It was not like Gareth Hicks to dwell too much on the handsome studs with whom he regularly had sex. It was not, as they say, his style. True, he had met several fellow players who had caught his attention in his time - whom he had enjoyed fucking or being fucked by - but never had he once encountered anyone who had captured his heart and soul as well as his straining groin. He had always been distant, detached - a high-climbing star who was above the foibles of love's sweet dream.

And yet he had long since wished to meet someone who was really special, someone who would give him a reason for being the gifted man that he was. Until now, such a fate had successfully alluded him - but then he had that meeting with his agent, his car had broken down and he had encountered one Will Brandt as a result ... and now suddenly he felt truly alive. It was almost as if he had spent the first twenty-four years of his life just existing, waiting for this moment when the world around him would abruptly blossom - when a chance meeting with a certain nobody (which he knew damn well he shouldn't have ever allowed to progress the way it did), finally made him appreciate what it was like to be a young gay man in love.

He knew, however, that for all the raw emotions that were presently swirling around in his mind, causing his cock to be stiff on an almost continual basis and for all the fact that he had clicked with Will on every possible level, there was no way that he could possibly allow their relationship to continue. In the cold light that hindsight brings, it had been a foolish mistake - a reckless blunder that may well have cost him his career. As it was, he had been damn lucky - the young, winsome Dutchman had turned out to be working at Red Heaven and was as such perhaps less of a threat as a result. But the fact remained that Gareth had broken the rules of his profession, had crossed the boundaries of the unwritten code that binds all players, and hard as the decision was, he reluctantly accepted that he must never, ever meet up with Will again. To do otherwise would be to invite disaster and disgrace upon a career that at present showed only real promise.

'You alright, mate?' queried Todd Rankin, as they trudged off the pitch after training that morning - seeing that the young striker appeared a touch downcast.

Gareth seemed able to buck himself up for a moment - evidently not wishing to let on that his thoughts were on anything other on football. 'Yes, mate,' he smiled assuredly. 'Yes, I'm fine!'

'- Good,' the blond-haired skipper snapped. 'Because between you and me, I'm feeling fucking horny!'

The youngster glanced down at the fellow's crotch, which Todd was busy rubbing provocatively with his long, thick fingers. 'You're always feeling fucking horny!' he remarked, privately noting that sex with his skipper would probably be the very best cure for his present frustration. 'And to think that everyone thinks you're happily married and all that crap!'

Todd laughed - in a manner that was almost unpleasant. 'Needs must, I suppose,' he observed.

A moment of thoughtful silence followed, as a couple of other lads passed them by. 'Todd,' began Gareth at last, glancing across at the slightly shorter fellow. 'Just before Christmas you said something about a holiday in Aspen ...'

The older fellow looked puzzled. 'What about it?' he noted defensively.

'You said you met a guy there ...'

Todd stopped in his tracks, glancing around them as he did so. 'You tell anyone, Hicks and I swear -'

'- I'm not gonna tell anyone!' he protested. 'It's just ... it's just I've met someone ...'

'One of us?'

'Er, no ...'

Todd turned to walk off. 'Drop him, mate!' he urged. 'Drop him quick, before you get burnt!'

Gareth followed in his wake. 'But he works in the team shop ...'

The hunky skipper turned again to face him. 'I don't care. I'm your captain and I'm telling you to drop him ...'

Shrugging his shoulders in recognition of his situation, the younger fellow sighed heavily. 'Okay,' he agreed - but with obvious reluctance - 'I promise I won't see him again.'

Todd threw his arm round him. 'Come on,' he urged, 'let's get your mind off this guy - whoever he is ...'

That, of course, was the captain's way of saying that it was time to strip off, jump in the showers and get hot and frisky amidst the streaming water and bubbles - and it was an invitation that the youngster could hardly refuse. After all, he knew only too well that Todd's loins were pretty much some of the most appealing in the business and that his shaft was only too eager to satisfy the yearning desires of a horny, younger player like himself. As such, his own cock was already beginning to strain at the prospect - with the beat of blood through his manly veins now swelling his most intimate and private parts.

