The first "day-pass" an eighteen-year-old recruit is awarded is a pretty big deal in his life. Three of my buddies were excited about the chance to go over to a servicemen's bar on another close by Army post where they had been told no one checks IDs. They asked me to join them, planning to have a few beers and then going into town to find some "action." I thought, sure, four horny, raw recruits will find lots of action in a strange town while making drunken fools of themselves, but I agreed to go along, anyhow, because, let's face it, they were the three sexiest guys in our platoon and I wanted to be with them.

That Sunday afternoon found the four of us, looking squeaky clean with our too-close-cropped haircuts and our brand new summer uniforms, sitting around an old wooden table, trying out what was for most of us our first beer. The bar was a small building in a row of small neat buildings on an Army post that appeared to be rather deserted. There were nine other tables in the room, all empty. The bar had only these tables, a jukebox playing Country & Western songs, and a small side room where the drinks were kept. The sergeant who ran the place gave us a big grin when we ordered, and went into that room to get the beer. He served us without asking any questions.

We thought that was great and we whispered and chortled among ourselves, while greedily downing the first beer. Well before we were ready to order another, the sergeant came out with a tray of five beers and set it down on our table. "This round's on the house," he announced, pulling up another chair. "And I'll join you boys. Okay?" he asked, reaching for a beer.

"Well, sure, Sarge," one of us replied, "and thanks for the beer."

"You're welcome. Glad to have the company. Sunday afternoons here can really drag. You boys liven up the place." He smiled broadly.

It made me uneasy to hear him referring to us as "boys." Our sergeants made an exaggerated point of calling us "men" since we were expected to act like men. "Boys" now sounded far too familiar and made me suspect the sergeant had some devious agenda of his own. Especially from the tone of voice he used as he emphasized the word "boys." My antennae went up. So did my dick. But the other three laughed happily and drank the free beer, unaware of my doubts. Anyway, we were all relieved that, for this round, what little money we had stayed in our pockets.

Before sitting, the sergeant spun his chair around, straddled it with an athletic flourish which seemed to accentuate his bulging crotch, sat down and rested his bare muscular forearms on top of the chair's back, holding the beer bottle casually. He told us his name was Rob but he didn't mind being called Sarge. He listened politely as we told him our names, and then cracked a joke that made us all laugh.

The beer and the heat combined to make me uncomfortable. As I looked around the room, I saw only the one doorway into the side bar. Rob noticed me fidgeting and asked, "Do you need something, Jack." He grinned knowingly.

"I gotta pee," I replied, feeling a little lightheaded.

"So do I," he announced, "Com'on, I'll show you where the latrine is." He stood up and waited for me. No one else got up. I followed him into the side room and then into a long narrow hallway. It was dark and cool. He disappeared in front of me, but I discovered that he'd turned off into another small room. I followed him in and found myself standing next to him in front of an old-fashioned urinal trough. It was one of those tin-lined troughs, about ten feet long and knee high.

The sergeant whipped out his hose and right away started splattering urine noisily onto the high back wall of the trough. Somewhat reluctantly, I opened my trousers and hauled out my still partially inflated cock, nervously wondering if I'd be able to piss quickly. But before I could do anything, the sergeant leaned over towards me, his shoulder touching mine, and stared directly, obviously, down at my cock. With real emotion, he sighed, "Man, that's a great looking piece of meat you've got there." He leaned back and proffered me a look at his own pee-spewing weapon. His was long and fat. "How big is it? he asked.

"Don't know," I lied. "Never measured." I knew exactly what its dimensions were; I just didn't want him thinking I was too experienced. By now I knew he wasn't just idly passing the time of day with me. He was a cocksucker plying his trade, intent on seduction and rather open about it. I liked that. He knew what he was doing and he wasn't being coy. That helped me to loosen up. We both knew the score.

"Look's bigger than mine," he suggested.

I stared more candidly at his meat. He opened his hand and held it under the organ, hefting it as he peed, allowing me a close inspection. "Oh, I don't know, Sarge," I responded, 'that looks like it's a good size."

"Wanna compare?" he asked, softly. It was a sexy question. I saw his cock swell even as he peed.

