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Joe Binder set his coffee down and picked up the file from his desk. He was relieved to see that it was a single amputee; left leg, just above the knee. Not an ideal situation but he would still have plenty to work with, providing he could reach the guy's head. He picked up his coffee cup and went to stand at the window. To stare, was more like it. A section of the park across the street looked eerily like a place he had been in Vietnam, the way the trees grew and the ground around them, and the vines. A couple of minutes with the view was his way of psyching himself up, putting him in touch with the soldier even before he met him. Joe's job was a love-hate situation; he hated it, but he liked the results he was able to bring about in someone's life.

He turned abruptly, set his coffee down, picked up the file and left the room. At six-two, 240 pounds of muscle, Joe was an imposing figure striding down the hallway. He was in better shape than anyone he knew half his age. Nurses smiled and spoke as he walked by and listening closely, you could almost hear the want in their tone. If they onlyknew. He was cordial and friendly without leading them on, satisfied that he could have any one of them for the asking. Which he wouldn't do. His one indiscretion when he first arrived at the hospital was a lesson learned; when he'd fucked a young nurse in a linen closet. She had all but announced it over the intercom, thus establishing his reputation as a stud. But never again. Not just because of the publicity, but because it left him cold. It wasn't what he was looking for.

He went into room 221 where a young solder sat up in bed against a stack of pillows, a sheet pulled up to his waist, his eyes closed. Joe took a sweeping glance at his bare upper body; yes, he was going to be easy to work with. He had dark hair, buzzed of course, and a rough stubble of beard which Joe suspected was there to make him look older. There was also a stubble of hair on his thick chest with a trail of darker hair down the center of his abs that disappeared into his shorts.

"Conner Price?"

The boy's eyes snapped open. "Yes, sir."

Joe put out his ham like hand. "I'm not an officer so you don't have to call me sir. I'm Joe Binder. I'll be working with you."

"Oh. You're my therapist."

Joe laughed. "Do you think you could work up a little more enthusiasm?" he said. "Therapist is too clinical for me. Let's say I'm your personal trainer."


"Are you ready? Had your shower, and breakfast?"


"Let's go, then," Joe said.

"Do I need to put on a shirt?"

"You can take it with you but you don't have to put it on. Better if you don't, we'll be working in front of mirrors and you'll be able see your muscles working."

The young soldier grabbed his T-shirt from beside the pillows but hesitated, glancing at the wheelchair sitting in the corner.

"They did show you how to get into that thing," Joe said.

"Yeah, but it's over there and I'm over here," Conner said.

"Sounds like a personal problem. What're you going to do about it?"

"Well, it would make it easier if you were to roll it over here beside the bed," Conner said.

"I'm not here to make things easy for you. Another thing, you need to lose the sweat pants."

"Well, I am still a little self conscious about not having a whole left leg," Conner said with some sarcasm.

"Well, we're going to get you over that. The sweats don't hide anything, and they're just going to be in the way. Do you have some gym shorts?"

"I've got my old PT shorts from basic," he said.

"Those will be great. Why don't you change," Joe said.

Conner scooted to the edge of the bed, his triceps and shoulder muscles bulging. He tugged at the left leg of the sweat pants where they were tangled. "I suppose if I lost both legs you would be more prone to help out," he said with sarcasm as he stood down on his right leg.

"Nope," Joe said. "We should get one thing straight. I'm not your nurse. I'm not here to make you comfortable."

"I'm catching on to that," Conner said as he balanced himself and hopped to the locker, holding onto the bed table. He rummaged around in a bag and came out with a pair of deep green--Army green--PT shorts. He hobbled back to sit on the bed but he hesitated a second before he shoved his sweat pants down.

"No need to be shy around me, I'm gonna see it anyway," Joe said. "And I've seen it all....oh...." He laughed. "Well, maybe I haven't," he said as he saw that the young soldier was going commando. "Damn, I know guys who would give up a leg to have what you've got between yours."

"If I ever get to use it again," Conner said.

Joe reached out and took the sweat pants as Conner was pulling the shorts on. "No reason why you shouldn't," he said.

"Yeah, right, like who's going to want a one-legged guy?" he said as he swung himself around on the bed and stood down on the other side. "If I was already married it'd be different, but you have to attract a girl first in order to get her to marry you." He hobbled over to the wheel chair, turned it around and sat down hard in it and laid the T-shirt over his left leg. As he rolled past, Joe grabbed the handles to push him.

"I got in this thing by myself, I can power it by myself," Conner said in a surly tone.

"I know you can. I just want to show you I'm not a total prick," Joe said. As they were rolling out the door, he reached down and took the T-shirt off of Conner's leg and draped it over his shoulder instead. "It's nothing to be ashamed of," he said.

In the rehab room Joe pushed the wheelchair to the far end past the gym section where the weights and benches and all kinds of workout equipment were located.

"I thought we would start out in that part," Conner said with a wave toward the gym equipment as he was being pushed through the other part of the room.

"That'll be later, when you get your new leg," Joe said.

"And when will that be?"

"I don't know, that's not my department. That will be up to your doctors. My job is to get you ready for it." He turned the chair around at a small table then sat back against it. "Look, I hope we didn't get off to a bad start back there."

"No, I would say we laid down the ground rules," Conner said.

"Good. Now, I want you to tell me what you hope to accomplish here; what your goals are."

Conner looked down at his legs but didn't reply.

"You must have some expectations," Joe said.

"I don't know if expectations and goals are the same thing, but....well, it's probably impossible, but if you really want to hear it......."

"I do, and without the word impossible. That word never got anybody out of here," Joe said.

"My ultimate goal is to get back with my unit and finish the job we started."

Joe nodded thoughtfully.

"You don't think that is possible," Conner said.

"I do, but the brass will have to make that decision. I promise I will do my best to help you make your case. So, you keep that goal in your head. But it's going to take a lot of smaller goals to get you there. I don't know if you remember it or not--you were just coming out of sedation--but you said to me, with tears in your eyes, I just want to be the man I was. Do you remember that?"


"Well, that's what you told me so we're going to build on that. And quite frankly, you don't have that far to go."

"What do you mean? That far to go for what?"

"Getting you back to the man you were. You're in excellent shape. You're going to make my job easy. Now, do you want to hear my goals?"

"You've got goals for me?" Conner asked.

"Damn right. It's pretty basic, really. I'm guessing you were a jock in high school."


"And a chick magnet, no doubt," Joe said.

Conner frowned through a smile. "I did all right, I guess."

"Better than all right. You lost your virginity before you were legally old enough to fuck, to an older woman. Would I be right?"

"How the hell do you know that?"

"Wild guess. How old?"

"I was sixteen, she was nineteen. But that was then, this is now," he said, motioning to his leg.

"And now, we're going to get you back to then, both mentally and physically. So here's the guts of my goal, pretty simple, really.... to get you to the point that when you go out in a pair of shorts the girls aren't going to even notice your prosthesis, and even if they do, they're not going to care."

"I don't know about that...if I'll be wearing shorts in public anymore," Conner said.

"Why not?"

"I don't know, I just don't....well, for one thing, my legs aren't the same anymore."

"Well, hell no, one of them is half gone," Joe said.

"I meant my left thigh is smaller than my right."

"We can fix that. Squats might be a bit iffy, but other than that, you can do......"

"You expect me to do squats?" Conner said, surprised.

"Of course. I see guys with both legs doing one legged squats all the time. We're not going to discriminate against you just because you have one and a half legs. As I was saying, you can do most all of the exercises you did before to develop your legs. I said you were going to make my job easy. You obviously already know your way around the gym, that's why we're starting here." He smiled. "Yeah, we're going right for the weights. I just wanted to get your reaction when I rolled you past them. You didn't like being pushed past the gym, did you?"


"That's what I wanted to see. So today we're going to try all the equipment and see how you handle each one, then I'm going to set you up with a workout schedule and exercise routines. Then I'm going to leave you pretty much on your own. I'll monitor your progress. I'll be around to answer questions and give any assistance you need, and maybe kick some ass if I think you're slacking off. How does that sound?"

"Okay except for the ass kicking part. You won't have to do that, I don't slack off in anything I do," Conner said.

"No, I don't expect you do. So, let's get started."

Joe directed him from one machine or station to the next, making notes along the way. Conner pushed himself to the first station in the wheel chair but when he got out of it Joe pushed the chair out of the way, and Conner had to move to the next station on his one good leg. Joe observed the soldier's bulging chest muscles as he pumped the reps out on the pec deck.

"You weren't down and out long enough to lose much muscle mass. You look great," he said.

They left the squat rack till last. Joe watched the young soldier carefully for his reaction when he pointed him to the rack.

"You're serious. You want me to do this," Conner said.

Joe shrugged. "Are you telling me you can't?"

"No. I've never done one legged squats before."

"Do some warm-ups first, with just the bar, to get your balance," Joe told him.

Conner maneuvered himself under the Olympic bar and gave it a little twist to release it from the safety lock. Then he slowly bent his knee and went down. He sucked in a deep breath of air and started back up but his leg buckled. He instinctively used his other leg to assist and lost his balance. Joe quickly clasped his hands around the boy's tight waist and helped him back into position.

"Fuck!" Conner swore under his breath as balanced himself on his good leg again.

"That's a natural reaction," Joe said. "But that leg's not there."

"No fuckin' shit," Conner swore. He took in another deep breath and gathered his strength, focusing on his good leg. He shoved up and went up easily.

"See, you've got the strength, you just have to find your balance. Your brain doesn't know that leg's not there, it's still sending messages to it," Joe said.

Conner did several more then asked for some plates on the bar. Joe put a ten pound plate on each end.

"I can handle more than that," Conner said.

"I know you can, but I want to see your balance first," Joe said.

Conner pushed out a half dozen squats then stood still till Joe added two more plates.

The squat machine was the last on the list. Joe checked it off and pulled Conner's wheel chair up for him.

"You said two things today that I want to address," he said as they were going back to his room. "You said you didn't expect you would be wearing shorts in public again. And when I made that remark about your cock you said, yeah, if I ever get to use it again. Both negative. I can't and won't work with negative, only positive. The secret to wearing shorts now, is not to wear the long baggy ones that go down over your knees. All people will see is the one leg of the shorts flopping around and all that does is attract attention to it and conjure up pity. I've seen it time and again. So buy new shorts that strike you about mid thigh, so your thigh muscles show when you walk. People see that, they'll look at you with admiration. Girls get a look at those thighs, they're not going to bother looking any further down, they're going to be wondering what's between them."

Conner laughed. "I wasn't expecting this kind of pumped up pep talk as part of therapy."

"Call it pep talk, call it advice, just pay attention to what I'm telling you. You're hung like a young stallion, no reason why you shouldn't put it to good use. Shit, there are nurses right here in this hospital who would do you in a heartbeat."

"Give me their names," Conner joked excitedly.

"When the lights go out tonight and you're lying in the dark with nothing but your thoughts to keep you company, you need to count your blessings. That injury could've been a lot worse. It was awfully close to blowing off your balls and that magnificent cock along with them. You've still got everything going for you. You're a good looking guy, well built, and well equipped. Your body is quite capable of delivering the goods if your head tells it to."

"Are you going to give me their names?" he asked.

"No. I'm your trainer, not your pimp. Listen, I've got a volunteer I would like to assign to you."

"I don't need a workout partner," Conner growled.

"No, I mean to help out with changing the weights on the barbell, stuff like that," Joe said. "Besides the inspiration, you would be doing him a favor. He has to put in so many hours of community service at the junior college to graduate. He's doing his here."

"Okay if you think he'll inspire me, and if he stays out of my way."

"No, I meant you will inspire him."

Chapter Two

As Told By Todd

I'm Todd Miller. I go to the community college. I'm doing a student internship at the hospital as my community service requirement. I showed up at hospital at 10:00 a.m. and reported in to Joe, my supervisor. Without a word, he handed me a clipboard and gave me the room number to go with it.

I reviewed the chart as I walked down the hallway. I went into the room to find this incredibly good looking young guy sitting up in bed wearing a tight T-shirt and Army green athletic shorts and a sneaker on his one foot.

"Are you Corporal Price?"

"Conner. You must be Todd," he said, putting out his hand. His grip was like a vise, his upper arm the size of a grapefruit. I was going to like this assignment. "Are you ready?"

"I've been waiting on you," he said.

He scooted over and swung his leg over the edge of the bed and stood down. I pushed his wheel chair over to him.