They would have to be somewhat discrete to begin with - they didn't want an audience on this occasion, after all - but by dragging their heels the two men were able to ensure that the changing room was nigh on empty by the time they entered the shower block. Consequently, their mannerisms were distinctly innocent as they threw their heads beneath the showers and lathered their arms and torsos - maintaining their distance throughout and trying hard not to display too much physical evidence of excitement. Only when they were absolutely sure that they were alone - when the remaining lads had shouted their goodbyes and an eerie calm had silenced the room - did their eyes finally fall upon each other, and even then there was a moment's hesitation, as neither appeared willing to be seen to make the very first move.

Finally, Todd edged himself forward - a twinkle in his dark eye and a pulsing in his cock suggestive of a wanton nature that craved only to be satisfied. 'I think you need to bend down, boy and suck my dick!' he insisted forcefully.

Gareth stiffened at the suggestion, but he gave a fleeting tease all the same. 'Really ...?' he grinned.

'You've been a bad boy, haven't you? And you need to make amends ...'

The young football star needed no further encouragement. A second or two later and he had fallen to his knees so that his captain's thick, throbbing cock-head was tightening in his face - its scarlet helmet, flushed with blood, poking its way desperately from beneath the taut fold of skin. Not that the prepuce remained undisturbed for long, for Gareth almost immediately grasped hold of the aching member and began to pull up and down on its length. As a result, the sticky, engorged head bobbed in and out of its snug-fitting coat - dripping a mix of water and pre-cum as it did so. Such close visible inspection on the part of the youngster was soon replaced by more oral appreciation, however, and gazing upwards with his light-brown, doe-like eyes, the striker opened his hungry mouth so as to engulf the end of his skipper's over-ample man-rod.

An almost hesitant and dainty sip of flesh was quickly followed by a much healthier, sterner gasp, as Gareth sank slowly down on the iron pole that raged from Todd's neatly-trimmed groin. The salty pike slipped deeper and deeper into his throat, whilst his own cock pounded away in relish of the sweet encounter, clearly wishing that it was receiving the same sort of attention as its slightly larger counterpart. Not that the steady ooze of pre-cum from its end could really be seen, for the steamy deluge from above was such that any juicy, bodily secretions were pretty much lost.

Except, of course, for those spunky issues that were presently lapping upon Gareth's young, skilful tongue - which was now bevearing away around Todd's broad piss-hole, savouring the tasty products of those plump, shaved balls. Indeed, it was that pair of boyish-looking cum-makers that next attracted the striker's keen attention, as he trailed his tip with provocative pleasure along the underside of his captain's broad-beam. Moments later and he was licking the hairless orbs - enjoying the unusually smooth skin around those tender glands and pondering the richness that swirled around inside them. He sucked one into his greedy orifice - which in itself caused Todd to arch his back in pleasure and to fall against the wall of white tiles behind - before spinning it round and then popping it back out so as to enable him to do exactly the same with the other. Finally, he desperately opened his jaws to their widest extent, in a bid to try and pull both nads between his lips simultaneously. It seemed a near-impossible task, but by hook or by crook the eager youngster was determined to succeed, and with some manner of contortion he soon found his mouth crammed with both succulent meat-balls. His captain, meantime, exclaimed his pleasure in the most basic of manners, urging the lad to wank his cock that little bit harder - an invitation that a horny bastard like Gareth Hicks did not ever need to hear repeated.

Ultimately, however, Todd ached to fuck that prime butt-hole of Gareth's - to repay the complement that he himself had received shortly after the star striker had arrived at Brandon Park. As such, the two god-like guys now slipped out of the showers and headed across to the benches on the other side of the room. Their cocks were still raging with desire, their breath still short from the previous moments of passion, but that did not stop them from kissing with open mouths - Gareth catching the older lad's rough stubble as they did so. It was a manful sensation that seemed only to encourage the striker to an even greater degree than before, and wrapping his arms around his skipper's neck, he lowered himself down onto a towel that lay across one of the benches - raising his legs upwards so as to reveal that sweet little rose-bud that lay between his smooth, firm bum cheeks.

