After my last first time experience I was hooked on sex at an ABS theater and booths.  This time I went right to the booth with the largest hole.  I wanted to suck on a cock and the balls attached.  After a few cocks empting their loads in my mouth came a dry spell with no activity so I sat and watched the screen in front of me and slowly stroked my hard cock for some period of time.  

Then I heard some activity next to my booth.  As I look in the dark what I saw looked like a young boy no more than 4 feet tall.  He dropped some money in and the screen lit up the booth and I saw it was a little person.  When he dropped his pants his dick was semi-erect and not at all what I expected.  He rubbed his short stubby finger through the hole meaning he wanted my dick so I stuck it through.  His mouth was right there and took it in.  He sucked me off like a pro.  When I unloaded my load I sat down and to rest.  The next thing I heard was his voice saying could he come over.  Being vey curious what he had in mind I said OK.

The door opened and he came end.  He asked if I liked anal sex and of course I said yes.  He then asked if he could have my ass for some fun.  Well I thought it could be interesting and fun.  He climbed on to the bench and dropped his pants exposing a bigger cock than I had.  I had brought some lube for use so he lubed his dick and my ass.   I baked up to the bench and he slid in with a minor pain then began to pound my ass  for several minutes then he began screwing my but hard and fasted until he dumped his load.  As pulled out he told me to stay as I was he had more to cum.

I'm obedient so I stayed as I was and could feel his cum oozing out my ass hole.  The next feeling was his tongue licking my hole making me feel all aroused again.  He licked and stuck his tongue driving me to another erection.   He told me jack off as he had more for my ass.  I felt a little finger enter my hole then 2 then 3.  My ass was well lubed and before I could say stop he had begun to put his hand up my ass.  This a first for me and glad his hand was so small.  It slipped is and he began to slid it back and forth in my as hitting my prostate causing me to ooze out my cu slowly as I jacked off.  It didn't take long until I shot my load and my ass muscles clamped down  what I thought was his wrist.  As I finished spurting he pulled his hand out of butt causing a feeling of ecstasy I hadn't felt before.

I had to sit down on the  bench where he stood.  I turned to say thanks and met his erect dick staring me in the face.  I took  it in and within a just a few seconds he loaded my mouth with his cum.  We both were exhausted so I asked for his name and number when he asked if I wanted more some day.  I got it and walked out totally satisfied and curious about what it would be like to "get more" with him.



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