Maybe it was their mood in general or maybe it was what they had been inhaling while laying around Marc's basement while watching television.

After flipping through channels they stopped the search while watching an old black and white pirate film. Some member of the crew had just done something wrong. Other crew members were ripping his clothes while tying him to the ropes.

His back was bare down his buttocks just before you could see his crack. In fact as he moved you could see just the beginning of the asscheeks separation.

The crew member who held the whip was half naked too, his tattooed bulging chest displaying a ring from one nipple.

'I didn't know they let that be seen then' Adam said

'What the crack or whipping?' Marc asked.

'No the piercing' he rubbed his chest through his tank top.

'Hey they showed a lot more in older films when it comes to sex. Hell they talked more about it then too.' Seymour contributed.

The whip cracked and the boys jumped.

'Shit it looks like they actually hit him' Adam said. His hand was still rubbing his nipple through his shirt.

'Did they have a stand in or dummy?' Marc asked.

'Shit' Adam muttered seeing another shot of the whipper as his thick arms bulged.

The marks began to show on the bare back of the actor being whipped.

'God did they really do that?' Marc wondered

'Yea in fact they used to knot the ends of the cat of nine tails so it would cut flesh more' Seymour again jumped in with his apparent knowledge.

The whip flailed its several strands as it landed on the actors upper back.

'Christ' Adam said

A shot of the actor's face showed him grimacing.

'Fifty lashes? God if they did it now, nobody could handle five.' Marc said

'Shit, I could' Adam said

The arguing that surfaced became a dare that they all agreed to.

'I bet you can't take more then three' Marc said 'what do you think Sey?'

A smiling Seymour who always loved these types of dares they did added 'Naw he can take that, but I bet he can't take more then five.'

Adam peeled his shirt off. 'What are we gonna use?' he stood looking around.

'Be right back' Marc ran upstairs.

'Belt' Seymour said, 'wide one can you take that?'

'Hell I take that all the time. My Dad uses one' Adam said

'Here we go' Marc reappeared waving a cat of nine tails.

'Shit where did you get that?' Seymour fondled the strands

'Some movie prop my brother bought. He buys this stuff on eBay. Ready?' Marc flicked it at Adams bare chest.

Adam flinched.

'We need to tie him up somewhere' Seymour suggested

'No guys I'm ok' Adam said.

'No you gotta do it right, use the beams' Sey said 'rope?'

'In the chest there' Marc said

Adam began to wonder if he had accepted a bet he should've as his arms were tied overhead.

'When I say uncle, stop ok?' He said

Marc and Seymour didn't respond as they were tying Adam's hands.

'Pants' Sey said

They unbuttoned Adams jeans and pulled them down.

'Just in case we miss' Marc said patting Adam's bare buttocks 'Ok ready?'

He whipped the cat across Adam's back.

'Oh shit that hurts' Adam said. Seymour and Marc laughed

'One' Marc said 'want another'

Adam held his breath and nodded.

'Two' Marc said as he swung the cat cross Adam's already reddened shoulders.

'Fuck' Adam exclaimed.

'You won't get through this if you do that, you gotta try to relax your body and know it will hurt but just let it happen, don't flex either' Seymour said as he ran his hand from Adam's shoulders down his back to his buttocks. He patted them.

'We have lots of places to work on'

'Three, Four, Five' Marc said using the cat in a quick series of hits.

'Christ' Adam said

'I win' Seymour 'but I'll pay you a dollar for each one you can take' he added taking the cat from Marc.

'Just don't do the same place' Adam said.

'Fine' Seymour began the task of turning Adam's white skin red. He swung the cat on the middle of his back, his buttocks, then back to his shoulders. He used it on each side which made Adam curse louder.

'Fuck man, he's red' Marc said 'you ok buddy?' he put his hand on Adams bare chest. Adam was breathing hard.


'Shit he likes it' Marc said.


'He's got one hell of a boner'

Seymour looked around and saw Adam's hard cock too.

'I bet we can make him cum' Seymour said 'don't worry buddy we won't tell'

'be right back' Marc said.

Seymour flicked the cat against Adams chest and stomach. He didn't complain just muttered 'shit' a few times.

Adam's cock seemed to bounce each time.

'He's drooling' Seymour said to Marc who had returned.

'Who wouldn't?' Marc said

'No, I mean his cock, its flowing out precum like a river' Seymour pointed. 'What's that?'

'A gag, so he can yell as loud as he wants' Marc began to put the ball gag in Adam's mouth. 'Don't worry buddy you can scream with this, don't want some neighbor calling the cops'.

Adam didn't protest as the ball was put between his teeth or the strap buckled tight.

'My brother has all kinds of stuff' Marc explained.

The whipping resumed and Adam did indeed yell into the gag.  Marc lowered his pants so the whip would redden his butt, legs, belly and chest.

The two pulled their own erections out as they watched their buddy suffer and seemed to enjoy it.

'He's cumming' Seymour announced somewhat saddened that Adam's body was collapsing in the ropes that held his wrists.

They untied him and let him move to the floor. After removing the ball gag they asked

'Are you ok buddy?'

He nodded.

'Shit what are you doin?' Marc asked

'He wants this too' Seymour was quickly masturbating aiming his cock towards Adam's red naked body 'don't you buddy?'

Adam looked up and opened his mouth wide as if to catch the future streams of cum that Seymour would soon be shooting.

Marc moved his hand back to his own cock and joined in until both were sending riches of cum across Adam's face and chest.

Adam returned after his trip to the shower. He was still naked and the marks of his whipping could be seen clearly.

Marc and Seymour examined him as they put some cream on the injuries they had given him.

'I think you two owe me lots of money' Adam said as he lay on the couch enjoying his nudity.

'Hell for that orgasm I think you owe us' Marc said.

'Tell you two what, you guys pay for it and I'll get my nipples pierced like that guy on the film.' Adam said pulling on his erect tits.

'Maybe we can head to Palm Springs. I know a place we can stay that will let us tie you outside and everyone can watch us do you gain. We'll make enough money for the trip and get your tit's pierced' Seymour said as his fingers pulled on Adam's tits.

'What will you do for us?' Marc said

'Well I guess you guys know about me now' Adam said as he moved from the couch to kneeling on the floor.

'So I guess it's whatever you want from now on' he said feeling Seymour's hand already on his bare buttocks.

Marc unzipped his fly, 'if you mean it, we'll give you what you deserve again later, right Seymour?'

Seymour had already aimed his hard cock towards his friends butt.



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