Cordon stepped out into the sun, whistling as he strolled through his closed garden. Cordon felt good, life was good and he'd enjoyed a very good night indeed.

Cordon notices the champion of said night trying to inconspicuously leave the house.

"Where do you think you're going?"

The boy turned instantly on edge at the sound of Cordon's gruff voice. He hadn't planned to stay last night, not with a man he'd just met. He hadn't planned on staying till morning... He hadn't planned of any of it. He was charming for sure and good looking.... but...


The boy had lay frightened as Cordon dominated his body in bed. There was no gentleness to it, nothing erotic in the way he'd manhandled him. It was malicious. It hurt, it was ruff and left him with cuts and bruises to face the day with. His own reflection had scared him. Now all he wanted to do was get out of here. Go home to his very own bed and his tabby cat waiting for him. She'll be hungry by now.

"I've work. I have to go." The boy gulped backing up against the door as Cordon slowly walked up to him.

"Oh sweet thing." Cordon purred as he towered over the smaller boy. "Pets don't leave until their housebroken." He grabbed the boy by his shirt dragging him kicking and screaming back into the dark confines of the house.

No one heard the boys pleads for help, no one heard his screams.

No one ever did.


The view from the roof terrace was indescribable. The cabin, with its various linked structures stood in the middle of a vast valley nestled in a winding mountain range. It was simply breathtaking.

"So you're saying this isn't our world?" Jack frowned sat on a deckchair taking in the scenery as the sun rose from behind the mountains saturating the valley with sunlight.

"Yes that's what I'm saying."

"That this cabin isn't even in the same place as this valley?" Jack could see a herd of wild horses making its way along the valley basin.


"And Gill and Lyceah come from two more different worlds all together."


"And you are not a sorcerer."


"But you can work magic."

"I can. Well what you call magic."

"Adi I know I'm using magic as an escape word for something I don't understand." Jack sighed he felt positively medieval. "I think we need to go over this again."

"As I said before I'm crap at sorcery. It is so precise and measured and bound by an infinitesimal amount of rules. It is everything I'm not."

"But I've seen you do..." absentmindedly Jack's hand touched the amulet imbedded in his chest.

"So I created my own."

"Your own what? Brand of sorcery?"

"My own way of doing things. Unbound by rules and measurements and logic. Its surprisingly easy really." Adrian grinned. "My mom always said I had so much power but it never manifested. Like never. Even under Cordon's eyes cause believe you me he would have sensed it and stripped it away from me if it had any value."

"I don't understand."

"It's as if my ability isn't connected to just one world, like Cordon's or any other form of magic in fact. We feed off a worlds energy. Your ability is indicated by own much of it you can... suck up."

"So your power depends on the size of your straw?"

Adrian's laughter seemed to fill the valley, it echo's along the roofs. "Yeah something like that." He said giggling through his words. "My own ability only kicked in when I blitzed for the first time."

"Blitzed? ... Like when you brought me here? Teleporting?"

"Yes and no. We weren't going from one point to another point in the same world. We were walking the same streets in a multitude of different worlds."

"So... you have a bifurcated straw? Or a just a big one?"

"In my case the size of my straw doesn't matter." Adrian tried not to grin watching two colts frolic at the edge of their herd. How could he explain.... "Imagine rows of juice boxes."

"Juice boxes?"

"Yes juice boxes, bare with me. Every juice box has straws stuck into it. The only juice those straws can suck up is the juice from that particular juice box. All those straws share the same juice."

"But you're not among those straws are you."

"Exactly! I'm not. My straw hovers in-between all those juice boxes and while the other straws can only suck up their own juice. I can't suck up any juice."

"What do you suck up?" This is a very strange yet oddly fascinating conversation.

"All the power between the juice boxes."

"Hmm like as if all the juice boxes were in a big bathtub you suck up the bathwater in which the juice boxes float."

"Yes.... Actually yes and there is a lot of bathwater and all those juice boxes are touching the same bathwater."

"But you are still in a juice box right or attached to one or something?"