He imagined - and of course hoped - that Todd would respond in kind by fucking the living daylights out of him at this point, but that was not quite how things immediately worked out. For instead of reaching into his hold-all for a rubber, the skipper pulled out a small bottle of coke - which he proceeded to shake up and down with some noted gusto.

'What the fuck are you doing?' Gareth bemused, thinking he was taking a break.

Todd grinned - his handsome face clearly relishing the dominance that he possessed - but he did not reply. Rather he spat directly down onto the striker's scarlet crack and began to work the luscious slit with his fingers - an act that could naturally do little but excite the younger lad. Yet his present arousal was nothing compared to what was to come, for the bottle-blond had one very big surprise for his colleague and easing the bottle to the lips of that tender love-hole, the captain opened the crack sufficiently enough to accommodate the surge of fizz that he was about to unleash.

'Now lie back and relax ...' he whispered, before cracking open the seal and forcing the plastic through the gap.

The coke bubbled and popped in Gareth's rectum - as the lad himself squealed with obvious delight. 'Oh fuck!' he cried - new as he was to the experience. 'Oh God, that's good. Shit ...oh, fuck!!'

Such expletives only continued as Todd removed the bottle, slipped his head down and then proceeded to feltch the recess with his greedy tongue. After all, the feel of his team-mate poking and prodding his ring was enough to stimulate in itself, but the fact that the pop continued to fizz inside his guts served only to add to the kick. No wonder then that he should be verging on near-frenzy by the time that Todd decided to finally replace his tongue with his cock - now fully sheathed and ready to give that shit-hole the sort of pounding that would hopefully help Gareth forget all about some outsider he had happened to meet.

The butt was already sufficiently stretched by the bottle-head to ensure that it opened up like a flower and before either fellow had chance to think, Todd's seven-and-a-half inches were pummelling the passage like an old acquaintance. Truth was, this was the very first time that the skipper had buggered the youngster, but it would have been hard for anyone to guess, for their passion appeared raw and unaffected, with the older lad's hairless balls slapping against Gareth's flesh with well-oiled precision. And with each bold smack of skin, the air seemed to get warmer and closer - so that the two of them were soon gasping for breath and crying out in such shameless fashion that surely anyone within fifty yards could hear them.

Such a frank, sexual crescendo could result in only one thing and it came a few seconds after Todd had retracted his hard cock from the moist, juicy hollow below. Whipping away the condom, he grunted a great wad of cum from the end of his knob - a bolt of cream that looked so ferocious that it had surely welled from the very bottom of his balls. As a result, it shot right over Gareth's broad, muscular shoulder and trailed itself along the wooden bench beyond - with such power that the younger star could almost have sworn that he had heard the thud as it fell to earth. A second explosion then rippled from the same source - only this one skimmed across Gareth's smooth chest, before rolling generously down his side. Then a third and fourth eruption followed, as the near-endless flow of cum bubbled from Todd's staff, whilst the youngster smeared some of the said jizz over his body, before using the same hand to wank his own cock - the spunk serving as added lubrication.

Needless to say, the skipper had only just finished giving the lad a hearty cum-bath, when Gareth himself found his own balls teetering on the brink of a joyous discharge. The sperm fermented at the base of his beautiful cock - his sac tightening as it did so - and a moment or so later a grand ball of fresh, silky love-juice bellowed up to his chest, forming a bountiful spunk-cocktail between his dark, erect nipples. A second burst followed almost immediately in its wake, and the fine salvo continued with a succession of similar emissions, until at last the shaft was spent of its salty riches. By then, of course, cum was dripping everywhere - from the end of both their knob-ends, from the sides of Gareth's muscled torso, from the bench below ... falling in great globs onto the deep terracotta floor-tiles and mixing with the coke that had previously been spilt. Not that either of our two hunky footballers had to worry about wiping up after themselves - after all, City employed more than enough boot-boys to deal with the excesses of these more experienced stars!