"I don't think you're supposed to do that."


"Push my wheel chair over to me. Joe wouldn't do it."

"I guess I'm not supposed to push you in it, then, either," I said.

"No, I go under my own power."

"Well, you shouldn't have a problem with that," I said, referring to his powerful shoulders and arms.

We walked/rolled together down the hall toward the gym. I'd read the notes of Conner's remarks to Joe and I took note of the people we passed in the hall, how they looked at him. The staff was all friendly and upbeat. Not one even glanced at his leg when they spoke.

"I don't know if you've been noticing the people passing by, but nobody gives a fuck about your leg," I said rather dryly. Joe had said I shouldn't treat him with kid gloves. He looked up at me with a scowl. "Everybody that's spoke hasn't even glanced at your leg," I said.

He didn't say anything. Maybe it was a dumb thing for me to say. I decided to try again, using a different approach.

"Listen, if there's anything you need that I can pick up for you......."

"If you don't mind, I could use a jockstrap. They don't have them here."

"What size?" I asked.


"Are you sure?"

He frowned and scowled again. Another dumb thing to say. "Yeah, I'm sure. I think they're sized by waist size, not what you're packing in the pouch."

The workout went well. Conner was more determined than I thought he would be, from Joe's notes. He worked up a good sweat toward the end, and asked if he could take his shirt off. He said Joe let him work out without a shirt.

"Sure, if Joe said it's okay, it's okay," I said. I had to catch my breath when he peeled his shirt off. Fuck, he was built! His upper body fairly exploded out of the waist of his PE shorts. I got all jittery inside watching him perform the last few exercises.

"There's a shower back there, doesn't look like it's being used. Make a note to tell Joe I would like to use it, will you?" he said.

"Does it work?" I asked.

"I don't know, I never tried it."

"I'll go see." I went into the locker area and tried the shower. The heads spit and hissed and spewed brownish water but then put out a good spray of clear water. The shower itself had been kept clean. I went back out and told Conner it worked. "Do you want to take a shower?"

"Hadn't we better check with Joe first?"

"I'll take the heat for it," I said.

"I didn't bring my stuff."

"There's soap in the dispenser. I'll round us up some towels."

"Us?" he asked with that funny scowl again.

"Yes, I can't let you shower by yourself. I'll have to be in there with you."

"I shower by myself in my room."

"But you've got a call button in there. There's no call button in the shower."

"But you'll be right outside," he said.

"No, I'll be in there with you."

"Okay, then, let's do it," he said, and headed back to the shower.

"You can strip down but don't get in till I get back with the towels," I told him. I rushed to linens and got three towels, one for him to stand on. I returned to the shower and slid the latch on the outside door. Conner was sitting on the bench, naked, hunched over, grasping the edge with both hands. He stood up when he saw me. I almost fainted.

"Holy shit!" I blurted before I could catch myself. He had the biggest cock I'd ever seen or even imagined. I quickly recovered, a bit embarrassed, and apologized. "Sorry about that double take. I wasn't expecting....that."

"What were you expecting?"

"Well....something a little more within the normal range. Sorry."

"It's okay, I'm used to it."

"I don't know how you ever get used to carrying that around," I said as I began taking off my clothes.

"Same way I'll get used to not carrying one leg around."

"How'd you lose it, if you don't mind me asking?"

"IED. But there was sweet revenge; the fucker blew himself up planting the next one. I hope his seventy virgins are all skin-and-bones ninety year old hags with syphilis. Personally I would rather have one young virgin here while I'm alive."

"You shouldn't have any trouble finding one." I was down to my briefs and I was almost shy about taking them off for the moment of comparison. But I did and managed to stand proud when I straightened up. I'm pretty big myself, but not the size of Conner. I started to help him into the shower but he shrugged away from me and hobbled in on his own.

"Okay, but you can't hobble around in the shower and take the chance of slipping on the slick floor. I've got to be right with you," I said with great authority. I was close behind, ready to grab him. Fuck, how I wanted to grab him. I just hoped I didn't have a homophobe on my hands.

I let him have the shower spray but I stayed close by him at the perimeter of the spray, ready to grab him if need be, but I didn't touch him.

He adjusted his shower to suit himself. Just then he twisted around on his one leg to reach the soap dispenser and lost his balance. I caught him and held him till he was steadied on his leg.

"Tried to use the leg that's not there," he said sheepishly.

"That's the reason I can't let you shower alone." My voice was hoarse and I felt suddenly panicky. My arm around his muscular upper body made me tingle where I didn't need to be tingling right then. Don't get hard, don't get hard, I kept saying to myself. When he was steady I turned a little away from him and adjusted the water a little cooler.

"You mind turning that back to warm till we're ready to get out?" he said.

"Okay, sorry." I turned the water back to warm. When I turned back to face him the panic and the tingling got worse. Conner had soaped up the hair around his manhood and was washing his meaty cock and his balls and between his legs, all of which had caused his cock to fluff up even more.

"I've always had strong legs, but one leg gets tired more easily when it has to do all the work," he said.

"Do you need to lean on me for support?"

"No. I just want to finish up and get out and sit down to dry off."

"I'll bring a chair in next time," I said.

"No, this leg has to get used to doing double duty till I get my other one. Don't worry, it'll get stronger, I'll see to that."

"It looks like it could move a tank," I said.

When he was rinsed off I followed within inches as he exited the shower. I tossed him a towel then spread another one on the floor in front of him.

"You know, there's nothing wrong with letting others help you," I said.

"I'll accept help when I need it," he said.

Watching him dry off was another beautiful moment, all those muscles rippling and dancing. He seemed completely unaware of his attributes. We got him back to his room and in bed. It bothered him that he was so tired from the shower.

"You have reason to be tired, you had a good workout," I said.

He scoffed with a snort.

"Have you always been built like that?" I asked.

"No, I used to be pretty skinny."

"I rest my case. Give your body time."

Later Joe asked me how things went.

"Good. He's a stubborn fucker," I said.

"Stubborn, or determined?"

"I think they are one and the same for him."

"One fuels the other," Joe said.

"By the way, he used the shower in the gym," I added.

He raised an eyebrow. "You can't let him do that. Not yet."

"I was in there with him," I said.


I didn't know if Joe liked it or not, but he didn't reprimand me for it.

The second or third time I worked with Conner he asked me about the jockstrap, if I had forgotten it.

"No, I ordered a couple but they haven't come yet," I said.

"You ordered them? You can buy a jockstrap about anywhere," he said.

"You couldn't get one here," I said.

"Okay, but......"

"I'll pick you up one tomorrow, till the other ones come," I cut in.

I bought him a Bike at a sporting goods store. I would give him the other special ones later. The next day I tossed him the jockstrap as I walked in the door. He snatched it out of the air with a "Thanks" and laid it aside.

"Don't thank me, put it on, we've got work to do." I would've hated seeing him wear a jockstrap except that he wore his shorts under his workout shorts and a jock would be better than that.

He picked up the package and fumbled with it before he tore it open. It was like he was stalling.

"What, you've never put on a jockstrap in front other guys?" I chided him. "You lived in a barracks, for chrissakes."

"No privacy in a hospital is different somehow than no privacy in the barracks around other marines."

"Do you want me to go gather up a bunch of guys and bring them in here to make you feel more at home?"

He gave me the finger and scooted over to the edge of the bed to pull off his shorts. I pulled the curtain but stayed inside it with him, I didn't care how it looked. He peeled his shorts down and took them off and put his foot through the jockstrap. He pulled it up and put his other leg through the strap.

"That's looking good," I remarked, nodding to the stub. He gave me a sharp look and I laughed. "Your leg, I mean."

He pulled the jockstrap up and lifted his manhood to tuck it inside then stood down and hobbled over to his locker to get his gym shorts. The sight of his butt framed in the straps made my mouth water. I wanted to tell him everything was looking good, but I didn't.

Chapter Three

After a couple of weeks of working with Conner he was getting more comfortable with me, even in the shower, mainly because he didn't really need me in there all that much. But I was still there, partly because I wanted to be. I liked the view, and I was constantly trying to figure out some way of making a move that wouldn't get me in trouble or get my lights punched out. It worked itself out; one of those fluke things that I had nothing to do with except I took advantage of it.

We were in the shower after putting him through a grueling leg workout. In addition to one-legged squats I had him on the thigh machine working the quads of his left thigh. It was awkward but he did it. Both of his legs were getting a lot stronger and he was really learning to maneuver on the one. Anyway, he got a little too confident and too active in the shower and lost his balance on the slick floor. I jumped to grab him and steadied him against the wall till I was sure he had his balance.

"You're still soapy," I said as I leaned my upper body away from him to let the shower spray down between us, but I kept a tight hold around his waist, keeping our lower bodies pressed together. That meant my manhood smashed against his. He didn't fight me. Those few seconds proved to be fatal. The tingling rushed to my loins and I started feeling lightheaded and bold, and not thinking straight. It was like my gayness suddenly took over and I found myself pressing harder against him, the water still sheeting over both of us.

"I'm okay, you can let go," Conner said hoarsely, with a twinge of panic in his voice.

But I didn't let go. We were face to face and I was still holding him tight, and it wasn't to steady him. I saw panic in his eyes as things began to register.

"Hey....what're you doing.....? can let go of me, man."

My knees were buckling under me and I didn't try to stop them. "Let me do this. You need it," I said hoarsely as I slowly sank to my knees in front of him. All the way down I kept my eyes locked on his; leaving no doubt what I intended to do.

"Hey! Fuck, man, what're you doing!"

By that time I had hold of his cock and was rubbing it against the side of my face as I nuzzled into his crotch. His fingers dug into my shoulders like talons, like he was going to push me away.

"Look, man, I don't do this shit," he said as he did try to push me away, trying to balance himself on his good leg. But I held my ground and took his cock in my mouth. "Awwwhhhh, Fuck!" he cried softly as he fought to prevent me from doing what I was determined to do.

I clasped my arms around his butt and thighs and held him tight as I defiantly began sucking his cock. It felt enormous in my mouth, I could see my lips distended something awful around its girth and I could take barely a third of it in my mouth without choking.

We struggled for a few more seconds but then I could feel him backing down and relaxing, partly I suppose, because I had him at a disadvantage balanced on one leg, but I thought mostly because his body was accepting and responding to the long overdue pleasure I was giving him.

Finally, the talon like grip on my shoulders weakened and he just held onto me as I sucked him. Moments later he was responding with gentle thrusts of his hips and moaning softly, till finally he was actually fucking my mouth. It was odd because all the while he was cursing me under his breath.

When I said he needed it, I couldn't have guessed how bad. I could've guessed even less that he was allowing me to do it. His good leg began to tremble and I thought it might buckle under him. But suddenly his hips lurched and he was cumming. He shot off a load that I couldn't believe. It came out of his huge cock in torrents, powerful spurts of thick cum that blasted the back of my mouth and quickly covered my tongue and filled my mouth. I'd never received such a hard, heavy load in my life, and I'd been sucking cock since I was twelve years old. His thigh was shaking out of control and I quickly swallowed his cum so I could speak.

"Go ahead, ease down, I'll catch you," I said as I felt his leg start to collapse. He was still pushing out cum and I gobbled his cock again as I helped him slide down the tile wall so he was sitting on the floor with his legs out in front of him. I leaned over and kept sucking him till he pushed me away.

He sat there with his arms out, his hands flat on the floor, gaping down at himself, his chest heaving as the shower continued to spray down on us both.

"You fuckin' cocksucker," he swore as his shoulders hunched to try to push himself up. I stood to help him but he pushed me away, hard. "I can do it! I don't need your fuckin' help!" he barked.

I stood back at the ready as he struggled to get up. I didn't touch him but I stayed right with him as he hobbled out of the shower to a bench where he sat down to dry off. I didn't know how much trouble I was in; whether he would report me or not. The taste of him still fresh in my mouth, I tried to tell myself it would be worth it if he did, but I really didn't want to lose my job, non-paying as it was.

"Look, I know I was out of line......"

"You think?" he snapped.

"Taking advantage of you like that," I finished. "But I'm not apologizing. It was worth it. Fuck, you are incredible. I would do it again."

"No, you won't," he said.

"No, I won't, unless you want me to, but I hope you won't report me. I'll take myself off your case if you won't report me."

"Just get me back to my room," he growled.

"Yes, sir."