I tried to concentrate on pissing but nothing came. My cock just got harder and harder in my grasp.

"Oooh," he sighed in a sexy whisper, head bent to look down at my cock, "that looks like it's getting a lot bigger than mine." He put his left hand on the back of my thigh. My cock swelled even faster, growing as we both watched. "A lot bigger!" he repeated huskily.

Suddenly, I heard Bill, one of my three friends, call out down the hall, "Shit, where are you guys? I gotta take a leak, too."

I froze. Rob's hand withdrew. I wanted my cock to deflate, on the one hand, but I had had visions of making it with Bill, on the other, so I just did the best I could to conceal my growing arousal as the sergeant called out, over his shoulder, "We're in here. Down the hall, on your left." He silently widened the gap between us and closed his fist over his swelling cock.

Bill came slowly and noisily down the narrow, dark hallway and blustered into the small room. He bumped his shoulder against me and laughed, pushing me forward toward the back wall of the urinal. "Oomph," he grunted, giving the impression he was already a bit tipsy, "sorry about that, Jack." He peered around me and saw I wasn't peeing. "Guess I interrupted the flow." He chuckled. It was infectious and we started to chuckle with him. He made a big production out of opening up his trousers and dragging out his pecker, then he moved in next to me, very close, and started waggling his long dick as if to get the pee started.

His arrival sobered me up. My cock deflated sufficiently to allow a strong stream of golden piss to splash onto the tin back-plate of the urinal, splattering everywhere.

"Whoosh!" Bill said cheerfully, "Thar' she blows! And here I go." With that, his strong urine flow began and he aimed it to cross with mine, playfully. I glanced at the sergeant and saw him watching us with great fascination. Bill's cock looked as inflated as both of ours, and the sergeant was not one to let that get by unnoticed. His own stream had run out and he was milking down his dick, if not playing with it openly.

Bill looked over at him, chuckled in a sexy, quiet way, and announced with a raspy stage whisper, "Two more stokes on the ol' pipe, Sarge, and that won't be shaking off the last drops, that'll be starting up a whole new ballgame."

Without batting an eye, the sergeant sighed, "Yeah, I sure do like that ballgame. I'm horny all the time. Know what I mean? Aren't you boys?" Rather than react with embarrassment, he continued an increasingly blatant masturbation in front of us, tugging on his elongating erection with obvious pleasure. It took my breath away. I couldn't stop myself from looking.

For a few moments, we watched as if mesmerized. Both of us had finished peeing, but neither of us moved. I felt my cock re-hardening. I tore my eyes from Rob's dick and turned to look at Bill's. Not only had Bill's cock been growing hard, he was already matching the sergeant stroke for stroke. I moved a step or two away from the urinal and the two faced one another in front of me, like gladiators in a duel of dicks.

"Geez," Bill sighed softly, "look at the three of us."

That surprised me. I looked down at myself and found I was as aroused as they were, my cock red and stiff, my hand traveling up and down its length instinctively and in sync with them.

"Wow," the sergeant whispered, "I'd sure like to suck that cock, man."

I looked up at him in surprise. He was talking directly to me! I felt a wave of lust fire through my groin. I knew I would come in a flash. I glanced at Bill for approval. He was grinning at me.

"Let 'im do it, Jack," Bill whispered in a conspiratorial tone. "You'll love it. No one can suck cock better than another man." Bill's own huge cock looked swollen to its maximum dimensions, a shiny droplet of lubricant oozing from the big slit in the cockhead.

Still watching Bill, I dropped my hand from my cock. It throbbed rigidly in front of me. Rob needed no encouragement. He dropped to one knee and drew my entire cockhead into his hot, wet mouth with a quiet slurp. I shuttered with pleasure, closing my eyes momentarily.

Bill put his hand heavily on my shoulder. I opened my eyes with a start. He was looking at me with a pleading expression. I glanced down at his big dick and saw that he held it at the base with only thumb and forefinger, slowing waving it enticingly, offering it to me. The pre-cum droplet was now slowing sliding down the heavily flanged, deeply colored, impressive cockhead. I licked my lips.