"I'm not attached to any juice box even though I'm on one. Like this juice box." Adrian's said gesturing his arm across the valley. "I've separated the cabin from the valley. Like the corners of two juice boxes touching."


"Make it safer. No one can locate this place unless I permit it. There is no need for me to blitz here plus I'm permanently linked to the bathwater."

"But isn't that noticeable? Several juice boxes touching?"

"Noticeable to whom? And its not like they are physically touching, the juice boxes aren't angled towards each other."

Jack frowned tucking his feet under him on the deckchair and sighed loudly "Urg you lost me again."

"The juice boxes still look the same all floating around in the same bathwater in their right place. Lets just say I strung ropes between several juice boxes connecting them and this place is where all those ropes connect. Like a spider in the middle of a cobweb."

"Now you are a spider?"

"I'm not a spider Jack it's an analogy."

"So Lyceah and Gill come from different ropes right?"

"Yes I've 5 other worlds I do business with. Cuts down on transportation costs." Adrian grinned.

"So being here and permanently connected to the bathwater you can do all sorts of spells and incantations you couldn't when staying on a juice box?"

"Yes! Exactly! When I'm in a juice box I can only drink bathwater when I blitz giving some magical strength for a while but it fades. Having a strange straw has its setbacks. Here I never run out of bathwater. Sorcery is like sucking juice out of a juice box in a certain way and it depends how good you are and what technic you use for a spell to work. It's totally different with bathwater... I am my straw and the bathwater all at once."

Jack remained in his chair staring at Adi grin watching the herd of horses, horse about in the morning dew. Jack shook his head, it still didn't make any sense to him

"How the hell did you discover all this? Why did you make this hub in the first place."

Adrian leaned back in his chair rolling his head toward Jack. "You."


"Yes you."

"What do you mean?"

Adrian turned to face the valley plains again, staring off into the horizon. "I was at Cordon's and Like I said I found out where you were. I just didn't know how to get there and get you out."

"The sands?"

"Yes the sands."

"Are the sands a juice box?"

"No it's a small snow glob in a juice box. Time stands still, nothing changes, no day, no night, no time." Adrian whispers. "Cordon created the snow glob to imprison you. As it's creator he controls it. I was actually trying to get into the snow glob the first time I accidentally blitzed. I ended up in a different juice box all together complete freaked me out. It took me a while to figure out I could swim in the bathwater." Adrian pause reached for his water sipping is slowly. He kept his eyes set before him not giving Jack a glance. "Took me three years to figure out how to open a doorway into the snow glob without it alerting Cordon. Dad died that year. Cardiac arrest. Never saw it coming apparently that can happen, one day the heart just stops."

"I'm sorry."

Adrian smiled and looked down at Jack wrist. "That band was my fist time entering the sands. I dropped it hoping it would be a link so I could track the sands in the juice box. I'm glad you found it. You see you'd be in great danger once I freed you. Cordin would detect your presents anywhere in the juice box immediately."

Jack reached up pulling his shirt aside. Adrian stared at the melted metal in Jack's chest, he reached out to touch is gingerly.

"Took me a long time to make that." He'd almost been euphoric in how well the incantation worked. Jack grasped Adrian's hand gently turning it to trace mirror image of the amulet imprinted in Adrian's palm. The soft gentle fingers on his skin send shiver through Adrian's body. He quickly withdrew his hand standing up.

"I could use some help in the distillery want to come?"

"Sure why not"



"Jamie's dead isn't he?"


Cordon sighed at coming the snowfall. Christmas again, Cordon hated Christmas a heathen celebration both useless and inconsequential. He retreats from the window when in a hush he stops in the middle of the room. Something's wrong... Something in the room isn't quite right... It's been bugging him for weeks. Unable to pinpoint the source of his irritation he opens the basement door. Cordon smiles like a man in love at the sound of scurrying feet, hushed voices and soft sniffles.

Now this was a reason to be jolly!

Fa la la la la, la la...