I got him back to his room and into bed, made sure he was comfortable and then I left. At the door I said, "Maybe I'll see you tomorrow. I'll report to Joe first, to see if I'm still on your case." He didn't say anything, didn't even look at me, and I left thinking I probably would not only not be back on Conner's case, I wouldn't have the job.

Chapter Four

The next day I went to Joe's office to pick up Conner's chart. My heart was in my throat when I walked in; I was fully expecting an angry tirade and a firing. I got neither.

"I've read your evaluations, but tell me, how's our boy doing. Really, I mean."

"He's doing great," I said, trying not to sound relieved. "He's really getting around on his good leg, almost like he doesn't know he's missing the other one. I've stopped calling it his good leg, because his other leg is in such great shape too. He's anxious to get his new one."

"I'm talking to the doctors about that," Joe said.

"Has he had any complaints about me?" I asked.

"No. Should he?"

"Well, we've locked horns a couple of times," I said.

He chuckled. "That's going to happen with him, but apparently it's not been anything serious."

Things were apparently okay so I decided to approach Joe with something I'd been thinking about.

"Listen, Joe, I would like to take him out," I said.

"Out where?"

"Out of here, out in public. To the beach, maybe."

Joe thought for a moment then nodded. "All right. I was thinking about doing something like that myself, but since you've been working with him....he probably won't go though."

"We'll see."

I wasn't all that sure he would go either. I wasn't even sure he would want me to keep working with him. He was sitting up in bed, shirtless, reading, when I went into his room. I tapped lightly on the door as I went in and he laid the book down.

"Are you ready to go to work?" I asked cheerfully.

He didn't say anything. He scooted over to the edge of the bed and got his wheelchair.

"I said I wouldn't apologize for what happened, but I will if you want me to. But thanks for not turning me in."

"I didn't turn you in because you're good at your job," he said.

"Thanks. You're easy to work with, finally."

"I had to trust you first," he said.

"Do you still trust me? After yesterday?"

"That took me by surprise. But it had nothing to do with how you do your job."

He was talking but he wasn't friendly; he sounded sullen.

"No 'don't-try-it-again' or 'keep-your-hands-to-yourself' warnings?" I asked.

"I mulled it over in my head for a long time last night," he said. "You were right. I needed it. Really bad. It felt good. I don't think I ever came so hard in my life. But don't try it again. I'm strong enough to deck you if you do."

"I don't want to tangle with you, not that way," I said. "Listen, I've asked for permission to sign you out if you're interested in getting out of here for a day," I announced.

"To go where and do what?"

"To the beach, to check out the women."

"I don't think so. Thanks anyway," he said.

"Joe said you wouldn't go."

"He said that?"

"Yeah. He said you weren't ready, might not ever be," I lied, pointing to my head.

"Well, maybe he's right."

I thought he was giving in too easily. I smiled a tight smile. "For a minute there, I thought I saw some defiance in your attitude."

"For a minute, maybe there was. But he's right. I'm not ready, at least not for the beach."

"When do you think you will be? What has to change? If you're waiting for your leg to grow back, they probably told you that's not gonna happen," I said dryly.

The way he turned away from me, he completely shut me down and I was sorry I'd said it.

"Hey, I'm sorry. That was out of line."

"That's okay, I hear shit like that all the time from Joe. But I told him I had pretty much scratched wearing shorts off my list, I'm sure as hell not going to appear on the beach in a swim suit."

"Okay, instead of the beach, how about we just go for a drive along the beach, maybe end up at my place for a couple of beers."

"You've got a place?" he asked, surprised.

"Actually, it's my parents' beach house, that's the reason I suggested the beach. They're traveling in Europe for the summer so I've got it all to myself."

"Neat. Bet you're having a great time," he said.

"I try. So how about it? You would be at the beach but not on the beach. There's a good view from the deck."

"Well, I wouldn't mind getting out of here for a while," he said.

"Okay, I'll push it with Joe for this Saturday."

"Listen, if I give you some money, could you pick up a new pair of cargo shorts. I mean short ones, mid-thigh. My old ones are too baggy down over the knee, and it just draws attention."

"Sure, be glad to. Any particular color?"

"Dark green or light tan khaki."

"What's your waist size?"

"Thirty one, thirty two."

Joe had already talked to the shrinks about the outing and they thought it was a great idea to take Conner out. They weren't overjoyed about me taking him but Joe convinced them I was the most logical one. Conner wasn't as excited as I thought he would be but he had agreed to go.

I bought the cargo shorts and went one step further. I took them to the seamstress lady at the dry cleaners and had her cut two inches off the legs. I picked them up and took them to the hospital. I was in a rush so I dropped them off for Joe to give to him.

"What's this?" he asked when I handed him the bag.

"New cargo shorts for Conner. He asked me to get him a shorter pair.

"He did?"

"Yeah, he said his old ones were too baggy and they just attracted attention his leg. Don't tell him but I had these shortened a couple of inches."

"You are making progress," Joe said, smiling broadly.

If he only knew how much progress I'd made.

Chapter Five

Conner was ready when I got to the hospital about one o'clock. He'd had his lunch, was showered and shaved and was dressed in a dark blue t-shirt that hugged his muscles perfectly, and the new, light tan cargo shorts and sneakers. I was a little surprised at the shorts. Sitting on the edge of the bed, they struck him about mid thigh; when he stood down they struck him just above the knee, enough to display some awesome thigh muscle. I was impressed with his courage, as well as how he looked.

"You look great," I said as I pulled the wheelchair out of the corner. "You smell great," I added. "We ought to be able to pick up some chicks today."

He pushed the wheelchair away. "I'm not riding in that thing," he said.

"Hospital rules," I said.

"Fuck the hospital rules. I can handle crutches just fine."

"Look, everybody has to exit the hospital in a wheelchair. We'll take your crutches with us in the car."

He relented to that and got in the wheelchair. I grabbed his crutches. At the pickup point he hobbled from the chair to the car and maneuvered himself into the seat and we were soon on our way.

"Those are sharp cargo shorts," I said.

"Yeah, thanks for getting them for me. Why're you doing this?" he asked me when we were turning onto the highway.

"I get credits for community service," I replied.

"That's not the reason. Do you get extra, extra credits for taking your entire day for me?"


"Then it's not the real reason," he said.

"I like you," I said flatly.

He laughed. "Yeah, I kinda figured that out."

"No, I respect and admire you for what you've done," I added. "This is going to sound dumb, but I don't see anything diminishing about you losing your leg. I mean, I hate that it happened, but to me there's something sexy about it; like a badge of honor."

"That is dumber'n shit," he said. "There's nothing fuckin' sexy about having one leg missing. It sure as hell isn't a badge of honor."

"You got a medal, didn't you? A Purple Heart?"

"Yes, but you can get one of those for a Band-Aid injury," he said.

"What about the bronze star?"

He only shrugged.

"That must have taken a big fuckin' Band-Aid," I said, nodding to his leg.

He scowled at me then broke out laughing. "Despite everything, I think that's the reason I'm starting to like you," he said, "You just say whatever's on your mind."

"I don't like to be misunderstood. But why'd you say despite everything?"

"Well, I wasn't expecting a gay intern to put the move on me like you did."

I glanced over at him then turned back to the road, with a tight smile. "You didn't fight me very hard," I said. "With those arms, you could've landed me clear across the shower."

He didn't say anything, just stared straight ahead, like he was sinking into one of his sullen moods.

"Look, Conner, what we did....what I did....doesn't make you gay. It doesn't work that way," I said.

Still nothing.

"Come on, you're telling me you've never had a guy put a move on you? That's hard to believe with your looks and that body, and especially that cock."

"No, I never did, till you," he said, sounding angry.

I let it drop. We were approaching and I drove along the beach real slow. "Looks like a good day for chicks," I said.

"Yeah, I should've brought binoculars," he quipped dryly.

"Why don't we just go down on the beach and get an up close look," I said.

"You said we would be at the beach, not on it. That's what you said," he reminded me. He sounded emphatic about it.


"You said we oughta to be able to pick up chicks today. Do chicks still interest you?" he asked.

"Sexually, no, but I still admire a beautiful woman."

"Most beautiful women want more than just to be admired," he said.

"I'll do the admiring and leave the rest up to you." I turned off to take the narrow road up to the beach houses. At the top of the grade I pulled in under our house which was up on pilings. I got out and went around and handed Conner his crutches. I didn't help him get out of the car. I grabbed the package out of the back seat--the jockstraps had arrived and I'd been waiting for an ideal time to give them to him--then I went ahead to the back of the house that was facing the beach, and waited at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the deck. I could see it was awkward, maneuvering on the crutches in the sand, but I still didn't offer to help him.

"I can bring down lawn chairs if you don't want to go up the stairs," I offered.

"I can manage. It's probably a better view from up there," he said.

"It is. And I have binoculars," I said.

"No shit! That's great!"

I went up the stairs behind him just in case. He didn't even go inside, he settled into a chair on the deck overlooking the beach and the ocean beyond. I went inside and got us some beers and the binoculars. "You can take off your shirt if like and get some sun. Take off all you want, it's private up here."

He took off his shirt and pulled the legs of his shorts up to expose a lot of his thighs.

"I don't have a lot of beer, and I have to find somebody to replace it; it's my Dad's stash and I'm not supposed to be drinking."

"You should've said something. I can get beer for you. I'll do that when we go back," he said.


We talked and drank our beer and I could sense that he was relaxing. I took off my shirt and got us two more beers. I asked a lot of questions about the military and soon he was opening up, even to the point of talking about the battle where he'd lost his leg; a skirmish, he called it. I was surprised, and pleased that he felt like he could tell me such details. There were notes in his file that he wouldn't talk about it. I wondered if he had told his shrink all those details. I asked him.

"No," he said flatly.

"Why not?"

"Because he asked."

"Oh." So I didn't ask any more questions about his legs or about the war. I just let him open up as much as he wanted to.

The afternoon slipped away and was threatening dusk. I hated to see the day end. Then I thought, why does it have to? I asked Conner if he wanted to order pizza."

"Sure, but don't we have to get back? Or are we going to pick it up on the way?"

"Not if I can help it," I said.

I went inside and called Joe and asked him if I could keep Conner overnight.

"No! You should've had him back already!"

"He's having a great time. He's really opened up to me, talking, without me even asking him questions. He's even talked about the war. I think we're really connecting. What's the harm if he wants to stay? I'm not kidnapping him."

"No. You're doing him, aren't you?"

I was taken aback, stunned.

"What?" I swallowed hard. "What do you mean?"

"What part of 'you're doing him' didn't you understand?"

"Look, I....he didn't....he hasn't said anything, has he?"

"You think I just fell off the turnip truck? You and I play for the same team, dude. Or didn't you know that?"

", I sure didn't know that, what if we are? What's that got to do with letting Conner out into the world?"

"Everybody's gone home, it's too late for me to get permission."

"So do something heroic, you grant permission," I challenged him.

"You little fuck, you're going to get us both fired," he growled.

"I've heard it over and over again, we are results oriented in our philosophy of treatment. Has anybody complained about the results with Conner?"

"No, just the opposite. You're doing great with him."

"Then I'll take that as a yes."

"You didn't hear me say yes," he said.

"I didn't hear you say no. Look, we've had a couple of beers, we're going to order pizza. He's really having a great time, Joe."

There was a short pause. "I'm not saying yes, but you make damn sure you have him back here before staff starts arriving in the morning. I'll clear things with the night staff."

I went to the door and asked Conner what he liked on his pizza.

"Everything but fur balls."

I ordered the pizza, with everything but fur balls. The girl didn't get the humor of it. She put the driver on the line so I could give him directions. I asked him if he was old enough to buy beer.'


"Can you pick me up a cold six pack on the way?"


The pizza delivery boy got an eyeful coming up the stairs just as Conner was pulling on his T-shirt and the poor boy didn't bother to hide it; I could see the lust in his eyes for the big Marine. When I paid him and told him to keep the change he didn't even bother to look to see if I'd given him enough money of if I'd included a tip.

We ate the pizza and finished off the two beers we'd been nursing. I didn't offer him any more beer, I was saving it for later, for other purposes besides washing down pizza. As I was cleaning up the pizza mess I dropped the bomb.

"I got permission from Joe for you to stay the night if you want to. Only thing is, we have to be back before staff starts arriving in the morning."

He seemed surprised, and hesitant. "That....wasn't exactly in the plan," he said.

