It was quite late and most of the visitors had already gone home. I had spend the day at a spa, with the 1st floor full of swimming pools, Jacuzzis and restaurants, but the 2nd floor filled with saunas, steam-rooms and tanning machines - and all nude. I go there quite often, mostly to relax and get a full tan, but with my 23 years and blond pony tale don't mind if something else happens. It's a family place, but becomes cruisy after dark.

Today had been a great day and I enjoyed most of my time swimming, relaxing in the hot tub and reading my book. I was ready to go home, but wanted to have some dinner. The restaurant there are great and I took a table overlooking the open gardens and pools, when my eyes fell on a beautiful black guy. He was sitting at the other end of the restaurant facing me. Our eyes met briefly and I thought what a beautiful body he had. Slim, with not too much muscles, but nicely shaped with all the parts at the right place. I could see that he wore a light green bikini swimsuit, which stood out against his chocolate brown skin. I had always dreamed of a steamy encounter with a hot black guy, but never had the chance.

I was on my desert when he got up to leave. On his way out he looked at me again and my eyes followed him across the pool. He slowly walked up the staircase into the nude area. Before he went through the saloon door he turned around and made sure I saw where he was going. I finished and left.

The nude area is pretty large with 7 saunas, steam-rooms and open area. I took of my bikini swim briefs and wrapped a towel around my waste to hide my semi-hard dick. I had no idea where he had gone so I started to search for him. Most of the action usually happens at the steam-room, outside or at one of the saunas, which is not too hot and one can spend some time there checking out guys.

After looking for him outside and the steam-room I spotted his swim brief at one of the open shelves near one of the smaller saunas. I pressed my face against the hot glass of the door and found him sitting inside. He was sitting with his back against the rough wooden log house walls and his knees tucked up on the bench. Through the triangle of his legs I could see his balls dangling down, touching the towel he was sitting on. I took my shoes off, put them next to the door and went in. To my surprise another guy was in the sauna. Not what I had hoped for. I stood in the middle of the sauna looking for a good spot to sit, making sure the black guy get a good look at my dick. I finally put my towel down at one of the benches opposite the black guy, but one level below.

For the next few minutes we were just sitting there taking glances at each other. Next to him was a window and his body was shaped beautifully in the soft light from outside. We could hear voice of other guest walking by, heading towards the showers to go home. Slowly the place got quiet.

The temperature inside got pretty hot and I started to sweat. Drops were running down my chest dripping down on my towel. With the other guy still sitting close, I was hesitant to make a move. Pretending my back was stiff I started to move a bit opening my legs so the black hunk could look at my growing cock. I could see his eyes moving over my body. With some small moves he parted his legs and allowed me a full view of his magnificent cock.

By now he was rock hard and I could see drops of sweat running down his chest, clinging to his 6-packs for a second and running into his curly pubs. He had a truly amazing cock, bigger than my 7 inch, deeply cut, so I could see his pink cockhead standing out against his dark body. I couldn't help it, but stare at him. Below his cock were long dangling balls, shaved and heavy from sweet cream.

By that time my cock was standing like a soldier at morning parade. My foreskin had completely pulled back and revealed my mushroom head. A few drops of pre-cum were running down my shaft.

I was tempted to start playing with my dick, when I realized that this other guy was still sitting behind me. Damn, I thought, he must have noticed what was going on and was hoping to see some action. I carefully peeked over my shoulder and noticed that he was hard, breathing heavily from the rising horny heat in the sauna.

My dick was screaming for attention and I turned my attention back to the black guy. He was sitting there, with one leg now down on the bench below and I could see him moving his hand over his massive cockhead. With each move his balls were hitting his crotch. His hand moved up a bit and took some of his sweat to lube the uncut shaft. Like on auto-pilot my hand went down grabbing my own dick and started to pull my foreskin back and forth.

But now I needed more. Watching this hot guy jerking his huge cock made go crazy. I needed that cock and I needed it now. I gave a shit about the other guy sitting there rubbing his dick and moved up to sit between the legs of my hot black hunky friend. With my back leaning against his leg I watch him jerking his dick. He was completely hard and I could see a roadmap of thick veins pulsing with blood like heavy traffic.

