Greetings, I am a random writer and I am new to this catagory.

I am an avid transexual admirer. The more feminine my partner is, the more turned on I am. There is just something about a beautiful lady with a magnificent cock and balls that really churns the water for me.

I discovered this while having an affair with my younger nephew. We are only a few months apart in age and we discovered sex together. We already loved each other as best friends and relatives. The sex came as we negotiated our way through puberty.

At first, it was curiosity. We both talked about the changes in our bodys. We were trying to deal with what was happening to our genitals and hairy parts, etc.

We were both smooth, slender, and tanned as we entered puberty. My member had grown tremendously and seemed to be hard and throbing all the time. My testicles were enormous and full constantly. He atested to basically the same.

I was older than my nephew by 17 months. But, he was taller than I was. He had this long, slender body, with long shapely legs.

We slept together often on overnights. Several weeks after we began talking about these things. He could not stand it any longer. I awoke with my underwear removed and my nephew fondling my dick and balls.

I did not freak out, realizing how good it felt to have someone else touching me. This first time started a long process of discovery for us both.

At first, it was rubbing our dicks together and jerking each other off. He got me to orgasm first. We invented a game called cow. We would lean under each other like a baby calf and suck on each others penis. We had done this many times before, but this one night, it felt better than it had ever felt. I came, at first in his mouth gaging him, then all over the sheets. He came a few weeks later. We were even hornier than ever now. I could not wait to have him suck me off again.

We moved through all the oral and manual sex we could dream of. We were masters at getting each other off. His dick and mine were cut and perfectly shaped. Texticle were also perfectly shaped. The kind of genitals that are mouth watering to all.

We finally discussed anal sex. We had both heard of it and wondered if we could do it. But we were both afraid to try.

I guess my nephew really thought alot about this. He began talking about it all the time when we were alone. He seemed to be particularly thrilled about the idea of acting like a girl.

Finally, on one of our sleepovers. He told me he had a surprise for me. Our parents had not left yet to go dancing, so I had to wait for this surprise.

All of this mystery was extremely exciting. But it was several hours before they left. I had this immense hard on in anticipation of what he had in store.

Finally, they left. I immediately asked what the surprise was. He just giggled and said he could not tell me, he had to show me.

He told me to go into the front room and wait. He made me promise to stay there and not cheat by looking. He went down the hall and disappeared into one of the bedrooms. Before he left, he turned off the lights in the living room. The only light now was from the TV.

He yelled down the hall and told me to get all of my clothes off. I agreed and got naked. This turned me on even more. There I was sitting there naked with this huge hard on waiting for I did not know what.

I tried to remain calm, but I was already oozing precum everywhere. I told him he had better hurry or I was gonna cum just thinking about what he was doing. He giggled and told me to be patient, it would be worth waiting for.

Finally, the bedroom door opened and a figure stepped into the hall.

As the figure approached, an outline of what appeared to be a girl formed in the doorway with the bedroom light streaming into the hall.

At first, I thought he had talked some girl into a sexual romp with up or something.

The figure became clearer as it approached. I could see these long, shapely legs outlined by the light. I am a leg man and these were great legs.

Finally, I could see, it was my nephew, dressed as a lady. He indeed looked magnificant. Truthfully, I had never been so turned on.

Let me describe the vision that was standing before me.

From head to toe. He was wearing one of his mothers blonde wigs. His makeup was balanced and made him look ever so feminine. He had on a sheer outer wrap, open in the front. Underneath, a Black bra, strapless. He had stuffed them with stockings. Next, he had on a black garter, an obvious match for the bra. Black fishnet hose. Black high heel shoes. And the biggest turn on, other than the shapely legs, black crotchless panties which outlined this huge hard cock and cupped his beautiful balls perfectly.

Now, I was this horney, young, solid gold repeating cum machine. To see this magnificant display of all the things I loved! Well, I came! Without even so much as a touch from either of us, I spewed sperm like a fountain. It went all over the couch, the floor, and my clothes that were stacked by the couch. I was gasping so hard between squirts I almost passed out. I was in heaven and my angel had arrived.

He was holding his hands in front of his mouth and said, "oh my god, I guess you like it, huh?"

I was speechless at that time of course. I was too busy covering everything with cum.

After it stopped, I got up and grabbed a towel. I wiped everything up as well as I could. I could not keep my eyes of off him and he knew it. He was sitting on the edge of a chair with his legs crossed like a woman would cross them. He was twirling his hair and occasionaly giggled at the mess.

God, I was already hard again. He must have seen this because I saw his staff rising as he stared at my hard cock.

After cleaning the mess. Neither of us knew exactly what to do, but I had to have him. I stood him up and to my surprise, I kissed him like he indeed was a girl. He responded by wraping his right leg over my hip. This place our hard dicks together and we began hunching at each other. Precum was flowing.

We made out for quite awhile. Holding each other, fondling each other, I loved caressing the smooth skin above his hosery.

Finally he told me this was not his only surprise. He produced a tube of KY jelly. He knelt down in front of me and began applying it all over my hard cock.

He then handed the tube to me, got on all fours, slipped his pantys off and told me to lube his mangina up.

Then he basically screamed, "Now fuck my ass hard!"

It was magnificant, as you can imagine.

This is how I discovered my love of transgender sex.



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