Bill gasped and pulled on my shoulder, urging me to bend down to the beckoning cock as he stretched his groin upwards towards me. I had no inclination to refuse. I grabbed his hip for support and leaned downward, slowly watching the big cock get closer and closer to my mouth. Just as Rob had done with me, I sucked the entire glans in with an eager, greedy slurp. It was blissful. The hot cockhead filled my entire mouth with its throbbing stiffness. I sucked, feeling my own cock being sucked. I sucked harder, forcing more of the long hardness into me. It felt so good, it tasted so great, I knew wanted his load. I wanted his cum in my mouth. I sucked for it.

Bill touched the back of my head gently with his hand. Simultaneously, Rob's hand wrapped around my balls and my hand wrapped around Bill's bull nuts. For me, that was it! Electric jolts of orgasmic intensity shot through my body, exploded in my abdomen, fired off into my groin, jangled my balls, and caused a tremendous flooding of heavy spurts of hot cream into the sergeant's eager sucking mouth.

Instantaneously, probably because of my excited sucking, Bill began shooting off into my equally eager mouth, filling it so quickly that I had to swallow rapidly just to keep from losing any of it. Its thick creamy richness, heavy with manly tastes, and its amazingly huge volume were deeply satisfying. My own orgasm lasted an exceptionally long time.

Finally, Bill tapped lightly on the back of my neck. I released his wonderful, spend cock. "Geez," he sighed again, quickly slipping his cock out of sight as I straightened up.

Reluctantly, I tugged back on my own cock, prying it out of the sergeant's sucking grasp. Rob stood up, while putting his erection away. "Fantastic!" he said to me with great warmth, and then added, looking at Bill, "I'll get back to the table so they won't think something's wrong, but I want to help you out and suck that great cock of yours, too, a little later." With that, he disappeared.

"Guess he sucks with his eyes closed and got too engrossed to notice what ya done for me, Jack," Bill said with a grin.

"Yeah," I replied, suddenly embarrassed, feeling myself turn red. I was wondering how he'd react to my cocksucking, to my being a cocksucker.

"I did what you done," he offered without clarification.

"Really?" I asked with surprise.

"Shit, it just looked too good to pass up," he said by way of explanation.

"Yes," I quickly agreed, "it just looked too good to pass up." I smiled at him, feeling a great swelling of affection for him, pleased with the realization that he was trying to put me at ease and relate to me.

Bill grinned, rubbed his hand affectionately through my bristly crew cut, and said, "Let's go have another beer."

* * * * *

The sergeant had told another joke, and Pete and Chuck were laughing when we returned to the table. No one reacted to the length of our absence, and I realized that in fact surprisingly little time had passed. Or at least not enough time to cause any raised eyebrows. I felt relieved. It occurred to me, then, that Bill and I had been so horny, we'd both shot off in record time just from the enormous stimulation of finally being able to have sexual release without a barracks full of randy recruits milling around.

My second beer was almost finished. The sergeant looked at it and announced, "You boys are so much fun, I'm going to bring us another round on the house. What do you say?"

Pete, sitting next to him, said, "Gee, that's great Sarge. Thanks. But while you're up, why don't you point me to the men's room."

"Point?" Rob said with a sly grin, standing up with a flourish, "Hell, I'll lead the way." He ushered Pete out of the room ahead of him. Looking back, he winked and said, "Wouldn't want him to get lost, now would we, boys."

There was a quiet pause after they left the room and then Bill said in a calm voice, "Somehow I don't think Pete will get lost, but he may lose something." It struck me funny and I started to chuckle.

"What? What do you mean?" Chuck asked innocently.

"I mean Sarge gave Jack, here, a blowjob..."

Chuck drew in his breath in surprise.

"...and, if you're interested, go join 'em in the latrine. It's a good way to lose your cherry."

"No Shit!?" Chuck asked in amazement. Chuck was a handsome teenager with a swimmer's supple, muscular build. He looked at me as if seeing me for the first time.

I held my breath, wondering just how far Bill would go in his depiction of the latrine's events, and wondering what Chuck's next question would be. We were in the Army, after all. This could spell major trouble.