"It's okay if you don't want to. It's really nice out here at night," I said. Suddenly I realized why he might be reluctant. "But I'm sorry, you probably got your fill of sleeping in the sand out under the stars. It's okay, we can go back."

"I didn't bring anything, no change of underwear, no tooth brush......"

"I can sterilize a tooth brush for you, and I'll round you up some of my Dad's underwear." I didn't have much of my own stuff there because it wasn't where I spent most of my time. I had a room off campus.

"I'm not wearing your dad's underwear," he said.

"Well mine would be kinda tight on you," I said.

"That's okay, I'll sleep raw and put these back on."

"Then I take that as a yes, you're staying," I said, without sounding too excited.

"It beats that hospital room," he said.

"Well, there won't be any bombs or rockets or anybody shooting at you."

He nodded without comment.

I took the mattress off the bed and dragged it out on the deck then got the pillows and a sheet and a blanket. Then I went down and closed and locked the gate at the bottom of the stairs.

"That keeps the beach drunks from wandering up here," I explained. Then I went in and got us two more beers. "Good time to get drunk if you want to," I told him."

"It was early but the cool of dusk was settling in and the bed was there so we mutually decided to go to bed.

"I know you're not used to doubling up, I can sleep in the lounge chair," I said.

"No, it's okay, I'm not putting you out of your bed," he said.

"Well, I just know....after what happened....."

"It's okay," he said again as he was peeling off his T-shirt.

I wondered what he was saying was okay.

"The bathroom's straight down to the end of the hallway," I told him. "I'll fix you up with a sanitized toothbrush." He reached for his crutches. I went on in and got a toothbrush out of the bathroom then went into the kitchen to boil water in the microwave to sanitize it.

Outside I checked the skirting around the deck to make sure all the ties were tied then I stripped down to my shorts but I didn't get on the mattress yet. He said he was sleeping raw but I thought I would make sure before I took off my shorts.

Conner came back out on the deck and laid his crutches beside the mattress then pulled his briefs down. He sat down on the mattress to take them off then stretched out, and started to pull the covers up over him. It was the perfect opportunity to give him the jockstraps.

"Here, try these and see how they feel," I said as I tossed him the opened mailing envelope containing the jockstraps.

"What's this?"

"The jockstraps I ordered for you. I don't know if you want to sleep in one or not, but try them on anyway."

He pulled out the two small plastic bags. He looked at them curiously then opened the one containing the red jockstrap.

"I never had a red jock before," he said as he shook it out and held it up. "Oh, Man! It's a Marine jockstrap!" he said excitedly. He held it up and examined the Marine emblem and felt the soft, cotton mesh material of the pouch. "Wow! This is nice. Thanks, I'll wear it with pride."

"I'm surprised the Marines don't issue them," I said.

He was opening the other plastic bag. He had a little scowl when he held up the tiny, plain white swimmer's jock. "I don't think everything's going to fit into this," he said. "Even if it does, the waistband is awfully narrow to hold up the pouch."

"That's a swimmer's jock to wear under a swim suit," I told him.

His expression suddenly changed and he laid the jock aside, not rudely, but leaving a definite message that the garment wasn't going to fit into the scheme of things.

I picked it up and stuffed it back into the bag. "I know you don't think so now, but you will get back into a swim suit," I said.

"I don't think it'll be anytime in this lifetime," he said as he picked up the Marine jock. "I think I will try this on. You tell me what I owe you."


"I'm gonna pay you," he said.

"No you're not."

"I'll figure out something," he said as he set about putting the jockstrap on. I noticed he was getting more adept and comfortable about performing small tasks like that in front of me. He lifted his butt up to pull the jock on and adjusted his manhood inside the pouch. Then he rubbed his hand over the pouch, rather lovingly, I thought, with a pleased smile.

"This feels great. Thanks again. But I think I will sleep naked."

"It looks great," I said. He glanced up at me. "Hey, I'm not gonna be the only guy to tell you that jockstrap looks great, so get used to it. Hell, everybody in the barracks is going to want to know where you got it."

He removed the Marine jock and laid back on the mattress and pulled the cover up.

"Tell me something, do you put everything in your reports, like taking me out and staying overnight?" he asked.

"Well....not everything. But I'll have to include some notes, Joe will be expecting that," I said as I took off my shorts and climbed in beside him under the covers, but with some space between us.

It was quiet except for the distant soft voices along the beach, and the moon was subdued with a haze.

"This is nice," Conner said.

"Yes, I like sleeping out here."

"Bet you don't sleep out here much alone," he said.

"Not when my parents are gone."

"Only with guys? Or do you have leanings toward girls, too?"

"I've had girls sleep out here with me."

"Just sleep?"

"Not always."

We were quiet then.

"I haven't seen a peaceful sky for ages," he said quietly.

There was quiet again, and when he didn't say anything else, I did.

"You can talk about it," I said.

"You won't write up or report what I say?"

"Not if you don't want me to."

He was quiet for a moment longer then he began talking, at a slow pace at first, but his pace seemed to pick up as he went along. Not excitement, but he sounded like he wanted to get it out. At one point, when he was telling about the fierce battle where he lost one of his buddies, he choked up. He laid his forearm across his eyes but I saw his stomach muscles tighten and heave with his silent sobs.

Instinctively, I laid my hand on his stomach. "It's okay, Conner, this won't go in any report either," I said. "This afternoon, this night, will be a one line entry."

He nodded and muttered thanks. I left my hand on his stomach. It was there, it felt good, and he hadn't pushed it away. Hope sprung anew.

"I'll get us another beer," I said.

"It's okay, I've got a little buzz going. Probably the reason I'm talking so much."

"I think you needed to get it out."

"It's out, but it's not gone. I don't think it'll ever be gone."

"I can only imagine," I said, as I began rubbing my hand soothingly on his stomach in tiny circles. When he still didn't protest I widened the circles. I felt his stomach muscles tighten and tremor. When I got low enough I felt the weight of his big cock as it swung around and up and rested on the back of my hand. I was surprised but extremely happy that he was so okay with the progression of things that his body was responding.

I turned my hand over and let his cock lay in the palm of my hand. It was getting harder, and bobbing up and down. I let it for a moment before I finally curled my fingers around it. I moved my hand back and forth and his cock throbbed in my fist.

"I think you need this," I said as I rose up and bent over him.

"Yeah.....I sure do," he whispered.

I brought his cock straight up and leaned down and kissed the broad head. It was slick with his precum. I licked it off, taking time to savor the flavor, then wrapped my lips around the head, locking them snugly around the wide flange while he pumped out more precum. I could see him watching me, intently. He tightened his butt muscles, pushing his cock up through my lips and I went down to meet his little thrust.

"Ohhhhh.....Ohhh, fucker, you are something sent from heaven," he whispered hoarsely.

I smiled a tearful smile at his warm acceptance of me, and began sucking him in earnest. He was cut but they'd left a generous collar and I worked the silken sheath up and down his thick shaft of man meat, and I could feel the veins bulging. This, I decided, would be a night he would never forget.

I rose up and moved between his legs. It wasn't therapy, or a sense of duty that prompted me to lift his legs in my arms. It was desire for this man's perfect, muscular body. I saw him cringe when I brought his left leg up. It felt wonderfully muscular and strong in my arm.

"Man, you've got legs that could move a tank," I said as I hugged his thighs to my chest. Then I leaned my head down to kiss the stub. I wet my lips and let them trail over the rough scars.

"Godd, don't.....don't do that," he choked.

"Let me. Please. I want to, and you deserve this," I said. "It's not out of pity," I said gruffly. "Believe me, none of this is out of pity." I pressed my cheek against the stub. "Listen to what I tell you. You are the most beautiful specimen of manhood I've ever seen, and this takes nothing away from that beauty. If anything, it only adds to it."

"Bullshit. And don't call me beautiful," he said gruffly, swiping at his eyes.

"I have you at a disadvantage, I can call you anything I please."

"What disadvantage?"

"I've got wheels, you're on crutches. And you want your cock sucked. More importantly, I want to suck your cock."

"Okay, I give," he said, laughing.

I began kissing down the inside of his left leg. Conner put his other leg over my shoulder. I kissed down to his crotch then went back up the inside of his other leg. When I kissed back down I avoided his cock and went under his balls heading for his ass. The beach, his mood, the buzz, all made it more likely that he would go for it. Not a chance in hell I could fuck him but I could at least show him the joys of his ass. As I moved down, his leg lay across my back till I shoved them both toward him.

"Hold your legs up to your chest," I said.

"What're you going to do?" he asked.

"Just do it."

I nuzzled my face in his butt and heard him utter a gasp that turned into a moan when I started using my tongue.

"Aww, fuck, man, I never had anybody do that before."

"You never had anybody suck your cock before," I reminded him.

"Only some girls," he said.

"Women don't know how to suck cock," I said, between licks.

"Are you going to?" he asked.

"I'll get to it. I wanta show you this first."

"Ohh....Ohhh, fuck....Awwh, man, you keep doing that you're not gonna have to suck my cock."

"Do you want to cum this way? It's okay," I said.

"If you wanta keep doing it, yeah, I sure wouldn't mind cumming this way. It feels awesome."

"Good. But give me a heads up, I'll take your load."

I was quickly able to gauge him, and I turned it into torture. I locked my face in crevice of his butt and dragged my tongue over his asshole. It made him whimper. As I felt his hole relaxing I dug my fingers in the spongy rim around his asshole and pulled it apart. I could see in the moonlight how it gaped open, winking at me. I flicked the opening with my tongue and he squealed. I heard him stifle his loud groan when I shoved my tongue inside him.

"Oh, my Godd!" he gasped. "Geezuss, I never felt anything like this in my life!"

I edged him repeatedly. I took him up, I let him back down, and I took him up again, then back down, each time just before he was ready to blast off. I kept him on edge till he was probably ready to scream. Till he finally grabbed my head in his big hands and pulled my face up to his cock.

"Suck it! Get me off! I gotta cum, you're driving me fuckin' crazy."

I didn't fight him, not even when he pushed my head down with both hands, forcing his cock into my throat. I endured the near brutal face fucking he gave me with humility and great joy. I was glad to be humbled so by the big Marine. I wish it'd been different but he came in my throat. It was exciting to feel his cock buck and swell in my throat, and I could feel the warm semen gushing deep in my gullet, but I would have much preferred to have him shoot in my mouth where I could taste and savor the sweet nectar before swallowing it.

He really fed me a load of cum. It was a long, hard climax, and he kept my head in his vise like grip till he was finished with my throat. When he let me raise my head and pull his cock free of my throat and into my mouth, I got a wonderful taste of a warm gush of cum on my tongue. I savored it and licked his cock clean before I released it completely. It was only then that I realized his legs were shaking. I let them down and lay down myself with my head in his groin. I was so pleased when he laid his hand on my head.

"I hope that met with your approval and satisfaction," I said.

His reply was, "Fuck, man!"

I smiled as I lovingly stroked his rubbery cock.

"You said I deserved this. Why did you say that?" he asked hoarsely.

"You've done your duty, and paid a big price. You deserve everything good in life for a change, everything that makes you feel good. And I'm honored that you allow me to give you some of that pleasure."

"Thanks, but.....I just don't get the honor part."

"You don't have to. That's mine," I said. "Your part is the pleasure."

"Come up here," he said.

I got up and crawled up beside him where he had a muscular arm extended out for me to lie on. It wasn't comfortable, his muscles were too hard, but I accepted his gesture with gratitude.

"This can't go in any report," he said, flexing his bicep under my head.

"No, just the blowjob," I joked.

He brought his forearm up and got me in a headlock that nearly broke my neck. I tapped out on his chest and he let me go.

"What you my leg....that was something. Do you really think it's....not all that bad? The looks of it, I mean."

"Conner, if you just let yourself believe it....if you stop dwelling on what's not there and focus on what is. Honestly, I think you're the only who even notices you lost part of your leg."

"Yeah, and what do other people see when they see me going down the hall in a wheelchair or on crutches? I can tell you what. They look to see why I'm in a wheelchair or on crutches."

"No, they notice why. They take notice, that's all. What they see is this drop-dead, good looking hunk with incredible arms and shoulders and legs maneuvering those crutches or powering that wheel chair."

"You're good, you know that, for a volunteer, for somebody your age."

"You're good too. I saw your medals. And you're not that much older than I am."

