Well the sun is up, bright and shining as usual. Everything seemed normal... That is until I remembered what happened yesterday. I didn't know that the love of my life; kayle... Actually felt the same way about me.

It was 8:30 and kayle as usual, came blowing his horn waiting for me to come out. I grabbed some waffles that mom prepared and ran out the house.

Kayle's car is kinda of one of those new model benz but with heavily tinted windows, so it was really secluded...(Enough descriptions)

I entered the car and he was focused on the road.

" K, what are you looking at?"

"Nothing" he said with an evil smirk on his face.

" Ok... So... How are things with you... And... Life?" I said slightly stuttering.

" Nothing new, just some light has been brought to what was kept away" he said jokingly

" What might that be if I may ask?" I said with a slight grin.

" Look at the time its getting late, we are gonna miss first period" he said as if he was snapping back to reality.

The drive to school was quiet, I don't know if the silence was there because of the fast paste he was going with or it was just that we felt a little weird talking about our 'incident' but it wasn't far from our normal drives to school.

We were there, with 5 minutes to spare.

He grabbed my hand just before I was about to open the door. And said that he asked me to come over for a sleep over at his house since parents were going out of town tonight and he didn't want to be alone. I agreed, but not too quick, because I didn't want to seem too eager.

The periods of school flied pass like the blink of an eye.

After school I met up with my too best friends, sash and cashy and they were asking me a whole bundle of questions as to what he said and what are our plans( I told them about the what happened, they were inquisitive and they know a lot about me so... I spilled the beans). I said nothing new... " I'm just gonna sleep over at his house for the night" I said as I walked away heading towards his car.

"Caen remember!!!" They both shouted, and with their lips they made out the words "use a condom"

I shouted back " vete putas" (get bitches) and they laughed.

I was in the car, he started it, and we were off, and in no time we were at his house.

"Let's pick up where we left of" he said in a serious but seductive tone.

"I have no idea what you are talking about, oh the Calculus... No prob" I said as I rushed out of the car.

I don't know why I do it but I love to fuck with peoples mind. He opened the door and closed it by pushing me against it. I ask what was he doing and I spun and placed him in the position that is was in.

"Caen why are you so strong?" He said with his evil smirk.

"Its kinda twisted, I'm strong for the person who makes me weak" I said as I kissed him.

He pushed me off and said "this time let us get it right".

At this point in time I was really frickin confused. He walk pass me straight, taking off his shirt heading upstairs.

"Follow me" he said sternly.

I followed him like a lost puppy. I lost track of him in the hall. But when I opened the door I was... In awe...

He stripped himself down to his tight fitting black boxers, his chest which looked as if it were sculpted by angels covered in oil, biting his lips, with rose petals all over the bed.

"Let's do some Calculus" he said whilst grasping his crotch.

I was dumb struck! I Was really fucking turned on, I went from flaccid to fully erect in about a second and I'm NOT exaggerating. I quickly stripped down to my undies. And I slowly climbed onto the bed and I sat on him like a saddle.

I dived onto his lips with mine and we kissed of what seemed like all eternity...

His body was so hot with the oil. He lifted me back up to my original position, squeezed some oil in his hands and rubbed it all on my chest slowly and sensually. He then literally threw me off of him and took the position that I was in but he was massaging me and grinding his ass against my now over oozing cock within my boxers. This was beginning to be too much for me. I thought that I was to cum right there and then. But Kayle was on a rampage. He came off of me and pulled my boxers in a flash. He rubbed his hands on my chest which was wet with oil, then stroke my cock slowly, then he slowly swallowed my cock, deep throating, gaging at the same time all wanting more. I raised his head a little and started to face fuck him, slow and steady. I was getting real close to cumming and then he started to suck me really hard, I WAS about to explode...

Stream after stream of hot wet cum was drained into his mouth. When I was done I was completely free! Happy! He got me off better than any bitch ever did.

"That was awesome" I said feeling satisfied. He swallowed all my cum that was in his mouth. The rest was dripping out of his mouth.

" Serviced you now its your turn to service me."

I willingly agreed and started to take of his soaked of precum boxers and began to suck his dick.

" I love your lips but that is not what I'm after right now"

"So.... What do you have in mind?" I said puzzled.

He lifted me to the end of the bed and began to lick my sac then he began to slide his tongue around my man hole. It was a real tease, I began to get hard again. He tongue fucked me wild, like an obsessed maniac. I wasn't myself, thoughts of him fucking me was running wild through my head. He suddenly stopped and went to the night stand to get a condom.

" What the fuck is that? I fucking love you and trust you completly, I want you to.... Fuck me raw." I said.

He dropped it climbed on top of me and we kissed then he said.

" As much as I don't want to hurt you, I think this may be the one time" with an embarrassed like smirk on his face.

" Ok then take it easy on me, I will remember this for my turn" I said laughing.

He rubbed the head of his man tool at the base of my hole, then he slowly began to enter me, I don't know if it was me but when his mushroom entered me I swore I heard a pop. As much as the scenery was of pure love, his entry was of pure pain. I yelled when he went all in, but he hit a spot that was so pleasing that I couldn't ask him to stop, my direct words were...

"Fuck me harder"

His 9" tool was going in and out without stop hitting that spot!!! His dick tensed up and he spewed wad after wad of cum in me. He then fell to the bed all exausted.

"You riped my ass, I will tear yours when its my turn" I said in ecstacy.

"Well let me laugh at you while I still can."

"Why?" I asked puzzled.

"Your ass is leaking" he said with that evil smirk of his.

I looked down and I was making a mess with his cum. All that I could do now was laugh. We slowly drifted off to sleep with him spooning me.

We both woke up at around 11 o clock and asked me if I was ready for round two.

"Yeah but this time around, let's have the same players but different places..."

To Be Continued....



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