Jack is doing amazing. It's a slow progress but a progress nonetheless. He seems quite at home here and I'm happy for it. Happy. That's such a perky word for an emotion sounds frivolous. I'm unsure which word would better fit my feelings. Glad? Am I glad he's doing well? Of course I'm glad. But glad doesn't cover it, such a passive sentiment. Content? I'm not an old man yet; I'll leave contentment for when I'm growing grey hair. Joyful...? There is a sense of joy but a very deep-rooted joy...

I feel ... good. Having Jack here feels... good.

Good is a well-balanced word.

I never asked for help, he's just always beside me. Slowly but surely he usurps my chores. Fast learner and I've listened to many a lecture on the job. Once a teacher...

I know it's cause he doesn't like to alone. I make sure Inu is always at his side but I'm the only other person around to it's natural he hoovers around me. Just as natural as shying away from strangers visiting the conservatory. Strangers to him that is, I've known all my customers for years...

He's doing well but was the building the cabin the right thing to do? Is my created hub a good place for Jack? Is keeping him here right for him? Has he traded a desolate prison for a nicer and more comfortable one? Am I... a spider?

I wish I knew...

I wish I could help him more...

I wish he'd smile more...

I wish I could hear his laughter...

I wish I could erase the last 25 years and start all over again...

Mom would be alive. Dad wouldn't have died. Jamie wouldn't have taken his own life...

Jack would be Jack... Jack would be happy, glad, joyous, content... he would be all those emotions I can't fit in my own little world. Jack would be good.

I'm a mistake.



"No." Jack mumbles staring at the big circular tent in front of him.

"Come on Jack it's a party." Adrian nudges playfully.

"Can't we just stay in tonight? Sample my beer? I added some spices to really make it zing! You know wine if fine but beer has veneer."


"Urgg - fine!" Jack grumbles kicking a stone at the foot acting like a small slighted boy. It was too cute for words. But even if Adrian had words for it he swallowed them.

"Fine fine? Or Fine fine?"

"I'm not a woman Adrian. Fine means just that in my dictionary."

"Come on you whiny bastard Gill would be offended if we didn't attend and he invited us bother very explicitly."

"He just wants to get into your pants." Jacks rolls he eyes, just like all the others he thought glumly.

"Well yes that too. But I'm their mundunugu, which means respect or no more wine or medicine, so my virtue isn't at stake or in question here. You are."

"Me? I am never going to be husband nr. 4 or 5 for that matter!"

"That is not what I meant and you know it. You need to meet new people. It's only me and Inu around the house. Zart's only new person you've met in weeks."

"I don't speak to Zart. Zart monologues. I swear he never shuts up, I know every wretched little detail of the comings and goings of that little village of his. I wish I didn't but you just can't tune him out. Must be those four eyes I mean you just can't help but look you know."

"I know but he brings good trade and we need to eat."

Jack sighs heavily before dramatically taking a deep breath puffing up his chest. "OK! Let's do his." He said grasping Adrian's hand and diving into party tent.

Once inside in the midst of a bombardment of sound, smell and heat Jack is reluctant to release Adrian's hand. Adrian's know why. Jack is scared but he really needn't be. Adrian's tries to separated their fingers which only makes Jack hold on tighter. So for a few minutes Adrian's allows himself to feel the pleasure of their intertwined fingers. His imprint heating up where they touched, growing, spreading through is body... until Merdy arrived breaking the spell, hugging them both as he bounced around happily. Merdy is a slight, skinny little thing with large eyes, a fine nose and dimples. No wonder Gill had been after him for years.

"Mundunugu!" He smiles, a genuine warm smile. "I'm so excited you came and brought the much discussed Jack!"

"Thank you for having us." Adrian smiled handing over a bottle of Jacks new brew. Merdy accepted it graciously handing the bottle quickly down the long row of attendees behind him.

"We couldn't have a party without our mundunugu it would be a sorry affair indeed!" He clasped Adrian's hand discreetly taking note of the Adrian's imprinted palm as both men tried to taking in the totality of the throng present. Merdy seized the moment to fully inspect Jack noticing the silver necklace just peeking above his unbuttoned shirt. He gently pushed the fabric aside eyes widening instantly. "Oh my what a statement to make and I only got a ring."