"Is he any good at it?" he asked me.

Bill laughed aloud, enjoying himself, but before he could reply with something like, Well, I'm sure he can't be as good at cocksucking as Jack is, I answered by saying, "Fuck, we're all so horny, who knows how good he is."

"Hmmm," Chuck agreed, nodding his head, a look of sexual distress on his face.

Bill stopped laughing to add, "Yeah, a couple of beers and I'm ready to poke anything that moves."

I smiled.

"D'ya think they're back there, now, doing it?" Chuck asked.

"Go back to take a leak and see," Bill answered. "They won't kill ya. Sarge didn't mind me standing there watching him blow Jack. Hell, I'll bet he'll be happy to have some fresh meat by now. I'll bet Pete was as horny as the rest of us, and has already shot his load."

"Well..." Chuck mumbled.

"Go on," Bill urged, "take a look."

"I... Well, I... I never..." Chuck muttered hesitantly almost to himself.

"It's Okay," I interjected. "Getting a quick blowjob in a latrine from an older guy you don't really know ain't the best way to enjoy sex." I smiled at Chuck. "Besides, the afternoon's young. We might find something more interesting to do later on. Don't worry about it."

"Right," Bill agreed enthusiastically, to my sudden anxiety, "Jack can find something more interesting, I'm sure." He smiled enigmatically.

"I admit I am horny," Chuck confessed.

"I'm always horny," Bill agreed.

"Yeah, me, too," I concurred.

We were leaning in way over the table, heads so close together they were almost touching, naked forearms resting sprawled on the table in front of us pressing against one another, fingering our beer bottles nervously as we talked, in whispers. Then Chuck quietly added, "I jack off all the time," and Bill said, "Me, too." It struck me like a bolt of lightening that the three of us were talking openly, if quietly, about sex in a way I had never before heard guys doing. It was so memorable a moment in my life that I can conjure it up as if it happened only yesterday.

I volunteered, "I'd do it more often, if I could find the privacy."

"Damn straight," Bill agreed emphatically.

"Me, too," Chuck allowed, but then, after a pause, added, "'cept that blowjob does sound kinda interesting."

Bill threw back his head and let out loud laughter. He reached out and slapped Chuck energetically on the back and, through his laughter, told him, "Don't worry, man, we'll get you blowed, one way or another." He winked at me. "And by somebody who's damn good at it, if I'm any judge of cocksuckin' talent."

"You mean someone besides the sarge?" Chuck asked innocently.

"The sarge don't have no monopoly on cocksucking, Champ," Bill replied. "Lots of men enjoy the sport now and then. Some are just more open about it than others."

"Really?" Chuck asked with amazement.

"Listen," Bill said with such a dramatic stage whisper that I feared he was going to begin talking about me. "I had a buddy back in high school..." He stopped.

"What happened?" Chuck wanted to know. I breathed a sigh of relief.

"...we often showered together and one day when we were alone we got to playing around, you know how that can be, and he got this big hardon. A real whopper! So did I. He told me mine sure looked good. I agreed with him and told him his did, too. After looking at and posing for each other, enjoying how nice both erections looked, and getting hot as hell, starting to jack off together, he begged me to kiss the tip of his hardon, to just touch it with my lips.

"Wow!" Chuck sighed, shifting uncomfortably in his chair but not breaking the contact his arms had with ours. "What did you do?"

"What would you have done?" he countered.

"Geez," Chuck said quietly, "I'm not really sure what I'da done."

"What about you, Jack," Bill asked me, gently.

I took a deep breath, smiled at Bill, and asked, "Did it look good enough to eat?"

He grinned at us both. Chuck sucked in his breath in anticipation of Bill's answer. "It sure did, man."

"Then, I'da eaten it," I admitted brazenly.

"Geez," Chuck repeated quietly.

"Good man," Bill said heartily, slapping me on the back affectionately. "I figured you wouldn't let me down."

"Yes," Chuck suddenly affirmed, "I think I would have, too." He looked very serious and sincere.

"Really?" Bill and I said, in surprised unison.