They took a further shower - lathering their brawny, tanned, Adonis-like frames once again in the process - before leaving the training ground looking almost as though they didn't even know the meaning of the word sodomy, never mind the actual mechanics! Only a final warning on Todd's part concerning Will Brandt, as the pair walked towards their respective cars, gave any indication that things were any different - though the skipper's advice appeared to do little but remind the young lad of what he had reluctantly agreed to sacrifice and left him feeling decidedly downcast as he sped off down the road. For all the hot sex that he had just enjoyed with Todd, there was part of him that yearned for something meaningful, something consequential in his life - something, indeed, that the likes of Todd Rankin would never, ever be able to provide him with.

He returned home - but he could not settle. All he could think about was the young Dutchman - of whom he knew precious little, if he was exactly honest, but who had still appeared to impact upon his seemingly impenetrable life all the same. He watched afternoon telly - but Will still played on his mind. He surfed the internet - but found himself trawling porn sites, which simply left him stiffer than ever and longing for the attention that he knew only too well that Will could provide. He trained on his exercise bike, but found himself pondering what other forms of exertion he could instead be engaged in (with Will, naturally). Everything he did pointed towards this handsome, cock-stiffening stranger, and just at that particular moment the young footballer felt like the loneliest man on the planet. For all his fame and glamour and success, nothing appeared enough to compensate for the fact that he could not have the one person that he had met whom he really wanted.

Finally he could stand it no longer, and jumping into his car, he sped like some sort of crazed speed-merchant back into the city. The light was rapidly beginning to fade, but pulling up in Brandon Road (in full view of the entrance to Red Heaven), he just knew that he had to try and catch Will as he finished work that day (at half-five, he presumed). Sadly, his celebrity-status was such that he was unable to just step into the shop and speak to the man - even donning shades would not be enough to prevent some eager fan from recognising him. Instead, he was forced to peer keenly through the windscreen into the darkness beyond - hoping to God that he would spot the youngster before the fellow slipped away into the frosty night. It was a gamble, he realised, but it was one worth taking. Will Brandt, after all, was quite simply fucking gorgeous - and for all his earlier promises to Todd, there was no way that someone like Gareth Hicks was going to give up on him without some sort of fight.

Half-five came and went - but Will still did not show. Twenty to six ... and Gareth was slowly beginning to slip into sad recognition that this was one plan that wasn't to work out. As such, he sank back in the seat, switched on the engine and glanced mournfully into his wing mirror to check that the road was clear before he pulled away.

Just at that very moment, however, who should he see through the corner of his eye but the very fellow he had been waiting all this time to meet - his orange backpack across his shoulder and a black woolly hat over his short, brown hair. Immediately, the soccer-star turned the engine off and jumped from the car. 'Hi-ya,' he called out - perhaps forgetting for a moment that anyone might recognise him in the process.

Will glanced back, but seemed hesitant as to what his response should be. ' ...Hello, there ...' he finally stuttered.

'You want a lift?' Gareth smiled.

The youngster stepped forward - his uncertainty clearly apparent. He liked the footballer a lot - a hell of a lot, in fact. But meeting him was again surreal and the look on his sweet, young face was such that he expected to wake up at any moment.

'Were you waiting for me?' he quipped inquisitively - unable to believe that the great and mighty Gareth Hicks would ever be interested in an ordinary soul like himself.

The star looked flustered - unsure of whether to be honest. 'Well, no ... I mean, well ... yes ...'

'Funnily enough, I have been thinking of you today, also,' Will admitted. 'It's somehow hard not to when there is great big photographs of you all around the shop!'

The Dutchman did not have to say anything else. The connection was made, and before either had chance to think too much about it, the Alfa Romeo was speeding back down the road, negotiating the rush-hour traffic that marked that time of day.

There was little opportunity for talking as they stepped back into Gareth's rented house. As had been the case before, their animal instincts were very much on overdrive at this point - their hearts pounding, their eyes dilated, their breathing laboured, their cocks hard and throbbing - and as soon as the front door was closed behind them, they were again sucking away at each others' faces like their very lives depended on it. Todd Rankin's warnings appeared to count for nothing now, and slipping on into the living room, their clothes were quickly peeled away from their firm, manly frames.

