It all started the weekend my wife left to visit her family in Texas. From the moment I dropped her off at the airport and returned to my car all I could think about was cock. In the parking garage at the airport I pulled a pair of pink lace thongs out of my secret hiding place, removed my pants and underwear then put on the panties, tucked my little cock between my legs and finished getting dressed. I left the garage and headed to the strip for a little gambling.

I arrived at Treasure Island and headed inside. I found my way to a blackjack table and started playing only to walk away an hour later but only lost $20. On my way to the car I noticed a guy following me. I arrived at my car and he walked right up behind me, slapped my ass and tugged on my thongs. I was totally unaware that I was showing a whale tail. He pulled my thongs once more and motioned for me to follow him.

He opened that side door to his van and pushed me inside. Once in the van he sat on the bench seat and spread his legs a little. I took this as my cue and crawled between his legs, placing my hands on his belts and unbuttoning his jeans. As I started to pull his jeans down he finally spoke, "Pull your pants down first slut, I want to see those pretty panties while you please me" I did as commanded and pulled my pants down to my ankles.

As I pulled my pants down I noticed a wet spot on the front of my panties. The man laughed and ordered me to pull his pants down now. As I started removing his pants I saw the bulge in his underwear. Not as impressive as I thought he was still about an inch bigger than me. I pulled the underwear down and his cock sprung to attention.

I dove into his cock like the hungry slut I am, licking it from his balls to the tip. The aroma of his sweaty cock was intoxicating so much that I couldn't contain it anymore and started sucking like a whore in heat. I worshipped his cock and all its glory for 20 minutes until he pulled his cock from my mouth, pushed me back, pulled the front of my panties and shot his massive load in them. My cock was covered in this guy's cum, panties drenched and I needed to cum so bad. I reached down to keep what I could in my panties but some was started to seep out, he told me to pull my pants up so I wouldn't leave cum stains on his carpet.

I pulled my pants up and cleaned his cock up. Licking every last drop from the tip and cleaning the rest for good measure. Finally done with me he opened the door and had me get out. I walked to my car with cum showing on the front of my pants looking like I pissed myself. Once in the car I headed home thinking this week is going to be fun.

I got back to the house a little after 3pm and figured I would play a little before washing up. I ran to my office and stripped everything except my thongs. Sitting down at my computer I turned on some crossdresser and tranny porn. I chatted with a few guys online and even had phone sex with 2 other guys to which I finally shot my load and cleaned the remnants from my hand and stomach.

When I was done I figured it was time for a shower, so I jumped in, washed, and shaved my boy pussy and clit. I decided to play with my dildo too while cleaning up and must have been in there a while with the dildo opening me up. Still not satisfied I got out, dried off and put on some of wife's lotion and perfume. I found the black lace crotchless body stocking she bought from Fredericks of Hollywood and thought I would put it on. Once I had it on I headed to the office again. I found some thin rope and used it to tie my cock up so I wouldn't be able to play with it while watching porn and playing online.

I was so horny I decided to post an ad on Craigslist which read:

"35 years old, 5'5" 150lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 5" cut, Small frame, average body, nice ass normal looking guy. I am looking to a real man's total sissy bitch. I am a total bottom and not looking for any reciprocation at all just me treating your cock like a king. I love wearing lingerie, being spanked, ROLEPLAY. I enjoy verbal men who love to degrade their slut, men with a noticeable bigger cock than mine is a huge plus as I love being degraded about my size. I am STD/HIV NEG and Drug Free you be too. I cannot host but can travel. I am looking until this ad is deleted. Please reply with pics and change subject to "Filthy Whore"

I sat back and watched some porn and continued to chat on my favorite website with other men. I would check my email every 30 minutes or so but almost 2 hours went by and nothing. I started to feel like nobody wanted a total whore to service them however they wanted. I was really horny by this time and started riding my 8" dildo while continuing to play online when I finally started receiving messages. As I looked through the messages I found 3 out of the 10 that emailed me who got me even hornier than I already was. I decided to send them all emails back but figured I would only have time for one encounter tonight and the rest would have to wait till tomorrow.

The one I chose was a married black man who had attached a picture of his hard cock halfway buried in his wife's white pussy. The message read:

"My name is Andre but you will refer to me as Sir. I am 36yrs old, Married, DDF with a BBC (8.5" uncut) looking to breed your tight white sissy hole. I love making white boys with little dicks feel inferior to a real man like me. Send me a picture of you right now and I will respond with instructions."

Of course what could I do but send a picture immediately. I grabbed my phone and took a few shots of me wearing my wife's body stocking with a dildo in and my cock tied up and sent it as quickly as possible. I guess you could say I was probably desperate because I really needed some cock as it has been a while, almost several months. I waited very impatiently for a reply and finally got one 15 minutes later.

