"Hello?" I answered the call on my cell phone.

"Hello?" came the reply. I was startled. It was as though I was listening to my own echo, except that it sounded electronic and artificial.

"Who is this?" I asked tentatively as I sat up from the couch, the leather creaking as I shifted my weight, shattering the still silence of the library in the house that Zul and I envisioned together.

"Who is this?" came the reply. What the hell? Again, I heard the same artificial electronic echo. I was puzzled. Was this a joke? Because if it was, it sure as hell was not funny. I opened my mouth to reply but was instantly cut off.

"I'm sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number," he apologized sheepishly and I felt an entire weight being lifted off my shoulders as I heaved out a sigh of relief.

"No worries, bro. Take it easy," I replied and as I pulled my cell phone away from my ear to end the call, I heard a muffled hurried voice coming out of the speaker, "Wait! Wait!"

I felt my face frown in confusion. What would a stranger who had dialed a wrong number would want with me? I pressed my cell phone back to my ear and answered, "Yeah?" Looking back, I realized that it was the worst thing I could have done.

"I was just wondering," he began and paused.

"How you looked like," he continued. Another pause and I could feel my eyebrows shooting upwards, but he was not done.

"When I drive this knife deep into your heart," he finished. This time, the voice was no longer artificial or electronic, it was deadly and menacing.

Silence lapsed between us and I could feel an icy chill running down the length of my spine as I heard him utter those words. Suddenly, the temperature of the library had dropped and my eyes darted around, expecting to see a pair of eyes staring right at me. I could feel my adrenaline-laced blood rushing in my ears as my heart pounded wildly in my chest, threatening to burst out of it as it pounded what seemed to be a lifetime's worth of beats in the limited time it had left. I tried to keep my breathing light and regular, but how could I when it was succumbing itself to the tendrils of adrenaline? "Who is this?" I managed out a whisper, trying to keep the shiver out of my voice.

There was a soft chuckle before he replied, "The last person you will ever see in this fucking world, asshole." All of a sudden, the library door burst open and I saw someone garbed in black standing in the doorway. Alarm bells rang in my head and my muscles screamed for flight, knowing that it was not a good idea to stick around to find out who he was. I scrambled out of my seat but he was much swifter than I was, moving as quick as lightning in a flash of black. As I scrambled out of my seat, he reached out and grabbed my ankle in an iron grip before pulling me back towards him. He held me up by the neck and I felt him strangling me.

Instantly, I felt the air hunger build up within me as my eyes jammed wide open with panic, begging for the inflow of oxygen as he cut off the blood circulation to my head. I could not scream for help, for Zul or anybody. How could I when I had no air in my lungs? He tightened his grip on me and I fought in vain to pry his hands off, but he was stronger and held on firmly. I fought for what seemed like eternity but I gave up when my vision was dimming at the edges, like an old television. That was it, I figured. I was going to switch off like an old black and white television, collapsing to a tiny spot of light that burned bright in the center of the screen, before dimming and then disappearing forever.

But I remained because he loosened his grip on me and I took in lungful after lungful of precious air, refreshing my system as it awoke slowly from its' deathly slumber. My vision was regaining itself gradually but I did not see it coming, for it came quick and fast. He hurled me towards the bookshelves and I crashed into it before landing with a loud thud on the floor as books rained down on me. I could feel a throbbing headache coming along as I pushed myself through the books, my shoulders screaming with agony from the impact of the crash. I dragged myself out of the mountainous pile of books and finally caught a sight of my assailant.

He was wearing a tight fitting black shirt that showcased his huge pectoral muscles in proud honor. I could see his nipples pushing out of the soft black fabric, straining to get loose. I bit my lower lip and could not help but fantasize on sucking on them. God, the way they stood out was amazing, and they were not even erect yet. However, it was really his abdominal muscles that stole the show. They were beautifully cut and majestically ripped as I saw each and every one of them carefully outlined by the soft black fabric. His arm muscles were the size of baseballs and looked as though any movement he made would tear the shirt to shreds, not that I was complaining. I could see the veins in them pop out as the moonlight hinted at the curve of his muscles. Fuck, he was hot. He was wearing a pair of black leather gloves and a pair of black combat boots too. I would have been able to see his face if he was not wearing a black ski mask and where his eyes were, sat a pair of black mirrored wraparound sunglasses, masking him in a shroud of anonymity that exuded a tremendous amount of power. He was wearing a pair of black baggy jeans that subtly boasted the succulent calf muscles he had underneath. More importantly, I could see a growing bulge in his jeans, and it was pulling me in, hypnotizing me as he walked with the rhythmic bouncing gait of an athlete towards me.