"I want you to write something about this outing in your report. Something for the doctors and my shrink that will reflect a positive attitude on my part. It might help push up the date for getting my new leg and getting me back on duty."

"All right, we'll work on it together."

"And I want to thank you. I didn't like you at first. That's the reason I wasn't so cooperative. But then I realized I was only punishing myself, holding myself back."

"Fuck, why can't you just admit it, you couldn't resist my charms," I chided him.

"Ha! I was ready to punch you in the shower."

"But you didn't."

", I didn't."

"Any regrets?" I asked.

"None that I can think of off hand, but give me time to think about it," he said.

"You're still focusing on who you used to be and you come up lacking. You have to focus on who you are, because you are who you always were."

"I'll have to think about that, too," he said.

"Okay, so now, how do you want to do it?"

"Huh? Do what?"

"How do you want to fuck me? On top, or do you want me to ride you?

He lifted his head to turn and look at me, a stunned look. "What? Fuck you? Man, you really are......"

"Gay," I finished for him.

"Really. No kidding, you really want me to fuck you?"

"If you think you can maneuver it, with your disability and all."

"What disability," he scoffed. "Seriously, you think you can take my cock in your ass?

"Every inch, all the way," I assured him.

"You're on," he said.

"On top or bottom?" I asked.

"You're on bottom," he said.

I was anxious and eager to feel the stud's big cock bursting into my ass and pounding me blind and see and feel those muscles, but I was just as anxious to see how well he maneuvered the deed.

I got up and got the lube and a condom. He took them both but held the condom out.

"Do we have to?"


"Good." He sat up out of the way so I could lie across the mattress.

"How do you want me, on my back or stomach?"


I lay on my back and cocked my knees up. He got between them, standing down on his good leg beside the bed. He set his other leg into the mattress and uncapped the lube. He drizzled some on his cock and when I lifted my legs up he squeezed some into the crack of my ass.

"You've done this before, so I don't have to treat you like a whimpering virgin," he surmised as he moved into position.

"I'm a couple of years from being a virgin, but it would be nice if you didn't torpedo me."

"I've never done this before, fucked a guy's ass, you let me know if I get too rough."

He set the head of his cock against my hole and looked at me, as if asking for the green light.

"You're on target," I told him. He was on target and my ass was tingling.

He shoved and the broad head of his cock burst through my hole with a rip of pain that took my breath away. I was expecting it, yet I wasn't. I think I wanted him so bad I forgot how much it might hurt. But a wince was all I gave it; I didn't cry out. Not till he was all the way in, then it was a whimpering groan of sheer pleasure; even the pain was good. He was hot and thick and alive in there and he was waking up all the nerve endings. He made me shiver all through. Much as I presumed he did with the women he fucked, he barely paused before he started fucking me. He had an oversized cockhead and it dragged along the delicate lining of my ass causing the nerve endings to scream out with pleasure as he drew his cock back through my guts. I sucked in a hard breath and let it out as he shoved back into me.

"Ohh, Godd!" I moaned.

I expected him to ask if it was okay but he only smiled. He knew it was more than okay. He quickly set a steady pace of powerful thrusts and withdrawals. I could tell he was naturally favoring his good leg but the other one wasn't a detriment in the least. The guy knew how to fuck, and he hadn't forgotten how. I suddenly envied all the women he'd fucked.

"Godd, I needed this," he breathed through his lust.

"I can tell," I said. "Your need is my want. How long has it been?"

"Too long. Too fuckin' long. There's not much of this going on where I've been."

"You can have it any time you want it with me."

"I accept your offer. Cause you don't know it, but this is just getting me primed."

"Can I reconsider that offer?" I joked.

He ignored me and kept fucking me. He wasn't brutal or even rough, he was just powerful.

"I'm not close yet, but do I cum in you or do you want me to pull out?"

"Fill me up."

That seemed to fuel his lust even more.

"Fuck, yeah," he growled as he plowed into me with even more gusto.

"Ohhhh.....Ohh, yeah, fuck me, Conner. Fuck my lights out. Ohh....Ohhh....Ohh, man....Godd, Yess! Ream my ass!"

Even in the cool of the night, sweat broke out on his chest and forehead and dripped onto my face, in my eyes and in my mouth. He made a swipe at it but I told him not to.

"Let it drip. It tastes good," I told him, and with that I leaned up and licked the sweat off his chest. He moaned softly when I dragged my tongue across his tits.

"Ohh, wow!" he murmured softly. It was obviously another new discovery and I kept licking them and sucked hard on the left one. He pressed his chest against my face but then rose up, smiling down at me. I didn't think he wanted to admit or show he had those feelings in his tits.

"Never thought I'd be saying this to a guy, but you are one hot fuck."

I choked on my laughter and emotions. It was funny, the way he said it, something you would never expect to hear coming out of his mouth. But it also got to me, that this big, tough combat Marine would express himself that way to me.

He never lost his momentum. It was a long, hard fuck right up to the end when he grunted that he was cumming. He didn't have to warn me. I was braced for it. Braced for the final onslaught on my tender ass, and filled with expectancy of his building climax. He didn't let up even for a stroke. His hard loins smacked hard and loud against my spread butt in a staccato rhythm that pushed little whimpering gasps and moans out of me. Then with one final, hard, pile-driver thrust that jarred my teeth, he buried his cock and shot his load.

I wrapped my arms around his broad, muscular shoulders and locked my legs around his lean hips and clung to him for dear life. I discovered later that I left teeth marks on his neck. His breath heaved in my ear as he unloaded a massive load of semen deep inside me. I felt the heat of him, and could only imagine how it was spurting out of his cock and spreading like molten lava all through my insides.

His breath was coming hard as he fucked me through the final throes. Slowing, he gasped out, "Fuck, man, you didn't cum. I jumped the gun."

"No. No, I didn't! It was great! Fuck, unbelievable! Don't take anything away from it."

"I'll get you off," he said.

"You don't have to," I said.

"I will."

I held him for a long time, and he held me; I hadn't realized that he'd wrapped both arms under me. His hold didn't lessen even when mine did. He kept holding me tight, and I wondered how long it'd been since he'd held another human being like this. Finally he released his hold on me and rose up. The cool air wafted over our sweaty bodies.

"In a word....awesome!" he said.

"In two words....fuckin' awesome," I said. "Godd, you sure know how to fuck."

"I guess it's like a riding a bicycle, once you learn you never forget how."

"I doubt you had to learn. You were born knowing how to fuck."

We both savored the extraction of his cock. My asshole gripped frantically at the head and he had to tug harder to pull it back through my sphincter muscle.

"Fuck, man, you are wide open."

"Let's just hope it closes up," I said.

He crawled up and lay beside me. "Never thought I'd admit it, but you're good for me," he said with a screwy smile that I'd not seen before, and his words surprised me.

I laughed. "Why do you say that?"

"Getting me out of the hospital, bringing me here, then getting Joe to let me stay overnight. This; the sex. You challenge me."

"The last part's true," I said. "I wanted to prove to you that losing part of your leg doesn't mean you can't function as a man. Godd, can you ever function as a man!" I laughed.

"What're you laughing about?"

"I'm just thinking how I'm going to write that up in the report."

He punched me in the chest. "You do and the next time I punch you, I'll break some ribs I know you're always testing me," he went on. "Like when you asked me if I wanted to be on top or bottom."

"You don't know how happy I was when you said I was going to be on the bottom. You didn't hesitate, didn't even give it a thought."

"I didn't have to," he said.

We slept with my head in his armpit and his arm around my shoulder. It was pretty loving for a straight Marine but I cherished it.

I woke up as the day was just beginning to dawn. I sat up and gazed at him. Godd, he was gorgeous. I hadn't realized that I was such a leg man but I was taken by Conner's thighs. He still didn't know his strength in his legs. When I was sucking his cock and he had his legs locked around my head, he could've crushed my skull. I wanted to kiss him....his mouth was so perfectly beautiful. I wondered if God had kept the mold. I glanced at my watch. There was time. I stretched out between his legs on my elbows and began kissing his balls. As his cock began to come to life I kissed up the underside, following the thick seminal vein.

Conner came awake and put his hand on my head. "I should shower first, or wash up," he said huskily.

"You're fine."

"I fucked you last night," he said as if to remind me.

"You're fine," I said again, and pulled his cock upright to take it in my mouth.

Chapter Six

I got Conner back to the hospital early, but just barely before the staff began arriving. The taste of him was still in my mouth. Joe had cleared it with the night nurses so they didn't say anything when I took him to his room. I told the nurse to tell Joe I would be back to turn in my report. Then I went back to the beach house to clean up, wash the sheets and generally get the place back in shape for my parents' return, just in case they decided to come back early. When everything was ship shape I grabbed a Coke out of the fridge and went out on the deck to ponder my report.

"Fuck!" I'd forgotten all about Conner getting the beer. I was in a bit of a panic; I knew how pissy my Dad could get when he was out of beer, and he was going to be twice as pissy that I'd drank it. Maybe Tanner would get me some. Tanner was the lifeguard at the station closest to my deck. I would watch for him.

I sat and scribbled notes on a legal pad that I hoped would form a glowing and believable report that I could give Joe to pass on to Conner's doctors. It would be lacking some critical information, that being his extreme ability to still perform as a total man. That, I knew, was critical in his recuperation but there was no way I could put in the report that he had fucked me. I could lie and say he had performed admirably with a woman. But I had no real proof yet that he could. I wasn't sure his confidence with the opposite sex was restored to that level yet. I decided I should find out.

I saw Tanner walking along the water's edge, coming toward his station. Seeing him sent tiny chills through me. He was tall, lean and muscular, and the way he packed his tiny Speedo swim suit was almost criminal. Even at that distance I could see how the bulk of his manhood shifted from side to side with each step. As he came closer I yelled and waved at him. He smiled and came toward me. I got up and went down the stairs and we met in the sand. I told him my problem.

"Sure, I can get you some beer. What kind and how much?"

I told him my Dad's brand and told him to get two six packs, and gave him some money. He said he would get it after he went off duty and hide it up on the deck.

"Thanks, I owe you."

"Yes you do," he said with a smile.

It was then that I realized he was smiling over the way I was looking at him. My glances at his bulging Speedo had not gone unnoticed.

Tanner was the newest lifeguard on the beach and I didn't know him very well; only to be friendly when we saw each other. I hadn't found the courage to try to take it beyond friendly but I guess I'd just opened the door with the way I was looking at him.

"I'll be around sometime later to collect," he said with a knowing grin.

"All right," I said. I wasn't totally sure what he meant but I didn't think he was coming for tea.

Back at the hospital I begged off with Joe on submitting my report.

"It was a long shot, letting you take Conner overnight," he said with a scowl. "I'm going to need something to substantiate my good judgment to the doctors."

"Delay it. Put them off. Tell them I don't have my report done, which I don't. Let me take him overnight one more time."

Joe leaned back in his chair with his hands clasped behind his head. His big arms bulged mightily, even sexily. He just looked at me. "Did you do him?" he asked finally.

"Yes," I replied without hesitation. Then I got up and closed the door. "I more than just did him. He fucked my brains out."

"You selfish little prick. You didn't have my phone number to call me? How did he perform?"

"Admirably. Awesomely admirably," I said. "Obviously, I can't put that in the report, as a strong indication that he can still function as a man. And I don't know that he can, with a woman. He still believes no self respecting woman is going to want to have anything to do with him. I need a chance for him to prove himself wrong."

"By getting him laid."


"You might be setting him up for disappointment, even failure in that area. His shrink is going to say he should have had the opportunity to prepare him for the return to sexual intimacy with a woman. If it fails, you'll be blamed for setting his progress back, and we both get called on the carpet."

"Bullshit. Nothing his shrink can say is going to prepare him."

"Do you have a girl in mind?" Joe asked.

"No, but I often get female visitors at the beach house. I'm sure any one of them will be more than happy to help Conner prove his manhood."

"She can't know there are any doubts," Joe pointed out. "That would be totally counterproductive if the guy thought she had any doubts about his manhood."

"It won't even come up," I assured him. "No woman is going to look at him with any doubts about that."

"Alright. I'm going to stick my neck out again. But this time is all about Conner. It has nothing to do with you. Understood?"

"Understood." I understood but that didn't mean I was committing to it.

I was surprised the next time I went in to work, to be told to report directly to Joe. He was waiting on me in his office. He waved me in and motioned for me to close the door. I thought I was in deep shit.