"What really?" the sergeant's voice interrupted.

The three of us looked up. Sarge and Pete were returning from the latrine. Sarge had heard our surprised question.

Pete's face looked flushed with excitement and his clothes seemed all mussed. I figured he'd allowed Sarge to put the make on him. He grinned nervously as he saw me looking him over.

Ignoring the question, I asked, "Where've you guys been? We've been waiting on that beer you promised, Sarge."

"I'll get 'em just as soon as you tell me what you were talking about when you said 'Really,'" he parried.

Bill interrupted. "I just told Chuck, here, that I watched you suck Jack's cock." Pete sucked in his breath in shocked surprise. "Then Chuck said he'd like to have his cock sucked, too, and so Jack and I said 'Really?' together. That's all." Bill grinned, looking smug at not having told them exactly what Chuck admitted.

Sarge looked stunned. Chuck started to cough, and I started to giggle.

"Do we get them beers, now?" Bill asked pleasantly.

"Comin' right up," Sarge said as he left to get them.

When he had disappeared into the next room, Bill said, "Might as well get it right out in the open. Don't you agree?"

Pete sat down next to me, looking uncomfortable.

"Did he give you a blowjob, too," Chuck asked excitedly, if impertinently, his eyes bright with interest.

Pete looked at me and then at Bill. You could tell he didn't really want to talk about it. Then, he just nodded his head.

"Wow!" Chuck said, "did you like it?"

Pete hadn't been prepared for this. To ease his discomfort, I interjected: "Look, Chuck, like I said before, we're all so horny who knows if a blowjob is good or not. Pete got his rocks off, and that's all that matters. We're getting some free beers for our trouble, so altogether, I'd say we got the best of this deal."

"Damn right," Bill agreed. "What's a couple of blowjobs between friends, anyhow?" He grinned at me.

"Jack's right," Pete suddenly said. "I didn't know you'd had a blowjob, Jack, but when we were back out there alone, the sarge says, 'Look, kid, I give one of the best blowjobs around, and no one will know.' Well, I just sort of let him do it to me just to see what it would be like. I blew my wad, I'll admit, but it wasn't anything to get real excited about. I was so horny even a bad handjob would have brought me off." He grinned.

"Yeah, I've gotten off on a bad handjob," Chuck said dejectedly.

The three of us broke into laughter. Chuck looked perplexed for a moment but then joined in the happy laughter.

* * * * *

It was just a few minutes later, after Rob had brought out the round of beer he'd promised, that I realized I had to take another leak. I wasn't interested in making a production number out of it, so I simply got up and headed for the latrine without comment.

I had no sooner opened my fly than someone sidled up next to me tugging into his fly. I expected it to be the sarge, but was pleased to see it was Chuck. He grinned and said he felt safer knowing he was with me

"Don't be too sure," I cautioned him. "I already admitted that if something looks good enough to eat, I just might eat it." We both chuckled, pissing side by side.

Chuck finished before I did but didn't put his meat away. He shook it several times and sort of squeezed out the last drops; apparently enjoying his own touch and unembarrassed to be doing it standing there right next to me. As he skinned it back, I noticed that it was filling out nicely, growing in his hand.

Using Bill's approach, I whispered, "A couple more strokes on the ol' pipe, and you won't be shaking off the last drops."

Chuck smiled at me, his shoulder rubbing against mine. "I was hoping to make it look good enough to eat, Jack," he admitted boldly, a huskiness in his voice and a carnal expression on his handsome face.

"It already does," I replied softly.

His breath caught in his throat at my implication. His erection grew quickly as he turned towards me, offering himself for my pleasure. It was irresistible. For the second time that afternoon, I leaned over to engulf the developing erection of a fellow recruit. The tastes of him were terrific. He humped cock into me excitedly and I took his long rod down my throat with an ease that surprised both of us.

He was energetic in his face fucking, but was unable to withhold his orgasm for long. He had simply been too horny, just like the rest of us. Suddenly, his body stiffened. His hips thrust forward, and spurts of hot jism started shooting into my throat. I captured the entire load with delight, disappointed only that it had happened almost too fast to fully enjoy.