All of a sudden, my jeans was tighter at certain areas and I could feel the pain in my groin building up as I helplessly watched the black figure stride towards me. He knelt before me and I pulled myself away, cowering from the close proximity between us as I squirmed around to hide my bulge. I could feel his eyes feasting on me, analyzing each and every one of my physical attributes before committing them to memory. Even after the struggle we had earlier, his breathing was somehow light and regular as though nothing had happened earlier.

"Don't, please," I begged softly. He raised his black leather gloved hand and brought it close to my face. I flinched at the thought of a backhand to my cheek, but all he did was run the back of his black leather gloved hand down the side of my face. I sighed out in pleasure as I melted right before him. It was as though the air of confidence that radiated right from his core was akin to the fiery intensity of a thousand suns. He leaned in close to my ear and I could inhale his scent as it gently caressed my nostrils, sending my nose to sheer ecstasy that surpassed the seven layers of Heaven itself. His scent was nothing like what I had experienced before. There was an earthy note to it from his natural oils and a hint of something sweeter like vanilla. It was stronger than any drug that I had smoked before and it was intoxicating.

I just wanted to bury myself in his strong arms, to feel the warmth of his pectoral muscles against my cheeks while I listened to the steady heartbeat coming through it with nothing but his scent enveloping me in a blanket of comfort. I had to resist wrapping my arms around him, pulling him into me, feeling him nuzzle that masked face of his against my neck. I wanted him, I wanted him so badly. I wanted him to fuck me senseless like a wild animal. I wanted him to fuck me until I was not able to walk. I wanted him to fuck me, period. But I know my place, and that was with Zul.

"Listen, stud," he began in a husky whisper. It was the first time he had spoken after our struggle and I was already shivering with delight as I felt his hot breath tickling my ear. I could feel my cock stiffening in my jeans and the pain was unbearable, yet I craved for more, but I could not tell him that. Then again, I guessed my bodily actions had betrayed me because he reached for my bulge. The lust was so strong within me that I had to force myself away from him, and a part of me died when I did that, but it was the right thing to do, right?

"You have something that I want and we both know what it is. Just let me have it and I won't hurt you. In fact," he trailed off and nuzzled his masked face against my neck. Oh, fuck yeah! I felt my eyes rolled up in euphoria at the feel of his soft ski mask brushing softly against my skin, feeling pulses of electricity explode within me, making me feel more alive than I ever was as sparks rekindled my erogenous points with every kiss he made along the length of my neck, leaving behind burning imprints of desire on me. He held me up as I melted into his strong arms, filling up every space within him as he drew out long sighs from me.

"You might beg for more," he purred lazily and I could feel his throat vibrate against my neck.

"Aaah... Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." the words came tumbling out of my mouth. I reached for his black shirt and peeled it off his body, revealing the body he had underneath. It glistened with his natural oils as the pristine Moon shone its' bluish white cool rays onto him, making him look like some rebellious deity that had been cast out of Heaven. He grabbed my sleeveless black shirt and tore it off my body, literally, shredding it to thin pieces before pulling off each others' jeans, leaving us clad in our underwear. My shoulders were still smarting from the impact and I could feel the beginnings of a few bruises coming along, but somehow, that was dulled out by the hunger I had for him.

His pectoral muscles were robust, two rock hard mountains of pure muscle and each of them was crowned with his nipples, like two gold doubloons. Believe me, I could not wait to suck on them as I felt my mouth salivate at the sight of them. Gently, I reached out to trail my fingers down his chest. "Beautiful," I whispered in wonder.

As I ran them over his perfectly sculpted pectoral muscles, I teased his nipples lightly, inducing a sharp inhale from him. His nipples were perked up nicely and I could not contain myself. I leaned in and sucked his left nipple into my awaiting soft tender lips. The moment my lips met that nipple, I completely lost myself to it. His nipple was delicious and luscious. What more could you ask from it? I chewed and sucked on it eagerly as he held onto my nape, pushing me deeper into him as he moaned with joy, "Yeah, stud... Suck it good."

