I was heading to Texas, and When I get close to Austin, I always stop to see a friend. Now, He doesn't know I'm BI. After getting in touch with him, and meeting him at a steak house in Austin, after eating, I asked about this famous strip with all the bars? And ask if he's got time? He say's, he does. So, I follow him to the first stop of our night. Gary's sort of a prankster, and the first bar we entered, he knew everybody there, Encluding the two lovely ladies at the bar. We sat down at a table, waitress came over for our drink order, and returned with out drinks a vey short time later. Gary and I shot the breeze about home, and drank several drinks. Gary got up and danced a few times with some of the gals in the place. As I said, there were to beautiful young ladies at the bar. When he got done dancing, he stepped up to the bar and asked the two if they'd mind joining us? They said ' OK'. He also told them something else I didn't hear what that was, but they giggled. They came over and introduced them selves, and sat down. I ordered a round. Gary got up to dance with one of them, and the other, her and I talked. We were getting pretty drunk. She asked e if I'd like to go out side for a minute, she wanted to give me a Blowjob? Then took me by my hand, and lead me out the door, the I lead her to my truck. We got in, and she kissed me, then she rubbed my stiff crotch, and un-zipped me. Now mind you, I'm 6'5' tall, but the GREAT LORD shorted me as a joke! I use to be imbarressed by, but what the heck. It does what I want it to do. My cock measures 5.5'. She thought it was cute, and went down on me! I moaned, and reached for her thigh, and she pushed my hand away. I then reached for her butt, and she let me rub her tight buns. I was moaning pretty loud, and just about to blow, when She quit! She changed positions, in the seat, and started again. This time she let me reach for her crotch. Where I thought I might find something else, I found something LONG, HARD, and leaking! I wanted it in my mouth so bad! I told her it was her turn, just before I fired a big load! She finished me off. Then kisse me. Told me my friend was trying to set YOU up, for a prank. I told her, he doesn't know I'm BI. And asked her to play along with the joke, till we left, and I gave her my phone number, and I got hers. I went back in acting like I was pissed off, and Gary just laughed his ass off, and said' GOTCHA'. We departed, the bar. and I told Gary I had got a room at a motel, and would catch him before I left in the morning. And we departed ways. I then Called my new found friend! And asked her to meet me at the motel, and she did! She brought a twelve pack, and Before she could get sat down, I pulled her close, and kissed her. Pushing my tongue into her mouth. My hands got very frisky, rubbing her breast, pinching her nipples, slowly working my way down to HEAVEN! She was wearing a mini, mini dress, no undies. I got down on my knees, lifted her skirt, and proceeded to kiss that lovely long tool she had hidden. she moaned, as I swallowed it whole, and started moving my face back/forth on that tastey rod! She move slowly towards the bed, and fell backwards on to the bed. I sucked, and got un-dressed, and as I sucked, I climbed over her in a sity-nine. She said she needed to get undressed too. So I got up, and helped her out of her close. Then proceeded to what I was doing. We 69'ed tilled we got each other off! Then, I asked if she'd mind planting that nice tool deeeep inside my ass? after we took a break. She said, 'she'd love to!' We went and had a beer or two, and talked. Then went back to the bed, where we kissed, and she kissed me all the way down till she got to my brownie. She then RIMMED it, OOOOOH it felt sooooo good! I moaned like never before. I could hardly wait till she filled my ass with that lovely cock of hers. But, in stead she got up went to get her purse and pulled out a vibe-dildo, and came bck to finish me up. She ran that vibe up and down my shaft, squeezing and jacking me. She pushed out a bunch of my pre-cum, and lubed up that toy, and inserted it deep inside me. She moved it in/out, as if she was fucking me while 1 hand was fondling my cock. This went on for what seemed like hours, then she lifted my legs over her shoulders, and slowly inserted her lovely hard cock in. She worked it very slowly at first, ever so slowly picking up speed. Every time on the out stroke, she pulled out allthe way, then would push it back in. I was moaning, and begging her to fuck me hard. She said' you're not ready yet. She teased and teased. I moaned and moaned! I felt her put that vibe in me with her cock in me! DAMMM! That felt good! She pushed slowly for a few more times, and let the vibe slide out, then she got down to business, and started hammering me like there was NO tomarrow! My MOANS got louder and louder, and her's did too. THEN........ BOOOOM!!! We both shot together! She filled my ass with her sweet cream, and I shot a load on my belly. She leaned over and licked up ever drop, then fell on top of me, and shared my cum with me! Every time I get down to AUSTIN,TX, I call my new found friend! Best Lover I've ever had!



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