Chuck pulled back and rinsed off his cock at the sink. Then we went back into the bar, together. Once again, I was surprised how quickly and smoothly it had gone. No one seemed to miss us, or imply we'd been up to anything. It made me feel cocky.

* * * * *

Fresh beer awaited us. I knew I was feeling the effects of the first two beers I'd had and I was reluctant to let myself get too intoxicated, but I was really having a great time. Bill and Chuck had enjoyed letting me blow them, Pete had admitted getting a blowjob from the sergeant, and I had enjoyed a good orgasm from Sarge, too. I was aglow with pleasure.

"You look like the cat that swallowed the canary, Jack," Rob observed, breaking into my thoughts.

"Oh, he swallowed somethin', all right, Sarge," Bill laughed, "but it wasn't no fuckin' bird."

Chuck choked on his beer, and had to have his back slapped.

Rob looked at me suspiciously and asked, "What did you two do out there?"

"Whadda ya mean, Sarge?" Chuck asked innocently. "We weren't gone long enough for anything to happen." He sounded a little too sincere.

"Yeah, don't tell me," Rob responded. "I've learned boys don't need much time when they start fucking around with each other."

"You think them two were fuckin' around, Sarge?" Bill asked. I knew he was up to something.

"I'm sure of it. Look at the two of 'em. Grinnin' like foxes."

"Well, you sucked off Jack and Pete. Maybe, Jack thought Chuck deserved some relief. Whadda ya think? Did Jack give Chuck a blowjob?"

The sergeant looked at both of us. He seemed almost indignant. Like we were on his turf and if anyone gives blowjobs it ought to be him.

"Or," Bill continued, enjoying himself, "maybe little Davie, there, sucked Jack off."

"No, I didn't," Chuck interjected instinctively.

"Well, you wanted to, though, didn't you?" Bill demanded to know.

"I... Well... It did look..." Chuck stammered. It amazed me that he didn't automatically say no. He looked so alluring at that moment of hesitation that I swear I could see him wondering what it would be like to give me a blowjob. And the thought was not repulsive to him at all. I started getting another erection.

"So he sucked yours before you could make up your mind to suck his," Bill asserted confidently.

"That's not the way it happened, at all," Chuck insisted. But that certainly let the cat out of the bag.

"You sucked his cock?" the sergeant asked incredulously, staring at me.

"Why not?" Bill asked, a sly grin on his handsome face, "after all, he sucked mine, too!"

The sergeant's mouth fell open. I've never seen a more surprised expression in my life.

Bill leaned in towards him, smiling broadly, and said, "You're not the only cocksucker in the world, you know. We brought our own with us." Then he laughed. We had to laugh with him, but the sergeant just continued to look absolutely surprised by all of this.

"And more than one!" Chuck added with a laugh.

We stopped laughing and looked at him questioningly. Now, WE were surprised!

Chuck looked uneasy, and maybe a little tipsy, but he straightened his shoulders and said, "Bill admitted considering sucking cock, and, to be honest, I've done it before, myself. It's great!"

"Wow!" Pete said. "I never thought I'd ever hear anyone admit it so openly. It was always so secretive while I was in high school. But a few of us really liked cocksucking. Me included. Right now, I'm not embarrassed to admit it."

"Well, you shouldn't be embarrassed," Bill insisted. "It looks like you're among friends, Sarge," he added, looking over at our still open-mouthed host. "Guess you've got a roomful of cocksuckers, here, today." He smiled broadly. It was a clear admission of his own interest.

"Fuck, I can't believe this!" Rob said with a grin. "I've been in the Army for twelve years, and at this job for two, and I've come across a few others like me, but never here, at the bar. This is amazing! And four at once!"

"What's it been like, at this bar, Sarge?" I asked, sensing I could get him to reminisce.

"Hey, a few sergeants over on your post tell recruits about this place. They come over, like you did, and often I get to give one or two of them blowjobs. It's pretty steady action and it's great to have a continual supply of randy, young cock bursting with cum. Then, in the evenings, sometimes, when the regular army guys come in, I get some more. Many of them know the score and like to get sucked off when they know they won't be getting any action elsewhere. I've got a lot of regulars who keep comin' back for more. They're not in such a hurry to bust a nut, so the cocksucking is more fulfilling."

