I woke up the next morning with brilliant sunlight across my

face. I heard myself breathing heavily. I was in a state of sexual

arousal. My cock was achingly stiff. I next became aware of my bedmate,

Billy, his lips pressed against my neck, his hand stroking my sex. His

hands felt slippery and I realized that he was greasing me up. He kept

up a soft litany in my ear: 'Come on Mr. Toby, wake up and put yur peg

in my hole.

I'm as honey as a she goat.' He was slithering all over me, waggy his

ass around. I put my arm around him and hugged him. 'You want me to

fuck you?' 'Yessss, please,' he begged.

He got up on his knees, pushing his handsome, smooth, slim ass

outwards. 'Do me like a bitch in heat,' he moaned. 'I'm open and ready,

don't be easy on me.' I got up on my own knees, pointed my cock toward

his young hairless hole, moved forward and entered. He pushed back and

in a moment I was fully inside. 'Oh yeah, start fucking me hard. I can

come with you doing it hard. I want to come with you in me. Don't be a

wimp Toby...harder....harder.'

I was sweating and fucking, almost out of my mind with pleasure.

Billy was totally in orbit. If a bomb went off, he'd never know it. He

kept up a stream of almost incoherent words. 'Oh, oh keep it up, It's

sweeter than honey on my inside.'

This went on for about ten minutes when I heard a voice behind

me. 'So stranger, you like fucking my pretty lanky brother? You sure

are choice yurself. I like that fuzzy ass you got, real sexy.'

He was shorter than Billy, more muscular but he had those same

narrow vacant eyes. What with his chin whiskers, he looked like a young

satyr. He was wearing Bibb overalls. He unbuttoned the brass clasp and

they dropped to the floor. He was naked underneath. He had a tight body

with great abs. A light coating of almost blond hair covered his front.

'Hold still Mister, I'm coming in.' He held my ass and slowly

moved forward until his cock head was at the entrance. I was thankful

that he had used some of the grease on his monster. I hadn't be ass

fucked since I was sixteen and I was a little scared but Beau was a

master. He eased in and once it was all inside he began a slow motion

that stroked my prostate excitingly. I began to moan loudly. 'You like

that don't you you hot boy. Keep pugging Billy while I do you. Oh man,

you have a hot hole. I won't be able to hold out much longer.'

I continued to move back on forth on Billy, he was mewling and

grunting like a pig. His eyes were up in his head. He didn't even know

where he was or that Beau was in the room. I felt myself getting close

to coming from the double stimulation. Suddenly Billy let out of shout

and his dick pulsed and gobs of cum shot out on the bed. It caused his

ass hole to tighten and I was there. I clutched his slim waste and gave

in to the delicious feeling of letting myself come in his ass. In back

of me, Beau had not missed our coming. He gasped, grunted and then

screamed as he shook and trembled and came in me.

The three of us fell down on the bed, slowly catching our breath.

Billy saw Beau there for the first time. He explained why I was there.

'I know all about his tire, Gramps told me. What's more, I found a

perfect tire match for his truck and I'll put it on soon. Only thing is,

I missed out on the fine booze last night.'

'I have a bottle with your name on it,' I told him.

Soon a was on my way, I waved goodbye to the two brothers. They

sure looked good standing there in front of that old cabin. I'd have to

find my way back. I stopped at the first telephone and explained what

happened, omitting the sex part.

I couldn't wait for the next whiskey run.



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