My first time

I had been straight and married for several years, but I had long-held fantasies about having sex with guys. When watching straight porn, I’d find myself more interested in looking at cocks than I did at any part of the woman. I wrote this off to being the “forbidden fruit” that I’d never had rather than my being bi or homosexual. I had also never had the opportunity to try having sex with a guy, but that finally changed last December.

My wife was invited to a Christmas party by a person she worked with. Because the job was at an art college, it was no surprise that there were several gay and lesbian folks among the guests. I found myself talking with Greg, a co-worker with my wife. I knew Greg was gay, but I never found myself attracted to him. But that was not how I felt about his partner, Larry. I was inwardly embarrassed at my immediate sexual attraction to him.

Larry was effeminate, slim and unusually handsome. He worked doing audits for a bank and because I had a background in business, we soon found ourselves boring everyone else away from our conversation about topics of finance. As Larry was telling me about a recent major embezzlement story, I began to fantasize about what it would be like to have sex with him. I’d never done this before but I just let my imagination run wild as he talked away. My expression and drifting eyes must have given me away because Larry started talking about sexual things.

He told a funny story about coming out as gay to his friends and how that led to his first gay sexual encounters. He surprised me when he asked if I had ever been with a man. I admitted that I had not. He pressed on and asked if I’d ever wanted to have sex with a man. I laughed and said answering that question could lead to trouble for me either way. He disagreed immediately and told me that what happens at the college’s Christmas party stays at the college’s Christmas party.

My gay desires got the better of my thinking and I admitted that I had many gay fantasies. He asked me what it was that I fantasized about doing with men. I threw caution to the wind and got very specific. “I like good looking, well hung, shaved, uncut, effeminate men.” Now it was Larry’s turn to be surprised. I hadn’t known before, but clearly that description fit him to a “T.” The lust that appeared in his eyes brought a fire I had not known I could have deep inside. I felt the sexual tension between us and I wanted this man as I’d never wanted a sexual partner before. His silent gaze and wicked smile told me he was planning something.

Larry looked around, probably to see where Greg and perhaps even my wife were among the other guests. Most everyone was inside the house since it was a bit cold outside. There was only one other couple on the other end of the patio already heading inside as well which left us alone. Then Larry spoke with a seductive tone that shocked me saying, “This is going to be your lucky night! Tell me everything you’d like to do to me.”

My cock throbbed immediately reacting wickedly to his aggressive demeanor. Larry was making it clear he would show me my gay desires were real and not a meaningless fantasy I could ignore. I gave in to my desires and told him everything without hesitation. I told him how much I wanted to suck his cock. I wanted to get him hard and rub the mixture of his precum and my saliva all over my face. I went on relishing how much I wanted to have his cock in my grasp to man-handle as I pleased. I asked him rhetorically if I would be as good at stroking his shaft and licking his balls as I had imagined in my fantasies. I was breathing heavily as I spoke with lustful enthusiasm about how much of his cock I could take into my mouth, and, best of all, I made it clear that I wanted him to face-fucked me gushing every drop of cum he had down my throat until he had nothing left.

Larry excitedly grabbed my hand quickly leading me to the far side of the back yard and around the corner of the house. Once he made sure we were out of view, he let out an involuntary shudder as he lustfully kissed me on the mouth with his tongue forcing its way into my own. He backed himself up to the wall of the house and placed my hand on his manhood through his bulging pants. He was already hard as a rock. He started moving my hand up and down to stroke him and I could feel his cock react every time I touch him just right.

I dropped to my knees as he undid his belt and zipper. I pulled down his pants and found that he was wearing a pair of lacey silk bikini underwear. I was already so horny I couldn’t stand it, but seeing him dressed in women’s panties really turned me on. I loved seeing his erection straining hard against the sheer lace that barely contained his cock. I reached up and slipped my fingers beneath the elastic waistband and quickly yanked them down. His beautiful cock swung toward me seductively waiving back and forth an inch from my face. I couldn’t believe I was about to get my first taste of cock. And what a beautiful cock it was!

I used my left hand to cup his balls and my other hand grabbed his manhood by the hilt leaving plenty of room for my mouth. He gasped as my lips engulfed his shaft and I started running my tongue between his foreskin and the head of his penis. I started to lightly knead his balls as I simultaneously stroked his impressive cock with my other hand. Then I started bobbing my head back and forth as I used my right hand to roll back his foreskin. I timed it so that my lips and tongue slid down tightly over the head of his cock as my descending grip exposed the already sticky head of his shaft under the foreskin.