Adrian blush deep crimson. "Merdy you know very well that t-"

Merdy grinned shooing Adrian's blush away with a hand. "Yes, yes I know not even a bee could sting him now. Can't I tease you anymore?" Merdy took Jack arm propelling him into the crow. "Come Mr. Jack I have so many people to introduce you too!"

Jack's face drained eyes pleading with Adrian for rescue. Adrian grinned "Go on. Have fun, don't worry Inu's always by your side."

Jack looked down; he hadn't noticed his loyal companion tagged along. "But Inu's isn't..." But before Jack could finish Merdy whisked him away, leaving Adrian behind.

But that's ok...

Adrian was used to being left behind.

Everyone left him... eventually. It's the nature of things.


I watched as Adrian stepped from under the shower head. I shouldn't be watching, I shouldn't be here but for the life of me I can't move. What I'm seeing is as far from the little Adi I remember as you can get. This not little Adi, this is Adrian. He's a striking young man, lean, smooth, not hairless but close with very pale skin.

He doesn't see much sun.

Well... he doesn't like much sun to be accurate, I've taken over the whole garden because of it. I don't mind I enjoy it. I even like working in the rain. I can feel the temperature change by the hairs on my arms; I hear the birds sing and the wind whisper sweet nothings in my ear...

He doesn't like chocolate either. Who doesn't like chocolate? Really? Adrian that's who!
Doesn't eat much meat. He wasn't lying about the cooking, first meal he made me he burnt the soup. The second meal the potatoes turned runny... I don't get that though I watch him make these massively complicated potions, ointments, oils and scents. Those cooking pots never burn or boil over... Maybe it's the bathwater...

It's been months now. I can't believe I've been here that long....

His back is to me the entire time he whips his body dry; his ass is tight and pert. My eyes catch sight of three little birthmarks lined up in an Orion's belt on his right cheek. I remember those birthmarks while changing his diaper as an infant. From the very beginning I felt protective of him. I never had much family, no siblings to speak of or aunts and uncles. I loved him as if he were my own...

Adrian interrupts my thoughts by a slight humming. I don't recognize the song unsurprisingly. His pitch is perfect, his humming transforms into a clear melodious and I'm hidding behind the door loving the sound of his voice.

"I never seem to finish all my food
I always get a doggie bag from the waiter
So I just keep what's still unchewed
And I take it home, save it for later"

The lyrics are nonsensical but I do hear the smile in his voice as he's swaying his body to a slow imaginary beat.

My mouth responds in kind, until I noticed the faint scars on his back. I can't believe my eyes skipped them before, whiplashes spread across his skin. There is so much he doesn't, can't or won't tell me. Inu pushes his way through my legs trotting up to Adrian as I hide out of sight.

"Hey boy. Jack still asleep?"

I peek into the bathroom once more to see Adrian kneeling down. Scratching Inu's throat and chest, his eyes closed in bliss, he really loves to be scratched there.

"He's doing well don't you think? I haven't heard him scream in his sleep in 18 days." He said kissing the dog on its head. Adrian turns to the mirror looking into his own reflection. "That's good, really good." He keeps staring into his own image, his face sad, his eyes lost. 'He'll want to find his own juice box soon. Somewhere where he can teach again, find love again, be free of his past... our past... free of me." His eyes adrift in a daze of memory before he shakes himself into the present again. "You better get back to him Inu before he wakes up alone. He needs you there."

I retreat to my bedroom before Inu even reaches the bathroom door.


Cordon's study lay shattered. Wrecked furniture, damaged books, lose papers and tipped drawers lay strewing about. The couches casualties of rage; every cushion slashed its plush ripped out coating the floors. The kitchen a demolition site of cutlery and broken crockery, even one sledged sink.

Cordon's no where near done. Moving his storm of destruction through every room of his house searching for It.


Whatever It was.

The It that had been nagging at the back of him mind and bugging him for months. He couldn't sleep because of the It. He could eat because of the It.
He couldn't even enjoy his pets... all ...because... of the IT!

Cordon raged, screamed and bellowed as he tore through the house...