"Someone else is taking over Conner's therapy today."

"Uh-Oh. What's up?"

"Wipe that look off your face, you're not in trouble. You're coming to a staff meeting with me."

"Me! I'm not on staff. I am going to get my ass reamed aren't I. I'm getting the boot."

"Nothing like that," Joe said. "You're going to explain your plan to his doctors."

"You told them!!?"

"Yes." There wasn't time for a discussion. He stood up and we left, him leading the way to my execution.

Dr. Boering and Dr. Brown were arriving at the conference room at the same time. They both offered niceties to me without stooping to being friendly to an underling. Dr. Boering began with remarks about the work I was doing with Conner, and his excellent progress, but still without showering accolades on me.

Then he said, "Joe tells us you have other plans for Conner's rehabilitation. We would like to hear them."

I felt like I was being hanged, I couldn't swallow and I could hardly breathe.

"Well, it's....not....not exactly a plan. I would just like to take Conner out of the hospital environment and start exposing him to the real life he'll be going back to."

"You plan to take him to the beach, I believe," Dr. Brown put in.

"Yes. He's very self conscious about his leg, I thought getting him into a swim suit--some real exposure--it would push him toward facing the reality of his situation. One of the first things he said was that he wouldn't be wearing shorts anymore but he got past that. He asked me to buy him new cargo shorts."

Joe smiled and cleared his throat. "Tell them what you have in mind. The reality part."

I did manage to swallow and it damn near choked me. "Well, he, uh.....he is so self conscious, he.....well, he's voicing serious doubts about his manhood. Nothing I can do or say seems to be making any headway. So I, uh....well, sir, I thought if he had sex with a woman......"

"You want to get him laid," Dr. Boering said in a droll tone.

"In a word, yes, sir."

He leaned back with his fingers entwined. "Well, Joe said your plan was unorthodox." He looked at his cohort, who was the shrink.

"Very likely a very workable plan," Dr. Brown said thoughtfully. "But we can't condone such a plan no matter how workable and successful it might be."

"You wouldn't have to condone it," I said, quickly, bravely finding my voice. "You wouldn't even have to know about it. I'm not on staff."

"You do submit reports to Joe," Dr. Boering reminded me.

I looked down at my hands. "Those reports to Joe don't contain everything."

"Oh? And why are they not complete? That is part of our working arrangement here at the hospital," he said with a scowl.

I glanced at Joe but I knew he couldn't help me. I took in a deep breath. "Conner has really opened up to me, about the war and all. We've even cried together." Dr. Brown immediately began flipping through the pages of Conner's file. "It's not in there," I said quickly. He didn't look pleased. "I asked him if he'd told you any of what he was telling me. He said no. I asked him why not. He said, because you asked."

"Well, we must make an appointment, you and I; you must tell me......"

"No, sir, I won't do that," I cut in. "I told him I wouldn't. I'm not saying you're going about it the wrong way, Dr. Brown, that's way beyond my level, all I know is Conner and I have connected and I won't betray his confidence, no matter what."

Dr. Boering quickly assumed control of the meeting. He closed his folder and stood up. "Gentlemen, this meeting is not only over, it never happened."

Joe was taken aback. So was I. Dr. Brown left the office, I thought maybe in a bit of a huff. I looked at Joe and Joe looked at me. Dr. Boering had a tight smile on his face. He squeezed my shoulder as he walked past me.

"You get your man laid, son. Just don't tell anybody about it."

Chapter Seven

"Hello, Todd!"

I looked up at the sing-song, sweet voice and there was Diane walking towards the deck. What perfect luck!

"Is that some of your good times when your parents are away?" Conner asked me under his breath.

"She's more or less good-time-had-by-all, but I haven't had it yet," I said quietly.

"Haven't seen you in way too long," she said as she approached the bottom of the stairs.

I was in a bit of a turmoil. I knew Diane would want to come up; she'd been hinting around since we met that she would be okay having sex despite my preferences, but it just hadn't worked out for various reasons. But I knew Conner wouldn't want her to join us.

"Would I be intruding if I came up?" Diane asked as she put her foot on the second step.

"NO! WAIT," Conner hissed as he quickly unrolled legs of his sweat pants.

"No, not at all," I told her. This was the opportunity I needed.

At the top of the stairs her eyes glued onto Conner's bare upper body. Her glance at me begged for an introduction.

"This is Conner, a Marine friend of mine. Conner, this is Diane, another friend of mine."

He started to show his manners and get up but she moved quickly to his chair and put her hand out. I watched Conner closely for his reaction to that; afraid he might take it as a sign of pity.

"Marine, huh?" she said. "Well, I could've guessed, with the haircut, and that body."

He seemed taken aback, even embarrassed by her boldness. I was encouraged. Diane was just what Conner needed. I tried to think of an excuse to leave them alone. Succeed or fail, Conner didn't need me around for this. If he succeeded, he would tell me about it. If he failed, I need never know; he could lie about it.

"Look, I'm going to see if I can find Tanner to get me some beer," I said.

"Damn, I forgot all about that," Conner said. "But you don't have to go, I can get some on the way back." There was a twinge of pleading in his tone and in his eyes. He obviously didn't want to be left alone with Diane.

I felt like a traitor but it was for his own good, good or bad. I left. I walked along the beach and up to the boardwalk where I got something to eat and wandered through some of the shops. In the surf shop I checked out the swim suits. For Conner. When the time came to spring it on him I wasn't going to let him use the excuse that he didn't have one. I sorted through them and picked out a boxer brief; a very brief boxer. There was no leg on it at all and it was about three inches wide around the waist with a little more material in back and a generous pouch in front. The kicker was the seam down the back to accent the separation of his butt. I was gone over two hours, which I thought was long enough for something to happen if it was going it, and knowing Diane.........

The gate at the bottom of the stairs was open. I had closed it when I left. I went up the stairs to find Conner stretched out on a lounge chair wearing only the tiny swimmer's jock and sun glasses. His muscular body glistened with sweat from the hot sun. There was no reaction to my return and I thought he was asleep. I went inside and got a cold beer. Coming out I saw him replacing the glasses on his face and went back and got another beer. I rubbed the cold beer bottle against his shoulder.

"Glad to see you decided to wear the jock," I said.

"Just working on my tan," he said.

"She fucked your brains out, didn't she?" I said.

He chuckled and smiled and sat up with his legs on either side of the lounge, one foot on the deck. He didn't answer me but I knew she had. He shoved himself up and hobbled the few steps to the railing. I nearly choked at the sight of his awesome butt framed in the jock straps.

I moved up beside him where he looked out at the sea. He took a long drink of beer and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand that held the bottle. He made a swipe down his sweaty chest with the other hand.

"I think I might be ready to tackle the beach," he said out of the blue.

"That's two negatives," I said. Joe says I can't work with negatives."

He rephrased it. "I'm ready for the beach."

"All right." I pulled the swim suit out of my hip pocket and handed it to him. "Put this on while I go find my suit."

He took the suit, with a surprised scowl. "I didn't mean right now, I was thinking like next time," he said.

"What's gonna be different between now and the next time? I told you, your leg's not going to grow back."

He knew I wasn't taking that for an answer so he tried another ruse; the swim suit. "I can't wear this down there; I'm not going to fit in it."

"It stretches to fit," I said and I pulled on it to demonstrate then I turned and went in to find my suit and get some towels.

He had the suit on when I came back and My Godd, did he look hot in it! The way he filled it out in back, the twin globes of his solid butt, was almost criminal; I could hardly wait to see what he looked like in front. When I draped his towels over his shoulder he half turned toward me. The narrow waist band hugged his hips determinedly and the pouch did a heroic job of containing his manhood.

"Damn, dude, you look hot!"

"I feel naked," he said.

"Naw, that is much better than naked," I said, tugging up on the waist of the suit. When I let go, the weight of his manhood pulled it back down.

"That's as good as it gets, it keeps pulling down," he said with a shrug.

"If it got any better they would have to call the riot police." I took his beer and handed him a bottle of water. "They're not going to let you have that beer on the beach." Then I handed him his crutches. I went down the stairs first, staying a couple of steps in front of him.

"You don't have to do that, I can handle stairs," he said.

"Okay." I went on down and waited at the bottom of the stairs. Maneuvering the crutches in the sand was a struggle too but he was determined. Several yards from the water's edge I stopped and spread one of my towels out in the sand, dropped my other one on it, then took the towel from his shoulder and spread it out beside mine.

"Hey, how come you're wearing that kind and I'm wearing this?" he asked.

I looked down at my suit then at him. "Shit, man, I gave you the wrong suit!" I said; then broke out laughing.

"You prick."

"You ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

"I'll go give Tanner a heads up," I said.

"About what?" he asked with a scowl.

"To keep an eye out." When his scowl didn't go away I knew I had to explain. "I'm a good swimmer, but I'm not a lifeguard. I'm sure you're going to do fine, but if I take you out there and you drown, that puts my ass in a sling." I didn't wait for a conversation, I went over to talk to Tanner.

"I've got this Marine with me, he lost part of his leg in Iraq and I'm helping with his rehab. This is his first time in the water since it happened. I want you to keep an eye out in case we get in trouble."

"I can come down to the water's edge," he offered.

"No, Conner would think you're treating him like a little boy. Just keep an eye out for us."

I motioned to Conner and we started down to the water. It was even more difficult with the crutches in the wet sand.

"Give me your crutches when you're ready," I said.

He went out into the surf about calf deep and handed off his crutches to me. I saw him take in a deep breath then he dove in. I tossed the crutches on the shore and quickly dove in after him.

He was a powerful swimmer, but it was awkward and it frustrated him. I heard him swear then he dove under again. I stayed close. He came up sputtering and swore again.

"Fuck! I keep depending on my other leg and foot that isn't there. It's making me lopsided."

"I think you're doing great," I said. "I don't think I could beat you in a race." I swam with him but not so it looked like I was hovering over him.

Suddenly he started laughing. "I'm gonna cause a panic when I get out. I'm going to hobble out on one leg and yell shark."

"You are one sick fucker!" I said, laughing with him. It was sick but I was delighted to see his sense of humor.

We swam for about a half hour before he told me he was getting out. I was impressed that he was man enough to admit it.

"Okay, I'll get your crutches." I swam ahead and got his crutches and brought them out to him. He was obviously tired and I dared to steady him a couple of times.

"Did you move the fuckin' towels? I didn't know we left them that far up the beach."

"I can bring them down closer," I offered.

"No, I can make it."

He did but he practically collapsed when we reached them. "I'll be glad when I can get on the tread mill. I've lost my wind."

"Shouldn't be too long," I said.

He stretched out on his back and brushed his hand down over the pouch of his swim suit. When he did that, the waistband pulled down in front, exposing his hairline. He tugged it back up and that lifted the pouch up high again. He pressed it down and the waistband pulled down again.

"The only way you're going to conceal that is to dig a hole in the sand and lie on your stomach," I joked.

He turned over on his stomach. I sat looking at him discreetly as I could. The wet suit clung to his butt and the seam was drawn deeper into his crack, making the twin mounds stand out like two bowling balls. His butt was mouth-watering. I didn't care if he saw me looking at him but I didn't want others to notice.

A mother with a little boy came by and I saw the boy looking at Conner, tugging away from his mother who had hold of his hand. He was maybe five or six.

"What happened to your leg, mister?"

"Bradley! That's not nice! Oh, I'm so sorry," the woman said nervously as she tried to corral the boy away from us.

Conner rose up and turned over. I was secretly glad for this moment and I held my breath, waiting to see how he would react. I was happily surprised.

"No, it's okay, Ma'am. He's curious, that's all," he said as he sat up. Then he reached out and tenderly put his hand on the little boy's shoulder to urge him closer. "I was in the war, in Iraq, and I stepped on something that exploded and it blew part of my leg off."

"Does it hurt?"

Conner chuckled. "No, not anymore."

"That's why you've got those, so you can walk," the boy said, pointing to the crutches.

"Yes. But I'm getting a new leg soon, then I won't need the crutches and I can even run."

"It's not going to grow back?"

"No," he said, trying to keep a straight face. "They're making me a new one that'll be even better than the old one. I'll be able to walk and run just like you."

The boy took a moment to look Conner over. His eyes roamed all over his body, like was studying him.

"You sure got big muscles. Can I have big muscles like that when I get big?"