After a minute, I backed my head away but kept working his cock and balls with my hands. I wanted him to know what was going on inside my mind. “You are just what I’ve dreamed of, you sexy bitch. Your cock is perfect. You taste incredible. Your gay lust turns me on so much that I can’t believe we wasted an hour talking first!”

I went back to sucking his cock and found myself trying to touch my nose against the smooth shaved skin of his pelvis. His groans told me that he was as excited as I was. I stopped sucking him just long enough to say, “God, I want you to come in my mouth…right now! Prove to me how much you love this!” I increased my motions to a frenzied pace. Larry was a gay lover of few words saying “Oh my God” over and over.

I could feel his cock pushing deeper to the back of my throat showing he was ready to give it up to me. Then I heard a sexy primal groan that told me to get ready. I could feel his legs shaking wildly and his hands trembled as he used them to urge me on. Then, Larry squeezed my head and stopped moving for just a moment. I wasn’t stopping for anything. With the next thrust of my head he let loose what felt like a geyser of cum in my mouth. Then came one cum gusher after another until I found I couldn’t swallow as fast as he was bringing it. I couldn’t believe how happy and proud I was that I had made this sexy man want to cum inside me. I loved sucking his cock and ingesting his life’s seed. I made sure to keep going until his last spasm had subsided.

Larry was trying to catch his breath when we both looked up to see Greg standing there starring at us. I almost panicked but Greg spoke saying, “I wish I had gotten here a little earlier. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” “Hey!” he said, looking at me, “I didn’t know you liked guys! Does your wife know you suck cock?” Larry said breathlessly, “He’s awesome at it! Join us!”

I realized what a sight we made. Me on my knees in front of Larry with his lacey panties around his ankles and his glistening cock connected to my mouth with a persistent strand of his cum. I embraced how gay I felt right then and rubbed the length of Larry’s cock across my face so that it left me looking like a glazed donut. I still had a raging hard on and I was ready to use it.

Greg said lustfully to Larry, “You know I prefer to fuck. Why don’t you suck him off while I work you and watch from behind? Larry’s answer was to get me to my feet and switch positions with me. His pants were still down so he just leaned over as Greg approached us. Larry undid my pants and pulled them down exposing my erection to the world. He started to work on me as Greg spit into his hand and started lubing up Larry’s ass. I could guess that Larry was the bottom of this relationship because he hardly hesitated when Greg entered him.

I was as turned on by watching Larry get fucked as I was about getting my first gay blow job from him. Greg reached forward and started tweaking my nipples as Larry expertly worked my cock with his mouth and hands. It didn’t take long before I realized gay sex is what I’d been missing my whole life. Larry’s talents were amazing, even better than I had fantasized this moment would feel like. I felt the powerful urge to spill my seed building in my loins. I’d never before experienced such sexual pressure and sensations building like a lit fuse making its way to a bomb. I had always liked sex, but cumming in Larry’s mouth was in another sexual league altogether. With that thought, my cock convulsed violently making me gasp so loud that anyone standing in the backyard could hear me.

I didn’t care and none of us stopped what we were doing. Larry and Greg seemed to be enjoying this encounter as much as me. A moment later, Greg added to my gasps with his own frantic grunts as he came inside Larry’s ass. He opened his eyes and smiled at me knowing we had just shared something incredible…Larry. I remembered my face was covered with Larry’s cum as proof of my gay desires fulfilled.

Larry was licking me clean as Greg stroked his back and moved his hips to slide his cock ever so slightly in and out of Larry. I heard a noise and looked over toward the corner of the house. I saw several of the party guests had gathered there. My wife was part of the group and her mouth was wide open at the scene before her.

I couldn’t remember being more embarrassed than I was at that moment. We all jumped and got our clothes adjusted to cover ourselves, but none of us said a word. I finally broke the ice hoping a little humor would help. “Honey,” I said, “you remember Greg and Larry don’t you?” By then most of the guests were gathering in the backyard and the murmurs of what just occurred was quickly racing through the crowd. And so I was outed to my wife as she got to witness my first gay orgasm. At first I was mortified, but I realized this had saved me in a number of ways. There was no doubt in my mind that I would suck cock for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t have to brave telling anyone for news like that travels everywhere. I couldn’t stop it and it didn’t really matter. I couldn’t wait to experience my new life as a gay man and to catch up on everything I’d missed up to then.


Somewhat Straight


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