Our cocks were rock hard and pressed against each other, separated only by the thin fabric of our boxers but I knew they were both throbbing with concupiscence energy, fueling us further into our dance. I bit into the sinewy muscle of his pectoral muscles, mauling over every inch of his chest as though I was a starving man in the desert that had just been given a feast fit for a king. I licked and slobbered all over him, lightly dragging my soft tongue along the taut ridges of his abdominal muscles, tasting his natural oils in my tongue as they exploded with his flavor. His earthy tone and sweet note intermingled on my palate harmoniously, like how a maestro was able to capture the essence of all four seasons in a symphonic melody with one stroke. He grabbed my hair roughly and tried to peel me off his body, but I clung onto him, resisting him, digging my nails into his back as I tried to satisfy my hunger. He pulled harder and I could not help but let out a wince at the pain, finally letting go of him.

We were both breathing hard and gasping from the heated sexual intimacy that we had built up. We were just staring at each other, like how a predator was stalking his prey. I stared into his black mirrored wraparound sunglasses, trying to decipher the eyes behind them, hoping to find a smidgen of his identity, but all I saw was my panting reflection staring back at me. I was so caught up in figuring out his identity that I did not notice him make his move. He held my hips down onto the floor and slipped the black Calvin Klein boxers off my legs, letting the smooth cotton play across my skin as my body rocked salaciously. He released my cock like a wild animal from its' cage and it caught the pristine bluish white moonlight filtering through the window as it gleamed with my precum, all eight inches erected proudly before him as he rolled up his ski mask, just enough to reveal the soft tender full lips that he had been hiding underneath. As though he had been anticipating that very moment. Without any hesitation, he leaned in, his soft tender lips, that looked so luscious in the moonlight, parting. I felt his hot breath caressing my cock and I could feel it throbbing with lewd energy as it begged to have its' thirst quenched. The next thing I knew, I was lost to his hot wetness and suction.

Needless to say, his oral abilities were absolutely fucking amazing! I could feel thin rivulets of my own precum slide down the length of my shaft only to be licked by the soft mass that was his tongue. He wrapped his tongue around my shaft slowly, letting the soft caress of his tongue and the skin of my cock merge into a single being that made me moan with enjoyment repeatedly. He pressed the tip of my cock onto his tongue and it sent endless waves of passion down the length of my spine as it sent lecherous pulses to every point in my body. My God, that was amazing! I felt my eyes rolled up in sheer rapture as I felt every pulse set my whole body on fire like how rocket fuel was ignited with a mere spark. He returned to my cock, slowly sliding himself in and out of me as he sucked keenly, making me harder than I ever was before. I gasped at the pain but it only fuelled him further, his speed growing faster and faster. I felt it building up within me, a warm sensation that slowly spread through my body, like that moment in time before sunrise when Nature seemed to whole Her breath or how a red rose bloomed radiantly in the rising Sun as it greeted the world.

"I'm about..." I panted, and still he went faster. I exploded into him, spurts of my white hot precious cum entered his throat to which he gladly accepted. "Mmmm..." he sighed as he licked all of it up. I sighed out with relief after the explosion as I felt him savor each and every drop of my cum as though they were rare precious jewels from the Earth's womb. He slid out and licked his lips slowly, making sure I caught sight of his long tongue before pulling his ski mask back down. I smiled up to him and as if on cue, he lay on his back and I teased his black Armani boxers off his legs, freeing his cock as it stretched out towards me like a lazy panther basking in the warm rays of the Sun.

It was impressive, surely Godly, for it was a grand length of ten inches. It glinted with his own precum and I was hungry for it as I watched in amazement at the erected cock before me, seeing each vein popping up clearly as it seemed to pulsate with prurience. I wanted to have it in my mouth. I wanted to feel the weight of the meaty cock on my own tongue as I sucked him of his juices. I wanted to taste his glorious cum shooting down my throat. But I knew better. I spread his legs open and slid in between them as I felt him locking my neck in with his legs hooked onto my shoulders. I kissed his inner thighs lovingly, letting my lips brush lightly against his skin that had neither a hint nor a blemish of imperfection, making him truly look like a deity that had come down to Earth just for that night. I heard him sigh with delectation as I played my lips all over him, like a brush painting a picture. I sucked on his balls like there was no tomorrow and he moaned out with ravishment as I felt his balls tingle with enjoyment. His body rocked with lasciviousness and I could see that his cock was dripping with his precum. Without delaying, I gladly took the entire length into my mouth.

