden chair, can't move now, wants to leave, cant get up, she told him to stay.

Sweat. He's sweating. He wanted to be here, has told her what for, wants it, wants to be afraid.

She returns. Sways in with lube and condoms. Sets them down by the chair, convenient. Handy.

She moves in on him, erotic movement to her body, her husky sex filled voice. 'Do you want to see my breasts,' she asks.

He nods, dumbly. She moves them close, lifts off her t-shirt; arms up, stretched out, lacy bra exposed. Lovely tits. She bends to him, lovely tits swelling in lace in front of his face.

'Umm,' she says, takes his hands, places them on her breasts, he kneads them, wants the fabric gone

'Take off the bra,' he says, his voice not his own, desperate, needing.

She reaches back, gives a flick, and the lace is falling. Her breasts are hanging free as she reaches forward and slips off the bra, letting it fall in his lap with a soft puff, onto his tented pants. His cock is straining to burst, he is so afraid of her. Of her power. He sits fixed to the hard wooden seat, unable to move, waiting for her to lead him through the moves he only glimpses now.

He takes her breasts in his hands again, takes one to his mouth, sucks the nipple, sucks the whole brown stain into his mouth. Sucks hungrily, feels reassured, safe for a moment as he mouths the soft flesh.

He moans. He releases the hard saliva coated nipple, takes up the other nipple - already hard. His tongue guides it in to him, slurping it, wanting that moment of safety again. That moment of safe, warm, closed eye, sucking.

She's reached her hand to his zip, undoes it, releases him. He breaks the rhythm of his sucking as he feels his rod spring free. His cock, his manhood, his tool. She strokes it with her long fine fingers.

He gasps, releases her tit. 'Suck me,' he gasps.

'Just a bit,' she offers, dipping her head, swishing her hair away with her hand to keep it from her mouth.

She takes his cock-head between her lips, he pushes his hips to her, she swirls her tongue about it. Tastes him, holds him back with her hand pressed to his root. Releases him from her lips, from her wet warm mouth. He shivers.

She stands back undoes her jeans slowly, lowers them. Reveals her lace pants. Small, full. She moves forward, straddles his knees, stands, her crotch in front of him.

'Is that what you want?' she murmurs, to him. ' Oh baby you want it don't you?'

He groans, eyes fixed.

'Let it out for me,' she says. 'Umm. Let it out baby. Have a look at my lovely big cock. Its what you're here for. Do you like it?' she asks, knowing he does, and how much more he will when she is done. Has worked it in him, worked her magic. He's malleable, she can play him any way she wants to. He's a baby at this game of strange sex. She has a million years of instinct at her fingertips.

He watches someone else's hands reach out. Shaking fingers gripping the top of the lace panties, easing them down, down over her thighs. Her hairless mound is in his face as he bends. She's taped and he can't see what he's getting, he wants to see it.

'You want to see it baby?' she asks quietly, huskily, like shes inside his head. 'Here,' she says. He' s not sure if she spoke or if she has him under some spell. She reaches down and frees the taping. Her cock is there in his face now, long, and starting to grow.

She strokes the back of his neck, easing his fear, sending it away, fixing his mind on her. 'Suck me baby, suck my beautiful cock. It's what you came here for. You want it don't you? You really need it in your mouth now,' she sings hypnotically.

He is mesmerised by her husky crooning voice. By her stroking hands, her moving hips, her undulating body. It has him feeling he's been freed from reality. The white featureless room has disappeared; all that's exists is her and him. In the background he hears faint music and knows it instantly. Twenty something minutes of languid possession, of sex made sound. Ravels Bolero. Corny, he briefly feels, before he's lost again.

She pushes her firming cock to him, to his lips, he opens them tremblingly, takes her into him.She moves in and out, controlling him. He sucks, works his tongue over her, does as she commands him. She fucks his face deeper, he gasps, chokes. She eases off, she has shown him what she can do, how much power she has over him. He is fixed to that hard wooden seat, unable to move till she is done. He has paid her, yet its she who is using him. His body to satisfy her hunger.