Conner smiled and squeezed the boy's arm. "You've already got pretty big muscles. You keep eating what your mom tells you and play hard and exercise a lot."

The boy nodded, a very serious look on his face. "I'm playing baseball," he said.

"Good. You keep playing sports and don't sit around all day watching TV and playing video games, you'll probably have muscles way bigger than mine."

The mother tried to usher the boy away but not before he said, "Okay."

"You're so kind," she said to Conner.

"Not at all. You've got a great little boy there."

"Well, thank you so much for your service."

"Were you in the army?" the little boy asked before he would be towed off.

"I'm a Marine. It's kind of like the Army, only better," Conner said.

Without a word or a hint of prompting the boy came to attention and saluted Conner. Conner snapped a salute back and I saw him start to tear up. I think the mother saw it too, and seeing that he was suddenly uncomfortable, she walked the boy away. Several yards down the beach the boy turned around and waved and said "Bye, Marine."

Conner was all smiles. "Cute little kid," he said, fighting the embarrassment of his emotions.

"Yeah, you probably recruited him."

I could attract my share of attention, but a guy like Conner, people go out of their way. I don't think it was lost on him that there were an awful lot of beach goers, male and female alike, who walked past us at close range. He would not say it, but I think he was enjoying it. Twice, two females came right up to us. Once it was two college age women wearing bikini swim suits that struggled to contain their tits and barely bothered at the lower part. One was blonde, the other had dark brown hair. I expected something of a come-on from them. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

The blonde said, "You're a vet."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Was it worth it?" the other one asked, glancing at his leg.

I cringed inside and felt the anger welling up inside me but I didn't say anything yet. Conner needed to handle it first. Which he did, beautifully.

His simple answer was, "Yes, Ma'am, it was. In fact, I'm going back as soon as I get my new leg."

It was obvious the girls weren't expecting that answer. They gave a flippant nod and walked away. I couldn't take it. I jumped up and ran after them.

"Hey, bitches!"

They turned around, startled.

"What the fuck was that all about?"

"It's an immoral and illegal war."

"He didn't start the fuckin' war, bitch," I said. "That's all you could see was a leg missing? You didn't notice the rest of him? What are you, a couple of lesbians?"

The way the blonde spat "Fuck you," I was sure I'd hit a sore spot.

I gave her my best look of contempt and replied over my shoulder, "Somehow I doubt you would be interested in doing that." I went back and plopped down on my towel.

"You don't have to come to my defense," Conner said calmly.

"I wasn't defending you. I was venting. That was about me," I growled angrily. I looked at my watch. It was getting late; we would need to head back soon. I looked over at him. "Conner......" Even I heard the odd tone in my voice, and Conner gave me a funny look.


"We have to head back soon but I want you to fuck me so bad right now........"

He chuckled. "I don't think right now would be acceptable, or legal. We're on a public beach."

"Let's go back to the house."

He started getting to his feet, still laughing. "Does getting mad make you horny?"

"You make me horny."

We went back to the house. I didn't offer to help him with the stairs; I didn't even watch over him. I took him inside to my small bedroom where I took his crutches and cupped the front of his swimsuit, almost in the same movement.

"You really are horny," he said, laughing.

"Yes, but I want to do this first," I said, as I felt all around the swim suit. "You are so fuckin' hot in this swim suit," I said, squeezing front and back. I went to my knees, pressing my face into the satiny bulge. I thought, if I let myself, I could be in love. I mouthed the hefty bulge, sucking out the sea water. Part of the taste, I thought, was from his sweat. As I tugged the suit down, he put his hand on top of my head. It was like he was giving me his blessing. His cock fell free and his heavy balls descended in their sack. I kissed the head of his cock, in homage. I took his cock in my mouth but I didn't really suck him; I knew he was anxious to fuck me, but I wanted the privilege of unveiling his equipment. I sucked him till he was almost hard then pulled his suit all the way off and stood up.

"Godd, you are so hot!" I handed him his crutches and led him inside to my bedroom. I told him I needed a minute and I went into the bathroom to get ready, including lubing up. When I came out he was lying on the bed stroking his huge cock. I stepped up on the bed and straddled him. It was different than before with him on the bottom. He naturally used both legs to power his thrusts and the shorter one caused his hips to tilt and it was like I was riding a bucking roller coaster. I was only too eager to oblige when he said he wanted me on the bottom.

He fucked my brains out. He had to cover my face with a pillow to keep me from being heard. He really creamed me. I kidded him afterwards, when I was lying there heaving for breath, "Geezuss, stud, don't you know you have a disability?"

He laughed and said, "The way you're breathing, I think you're the one with the disability."

Joe was still at the hospital when we got back so I was able to give him my informal report after I got Conner back to his room.

"How'd it go?"

"If this guy's disabled, I'm the pope," I said.

"Good, huh? Did you get him laid?"

"I didn't get him laid, I only created the opportunity. He didn't need my help. Yes, he got laid, then fucked my brains out again afterwards. The guy is a machine. Oh, and I got him on the beach, in a swim suit. A very brief swim suit. We went swimming."

"No shit! The docs are going to love hearing this."

"He needs his new leg," I stated flatly. "He wants to get on the treadmill."

"Man, you really stirred up the testosterone," Joe said, laughing.

"He's got more testosterone in his veins than blood," I said.

"We've got a meeting with Dr. Boering and Dr. Brown in the morning."

"He'll be glad to hear that," I said.

" and me, and Conner," he said

"Me again?"

"Yes, Dr. Brown wants to hear this report directly from you. Don't quote me on this, but I think you're racking up brownie points."

"All I want is to see that Marine back to his old self," I said. I didn't realize how bad till I choked up saying it.

"See you in the morning," Joe said.

Chapter Eight

I was there early to help Conner get showered--no sex--and get dressed. I changed into a dress shirt and tie.

"You didn't tell me it's formal," Conner joked.

"I thought this would be appropriate, if I looked more professional," I said.

"What should I wear?"

"I want you to wear a white T-shirt and your workout shorts. I want them to see what great shape you're in."

We met in Dr. Brown's office. Dr. Boering sat at the end of his desk and the three of us on the other side of it. I didn't realize I was to speak till Joe nudged me and told me they wanted to hear my report. I wasn't prepared for that; I hadn't even written up a report. I thought Joe would do the talking.

I stammered through my embarrassment to tell them I didn't have a formal report prepared yet.

"Just give us your assessment," Dr. Brown said.

"Well....." I glanced at Conner. "There's not that much to say, really. I think Conner's progress has been nothing short of phenomenal. He's come out of his shell, he's gained his confidence back. We've been to the beach, he met a girl there, we even went in swimming." Both doctors' eyebrows raised at that. "The life guard was on notice," I added quickly to dispel any notion that I'd acted irresponsibly. "You can see what great shape he's in. But he wants to get on the treadmill. In my opinion he's definitely ready for his leg and I don't really understand why I have to make that case for him. I'm not his doctor, I'm not even a licensed therapist, I'm just helping out as a volunteer. But it's like we're on opposites sides, we think he's ready but we have to convince you. I'm not a military person either, but I know he wants more than anything else to get back to his unit, and I don't see any good reason why he shouldn't be allowed to do that. And that's all I have to say. Except that he's already been fitted for it so I don't understand why the delay."

I didn't realize how nervous I was till I finished, and I could feel myself shaking inside.

Dr. Brown let a little smile creep through his scowl. "Well, Dr. Boering, I think we have been duly reprimanded," he said.

"I'm a civilian myself," Dr. Boering said. "The decision to send Conner back to his unit will be up to the military. But your report is duly noted, and........" He leaned over to reach under his desk and brought out a prosthesis--Conner's leg. "I am inclined to agree with you."

Conner let out a gush of surprise and his smile of relief masked his face.

"We will get you fitted with this thing right away and I already have you on the schedule for therapy sessions. I don't see any reason why we can't get you on the treadmill in very short order. Possibly today, to get you used to it."

"Wow. That soon," Conner said.

"Unless you have a reason you would like to put it off."

"Oh, no sir. I'm ready," Conner said. Then he asked, "Hey, can I do squats with this thing?"

"It will handle anything your other leg will handle."

Conner was exploring the contraption with his fingers, almost lovingly.

"Any more questions?" the doctor asked.

"If I could say something....I would like to have Todd continue as my therapist."

"I'm not a licensed therapist, Conner. I'm only a volunteer."

But Conner ignored me. "All due respect, sir, Todd has brought me this far as a volunteer, I don't see what'd be so difficult about having him help me learn to walk with this thing."

I could tell Dr. Boering was thinking about it, the way he was nodding at what Conner was saying.

"I think that could probably be arranged, the therapist would be right there on the floor," he said. He looked at me then. "And you, young man, I would like to invite you to apply for a scholarship that the hospital provides to promising young volunteers. That is, if you have any interest in this line of work. Your time here volunteering would be credited toward your internship."

I was stunned. I had no intentions of going into the medical field, I was only volunteering to get extra credits for community service. But the picture had suddenly changed and I found myself saying, "I think I would like that, thank you."

I asked Conner later why he requested that I stay on with him.

He grinned and replied, "I might still need help in the shower."

Nobody could believe the progress Conner made. I was standing on one side of the rail on the treadmill and the therapist was on the other side instructing him on how to balance himself and set a pace. Once she gripped his arm as if to steady him and he told her, "I'm okay, I can handle this."

At the same time she was instructing me on the controls and how to watch out for him. Once he got used to his new leg, which took all of about ten minutes, Conner was out of the starting gate like a thoroughbred. He had been paying attention, and he jacked up the speed and started trying to run, and the therapist literally reared back with surprise. There was one more session after that with the therapist and he was left to me.

Along with the treadmill, Conner also started doing squats. He was a bit awkward keeping his balance at first but I was right behind him to assist, something that I didn't mind at all. But he caught on quickly and was soon pushing up weight that I couldn't handle with both of my legs. And he threw in his regular workouts to make his upper body even stronger. Conner was a Marine on a mission, a man obsessed. It paid off. Too soon.

He had not told me that his request to be sent back to his unit was under consideration, till it was approved. It shouldn't have surprised me--that was the goal he was working for--but it caught me off guard. More than that, I was devastated. I had become accustomed to being around the big stud, gotten used to his powerful sex urge. And now it was all coming to an end.

He was so happy he was about to burst telling me, till he must have seen the disappointment on my face.

His face fell. "You're not happy about this," he said.

"Of course I'm happy. It's what we've been working for," I said, trying to put on a happy face. It didn't work, of course, there was no way I could hide my disappointment.

"No, you're not. I'm sorry. It was thoughtless of me. I am such a dickhead."

I laughed. "You're a Marine. How could you not be happy. There's no need to curb your enthusiasm because of me."

"I am going to miss you," he said.

"Not nearly as much as I'm going to miss you."

"I've thought about this, me leaving, and I,....well, I tried to think of some way to show my appreciation for all you've done for me. A going away present."

"You don't owe me anything, Conner. Geezuss, don't you know, you've shown your appreciation right along."

"That could hardly be considered showing my appreciation when I was getting more out of it than you."

"Don't bet on that," I said pointedly.

"It had to be something more. Something.....heroic. I came up with something."

"Something heroic?" I asked jokingly.

"Well, it's sure as hell heroic to me, I hope it is for you. There's a hotel that has a pool way up on the seventh or eighth floor, with poolside rooms. I want to take you there."

"That sounds great," I said. I didn't say nice as it sounded, I didn't consider it anything approaching heroic. Unless he had something more in mind than he was telling me. Maybe he had Marine buddies he was inviting along. I had mentioned once how awesome it would be to spend a night in the barracks and have a Marine gang bang. Maybe that hotel was going to be the barracks for the night.

There was the usual red tape but Conner finally got his orders. He was going back to his unit that he had left in Iraq that was now in Afghanistan. He had been medically released but he was still staying at the hospital annex, pending his deployment. The day approached and he was to leave the next evening. The night before, we went to the hotel. I was surprised when Conner asked me for my keys. I hesitated but quickly realized that I had no reason not to let him drive.

He laughed and said, "They're going to let me drive a Humvee over there."

So he drove us to the hotel. We checked in then had dinner at the poolside dining room at the pool on the ground floor. He ordered without giving me a chance.

"This is your night, but I'm in charge," he said. "So you do whatever I tell you."

"Well, yes sir," I said, and a little shiver went down my spine as I wondered just what all he had in mind to tell me.