I felt the tip touch the back of my throat as I fought my natural gag reflex. He slid himself deeper into me and I could feel the tip sliding down into my throat, inducing a soft gag from me. I tried to slide out to regain myself but he tightened his grip on me and cradled my face in his black leather gloved hand, "No," he commanded in a raspy voice, "Take it like a man." That seemed to rekindle the voracious hunger within me, supplying me with steel determination to conquer him. I returned to his cock, slowly wrapping my tongue along the length of his shaft, letting the lump of muscle that was my tongue send him tingles of zest before sucking on him ardently, licking up his deliciously sweet gold as I heard him gasp out repeatedly, fuelling me onwards. He grabbed my hair tightly with his black leather gloved hands as I slid in and out of him while he thrusted himself into me. I licked avidly, not wasting a single drop of his gold which made me crave for his glorious white gold, the ultimate steal of the night, making me milk him even more fervently.

His cock gleamed with my spit and I increased my pace. With one tug on his shaft with my tongue, he exploded into me. I felt a river of white hot precious cum enter my throat and fuck, it was absolutely delicious! Compared to his elixir of life, the sweetest honey would turn bland in comparison, the strongest brew of coffee would pale in comparison and the most decadent dessert would put most chefs to shame. He truly has the essence of the Philosopher's Stone embedded in him. I cleaned him up nicely and slid back out, wiping my lips with the back of my hand as I watched his panting form on the floor. He turned his masked face towards me and snarled, "You're dead meat, scum."

I gulped. I must admit, that sounded frightening. He leapt up expeditiously and tackled me to the floor, flipping me over onto my stomach as he spread my cheeks wide. "God, you've got a nice ass on you," he admitted, "For a scum, that is."

Without warning, he landed a blow to my cheeks and I felt pinpricks of agony explode onto my skin from the sting, knowing that my cheeks were turning a bright scarlet as the seconds ticked by. "Scum like you having a nice ass like this should be killed, but I'll try to be nice," he sneered as he landed another hard blow to my cheeks, forcing a moan out of me as a reply. He slapped my cheeks repeatedly, going harder and faster with every smack he landed on me, turning my moans of anguish into moans of deep satisfaction. My cheeks stung and I could feel them vibrating after his torture. He laid on my back and held my chin up, exposing my neck as he nuzzled his masked face into it. I squirmed under him, trying to get away from him, but a part of me wanted him. He brought me through worlds of pain and pleasure, how could I resist him?

"You want me to rim you, right?" he asked in a throaty voice as he slowly ran his soft ski masked face down my neck. "Come on, let me hear you say it, let me hear you want it," he coaxed.

"Yes!" I gasped out hungrily. "Rim me all you want! Fuck me senseless! Just do it!" I felt him plant a kiss on my neck through his ski mask and could hear the smile in his voice, "My pleasure to do so." Suddenly, I felt a soft mass probing my hole and I sighed out with contentment as he excavated every nook, every cranny, within me with his strong swift tongue. I felt him spread my cheeks wide open, exposing my hole to him as he drove deeper into me and I pushed my ass into him. His long tongue probed my special spot and I kicked my heels with gratification as I let out a long moan into the library. He slid out and just when I thought it was over, my sphincter muscles screamed out in affliction as he slid his cock into me with one fluid motion.

He was thick and I could just imagine my muscles stretching to their fullest extent to accommodate him as I cried out in suffering. In spite of the pain, it was actually one of the most pleasant feeling I had ever experienced and I could feel the affliction ebbing away, only to have an immense wave of entrancement crash onto me, like how a constructive wave crashed onto the shore, bringing with it the rich sediments of the sea. He drilled me, long and hard, turning my throes of torment into raptures of ravishment as I worked my butt muscles to milk him, squeezing his erect cock hard against my cheeks as he slapped them repeatedly. I felt him stiffen within me and I knew he was about to explode, powering me on to feel his juice flow through my system. And the inevitable happened. We sighed in unison as we lay in a crumpled heap on the floor. He emptied his load into me and I graciously accepted them into me as we lay there, spent as well as exhausted. I heard the rustle of cotton as he slipped his ski mask off his head.

"You know, being the dominant one is hard work," he admitted as he kissed the length of my spine softly with his lips, causing an eruption of goosebumps to appear all over my body.