Gareth fell back onto the sofa at this point, so that seven-and-a-half inches of solid cock pointed invitingly before the youngster - an invitation that Will could hardly refuse. After all, who was to say how many more times he would get this sort of opportunity? Gareth Hicks was a famous footballer, who would unquestionably use him for just as long as he so desired (and not a day longer). As such, he knew he had to make the most of every such opportunity, and falling to his knees, he began to worship that stiff, moist staff and those fuzzy, swollen balls, trailing his searching tongue around those most intimate parts of the young man's body.

He still could not quite believe that this was happening to him - that he was licking and sucking the genitals of one of the most celebrated soccer-stars of their time - but the pulse of flesh in his mouth and the winsome smile on Gareth's lips bore testimony to the fact that this was indeed reality. As for his own cock - well that was as rigid as it had perhaps ever been, with an end that was oozing pre-cum and which seemed in real danger of bursting at the seams. Fortunately, his lover appeared well aware of his condition, and encouraged him to straddle his body so that the two of them were now in sixty-nine position. As such, the pair were in complete union - their knobs sliding in and out of each other's mouths, as they savoured the spunky, bubbly froth that both appeared to be producing in abundance.

Grunts and groans of near-desperation rumbled from their throats, as the sweetness trickled happily down their gullets, but both fine specimens were aware that this was not quite the full consummation that they yearned for. Indeed, Gareth was already beginning to turn his attention to Will's tight, hairy hole, lapping on his balls and tickling up towards that scarlet ring. Seconds on and a probing finger was etching its way inside - preparing the ground for when he would push his engorged cock inside instead. After all, that was what he now wanted more than anything, and calling on his friend to turn around, he slipped a rubber over his manhood in anticipation of the ride to come.

They kissed - a passionate, open-mouthed, slobbery kiss and the sort that possibly neither had never, ever exchanged with anyone else - before Will grabbed hold of the base of the sheathed member and began to lower himself down upon it, lubed as he was by Gareth's creamy spit. Slowly he worked himself down onto the spike - gritting his teeth for a few moments as it pushed deeper into his bowels, before the pain gradually transformed itself to pleasure. His hoop opened and flourished, and falling forwards onto the star's muscular shoulders, he gazed down into Gareth's hazel eyes, perhaps wishing there and then that this moment of passion might last forever and that the love they now shared might somehow continue for the rest of their natural lives.

It was with a full, lingering, meaningful stride that Will powered himself on that weapon - his arse-hole taking every inch of flesh so that his rump slapped firmly onto Gareth's lap. But the feverish desire that each lad felt for the other meant that their carnality could never last as long as they wanted it to. Both held themselves back from the brink on several occasions, but ultimately Will found himself unable to refrain from rubbing his own erect shaft, whist the footballer's meaty legs quivered in anticipation of his own, sticky release. Little would need to be said or done by either party to force the other to eruption, and Gareth's ultimate admission that he was about to do just that was enough to send the first spume's of Will's young cream high into the close, heavy air. Seconds later and a thick trail of cum was splattered across Gareth's chin and shoulder, whilst the older lad himself displayed his apparent contentment by firing a full batch of man-milk into the rubber he was sporting.

Upon completion of his own wet fury, however, the Dutchman could not help but look a little shell-shocked - embarrassed as he was to see his hero plastered in the produce of his own sweaty groin. 'I'm sorry ...' he gasped, unsure as to whether to laugh or cry. 'I did not mean to -'

But Gareth shushed him. 'Don't worry. I liked it,' he smiled. 'In fact, I loved it. Now - just kiss me ...'

Will's heart almost missed a beat at the man's charmed ease, but he did not hesitate to carry out the young man's wishes - lapping at his own cum before drawing onto Gareth's hungry mouth. Then they hugged - a expressive, almost profound hug, that seemed only to underline the real affection that each already felt for the other - before the two of them kissed once more and then slowly slipped apart.

Just at that moment, it really did seem that nothing could stop them from engaging in a full blown relationship. Whether that would be possible, given their circumstances, however, remained yet to be seen ...


Marc Oranje

[email protected]


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