"Fantastic!" Bill sighed.

"Wow!" both Chuck and Pete said simultaneously.

"Do you get much reciprocation?" I asked softly.

He looked at me for a long moment before replying. "Every once in a while," he said wistfully. "Not too often, though."

"Then, today's your lucky day!" I announced.

He looked at me in astonishment.

"What a great idea," Bill said huskily.

"I'm game," Chuck said.

"Me, too," Pete added.

"Why don't you hang out the 'Closed' sign for a while, and we'll all go back into the latrine and see what comes up?" I asked.

"We can do better than that. There's an empty room in back," he told us, getting up to close and lock the main entrance door.

"Lets go!" Bill cried, rising from his chair and leading the way enthusiastically.

In a minute or two, all of us were standing in a small, dark, cool room in the back of the building, milling about uncomfortably, wondering what would happen next. I decided to break the ice by suggesting that we all get naked. To my surprise and delight, everyone immediately agreed by starting to strip. In a flash, we were all bare-naked and we were all erect. It was a breath-taking scene. The lighting was sufficient to see easily, yet shadows and dimness seemed to enhance the seductive and sexual elements of such a sensual situation and give our nakedness an extremely erotic appearance.

It was easy to see that each one of them was enjoying the moment as much as I was. We all had bodies to be proud of with cocks of admirable dimensions. At another time, it would have been natural to suggest a circle-jerk, and these guys would have been exciting to jack off with, but we had been talking openly about cocksucking and that is exactly what all of us wanted to do. So the next step was simple.

"This is a very comfortable Oriental rug," the sergeant whispered.

I had been aware of the soft, scratchy textures of the rug under my bare feet. I knelt down on it. Looking around, with four big erections at eye-level, made my groin churn with desire. "Come here, Sarge," I said excitedly.

He needed no encouragement. His rigid cock hardly swayed as he moved the few steps necessary towards me to close the gap between us. Immediately, I sucked in the plump, thick cockhead, as the others gathered around to watch. His muscular, mature body was exceptionally well developed and extremely enjoyable to see and to touch. His smells and tastes were excellent. I could sense the envy of my friends as I started sucking Sarge's great cock.

"Look at him go down on that big fuckin' cock," Bill sighed.

"Oooh, he's good," Sarge told them.

"Yeah, but so are you, I'm told," Bill insisted. "Why don't you lap THIS up." And I saw him waggle his cock at the sergeant like he'd waggled it at me earlier. I would have grinned if my mouth weren't so filled to capacity.

Sergeant Rob leaned down and took Bill's cock into his mouth with a smooth motion.

Pete and Chuck watched for a moment and then Chuck said to Bill, "Why don't you suck on this?"

I saw Bill react immediately, bending down for the cock being offered.

I stood up without breaking contact with the cock in my mouth. Suddenly, I felt Pete's mouth on my stiff cock. It was amazing! I slid my head up to the tip of Rob's cock and looked around. Pete's was the only cock not in a mouth.

Popping off of Rob's cock for a moment, I whispered, "Chuck, look what you can do." Then, I sucked back on Rob's cock as if giving him instructions, while I stared at Pete's cock. Chuck needed no further inducement. He bent down and sucked on the crown of Pete's cock.

"Oh, God!" I heard Rob exclaim. "We've got ourselves a Daisy Chain!" he added with great excitement.

"What?" Pete asked in surprise, "it's called a what?"

"A Daisy Chain!" Rob repeated with even greater excitement.

His excitement seemed to surge throughout my body. I'd only heard the phrase used a couple of times. I knew what it meant, and now here I was actually an active link in a genuine Daisy Chain! "My first!" I remember thinking. It was even more thrilling than I had hoped it to be. Here were five of us joined together in common purpose, each sucking cock and being sucked. What an experience! What a wonderful way of bonding to friendships that we would never want to break!

