I met a carnie named Frank, a few months ago. Well, scratch that, I'd seen him over the years at Coney Island. He's maintenance, but he takes the same ciagarett break behind the fence by the ticket booths. I noticed him for quite some time. Not that he's good looking. I've seen drag queens from Minnesota who looked more appealing than this douchebag, but something about a man in a union suit, I swear to fuck.

My friends and I always went there, bored out of our fuckin minds, but our parents would drop us off, and give us money, and then they'd go sit out and drink. Sometimes it was an all day excursion, sometimes it was an hour, and we'd fuckin leave. I'd always see Frank at some point. He had an ornery as fuck, look on his face. He's one of those grease monkeys you could picture killin the fuck out of a crowd, with a wrench and a toothpick. Creepy shit.

Just recently, I saw him randomly at a local joint, talking to the owner of this place I like to go to. I was shocked as shit, cause he was wearing a button up, and some nice fitting jeans. He had a great build from the looks of it, and aside from his wrinkly, sun damaged face, his eyes really stood out. They were wide, low set on his forehead, but perfectly apart, making his face completely symmetrical. Not that I gave a shit, but if someone's fuckin me, at least I can find a nice feature to focus on.

He glanced over a few times, and finally smiled, and nodded. I think he knew I was checkin on him. He bought me a tall boy, and started asking questions. Where I'm from, what I do, if I come here often. I kept it short and sweet. I asked him a few questions in return. How often he's around this side of town, what he likes to do for fun, and when's the last time he fucked.

He laughed and said it's been awhile. I said tonight could change things. He asked if I was down for it, and I said if his dick still works, my ass is open for business. Cause I'm subtle like that.

He and I talked for a minute, laughing at my asshole approach to life. He said he'd jerked off that morning, but he usually doesn't get offers, cause he's older. I said how much older, he said "old enough to be your daddy probably." Somethin stirred in me, and I liked this whole daddy thing for a second. An older man, with a dick old enough to have seeded an egg, to make me. Fuck.

I was running my leg up his, and he kept looking back and forth. "We're at a gay joint, and you're gettin nervous on me Frank?" "It's not that." "Well, you wanna get out of here?" "Fuck yeah."

We left, and walked a few blocks, when his phone went off. "Shit." "Yeah?" "I gotta go get something I forgot at work." "I'll go with you." "Nah, it's....I don't want you goin with me." "Frank, who you fuckin kidding? I know you work at Coney." "Shit, I knew you looked familiar." "Yeah, been goin there for years. You really think I care?" "Fuck."

He glanced at his phone, and looked up, and back at me. "Alright, if you're sure." "Sure as shit." He got a taxi, and we headed out. On the way, maybe two words were spoken. He seemed nervous, but excited at the same time.

We got to the gate, and he asked the driver to wait a few minutes. I went with him, and he let us in a small door behind one of the buildings. It stunk like fuck in there. Smelled like the water, smelled like shit, smelled like mold. We moved quickly through, and got to an office. He opened the door, and it was surprisingly well organized. He'd been working there for years, but never moved up the ranks. I think he liked the simple things.

I followed him out of the building, through the rides and closed up buildings. Without all the lights and music, it was creepy as shit. He went to the carousel, and stepped up, turning to help me up, but I was already on. He turned away, walking through the painted animals, and into the center of the ride. He went in the doors, and I waited, checking my phone.

He scared the shit out of me, suddenly appearing before me. I looked up, and he leaned in, kissing me on the mouth. "What was that for?" "Not sure. I just haven't been this close to a cute guy in awhile. It made me remember what it's like." "What's like?" "I used to see this guy, and we'd come here and make love." "Make love? Frank, don't get old school on me. Where'd you fuck him?" "Over there." He pointed over at a bench, across from the carousel. "Well, you can fuck me over there if you want." "I don't have anything with me now." "Who you talkin to? I got shit." I had grabbed a condom and sample lube when we left the last place. 

He laughed nervously, and I followed him off the ride. We got to the bench, and he sat down. I straddled his lap, kissing his face. He had a rough exterior, but somethin about the way he kissed, made me think of the old movies, when the guy would get the girl. He'd take his hat off and shit, leaning down, and leading her with a kiss, draping her over his arm.

Not that I'm a pussy, but romantical shit like that gets me weak in the knees once in awhile. Frank was just that sort. He had his hands at my waist, and his minty breath was warming me up from the inside. He slowly pushed at my jacket collar, asking if this was ok. "Fuck yeah, you can have it Frank." He kissed me again, pushing my shirt off. Fuck it was cold.

I tried not to shiver, but fuck I couldn't help it. He put his arms around me, as we kissed. "How do we do this?" "We get out of the fuckin wind for one." "Ha, alright." He laughed, as I got off him, grabbing my jacket, and leading him back to the carousel. I got on board, and walked around, til we were out of the wind. I lay my jacket down between a couple of the horses, and lay back, propped up on my elbows. He got down, one knee at a time, between my legs, and his arms under mine.