"Yeah?" I asked, "You make it look easy though." He slid out and our lips mated. He was delicious, as always. He tasted of rich bitter dark and sweet milk chocolate. The flavors intermingled with one another concordantly, creating a combination that drove my taste buds wild as they begged for more. There was an aftertaste of caramel sauce at the back that still managed to cut through the rich bitterness of the dark chocolate, making him taste like a dream. He was as graceful as ever, swiftly evading each and every one of my attempt to capture him with my tongue as we chased each other, like an epic battle in a movie scene. I thought I had managed to catch him when I had him cornered against my lips, but he somehow managed to trick me yet again as he wrapped my tongue with his, sucking on it tenderly, drawing out moans of longing from me. He held me up lovingly with his strong arms, softly but firmly to reassure me of his presence, as I melted into his fissures. We parted and I opened my eyes to see Zul's smiling face.

He had mismatched yellow-gold eyes, just like I had, and his showed a deep depth of knowledge as well as experience, which was only a preview to the vast infinite knowledge that he had embossed in his mind. There was a hard edge to them, and rightly so, because I knew he had went through a lot of things that made him who he was today, a headstrong guy that had the steel determination to overcome all of life's upcoming endeavors. At that time, they were amorous and full of affection as he stared at me lovingly. He had jet black hair that seemed to glow with their own radiance and it made the moonlight pale in comparison, if that was ever possible. He had an aristocratic nose, one that showed a glimpse of his persona, an infectious enthusiasm as well as a special charisma that I could never put a finger on, but whatever it was, it made him the epitome of aristocracy. He had soft sensual lips that would burst into the most devilish grin or a lopsided smile that would melt your heart within seconds, like how ice melts on a hot summer's day. He had warm caramel skin that was so flawless, making him look as though he had been a bronze statue in ancient times that had life breathed into him by the hands of a talented artisan. Sharp high cheekbones and an angular jaw framed his finely drawn sensitive face, making his face a priceless work of art that was remarkably beautiful.

"Happy anniversary, Tyler," he wished me as he traced the subtle outline of my cheekbones with a black leather gloved finger. I held his black leather gloved hand in place and caressed my cheek against it before replying, "Happy anniversary, Zul." On that night, it was our fifth year anniversary and we always made it a point to commemorate it by reliving the sex we had on the night we met. We figured it served as a reminder of how the regular fuck had changed our lives completely.

"Hey, Zul?" I called.

"What is it, Tyler?" he asked softly, our faces were inches from one another.

"I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done for me," I told him, and I meant it. Before I met him, I was struggling to make ends meet, juggling two different jobs to save up for university. Every day was just an uphill battle and I did not know if I would be able to survive it. But after that night, everything changed for the better and I could not express my gratitude enough towards Zul for it. He took me under his care, showering me with an endless amount of love and affection, making me feel as though I really did belong in the harsh cruel reality. Zul comes from a well to do family but he always remained humble and modest, never showing off his wealth with the latest gadgets money could buy, never flaunting off his riches with materialistic goods. He does not spend on himself, but he spends on others. Once, on his birthday, he donated $200,000 to a research program in the fight against AIDS. He had even graciously covered my university fees and when I had asked why, he simply smiled, "Because I want to." On my 25th birthday, he had surprised me with a set of keys to my very own black Enzo Ferrari. "Your birthday gift and early graduation present," he had said with that lopsided grin of his. I could go on listing all the things Zul had done for me, but the fact remained that no words could express my appreciation towards him. I truly am thankful to have him as my lifelong partner, truly blessed.

He smiled at me and replied, "Tyler, before I even met you, I have heard of you and knew I had to meet you as soon as possible." I was shocked. I had no idea. "Basically, I heard of someone who had all the chips of life down against him and even though he contemplated on giving up, he never did and continued to soldier through every day with sheer perseverance. Pretty much a hero, if you ask me, and that's why I love you so much," he continued. My jaw dropped. I was flabbergasted and had no idea what to say. At that point, words ceased to exist, as though it was some archaic language to me. He leaned in closer to me and instinctively, I snuggled closer to him, feeling the warmth of his pectoral muscles against my cheek, listening to the sound of his heartbeat coming through it as the sound of his voice continued to soothe me in his strong arms. "So I asked myself, if I could help this hero out, make his life a little easier, why not?" I looked into his loving gaze, looking at those mismatched yellow-gold that seemed to glow in the dark with an unknown inner fire as I caught a flash of his lopsided grin. I cradled his face in my hand as he ran his black leather gloved hand through my hair.

"I love you, Zul," I whispered into him. His grin grew wider as he leaned into me. We sealed our most certainly special night with a long passionate kiss that burned with our eternal love for one another before falling asleep in each others' arms.




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