"Very nice slut, love the body stocking and the dildo was a nice touch. I want you to put a shirt and pants on as I need to be discreet, replace the dildo with a nice size butt plug and drive to this address. Keep your pathetic cock tied up as shown in your picture and email me when you get here. I will open my garage door for you. When you get in remove your pants and shirt and wait for me on your knees."

I grabbed my biggest plug, a medium pink Mood plug, lubed it real good and squirted a little more in my pussy. Popping the plug in, I gave a little moan then finished getting dressed. On the drive to his place I could feel the plug moving as I went over bumps and felt as though my cock was leaking because of it. Once I arrived, I emailed Sir and a few minutes later his garage door started to open. Like a bitch in heat I jumped out of the car and headed to the garage.

Finally inside, the garage door started closing. I removed my clothes and tossed them to the side then proceeded to get on my knees. A few minutes later I heard the door open and finally saw Sir in all his manliness. He was about 6' give or take a few inches, very defined upper body and wearing a jock strap. Without a word I moved into his crotch and took a deep breath, his scent was overwhelmingly intoxicating, the smell made me even hornier than I already was. He took the back of my head and held me in his crotch.

Sir: You like the smell of my sweaty cock, don't you slut

I gave a little moan as he held me close to him and took another breath. I started to reach for his jock when he slapped my hand away.

Sir: You can wait slut, I will let you know when you can touch me

I nodded in agreement and continued to smell his wonderful package. Sir finally let go of my head and took a step back. I immediately tried scooting closer when he put his hand up to stop me.

Me: Please Sir, I need your cock so bad. Your scent is so powerful. I beg you Sir please give it to me please.

Sir: Get over here sissy!

I crawled closer to him and looked up into his eyes as he pulled the jock strap down and let it fall. His gorgeous cock popped out and slapped me in the forehead. Sir laughed as his cock sat on my face, even limp it felt like 10 pounds of solid meat. I stuck my tongue out and gave him a little lick. He replied with a sigh of pleasure then grabbed his cock at the base and commenced to slapping my face while still laughing.

Sir: Does the sissy like BBC all over her face, do you like the smell of my sweaty cock and balls you dirty whore?

I was in heaven, this cock was so big and his huge mushroom head was still covered by his foreskin. Sir reached down and grabbed my arm lifting me up. He was so tall and big, his cock still limp but obviously bigger than mine. He looked down and told me to untie my clit so he could see how small I truly was. After I was free of my rope, he grabbed my clit and put it up to his, almost laughing uncontrollably he continued to berate me about how small I was.

Sir: Grab your phone slut, I want you to remember how tiny your clit is compared to a real man

I took my phone from my pant pocket and handed it to Sir. He started taking pictures of his cock next to mine continuing the humiliation of have a small dick. Finally finished with the comparison he took my now hard clit and tucked it in my body stocking sticking straight up. Now locked in place he pushed down on my shoulders to the ground. Placing his cock back on my face, he took even more picture of his manly meat. Finishing those degrading pictures he allowed me a taste as he put the tip in my mouth, the smell and taste made me moan like I was in heat. He push a little more and took more pictures of me sucking his fat cock.

Sir pulled his cock out and slapping me with his fat wet piece of meat. I begged for more, I needed to taste it, feel it in me but he had other things in mind. He stopped slapping me and walked over to a chair in the corner and with one finger motioned for me to come to him. Without thinking I started to stand up when I saw the look on his face. Sir stood up walking back over to me and spanked my ass hard, both cheeks had to be red as it hurt really bad.

Sir: Bitches like you crawl, so get back down and do it right this time.

I dropped down and apologized as he walked back to the chair. I crawled to him meeting his cock again. He reached down to me and put an already tied tie around my neck. Grabbing the tie he pulled me to his cock, now semi-hard and told me to worship his meat like a king. I needed no other instructions as I licked and kissed his cock from tip to balls enjoying every thick veiny inch of it. He moved up a little and I could feel his hand as he grabbed the plug in my pussy. Popping it in and out I moaned just as bitch would while getting fucked. I was in my rightful place as his sex toy, to do what he wanted without question. After a few minutes of him fucking me with my plug he popped it back in and leaned back enjoying the treatment I was giving him.

As his cock was now fully hard with a little foreskin still on the head, Sir guided my head to his taint and began taking more pictures of his slut only to push me away after a few minutes. He stood up, walked behind me and took some more shots of me and my good side.