I kissed him, and worked on the buttons of his shirt. He was warm, and smooth. I was a little surprised, because a man of his age, I imagined, would have given up on maintaining, and be growing a forest of man hair all over. He was completely smooth, and solid. Fuck.

We kept kissing, and pretty soon we were naked, and shivering. He was trying to keep me warm, which almost pulled at a heart string, but his big dick was keeping my focus. Not as big as I'm used to, but he was thick, and perfectly tapered from head to shaft base. I like a meaty dick that slides in with ease, and slowly splits you open on the way in.

I lubed him up, and he sat back, putting on the condom I'd brought. He spit on his fingers, lubing up my hole. "Keeping it old school?" "Nah baby, I'm an original." He suddenly had a swag in his voice, and I was picturing back-in-the-day Frankie with his charm, and his body. Fuck.

I arched my back, feeling his fingers going in and out of me. My dick was standing straight up, and he bent over, and put his mouth over me. Fuck it felt good. He was really working his fingers in and out of me, going up and down on my dick. I'd wondered how long it's been since he sucked dick. He was fuckin good at it, and I was gonna blow my wad in his mouth. "Fuck Frankie, I can't hold it." He kept going, and soon I was cumming like a fuck, all down his throat. He moaned, and swallowed every drop, still bobbing for more. My dick was tingling, and I pulled my legs up, cradling his head with my thighs. "Fuck, stop!" I giggled, trying to pull away.

He came up, laughing. "Fuck, I haven't done that in years." "Yeah?" "Yeah, fuck you taste good." "I'm glad you like it." He slid up, kissing my mouth. I could taste my cum, and his minty breath. He was up inside me, before I even thought about it. He slowly worked his way in and out, cradling my lower back with one arm, and rubbing my stomach with the other. "Fuck you feel good." He smiled down on me.

Frank was a passionate lover. He took care of business, and took care of everything else too. He was keeping me comfortable, and fucking the shit out of me. I liked being a lazy bottom. It's nice to be on top, but laying back and being taken care of was something I rarely got. I didn't have to do a thing.

He pulled me up, sitting back on the wood panels. He slowly rocked my body, his dick moving from front to back, working my prostate like a bitch. I was hard again, and twitching for another release. Fuck he was good. 

I started whispering dirty talk in his ear, working myself up. He was moaning, and his rhythm sped up. I could hear the boards start to squeak and the floor was starting to move. His breath was building up, and pretty soon, became a full on moan fest. He was panting, and thrusting in and out of me.

It was almost embarrassing. Totally unsexy, but I was imagining his dry spell for years, and this was me giving back into the universe. Helping old men get their youth back, with the power of the man pussy. I smiled to myself, while he whined and panted in my ear. "Fuck, I'm cumming." He rested his head on my shoulder, and I felt his dick moving around inside me, as he held tightly to me. 

He was sighing loudly, and breathing deeply. "Fuck, you feel good." I rubbed his back, and felt him moving his dick up and down, enjoying his orgasm. I didn't mind. I was thinking about a late dinner, and jerking off to some porn when I got home. 

Frank went soft real quick, and I felt him drifting out of me. I sat back, softening as well. He reached down, pulling his dick out of me, and dropping the condom next to us. He kissed me, and rubbed my arms up and down. "You feel good?" "Yeah, fuck. I'm glad we got off." He kept rubbing my arms, looking around. "I hope we can find everything." I got up and gathered everything, pulling on my underwear.

"You in a hurry?" "Nah, but it's cold as shit, and I need to get home." "Fuck, I forgot about the taxi." I laughed, and said I'd chip in. He insisted that wasn't what he was expecting. I still offered, and he shook his head. "Seriously, no. You did good by me, swear to God I needed that." "You're welcome Frank." We kissed again, and got off the carousel. 

The taxi driver was on his phone, and he almost dropped it when Frank knocked on the door. "Fuck you scared me." "Sorry man." Frank looked over at me, shrugging. He was a good soul, and aside from having his dick in me, I kinda liked him.

He dropped me off at my place, and said goodnight. I think he knew it was a one time thing, but fuck, he looked relaxed. I opened the door to the apartment, and turned, seeing Tim with his dick in his hands, patiently waiting for me to walk through. "Jesus Christ, can't you do that in your room like everyone else?" "The fuck you care? You know you like it." He rubbed his belly, jerking his dick a couple times. "The fuck I do. You're like a sleazy, wheezing overstuffed teddy bear in the sale bin at target." "Fuck you." I winked at him, and he kept jerking.

I got up in my room, and jerked off, quickly cumming in my t shirt. I threw it toward the hamper, plugging my phone in and laying back. Tim's dick looked great, and unknown to me at the time, was actually a good ride. I fell asleep, dreaming of dick. 

I'm Jagger, and I'm a sex addict.




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