I just got home from one of the most surprising encounters of my life. I’d stopped by a buddy of mines house, expecting to watch a Cowboy’s football game. I hadn't seen James since our last golf game in mid-November but we were good enough friends that I could stop by unannounced.
When he answered the door James told me that there's coffee in the kitchen. I poured a cup and Iished it up with a shot of Sambuca. When I found out James's girlfriend, Paige who I still haven't met, was out of town on business I was disappointed.

We watched the first half of the game, all the while, talking about his girl Paige. There were pictures of her everywhere. She was stunning. 

At half time James excused himself to take a shower. While he was gone I had my forth coffee. 

When he returned James was wearing his robe. He sat down in his chair. 

We were sitting opposite, facing each other, across the room. I commented again about how hot his girl Paige was. 

He said, "Dude, can you keep a secret?" 

I said, “Of course.”
He pulled out his lap top and said, “I have a video to show you, one that Paige made for me a few weeks ago.” 

He put the laptop on the coffee table and placed it so we could both see it. 

In the video, Paige walked into his bedroom. As she came into frame, I saw one of the most sexy, stunning chicks ever. She was wearing white knee high socks, a plaid women's golf style skirt, a sheer white, skintight polo shirt and no bra. Her breasts were a solid, full B cup. 

She proceeded to talk to James, telling him this was for those lonely times, when she was on the road. 

Fiona Apple’s first cd was playing in the background. The music very grinding and sexy. 

Paige did a short dance. When she spun, it was clear that she was also not wearing panties. 

Neither James nor I said anything.
Moving closer to the camera, Paige laid down on the bed, with her feet facing the camera. Then she pulled three vibrators from under a pillow. Setting them on the bed, except 1, which she slowly started to tease her clit with, slightly parting her legs for both of us to see. 

I noticed that James had his hand under his robe, stroking his cock.
As we continued to watch this sexy, intimate scene, I found myself getting hard. So I pulled an afghan over my lap and started to rub my cock. Soon I had my pants undone and down past my knees. And if James knew what I was doing I really didn't care. 

As the video continued, James said, "You seem to be paying a lot of attention to my cock.”
I told him, “I didn't realize it was so big.”
He asked, “Am I bigger than you?”
I uncovered my lap and showed him my eight inch cock. I'm about the thickness of a cardboard paper towel roll. 

James is also about eight inches but as thick as a red bull can. 

We were now openly stroking our cocks, watching his girl Paige on video.
He said, “If you want a closer look, it's ok.”
I told him, “I think that we both needed a drink. “

Secretly I was hoping his cock would go limp and that’s exactly what happened. 

When we returned to our seats, we re-started the video. 

When James reached for his cock, I stopped him. Then I got up and dropped to my knees in front of him. With the ‘squeaking’ sounds from his girl Paige’s pussy filling the room, I leaned forward and slowly took his flaccid cock in my mouth. I just held it there, feeling it growing in my mouth. I started to work up and down the shaft, feeling his throbbing cock stretching my mouth. I took his hard dick in deep, sucking and licking his shaft and head as he filled my mouth.
I heard moaning and realized it was me. 

I found myself trying to take it all. I felt the head touching the back of my throat. I kept my tongue moving and felt the saliva dripping from my mouth. Soon his hips were moving, driving his cock deep into my mouth, then almost all the way out and then deep again. 

I felt James’s hands on the back of my head, pulling, shoving his cock deep into my mouth and holding it there. When he started moving again stretching my mouth and pounding my throat. 

I sucked his huge cock for a good fifty minutes. Occasionally, holding it in my hands and running my sloppy tongue from his balls to the tip, then swallowing it whole. As I felt the tension building up, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, OOHHHHHH God I’m cumming” James cried, telling me he was going to cum. 

Grabbing his balls, I quickened my pace, sucking harder, deep throating him like crazy.

I felt his cock jerk in my mouth, shooting over and over, blowing his massive load of hot cum into my mouth. As I swallow I continue sucking his cock until he can’t take it anymore and then I pulled out slightly, letting his last two shots hit my face just above my mouth. 

I still had some of his cum in my mouth so I leaned my head back, using a finger to channel the cum from my face into my mouth. I savored the taste, taking my time before swallowing it. 

I went back to my chair and had James re start the video from where I’d stopped being able or interested in watching.  Then while he watched I stroked my cock, shooting a huge load all over my chest and stomach. 

We had a regular coffee, no Irish…and I drove home wondering how what I’d just done was going to change our relationship. 

The end… 



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