I agreed to be a gay dungeon slave but i became nervous as I signed my dungeon slave contract as soon as i signed it i was stripped naked & put in bondage gear I moned nervously as I crawled down the hallway on my hands & knees that's write bitch thay said welcome to the first day of the rest of your life my ass was spanked hard I gave out a muffled scream from behind the gag as we entered the dungeon full of guys like myself getting fucked like little bitches .

I was paraded around the dungeon & made to confess infront of everyone that I was now a sex slave that I agreed to be a fuck toy thay all laughed as I was taken by surprise oh fuck I yelled out as I was spanked & chained to a fuck bench I was given an enema I began to suck cock i felt like such a whore sucking cock while my ass got pumped.

Then I realized as the enema machine was turned off I was surrounded by hard cocks one after the other thay fucked me & I sucked lots of cock and drank load after load of cum I thought my session was over as my chains were undone I was covered in cum all I could taste was cum but i was carried across the dungeon gagged & put in a sling I moned & mermerred nervously as I seen a guy covering his fist in lube oh fuck I thought as i shook around in the sling moneing & mermerring as thay all laughed.

I had never been fisted before i moned loudly while i shook around in the sling wildly looking at them worryingly as i was restraind my moning became more desperate i could see myself in a mirror hanging from the ceilling in the sling totally naked my cock was hard one of them pulled my head back by my hear and told me i was going to get fist fucked.

I began to mone and mermer lauder & lauder as i realized my fate oh fuck oh fuck oh no no please no fuck please fuck but my shrieks were muffled by a ball gag as i shook around i thought  to myself what have i got myself into im a little bitch .

I new what was about to happen as i looked at them with my eyes wide open giving out a high pitched mone from behind the gag as the fisting began i screemed  from behind the gag oh fuck oh fuck fuck fuck but the only sound was mmmm mmm mm  im fucked now  i thought to myself as my ass was being stretched all i could do was take it then  my gag was removed oh fuck your destroying my ass I screamed out loud thay laughed & said but you like it dont you oh fuck your distroying my ass please please fuck oh fuck was all I could say as I moned while my ass got fisted .

My hands were released I masturbated & cummed allover myself as all the guys cummed in my mouth & face the anel fisting stopped I swallowed cum as thay walked away i looked at myself in the mirror as i lay in the sling like a whore I was a mess covered in cum & my ass was louse with lube dripping out of it I spread my cheeks it was now a gaping hole.

I cleaned myself up & went to sleep only to wake up to being pulled out of bed & carried back to the sling oh fuck oh fuck fuck i yelled out loud as it all began again this went on for weeks until one day I was taken to another dungeon & thay told them my ass had been destroyed I looked up submissivilly with gilt in my eyes thay told me i was a fag whore my ass was spanked hard thene i was taken down a hallway we entered a room full of guys like myself in fuck machines .

this will be your new home I was told as thay chained me into a fuck machine you will be given an enema twice a day & the machine will fuck you six times a day automatically but we could activate the enemas machines & the fuck machines when ever we want plus everytime we got a erection our cock milkers would activate & we would be fed our own cum I signed a form the system was activated thay all laughed as I decided to give myself an enema & then I activated my fuck machine it fucked me hard I drank my own cum.

a sum hours later i woke up in the dark to the sound of the machines powering up as well as all the other slaves moneing as thay woke up the lights turned on the hoses went in our arses then we were pumped & evaquated with soapy water over and over we were all positioned so we had to watch each other the enemas stopped the hoses retracted and lube was sprayed on and up our arses gears moved and  big dildos locked into place we all moned as the machines fucked us harder and harder the cock milkers were humming and sucking away we all cummed a few times .

oh fuck what have i become i thought to myself as the machines powered down and our butts were plugged the lights went out we all slept untill we were woken up by our master its feeding time he said you will be fed this every day a nutriant solution witch tasts like cum so the only flaver you will know is cum we all sucked hard on our cock shapped feeding tubes then one by one our cock milkers started up as we got horny drinking our cum tasting food.