Everyone started talking excitedly at once. We all agreed that this was extremely exciting and amazingly pleasurable. Then, on a more practical note, we all agreed to stretch out on the rug in order to be as comfortable as possible. We re-attached ourselves but I could see that we all wanted to watch what was happening. There was lots of grinning and staring. It was great sexual fun.

But cocks that are being sucked, no matter how indifferently, begin to react, and before long the pleasures of being sucked drove us each to suck more diligently. I was pleased that we recruits had had quick orgasms beforehand, so we weren't in a rush to come, again, right away. I pumped my hips, humping cock into Pete's mouth, and dove down onto Rob's rod with gusto.

"Time for a switch!" Rob suddenly announced, coming up off of Bill's cock with a loud slurp.

Instinctively, and with a lustiness that overcame shyness, we all squirmed around to face the other way, taking and offering cock all around the Daisy Chain. It was spectacular!

Pete's cock was the equal of Rob's, but he was oozing quarts of syrupy pre-cum, to my extreme delight. His cock tasted a bit like the beer from Chuck's mouth, but I found that to be almost overwhelmingly stimulating, as though I was discovering how Chuck would taste were I to kiss him just now, and yet confirming clearly that Chuck was indeed sucking cock, too. I felt I was at the very pinnacle of passion. I knew I would explode at any moment.

Just then, the sergeant, with equally slurping noises as he came off of my cock, announced, "Com'on, one last shift." We quickly changed back to our original positions. It was somehow amazingly comforting to snuggle between the sergeant's muscular legs and slide my lips over the moist, spit-and-beer-coated tube of virile hardness that awaited me, while aiding in the downing of my own rock-hard cock by humping my hips at Pete's eager face in my crotch.

As I felt Pete's mouth re-attach itself lustily, sliding my cock in deeper than before, as if practice on Chuck's cock had helped open his throat to mine, I knew that this was it! I was going to come and nothing was going to stop me.

Pete hummed excitedly on my cock. He's cumming! I thought, and my orgasm began its fireworks, sending waves of electrical surges throughout my body and generating currents and explosions in my abdomen that culminated in bursts of sperm spraying into Pete's energetically sucking mouth.

Instantly, my mouth was filled with cum! Sarge was cumming at the same time as Pete and I. I made a feeble effort to look around, which was tricky with such a big cock blasting off in my mouth, but I saw, and I heard, that all of us were bucking and humping as energetically. I was convinced that my first Daisy Chain was culminating in complete success, with five synchronized ejaculations! This realization seemed to fuel an even greater response from me and I had one of the best orgasms I've ever had. And certainly one of the very most memorable!

There seemed a great reluctance to break the chain. For a while, I thought we'd be going for another run at the gold, but, finally, Sarge said, "Man! What an experience!" It signaled the completion of our act. We broke apart and sat up, cross-legged, naked, in a circle on that terrifically comfortable rug, grinning at one another.

Sometimes words just aren't necessary. This was one of those times. We sat together in a post-orgasmic glow of warm emotion and said nothing. Each knew without saying it that we'd done something special. Something rare. Something perfect. Something we'd remember for the rest of out lives, no matter what. That shared silence seemed to imprint the memory indelibly on all of us. A great swell of emotion filled my breast.

Finally, it was Bill who broke the silence. "Fuck! That was GOOD!" he shouted. It may not have been the most eloquent way of expressing our feelings, but no one disagreed.

* * * * *

As we were getting ready to leave, a little later that afternoon, Sarge found a quiet moment alone with me and said, 'You be sure to come back. I want you more than I want any of the others."

It was flattering in a way, but I correctly suspected he had basically said the same thing to each of us. I told him I thought we all ought to try this again, the next time we had a pass, and he readily agreed.

We did go back, a few weeks later, when we had the chance, but the sergeant was already sitting at a table with four other, young recruits, all grinning like cats. It made us realize reluctantly that one of the toughest things in life is to go back to try to recapture a perfect moment. I guess that's why we have memories. We had a beer and then left in hopes of finding some excitement somewhere else. After all, the four of us had each other. We didn't need the sarge.


Jack Sofelot


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