I had along time ago. It all stated at my best friends house. We have been friends for a long time anyway we where sitting around doing nothing. Then my friend said "Hey lets watch some porn." I said "ok So he put in the tape and we sat back and enjoyed the tape. As we where watching the tape. I had notice my friend was getting hard. He saw me looking at his bulge he said " please suck my cock I said"ok. So I got down to my knees and took off his shorts. I saw his boxers and took them off. Then I put my mouth on his sweet hot cock. I was sucking on my best friend's cock for about on hour. Then he started to cum in my mouth I swallowed every each drop of that sweet tasting cum. Then he took off my pants and started sucking my cock for an hour then I cumed in his mouth. Then later we cleaned ourselves off then he said "Go home I don't wanna see you again." So I went home and years has past by and I never heard nor seen him since that day. Now I wonder today what did I do wrong?

But in college I saw him again here's how it went

It's been awhile since I seen my best friend. One day there was a letter it said "dear Mr.Kxm welcome to Kent State University." When I got the letter I was so excited. When it was time I got to the university it was ok. When I got inside I was being showed around campus then to my room. When I walked in I notice another bag and two beds. "This was going to be amazing." I though to myself. Then someone walked in the room I turnaround to see who it is. When looked I was in total shock it was "Yes him!" My best friend he looked at me and said "Well well well if it isn't my friend andy." I just stood there frozen. Then he said "Longtime no see." "How have you been?" I said "It's been swell." Then he said "Well that's good then he shookmy hand and gave me a manly hug. So we chatted for awhile then it was time for class. In class he sat behind me when I looked back a little he was looking at my butt. When he started to put his head up I quickly put my head forward. When we handed in our work my friend said "Hey andy um you wanna have a small party? "Just the two of us." I said "ok" My friend was happy. Later at nite everyone was at there droms. When my friend came in he had something in a bag. He put his hand in the bag and got out two big bottles of beer. I said "Where did you get that?" My friend said "I had them saved up for partys." He opened his bottle then he handed me one. I said "No thanks I don't drink." My friend said "Come on andy it be like old-times." I sat there thinking. Then I said "Oh what the hell." So my friend and I both took a big drink. Moments later we where drunk. My friend and where talking for about a minute or so. Then my friend brought up that day. and said "Andy lets make that day happen again." "But this time different." I said "Ok" So my friend took off my shirt. Then he unzipd my pants and took off my boxers. Then he put his mouth on my d*ck. He start to move his head up and down slowly. Then he started to pick up the paste. Then I started to moan then I still kept moaning I moand even louder and then I cumd allover his face and in his mouth. He swallowed the cum. Then he f*cked me slow. Then he picked up the paste and f*cked me hard then he f*cked me even more harder. I moand then he moand and then he cumd allover inside my hole. I had cum dripping out of my hole. Then I took off his pants and boxers. Then I started to suck on his d*ck. He started to moan then he moand louder. Then he cumd in my mouth so I swallowed and continued to suck on his d*ck. Until my friend started to cry. I stopped he then past out on the floor. The next day came and ever since that nite my friend never talked to me and pertinented that nite never happened.

But to this day I wonder why?



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