It had been one of those days. I left for class forgetting it might rain and of course it rained like hell. I was late to my first class, had a guest lecturer in my second class who was as exciting as dead grass. My study group ended up arguing instead of studying. You know the days. Nothing goes well. The vending machine eats your last quarter and not only do you not get the chips, you don't get the money back. By the time I returned to the dump apartment I shared with two buddies I was in no mood for any more problems.

I like my roommates. They are both good guys. We aren't best friends and I like it that way, fewer problems. Sitting in my room I was ready to explode and figured I needed to do something to improve my mood and I knew that there was only one thing that would help. I needed to get the shit fucked out of me.

I had been having sex with guys since I left home for college. It was easy enough on campus to find a hot stud to mess around with and I enjoyed myself a lot, especially the first two years in school. My junior year I finally hooked up with a guy who wasn't a student, he was in his thirties and wow! Why was I wasting my time on guys my age? Older men were like a drug to me. I loved their bodies, their confidence, and their hairy bodies.

What I really loved was how so many of them fucked. They fucked because they liked to fuck. It wasn't about cute or cuddling it was to fuck. And I loved it. Getting pounded by a guy twice my age as he either ignored me or talked filthy as hell, it was heaven for me.

A couple of guys had been into tying me up and shit like that and it was fun, not really my thing, I didn't seek it out but if a guy was into it I would agree. Mostly I wanted to be used like a fuck toy. I wasn't into just laying on the bed like a sack of mashed potatoes. That was boring. I was into it. Sucking cock was fucking awesome. Getting face fucked was amazing. Gagging, my eyes watering, my nose running, feeling like I had been punched because he rammed his cock in so hard and deep, I was totally into it.

Once I started meeting guys who liked this it was easy to meet more. Yep, I had a profile on line and some guys who would hit me up when they needed a no nonsense hard balls deep fuck. I meet their buddies and took the tag team fucks with pleasure.

The guys liked me too. First off, I was easy and a sure thing. Being considered hot, I had a tight bod that I had worked for all thru high school and had kept up the workouts at college. But I looked like one of those really nice boys, an A&E model, the young man the daughter brought home from college to introduce to her family in those stupid TV movies. My looks and my appetite for sex turned a lot of men on.

Sitting in my room, and checking out any mail on my profile I was bummed to see the only hits were from guys I had no interest in. Yes I was picky. I liked the guys over 30, preferred guys over 40, I liked them hairy and I liked them beefy, muscular and all top. Typical for these sights, I had written what I liked and clearly said I wasn't into young guys or fat guys and couldn't host. Plenty of guys would send a wink or a hi who failed all three, I deleted those messages. Updating my tag line I said I was looking for a hard fuck and then I sent out a message to the guys I would get together with once a month or so. It was a simple message. I wanted to get fucked, hard and was ready to take it from more than one guy. Hard, rough and messy.

It was early, barely four, so I knew it would be a while before anyone got back to me. Still in a mood I dressed and went to the gym. Working out would help calm me down, I loved working out, and I had time to kill. When I returned home I showered, cleaned out my hole and had a protein shake. No, not cum, an actually protein shake, I knew once the evening started I wouldn't have time to eat and I knew I would need the energy.

Checking my profile I had several messages, most of them thanking me for thinking of them but they were busy. However there were two hunks who were interested in meeting up. I replied to them and said I was really in a mood and would love to have a couple guys fuck the hell out of. Both of them responded and their messages were almost identical. Each stud had a buddy and they would be glad to pummel my hole. My dick started to grow.

Feeling like adding to me list of things I had done I sent them a message saying I had two other guys who were up for it and if they were interested and one of them hosting, I would like to have all four of them ravage me. The thought turned me on and I was hard. I had done three ways and loved them. But never had three guys, not to mention four, taking their lust out on my hole.

Turned out it was going to be my lucky night. They were up for it, plans were made and an hour later I was at Roger's door ready to have four hot men enjoy my body.

Two of the guys had fucked me several times, their buddies were new and I was not disappointed. None of them were particularly handsome. Their faces were rather normal. But they all had been hitting the gym for twenty to thirty years, they were stocky, strong and hairy. They were not working out for a beautiful gym body, they worked out for the love of it or because their jobs were physical. And the best part, they were all over 40, one of them mid fifties.