He'd find It. Oh hell yes!



A soft voice wakes me. Jack fills the doorway blocking most of the hallway light to my darkened room.

"Jack?" I reach my nightlight blinking with its sudden brightness. Jack is still in the doorway clad only in his black pajama bottoms.

"What's wrong? Are you all right? Did you have a nightmare? Wasn't Inu there for you?" I'm rambling I know but this is a first. Jack appears calm a slight smile on his face as he steps into my room. I try not to stare but standing half naked before me all I can think of is how beautiful he is.

"No I left Inu on the bed." He whispers standing next to my bed.

"Then what's wrong?" I suppress the urge to cover my bare chest like a blushing virgin. Unlike Jack I sleep naked I can't bare restricting clothes in bed.

"You have a nice room Adrian." Jacks says sitting on the edge of my bed looking about him. Touching the white breezy curtain of my canopy bed.

"Thank you. I like it too."

"This is the only bedroom with a large bay window." Jack mused staring out of said window.

"I wake up with the sun and the moon keeps me company at night." I reply tucking my knees under my chin my sheet tucked firmly around me. Jack turns with that beautiful smile of his, I've loved seeing it grow stronger each day.

"Really?" He laughs and quickly switches off my nightlight. I freeze and don't understand what's happening my heart picks up speed as our eyes adjust to the sudden absence of light. Pale moonshine streams into the room. "I see." Jack muses his dark outline a ghost in my room if I hadn't felt his weight on my bed.

"Jack, are you alright?". What's brought all this on?

"I'm fine I was just cold."

"Oh well you can take the quilt off the wall and use-"

"No." He cuts me off moving up the bed. "This will do." He says lifting the sheet slipping in bed beside me. I freeze again, what is he doing? Why is he here? I scoot over trying to calm down separating us by at least a foot... Lest I do something I'd regret. I lay down uneasily. I can smell him, almost feel him, his warmth is so near.

"Adrian?" He whispers facing me,

"Ye -Yes?" Damn my voice broke. Why am I so bloody nervous?

"Why haven't you told me you're in love with me?"

"What!" .....!

"Why haven't you told me?"

"But - I...." --- shit --- "Well because.... - I gulp - I'm not Cordon. my ... my my f-f-feelings are my own." Why on earth am I stuttering! "Your in no way obligated or indebted to me Jack. I'm not Cordon."

"Of course you aren't Adrian. Is that why you've been urging me to go out and meet people? Getting me out of the house at every opportunity?"

"This was always meant to be a halfway house for you never a prison. I'm not Cordon."

"I know you're not Adrian." Jack inched closer. "You want me to leave?"

"What? No! Everything I've done, created and built was for you. To help you, to give you a start at a new life, an actual life with days and nights and stars. Where ever or with whomever that may be."


"What do you mean why?"

"Why did you save me Adrian? Why did you do all of this? Why center your entire life around me?"

"I - I've told you. There was no one else..."

"No. Tell me why." He inched closer to me still.

"I -I had to." I breathed out. I can't imagine why is he doing this to me. Why couldn't he just leave my feelings well out of it? This isn't about me!

"I just had to. You were a lost and I had to find you. There was no one left to do it but me."

"When did you fall in love with me?"

My stomach squeezed as I held my breath. This was a ride on one hell of an emotional roller coater. My eyes breamed over. My breath labored.

"I've always loved you Jack... When I first heard your name, when I searched high and low for you. When I created this place I've always loved you. Then the more I was around the actual Jack Smyth the real you and not my imagined you. I kept falling. I can't tell you why Jack. I don't know why. It was never my intention, please believe me." Great I'm crying now. Goddammit I'm crying.

"I know, I know. You're not Cordon. You're not little Adi either." He closed in on the last inch of space separating us. Softly brushing his fingers across my cheekbone. I shiver at his touch, its gentle and feathery. I want to pull away, every nerve in my body is screaming at me to pull away. Pull away or be lost forever.



"When I close my eyes can still see him you know."

"Cordon." I nod understandingly.