After a few months it became routeen & i noticed we all began to look like girls as our body & facial hear dissapired we were being fed hormones we had grown tits .

all we new was getting fucked by machines & drinking cum we had been in there so long with only each other for company but all we could do was look at each other & mone as we got fucked then half way into a fuckmachine session we were getting fucked hard the door opened a bunch of guys walked in our gaggs were removed & we sucked cock over & over swallowing load after load it was good to taste a diffrent flaver of cum oh fuck i said after swallowing a load as cum ran down my chin only to be gagged & laughed at as i was cummed on by 12 guys thay left us all covered in cum a shower system turned on to clean us off .

the enima machines activatted and we all moned as the shower washed the cum from our skin and our asses got pumped we all new what was next as we could see each others fuck machines powering up but then i was positioned in the middile all the slaves laughed at me as i got fisted oh fuck what have i become i thought .

After we were woken by a enima session the door opened & girls that new us walked in all we could do was mone as thay giggled and laughed at us while our arses got pumped  theres no going back now you little faggets thay said as thay fitted our fuck machines with massive dildos we all mermerred nerviosly one of them nelt down & looked me in the eye and said you've got no chouse darling your a whore now theres no going back I moaned submissively as drool leeked past my gag .

the doldos where the size of baseball bats oh fuck we all moned loudly  shut up bitches weve already distroyed your arsholes this is what you will become  and thay wheelled in a slave that had been passed around for twenty years .

It was then thay looked at me & pushed the old slave across the room oh fuck i thought that'll be me then i seen the other's strapped to trolleys & weeled away as i was oh fuck we all moned & murmured as we were dragged down a long hallway bouncing off the walls we had been in bondage for so long we new nothing else.


Well trained gay slaves well trained fag slaves was displayed all around us bidding was hard the price got higher & higher so then we were aĺl fucked on the action platform buy the highest bidders sold oh fuck fuck what now ooohhhhhh then our new owners gave us a dental plan we all signed it without reading it our teeth were to be removed.

Oh fuck we were all put under we woke up later toothless all groggy & fucked up in bondage everywhere we looked cock sucker was written even on each other's forreds passed out again. 

I must have been out for a long time my mouth had heeled i didn't have any idea were i was but i was restrained in leather gear & there was a slave ether side of me just waking up as one was being weeled away as it was spanked & yelled at in a foreign language.

A girl walked in laughed at us as she attached Leeds to our collars then one by one we were taken to the head job room till we were all in there sucking cock you can never leave she said little cock sucker this fag has been hear for 50 year's she took its tight leather mask off it was an old man cum dribbled out his toothless mouth he's been a brainless whore for so long  he can't talk but he's an excellent cock sucking cum drinking cock sucker that's your future bitch little cock sucker. 

Oh fuck I tried to say forgetting I no longer had teeth so it was just a sexy slurr of jibberish everyone laughed one of the other bitchs I woke up with was spanked hard & taken away strapped to a trolley naked doggy stile screaming & moaning as it was dragged down a poorly lit hallway bouncing off the walls.

You all agreed to this we were reminded.

Oh fuck was all I could try to say as I realized I was next a lead was attached I was dragged away oh fuck fuck please fuck. 

The girl laughed as she dragged me down the hallway bouncing off the walls  with me screaming & moning we went past a room where some of the other's wer being restrained I was Taken outside the light was blinding at first i hadn't been outside for a long time the sun felt good on my naked skin she strapped Into a romote control Fuckmachine gocart I'm gonna drive your little ass bitch she told me as her friend started the moter the hole thing vibrated as thay tightened my restrains my but plug was removed & was replaced with a big dildo all of sudden i was getting fucked up the ass all over the yard.

I could do nothing but mone as I got fucked in full vew as I went by oh fuck fuck fuck! !!!! FUCK ME !!!! PLEASE! !!!! As i was paraded around like a whore in front of women I new it was then I seen them laughing at me i was parked infront of them i could do nothing but mone as I was restrained thay giggled as thay drove me around in circles then it stopped I seen the front gates open oh fuck I thought as thay drove me out onto the street there we're lots of people i was driven up & down the road & back in the gate witch closed behind me 




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