i'm back with a new story and i have decided to start with a one iff story about a pair of guys who didn't get off to the right start but sometimes theres a thin line between love and hate

hope you enjoy!


Hey i'm guessing you want to know about life but its not very interesting i'm just a regular 22 year old guy who likes to work out a lot and craves the attention i recieve from both genders. even though i am only interested in female companionship

although i have to admit there is one exception of this but mostly because this guy totally acts like a girl which is why he deserves a dominate stud like myself

this guy was about 20 who has a slim figure with beach blonde hair and blue eyes and he has that twinky sort of look and he probably doesn't realise that i'm attracted to him since i act so macho

anyways i will tell you my first encounter with him...

i was swaggering down the hall when my broad shoulder bumped the guy who decided to walk in front of it

"Watch where your going" i growled

"fuck you trying to tell me what to do" he growled back in reply

i gotta admit i loved his natural confidence but my ego is never damaged as i beat him savagely

" Stop" he begs. which makes me instantly stop as i just walk away from the scene

so yeah that was my first encounter with that cocky little boy.

but we have encountered each other more and more often thanks to the fact i am in remedial class in science

i am intelligent but matter of fact is that i am a sporty guy and other subjects i could hardly give a fuck with

but anyways we were partnered up to start mixing chemicals together me and this started to help me get to know this stud so i can pound his feminine ass

anyways we have been hanging around some more and i grown to accept the fact i am bisexual and fancy another man

for one example i was at his place in his bedroom just watching him on his laptop and i felt him caressing my lap

it felt strangely erotic as he shut off the laptop and i instinctivly pulled out my handcuffs

"want to be my bitch?" i growled in a sexual tone

he was writhing from pleasure and anticipation that i had to tie him up and see how well he reacts

i rip my clothes off to impress him more sith my intimidating body and shove my 11 inch cock down his throat which he gagged like a randy whore but he and i loved it

he was gettin into a nice rhythm as well which was quite a turn on as i seen him continously working my cock over and over again and i took it out

i lift his legs up and spit on his hole as it starts to open up to my touch and feel and i start sliding it in as i heard him moan out in a high pitched voice

that was like music to my ears as i slam it in and out of him repeatedly as i see him writhe in more intense pleasure as i repeatedly bring it home over and over again

"please untie me i need to cum" he moans

i left the rope on because i wanted to see him cum and orgasam without touching himself and i almost get my wish when i suddenly begin to feel that urge

somehow i managed to get it out and cover my feminine bitch in my spunk as he tries to lick it off.

i then lick the head of his cock gently and it erupts in his creamy cum as well

i untie my feminine guy from the ropes as he cuddles up to my chest for comfort and he starts snoring which i found cute.

yeah i've had sex with 5 different girls but none of them compare to this feminine guy with a bubble butt worthy of a good slamming

so thats my recollection of my time and i hope to share some more with you


PS my spelling is awful on some words as i have dyslexia so please be nice (hope you enjoy)




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