"No" He laughed, what a strange reaction. "Not Cordon." His thumb started to run along the line of my jaw.

"I see a two year old little boy, with a mess of blond curls and big hazel eyes. He's happy and giggles a lot. He likes it when I chase him and then nuzzle his neck and tickle him. He likes it when I hug him and he's alway hanging onto my legs."

"I wish I could remember that." I sigh.

"Then I open my eyes and that little boy is gone."

My heart sank, "I'm sorry." I whisper. It was my fault. If it hadn't been for me Cordon would have never met Jack.

"I don't see that little boy when I look at you. I can't. I never will." Jacks voice was soft as his emotional blows slammed into me. My sobs intensified with every word his spoke, pain so complete how could I ever breathe again? Bit of a drama queen aren't I?

"How old am I Adrian?"

"What?" I whip my tears way but it's no use more replace them each second.

"It's my birthday tomorrow, how old will I be?"

"You'll be 25."

"Not 48?"

"No of course not! You didn't age you know that."

"No I didn't. You did though. You grew tall. You grew into one fine man Adrian. I loved that two-year-old little boy with the messy blond curls. I loved him as if he were my own son. But when I look at you that is not what I feel."

Why is he doing this to me? Why is he going out of his way to stab draggers in my heart while being to damn nice about it. I know you don't love me ok. I know you can't love the person responsible for putting you in the sands. I sorry, I'm so sorry. My internal rant spills over as I sobbed into my pillow Jack's fingers running through my hair soft as a whisper. I should slap his hand away, I didn't want his pity, I didn't want a glimpse of what I could never have. I should but I couldn't.

"Oh baby stop beating yourself up like this. It was never your fault. Nothing about any of this was ever your fault."

"But Cordon would never have even seen you if it wasn't for me. He would never have stalked you and you would never...-" I stopped choking on my emotions my hearing catching up to me. "... Baby?"

"When I look at you now Adrian I see a young man. A young man with a big and truly beautiful heart. I see someone who literally rewrote the rulebook to keep another safe. I see a handsome young man, with a fascinating mind and a sense of humor that would make the moon smile." Jacks voice held laughter and a sigh all in one. "How could I not fall in love with this man? How could I not want to be with him in every way."

"Love me?"...! ...? ... erm... "Be with me?" He's leaning in so close now....

"In every way." He whispered against my lips. "If you'll have me." My reaction's automated. My arms reached out grabbing Jack pulling hard against me.

I've been hanging off the ledge by the tips of my fingers for so long. It's a relief to let go and fall...

I fall into the loving embrace of Jacks arms. I fall into the simple act of kissing him.

I'm falling... I can finally keep falling...


The pickaxe hooked into the floorboards with a fast hard smack. Ripping the boards up in quick sequenced motions one after the other. Smack-Rip. Smack-Splint. Smack-Rip.

Cordon's hard muscled body gleamed with sweat. Eyes intently focused on the job at hand, the house a mere shell of what it had been. The walls bare and broken, the sledgehammer discarded on the floor....


I want to savour the moment just as much as I want to devour it. The battle inside me wagers in a fierce war, my heart is conflicted.

How to act, what to do... how to do it...

So I continue to fall... fall into Jacks arms letting his hands lead the way. Once I give myself up to the fall completely, the war ceases. No more conflict as his hand strokes my skin and his lips touches my lips and his tongue lays claim to me. My body responds to his ministrations all by itself, I need not thinkt of savoring or devouring. All I need is Jack.


Cordon was close he could feel It. It's here somewhere. It's close... His knife sinks deep into the soft edges of the mattress. A long clean cut slices the material open. He cuts his hand yanking the coils from its bell. Droplets of blood splatter the protruding foam.

It's close. It's here. It's almost within reach...


I answer ever caress and every kiss and every single pant. He moans as I touch him, my fingers sliding over his skin loving the feel of its velvety texture under my fingertips. I lift my knee and hook my foot behind his knee pressing him even closer to me. His hand slides down to cup my cheeks.

I shiver.