We were in Roger's basement where he had a simple playroom. Nothing really kinky, but it was set up for fucking. The guys passed me around and pawed at me, kissed me hard and deep, squeezed my ass, groped me until I winced and made sure it was clear, they were in charge. What got me rock hard was when one of the new guys reached around me, pulled me into his body, his hand on my ass and raised me off the ground and said "I'm gonna fucking rape your ass boy."

My cock was instantly hard and my breathing increased and my throat went dry. "What?" I mumbled.

"Your ass is mine boy, I am gonna rip you apart. You want that don't you?"

I was actually shaking. I was so turned on I couldn't stand up. I nodded.

"What? Speak up boy. Tell me you want me to rip your ass up, fuck you like a cheap whore."

My entire being was alive with lust. Yes! Yes! That is what I want! I was to be fucked like a cheap whore! My thoughts were crazy.

"Speak up boy or you aren't getting anything." He demanded.

"Yes." I stuttered. "I want it."

"Not good enough. Tell me you want me to own your ass."

My heart was pounding. I did want it. "Please, pound me, use me. All of you, rape me."

The smirk that grew on his face was delightful and dirty and I knew this was going to be more than I expected.

From behind me a hand grabbed my shoulder and soon I was on my knees and a cock was presented. I opened to take it and the face fucking began. They were perfect. All four of them took turns face fucking me, I was gagging, sweat blinding me. My face was covered in spit and tears and sweat. They pulled me to my feet and roughly pawed at my ass, spreading my cheeks and shoving their fingers in. When and how my clothing was removed I couldn't remember, all I knew was I was completely naked, my chest wet with sweat and my own saliva and my cock was rock hard.

They pinched and twisted my nipples as I yelped from the pain. They grabbed and pulled and smacked my cock and balls as I begged for them to stop. Pre cum was running from my cock. As they continued to assault my body I was so turned on I couldn't stand it and shot my load. Obviously that wasn't acceptable, one of them punched my in the stomach. I doubled over and ended up on the floor catching my breath.

Once I could breath I stood up and begging them to fuck me. I was so turned on that even the sucker punch didn't ease my hard on. I was a mess. Covered in sweat, my hair plastered to my head, saliva all over my chin and chest, read, swollen and shaky, I looked terrible but was so damn excited. "Please. Please, Fuck me, all of you. Ruin my hole." And I meant it.

Roger bent me over the mattress and spread my ass open and did what I asked for. He plowed his cock into my hole, to the balls, hard. I screamed. He pulled out and did it again. I screamed again. And again. And again.

They took turns. It hurt beyond words the first fifteen times or so that one of them speared me with their hard cocks. Then something happened. The pain turned in pleasure and I was begging for it. Cock buried in my ass and down my throat the four men, in their beefy, hairy sweaty beauty, fucked me until all four came, two down my throat, the other two, shit I never knew where their loads ended up. When they were done I was beyond exhausted. Covered in sweat and looking like shit I was spent, sprawled out on the mattress. Roger brought me a Gatorade.

It took a while for me to come down from the high of being used so hard, so roughly and so well. The two guys thanked me a left. Roger and his buddy hung out for a while, having a beer making sure I was ok. His buddy left and Roger helped me up the stairs and into the shower. My legs were unable to hold my weight so he showered with me and helped me clean up.

He was completely different now than he had been in the basement. This was typical of him. When I would arrive it was all about the sex and him being in control. Afterward he was kind, making sure I was all right and leaving on a good note. This time he placed me on his bed. "Jay, you should spend the night. You still look like shit. Your roommates will not believe whatever story you give me."

I smiled. He didn't cuddle with me. I rolled to one side of the bed, he left the room. When I woke the next morning he was not there but it was clear he had slept next to me. My body was still tender, my ass was sore and I was relaxed and happy. Roger was in the kitchen reading the paper. "Good morning. You slept well."

"Morning Roger. Yeah I did."

I had a cup of coffee and we chatted about the fuck fest from the night before. With all honesty I told him that it was beyond what I could have hoped for and would gladly do it again.

On my way home I knew my future. I knew I would be one of those guys getting fucked hard. I knew I would learn to enjoy a sling. I knew I would have those huge dildos in my hole. I knew I would take a double fuck. I knew I would be fisted. Shit. I knew my future sex life was never going to be romantic and loving, that shit bored me. I wanted sex to be rough, hard, noisy, messy and most of all frequent. My cock started to grow as I thought about it. Entering the apartment I had a huge smile on my face. My roommate asked why I was smiling. "Because I know what I want to do after I graduate." I said and went into my room.



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