He had shaved halls balls with the skin slightly lighter than the rest of his dick, but above the base of his dick was a thick nicely trimmed bush of curly hairs.

We both were breathing heavily and our bodies were covered in sweat. Suddenly he took is hand off his dick. He looked at me and by squeezing his ass muscle he shook his cock, moving it invitingly for me to take over.

I couldn't take my eyes of him and slowly with a fearful look to the door moved my hand over. I wrapped one of my hands around his cock and with the other started to massage his balls. He let out a small moan and I knew I was on the right way.

As I am uncut myself it's usually more difficult for me to jerk off a cut guy. I did what he had done before and moved my hand down to his balls to pick up some of the moisture between his balls and crotch to lube is pink head. The smell was overwhelmingly manly - a mix of musk, sweat and pre-cum. I had to have more of that cock. I was afraid that suddenly a late guest would walk in, but I was too horny to care.

The other guy had left by now I guess he got what he wanted and we were alone. With one eye on the door I moved forward and with the tip of my tongue tasted his cock. Gently I put the tip of my tongue into his piss slit and tasted the sweet taste of my first black pre-cum. His man-scent was so hot I couldn't resist and put my lips around his cockhead, moving slowly down his thick shaft. I could feel his cock veins rippling along my lips and tongue deep down into my throat. My nose was touching his pubs taking in his horny moist scent.

With each move of my mouth over his cock I got faster and faster. He was moaning, but I didn't want him to cum yet. So I stopped and let my tongue move around his dickhead, licking of each drop of sweet pre-cum. The thought of having this hot black cock in my mouth made me forget where I was. I moved lower and started licking his balls and crotch, gently jerking his dick. First, I sucked in one of his heavy balls into my mouth than the other. There were so big I could hardly get them in. The skin was soft. With my tongue I could feel that both were full of creamy cum, ready to spill a huge load.

No words were spoken and I went back to sucking his delicious cock. By now we were both hard and horny and while sucking him I started jerking myself. Like synchronized swimmers my mouth moved over his cock the same speed as I jerked myself. He was moaning loader and started moving his hips against my face; ramming his rock hard cock into my throat.

Suddenly he got up on his knees, grabbed my head with both hands and fucked my face. I was merely a piece of fuck-meat, a hole to dump his massive load into. His dark, dangling and cum-heavy balls were swinging between his legs, hitting my chin with every move, spilling sweat all over my chest.

As much as he wanted to fuck my face, as much I wanted to suck him off. As more he rammed his cock into my mouth, as more I pushed against to get it in as deep as possible. I could feel him getting faster, moaning loader. I grabbed his balls and his body started to shake, when he rammed his massive thick cock into my mouth, down my throat and with a deep grunt unloaded his creamy-sweet cock milk into my mouth. With each ram he pumped more cum into my mouth. I could feel it come out from these heavy balls, still dangling between his legs.

I could feel his hot cum running down my throat. His load was so huge some was running down the side of my mouth and along his shaft and balls.

With a final push he shot a last big spill in my mouth. I heard him breathing heavily, his cock still in my mouth. I wanted to enjoy each and every drop of his black hunk latte.

He dropped back on his towel and I licked the last few drops of and out of his piss slit, one hand massaging his balls for more cream and the other wrapped around my own cock jerking myself.

Getting closer to shoot my own load I got up on my knees. His silky cum was dripping from my mouth; leaving a sweet cum-taste on my tongue. My moans got loader and faster, I was getting closer to shoot my load. The black guy pulled me closer; he obviously wanted me to shoot my white boy cum on his black skin.

My foreskin was moving back and forth over my dickhead, my cock was rock hard and my hip moving in fuck-motions.

The heat was almost unbearable and my heart racing like at a 100 spring finishing line. A final stroke pushed me over the edge of no return.

I bent my cock down pointing it towards my black friend. When he noticed I was cumin, he opened his mouth and I shot my first load into his face running down into his mouth; a second followed on his tongue, drops were landing on his chest and body leaving a white trail on his black skin down to his dick.

After unloading my boy-milk on him I sank down on my hands. My cock was still hard and dripping from cum. I was breathing heavily, still between his legs and he put his arms around my back, pulling me down onto him. I lay on his body; wet from his sweat and my cum, slowly feeling both running down into our towels.



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