The hand slides further down my leg to my toes and up along my thigh to my hip.
All I can do is enjoy each touch. Enjoy the need welling up in me. A previously unexperienced need.

Oh Jack.. Oh my god Jack.... be with me Jack... stay with me....

He releases my lips for some much need air. I open my eyes to see him smile down at him. The moonlight illuminating him creating a glow to his skin.

"Adrian.... "Its not a question, i don't need to answer just wait as he watches me. "I love you Adrian." he reached up to hold my face. "I love you." His kiss is gentle and binding. The absolute certainty in his words is precious and intimate.

Jack doesn't let me respond. He keeps my lips occupied as his hands roam my body, as he rolls his hips into me. Chest to chest, hands to cheeks, moans to groans with lips to throat, neck, collar bone, nipples... I'm panting and squirming and aching for him. There are no thoughts to my movements, just sounds. Our sounds. Filling the room with their intensity.

He pause looking down at he again, eyes bright, lips swollen, hair disheveled it's the most heart stopping sight I've ever seen. I push his chest rolling him onto his back as straddle his hips. Giving back as good as I got. The thrill in his voice spurts me on. His hands clenching my butt grinding the into him. I reach down between us and release him from the confines of his pajama bottom. He hard, a beanpole siding with my own. I grasp it and I feel his body jerk at the touch. His back arches pushing his hard nipples close to my face as I'm bend over him. I accept his offering and latch onto one as my hand sliding up and down over his hardness. He's uncut as I am. I love feeling the ripple of his throbbing head as I move his foreskin over it. My finger play with the slick precum he's giving me. Applying it to his shaft as I'm working it. Up and down, up, grip, twirl and all the way to down to the base and up and down.

"Adri- nnn." I've made him loos his tongue. He groans and moans unable to from words of appreciation. I don't need words. His body is a dialogue all on its one. He trusts up into my hand, he motions fast and urgent. I want this for him. I want to make him feel good...

... I don't want to be alone anymore either...

He's close and as he's nearing he suddenly grasps my own rock hard and dripping attention. I almost collapse onto his chest at the touch. ... Ahhhh... Oh shiiiit....

Both our hands entrap our cocks, sliding and working together in tune to the mutual thrusts and grinds and moans. Faster and faster and faster...


Cordon sat ripped his clothes to shreds in the middle of his bedroom.

It's here! It's here! It's here!!! ... IT MUST BE!

Reaching for a pair leather italian shoes knife handy a gleam in the corner of his eyes distracts him. A glint under the dresser next to his demolished bed. Forgetting all about the shoes he zeroes in location of the glint, crawling over the floor his head low.

There it is.

Cordon reaches under the dresser and pulls out a snow globe.


"Adri- Adriaaannnn. I'm... " I shut him up pressing my lips to his, we're on the edge.... so... damn ... close... Our movements lose their rhythm as we with both stiffen and lose are breath as our simultaneous climaxes race through us.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! " Rope after rope after rope of cream splatters between our chest, scolding our skin. It's explosive it's earth shattering and every single thing it should be.

Trembling and jerking I collapse on top of him. Coming down from our highs returning to a state of at least semi consciousness I nestle into him. Into his warm embrace feeling his breathing return to normal.. Both dozing in the satisfaction of the love of the other.


Cordon rotates the desert snow globe in hands. His fingers tracing the curve of the globe.
Nothing but sand, sand rolling about over and over.

He's not there.

Cordon slowly picks himself up from the floor. Shaking the globe searching within the echo's of the twirling sands...

He's not there...

A snarl rips from his chest... He's not there!

He's gone.

He's GONE!

His roar vibrates the frame of his house every as yet unbroken window shatters with its force.

WHERE - IS - MY - PET!!!!!!

****** (to be continued)

I like feedback! Let me know what you think if you have comments, suggestions and/or constructive criticism, comment below or email me. It makes writing here worth while.

I'v read through this chapter many times but if I've missed any mistakes I apologize. I try to catch em all!

This is a piece of fiction. My piece of fiction which may not be borrowed, altered, taken or copied without my explicit permission. These stories are registered under my name.

PART Four coming soon(ish)!



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