Sir: Stand up and kneel on the chair

Climbing on the chair and kneeling I could feel how open I would be for him. He took some more photos and removed my plug. I looked back to see him lubing his cock up and then lubing me up a little more. He lined his cock up to my hungry hole and started to push when all of a sudden he stopped. I looked back again with a look of lust on my face and the desire to get railed by this man. He slid his well lubed cock up and down the crack of my ass and continued with the photos. I guess he wanted to see what it looked like between a firm plump white ass. I moved my hips with him basically begging for him to fuck me.

Sir: You like that don't you faggot. You want my cock in your tight white cunt?

Me: Yes Sir, please fuck me. Make me your filthy white slut, I need to feel you balls deep. Please fuck me!

Sir: Show me how much you want my cock whore. Show me and I will give you a proper fucking, I will fuck you so hard you will have a sissygasm.

I moved my hips even more begging for his beautiful black cock. I laid my head down on the back of the chair and reached back grabbing his cock and pressing it against my wet pussy then started pushing back. After a little work I felt the head pop in and damn near scream. I kept him there and moved around a little working more of him deeper in me. Several minutes later I could finally feel the balls resting against my ass. I did it, I took every inch of this man's huge cock a while he took more pictures of me taking him deep in me.

Once inside, he put the phone down and grabbed both my arms and started fucking me. Slowly at first but quickly speeding up. It felt like a jackhammer driving its way home. With every thrust I could feel his balls slapping me, his rhythm slowed down a little and he let go of my arms burying himself deep inside. Sir slowly removed his cock from my now loose cunt, walked around the side of the chair and had me clean his cock of my pussy juices.

It was so humiliating but made me even hornier than I thought possible. After he was cleaned up, he took one arm and pulled making me lie on my side. He went back to the front of the chair and lined up against my ass.

Sir: Pull your cheeks apart slut!

I reached over and pulled my cheeks allowing him unrestricted access to my cunt. He plowed into me, fucking me like I was a real girl and slapping my ass at the same time. He slowed down again and lifted my leg laying me on my back this time with his cock still in me. Placing my legs on his shoulders he continued to ram me. He grabbed the phone again and took more photos with his massive meat fucking me.

Me: Sir, I am getting ready to cum, may I cum Sir?

Sir: Not yet sissy, I will tell you when you can cum.

With that said he pulled his cock out again and fed it to me.

Sir: Did you cum without my consent whore?

I looked down and noticed a little wet spot and replied.

Me: No Sir, just a little sissy juice from being so excited. I'm really sorry Sir, please forgive me.

He walked over to his tool box and pulled out a condom, a condom that was too big for me but he wrapped it over my clit and was able to cover the sissy balls too. He took the rope from earlier and tied it around the base of my clit as if I was wearing a cock ring.

Sir: Now maybe you will last a little longer and if not at least we will catch all the remaining cream from your clit.

Sir spread my legs again and continued his ramming into my cunt. I felt like I was going to cum time after time but didn't. Sir continued fucking me like a mad man for another hour in several other positions and finally decided on doggy style to finish him off. I felt his cock start throbbing as he fucked me deeper and harder but it stopped as he slowed down again and removed the rope tied around my clit.

Sir: You can cum now bitch, but make it quick as I am ready to breed your pussy.

Almost instantly I shot what seemed like gallons of sissy cream into the condom. My sissygasm sent Sir over the edge and he rammed me hard one last time before his cock spasmed, flooding my cunt with his superior cum. He left his cock in me until he finally started to get soft. His cock now sliding out was replaced with the plug he removed so long ago keeping his manly seed in me. He slapped my ass which sent quivers through my body and had me clean his cock one last time draining any remnants from his balls.

His cum was so sweet, I felt like a good little whore servicing this huge black cock.

Sir: Stand up, pull that pathetic clit out and removed the condom.

I did as told and removed the condom now nearly half full of my sissy cream. My cock now slimy and limp, Sir took one more photo of my slimy limp clit and order me to swallow my load. I took the condom and emptied the contents in my mouth, drinking every last drop I could.

Sir: Put the condom back on and tie your clit back up.

After putting it back on and tying my clit back up he handed me my clothes. I got dressed but before I left he gave me one last order.

Sir: When you get home, do not remove your clothes, keep your pussy plugged and meet me in menchats. Log in as mwmcdslut4phone and thank me for pounding your pussy hard tonight. I will acknowledge and then I want you to have some phone sex. The only time you can remove your plug is if someone wants you to fuck yourself with your dildo. If you do find someone to phone with you will call me first so I can hear you when another man uses you. Do you understand sissy?

Me: Yes Sir. I understand and will log in as soon as I am home.

Sir walked to the door and opened the garage. I jumped in the car and drove home looking forward to my online experience and hoping for someone to phone with.



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