She is rock hard now, big. He is afraid of how big. Loves how big, how wet, how strong. How she controls him.

She pulls herself out of his mouth. Pulls free of his lips, leaving him hungry for her meat.

'Mmmm. Will I give it to you now baby?' she asks in her husky seductive voice. 'You want my lovely cock inside you now? Its what you came for, isn't it baby,' she croons to him.

Her stroking hand, her moving hips, her undulating body. Holding him there. Unable to move, forced to do her bidding. Wanting it. Like this. Yes!

He nods, unable to speak. Fascinated by that rod of man he wants to feel inside him. Fear grips him, he reaches out plants his face between her tits, pulls her to him, pants in fear. Her soft tits ease him back, calm him. He's still so hard, her tits have helped him through.

She pulls his trousers down, he hitches up his butt for her and she slides them down to his feet, under them, discards them. His arse is naked now on the hard chair. Its uncomfortable, that's how he wanted it, uncomfortable, overpowering.

She lifts his legs. Pushes one up to him, he grasps it to his side, she lifts the other and he grasps that one too. He's giving his arse to her. He can even see it like this, scrunched up, head forward. He wanted to see, to be uncomfortable, overpowered. She can overpower him with a look. She knows it, she uses it, loves the power it gives her. He is fascinated, mesmerised by her big hard cock as it moves with her movement, bounces before him.

She lubes him up, roughly. He watches her push her long fingers into him, first the small one, he lets her in, then the second finger. His arse, his body being penetrated. She gives him each finger briefly, thickening what she has in him. Finally her thumb, which he feels the thickness of. Pressure inside. He gasps, his cock dribbles in his navel. She now works two fingers into him.

'Umm. You've got a lovely tight arsehole baby,' she croons to him, holding him there ready for her use. 'You're going to love having me inside there. Aren't you baby?'

He is starting to pant. Fear. She is overpowering him in the most intimate way he can be taken. In a moment he will be hers, filled by her cock. He'll be possessed by the most male organ, while overcome by a woman's power, her soothing tits swinging before his face. She kneels before him his arsehole now perfectly positioned for her long hard cock.

She reaches down and opens and rolls on a condom. Its safe. He asked for that, she insisted anyway. Now she wipes the tip about his lubed hole, she sinks two long fingers into him again, one last time, then empties him. She presents her cock for his hole to take. She pushes it in past the first resistance, he gasps from the sharp pain of such a big thing going in the wrong way. But his body is soon accustomed to this invasion. She works herself in further, he groans, almost comes with just the sight of her going into him, the feeling of it. His powerlessness in the tight uncomfortable position he is straining to hold. She reaches her hands to his legs, helps his tiring arms hold them, keeping him open and presented for her, as she moves herself deeper. He is gasping, his body strained, his arse a mix of fire and pleasure, his cock leaking to his navel again.

She finally bottoms inside him, her mound, her hairless base, hard up against his now hidden well filled hole. She has possessed him. She moves her mouth to his mouth and takes it, he feels her breasts against this chest. She begins to fuck him while she holds his lips, holds his legs. He cries and whimpers at the power of her taking him.

She moves faster, gives up his lips, arches back and fucks him deep, shows him who he is owned by, overcomes him. He is panting, moaning, gasping, whimpering, drops a hand to his own cock, hard again. Touches himself. His arse, his gut, is starting to spasm at the shock of the invasion, it clenches as she sinks deep, clenches again. His balls are tight, his cock throbs, kicks out its load, kicks, spasms again. His arse holds her through a series of shattering spasms, jerks and kicks. Then he is shaking, drained, and she slowly withdraws. She releases his legs, they flop down, he sags in the chair, gazes into her flushed face. Sees her look of having won, moans his acknowledgment, sinks down small, safe, now she controls him.



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