It was a leisurely dinner and afterwards we lingered over a couple of brandies.

"This will settle our dinner, then we're going swimming," he said, holding his glass up in a toast.

The brandy warmed us, and for some reason, for the first time, Conner started talking about his family. He was a third generation Marine. His older brother had opted for college, he told me with a bit of a sneer.

"I wondered about your family, but since you never mentioned them, I didn't think I should."

"I appreciate that, because you probably wouldn't have gotten that conversation out of me," he said.

"Why now?" I asked.

He shrugged. "The brandy, maybe."

"Why not before, with a beer buzz?" I asked.

"I don't know, really. Maybe what I'll be facing. It can make you think of family."

"There was never any mail, was there, or phone one ever came to visit. I was always curious about that."

"That's an easy answer. I'm not the favorite son, despite being third generation Marine."


"No, Roger was the favorite. He was a puny little shit, but smart as hell. I was more the big dumb jock, although I got good grades too. But the jock part, I think they all resented that I had that over him, especially as his younger brother. Then when I joined the Marines, that was the last straw."

"I can see your brother resenting you, maybe your Mom because mom's tend to be protective of the weaker one. But your said you're third generation."

"Oh, he's proud of me. He's told me privately. But he can't show it too much openly because that would take something away from my brother and his accomplishments."

"But, geezuss, Conner, you lost your leg."

"I told them not to come visit, I didn't want them to see me like this. I figured that would relieve them of any guilt."

"It's pretty fuckin' sad if you ask me."

"I got over it a long time ago. The Marine Corps is my family. I'll see them when I get back from this tour. I need to show them that being without a leg doesn't stop me."

"The other thing I've been curious about. No girlfriend back home?"

"There was. I broke it off when I lost my leg. I figured I would save her the trouble."

"Was that fair? She might have loved you anyway."

"I couldn't be sure of that, and I didn't want to deal with the rejection. And there was the know....I was afraid I would be impotent."

"Well, you're not!"

"I may get back in touch with her when I get back, show her I'm still the man I was." He laughed. "Speaking of I'm not, are you ready to go upstairs?"

"If you are."

In the elevator I still wondered what was in store for me. There was no doubt that I would get royally fucked one last time, but I didn't know whether to expect roses, fine chocolates or a squad of horny marines. When he let us in the room there was none of that, leaving me still baffled.

The room was spacious and well furnished with a king size bed, situated oddly near the window looking out on the pool. Then I saw it; the champagne chilling in a bucket of ice. The drapes were partially opened and Conner opened them all the way.

"Are we going to put on a demonstration?" I asked.

"I will if you will."

I wasn't so sure he wasn't serious. If he was, well, I would go along with it if there weren't kids out at the pool. I really didn't care if people watched us.

Conner started undressing so I did the same. I wanted to undress him but like he said, it was about me but he was making the rules. When he was down to his briefs--the drapes were still open--he went over to the table near the window to open the champagne. There were a half dozen people in and around the pool. He poured two glasses and walked over to hand one to me; I was down to my briefs as well now. He stood at the window so I stood beside him, in full view of the people at the pool, if they wanted to look up.

"You know, I've been going to mention how much you've benefited from my therapy," he said.

"How so," I asked with a frown.

"You don't see it? I can see you've put on some muscle."

I smiled, a little embarrassed. "Matter of fact, I thought so too, but I was afraid to believe it. I have been working out on the side."

"Believe it," he said. "It looks good."

"I would like to look that good," I said, nodding to his near naked body.

He just smiled and began pulling the drapes closed. He downed his champagne and gently took my glass without giving me a chance to empty it. "We're wasting valuable time," he said as he set the empty glasses on the table then stretched out on the bed.

I was surprised how casually he removed the prosthesis and laid it on the floor beside the bed. "You've certainly lost your inhibitions," I said, smiling as I crawled on the bed with him.

"I want to lose more," he said as he put his arm out to pull me in tight, half on top of him.

I was nearly overwhelmed with his strength and he feel of his bare muscles against mine. He initiated the kiss which made it even more passionate. I felt his cock coming to life within his shorts. When we broke I kissed his chest and began the trek down his rock solid abs, his hand remaining on my shoulder. When I reached his shorts I mouthed the growing bulge there, quickly soaking the white cotton material with my drool. I was so excited and anxious for this, and sad that it would be our last time together, maybe forever. I moved down between his legs and tugged at his shorts. He lifted his butt to let me pull them off. I nuzzled my face in his crotch and licked his balls, drinking in the clean, male aroma. I thrilled at his soft moan and his hands on my shoulders, as if to guide me. They weren't necessary; I knew the way.

I lifted my head and looked up at him. "Sometimes I wish I had not done such a good job. It only served to lose you." I felt his grip on my shoulders, tugging to pull me up to him. I allowed myself to be guided, half lifted up over him.

"This night is about you and we will do everything you want to do, but I wanta put in my bid. I''m hoping that one of the things you wanta do is fuck me."

I was so shocked I did a double take that actually caused my muscles to tighten. I looked down into his eyes and saw them dancing, and a tight smile that was being prevented from breaking his full lips.

"'re....serious," I managed.

"Dead serious," he said in a strong voice.


He scowled at me. "You're turning me down?"

"Yes. I'm not going to let you do something like that out of obligation."

"Weren't you listening? I said I want you to fuck me. What part of I want don't you understand?"

"You've already said you owe me big time. You don't owe me that."

"Oh, but you do," he said dryly.

"What do you mean??"

"All the pleasure I've given you, fucking your tight ass, you don't think you owe me some of that pleasure in return?"

"You're justifying," I said.

Suddenly he sat up, pushing me aside. "I don't believe this! I make a simple request and I get shot down. I thought you would wanta do it."

"Godd, Conner, I do, more than anything in the world. It'd be a dream come true, for anybody, but......"

"Then what? I want to go back knowing what it's like. I mean....I know it must be such a wonderful feeling, I can tell how much you like it and how you look when I'm doing it to you, and it's got me curious. I want to know that feeling."

For a moment I couldn't answer. I felt like shit. It wasn't payback at all; he truly wanted to experience getting fucked, he had planned this as a special time, and I'd ruined it. I wanted to cry. I waited too long to reply.

"Fuck it," he growled. "I'll find somebody else." With that he sat up, about to get out of bed.

"Conner, wait....Conner....please....I'm sorry." He was reaching for his prosthesis. I grabbed his arm. "Please, don't. I'm sorry."

"I don't want sorry," he said, leaning back on his elbows. "I want fucked. What part of that don't you understand?"

"I just thought you were trying to pay me back for......"

"So what if I was? What's so fuckin' wrong with wanting to do something for somebody who's done so much for me?" he cut in. "I'm leaving tomorrow, Todd. I'm not afraid of it but I'm smart enough to know that everybody doesn't come back, and my chances of that are as good as the next guy's. I want it for me, but I want this for us. I want to take it with me, something special to hang onto. I wanta leave you something......" His words cut off as he laid his head back between his shoulders, his eyes closed.

His words penetrated my soul. He wanted it for us?....wanted something special to take with him and hang onto?.....This was way more than payback. "And I fucked it up," I whispered as I swung my legs around and sat on the edge of the bed. I was about to cry. But then I felt his hand on my shoulder.

"Listen, we can start over," he offered quietly.

I glanced over my shoulder to see the boy in the man, an innocence in his deep, dark eyes that I hadn't seen before. Then the boyish grin spread easily across his handsome face.

"I don't usually give a guy a second chance to fuck my ass, but for you I'll make an exception."

His grin shattered the tension and I couldn't help but laugh as I leaned back over him.

"I won't blow it this time," I said.

"Well, I was kinda hoping you would do that too, later," he said.

We rolled together in laughter and ended up in a tight embrace with his legs on either side of me. He lifted his legs and the laughter died away. He reached down to grope my bulging shorts and tugged at the waistband. He pulled them down in front and my cock burst free against his warm flesh. I didn't know where he got the lube he handed me as he brought his legs up higher, almost bent in half now. His stomach muscles bulged, drawn tight as a drum.

"Godd, Conner, I can't believe we're doing this," I said as I flipped the cap open to squeeze the thick lube into the crack of his ass.

"Me either," he said.

I didn't bother with lube on my cock; there was enough in his ass. When my cock touched him he wrapped his arms around the back of his thighs.

"Don't worry about taking it easy," he said.

"All right." And I didn't. I aimed and set the head of my cock against his warm, slick hole and shoved. My cock penetrated the tight orifice and sank into the warm depths of his body in one gentle thrust.

I gasped, "Ohh, My Godd!"

He groaned, "Aww, Fuck!"

I could tell his little outburst masked the pain I was causing but I gave no quarter. I thrust in the final inches and held in tight so he would know I was in him.

"Holy shit!" he swore, his stomach muscles trembling.

"You said you didn't want it easy," I said as I eased my hips back and thrust back in him again.

He let go of his legs and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. "I don't. I want you to fuck me. Hard. I gotta remember this for a long time and I wanta know I've been fucked by a real man.

Because he was Conner, I gave him the best fuck I'd ever given anybody in my life. He howled every time my cock slid across his prostate. He moaned when I pulled back and the rim of my cock tugged on his clenching asshole. But soon, gradually, it went from a hard fuck to something more tender and meaningful. It turned into making love. I sensed it when I saw Conner's eyes were wet and he was biting his lip as I fucked him. His emotions that he was fighting sparked mine and swept through me. I hugged his left leg and kissed the blunt end. I more than kissed it, I showered it with kisses.

Conner choked and whimpered. "Aww, fuck, Todd, you're making me feel so good. Besides just the fucking."

I hugged his leg tighter and unashamedly let my tears baptize the still scarred surface and kissed them away as they fell.

"I love you, Conner....Godd, I love you so much." The words were mine, the voice wasn't. The words surprised me. I had not thought of real love in that sense before this moment.

"Give it to me to take with me," he whispered hoarsely. "I want your love inside me. That way, you'll always be with me. I need it to protect me."

There's no way to describe the emotions that engulfed me, only that it was the emotions more than the physical that made it the best sex I'd ever had in my young life. When I came my love gushed into him in great torrents and he said he could feel it washing through him, galvanizing his very soul, was the way he put it. He said it would be his body armor. He still held me tight long after I'd finished cumming. I remained in him till I imagined every drop, every live cell, was absorbed into every fiber of his being, making us one.

As I pulled out I kissed the wet from his eyes first then kissed his lips.

"Godd, what have you done to me?" he whispered. "I feel like a whole new man."

"You're the same man you always were," I said.

"Thanks to you."

"Don't make this about payback," I said. "It was a lot more than that."

"Yeah, I....I felt it too," he said hesitantly. He eased his hold on me and I rose up and lay beside him. "I am a new man. You know you've changed me forever," he said huskily.

"I don't think I'm ever going to be the same either," I said.

" said you love me."

"I do. I'm not ashamed to say it," I said.

"As much as I love you, Todd, I don't know if I can love a man in that way."

"I'm not asking you to."

"What are you asking?"

"I'm not asking anything. But I want you to take with you my love that's inside you and give it time to take root. If it does, and if you can love me back, that will be beautiful. If it doesn't then I only pray you can accept my love, and that will be beautiful too."

"For right now, I can only say I've never felt so close to anyone in my much a part of someone," he said. "I've never let anyone get so close to me."

I had my hand firmly in his crotch. I ran it down the inside of his left thigh to where his knee would have been.

"You know I'm not glad this happened, Conner. I would give my leg for you to have yours back. But it is what brought us together."

"Is that what attracted you, my disability?" he said jokingly.

I laughed. "I was attracted when I walked in your room for the first time. You got my attention when you stripped down that first time to shower. And if you think you're going to get any sympathy from me over this....." I squeezed the solid muscle of his left thigh. "Hell, you didn't need the prosthesis. You're carrying a spare leg between your legs. Just make damn sure you bring this back with you," I said, squeezing his cock.

He was smiling. "I've never felt like this before in my complete. You've made me the happiest man on the planet. I don't want to leave."

"Yes you do. Don't try to lie to me about your other, true love. The Marines is your first love. I know that. I'll be happy with what's left over."

He leaned up and removed his dog tags. I knew they were there, but it was the first he'd drawn attention to them. He removed one from the chain, pressed it to his lips then pressed it into my hand.

"I want you to keep this till I come back for it. And know this. If I ever do fall in love with a man, it'll be you."

The End



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