What a night! I thought to myself as I woke up and glanced around the room. There were 7 of us in the floor including me and Jason. The air was heavy with the smell of sex even hours after we had passed out. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

After spending all of last semester sneaking around and trying to be quite so the other guys in our dorm didn't catch on, it was an amazing relief to move into our brand new apartment. We were less than a five minute walk from campus and had plenty of places to hang out nearby. Jason worked as a pharmacy assistant part time but he made good money. He would take care of the rent and I'd handle the utilities and the miscellaneous expenses. Our place had 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a combined living and dining space, and a remodeled kitchen. All the appliances were new and top of the line (It was great, except neither of us could cook). Realistically, the extra bedrooms were more of a formality than anything we needed. We spent our nights with each other in one room or another.

Needless to say, we lusted after each other like animals in heat. We could barely be around each other for 5 minutes without messing around. Our first night in the new place consisted of us moving all the boxes into the apartment. Jason said he was going to take a shower, dropped his clothes in the middle of the living room and off he went. Just the sight of him naked made my cock twitch in anticipation. I waited till he got into the shower and then entered the bathroom. He had turned it into a sauna and I got hit with waves of steam. I could see his outline in the shower as he was washing himself down. I pushed the curtain aside and stepped into the back of the shower (He must have heard me, right?).Just watching the naked ass that I loved to fuck in front of me made my dick swell to its full 13 inches within seconds. I quietly moved up behind him so that his next step backward would end up impaling him on my cock. I reached out and pulled him back with my left hand holding my rod steady at his asshole. His breath came out in a gasp as my full length rammed into him without warning. As soon as he recovered from the rush, he turned his head to kiss me and I started fucking him with short hard strokes. His ass felt amazing every time I fucked him. So much tighter than a pussy and he'd work his muscles in time with my thrusts. Every time I buried my shaft to the hilt in him, he would squeeze my pipe as though his ass wasn't willing to let me out. I reached around to jerk him off and found him fully hard at his 7 inches. He moaned as I pumped his cock and his breathing became labored and uneven. I could tell that he was close. I threw my pacing out the window and fucked him like a stallion. He cried out and started shooting his jizz all over my hand. He got so tight that I couldn't help but bust my nuts inside his ass. My shaft bucked inside him and I was shooting massive amounts of man milk into Jason's ass. I thrust in balls deep to the time of every spurt and he cried out in ecstasy as I filled him up. As our orgasms wrapped up, we kissed deeply and I picked him up to carry him out of the shower. I was still hard and left my dick inside him the way he likes it. I didn't realize that we really had nowhere to fuck as our furniture hadn't arrived yet. I did what any guy with a bit of upper body strength would do. I cradled Jason in my arms and started fucking him again. Both he and I loved it when I could fuck him in back to back rounds (considering I was 18, I could do it more often than not). My load that I had just shot into him was still warm and made for amazing lube. I watched my dick piston into him as I held him. It was totally coated in my thick cum. I couldn't hold out as long this time and I didn't want to either. I started sucking his dick head like a Hoover while I fucked him and within 2 minutes he was unloading his sweet cream into my mouth. I held out for a minute longer and then shot another load up Jason's ass to join the previous one. Cum gushed out of my dick in huge spurts - 9 in all. After I was done, it felt like my dick was swimming in his ass. He groaned as I pulled out of him and immediately his ass started to shoot out cum all over the floor (thank goodness for tile floors). I let him down and he dropped to his knees out of exhaustion. He kissed my dick as a way of thanking me and started lapping up the cum that had just poured out of his ass. I bent down and licked up the trail of cum that was still gently pouring out of him. We unpacked an air mattress that we keep for guests and passed out on it.

If there was one thing a person had to know about Jason, that would be how much he loved to drink jizz. He was never one to let a drop go to waste. I woke up the next morning to the very pleasant sensation of Jason sucking my dick. We did this in the dorms all the time because most of the floor was asleep when we had to wake up, so it was easier to get away with. Anyway, he had given me a raging hard-on and I wanted to return the favor. We started to 69 and I alternated between rimming and sucking him. He moaned while my dick was 9 inches down his throat. He grabbed my balls and fondled them. I was on Cloud 9 when I felt him stick a couple fingers up my ass. Shocked as I was, I'd just plateaued to a whole new level of sexual high! I'd always wondered how Jason got so much pleasure out of me fucking him the way I did. He started hammering into me with his fingers and added a third. That was the final straw. Just as I swallowed his entire cock and locked my lips around his base, my meat writhed in pleasure and unleashed a torrent of warm spunk down Jason's throat. He reacted with a bit of surprise because normally I pull out enough so I can cum on his tongue but this was completely unexpected. He pulled out of my mouth and pumped his cock a couple times. This led to him exploding on my face as I was still in the ecstatic throes of my orgasm. I'd never had him cum on my face before...It was weird but not in an unpleasant way. Jason got off my dick "I'm sorry man, I just got really excited and you know how I love it when you give me a shower, just thought you might wanna try something different for a change." Jason started to lick cum off my face alternating between licking and kissing me.

But something caught my attention after a few seconds, "What did you mean, try something different for a change?" "Huh? Oh it's no big, don't worry about it." "No, seriously, am I boring you?!" "Of course not, stop being touchy over nothing" I stopped kissing him and pushed him back. "Ugh Fine! I just figured we'd push the envelope a bit. We always fuck in the same positions, always you on me, always the same endings... I just want a little more variety. Is that too fucking much to ask for?!" I was totally caught off guard by this outburst. "I..I..umm, I didn't know. I'm sorry" Then I got angry "I'm sorry that being with me sucks so much for you!" I went to my room and slammed the door. I changed and got prepped for class. I wasn't going to take shit from Jason. He was the one that decided to go along with what I wanted every step of the way. He had a hundred chances to tell me if he wanted to do something else but he never did. He can't be mad about something he wouldn't talk to me about in the first, right?

I went to class and then basketball practice, but it kept ringing in my head all day "I'm Boring." No one has ever told me that since I first started having sex at 14. I decided I'd probe the subject with my ex, Kirsty. She came with me to school but we broke it off just after Jason moved in with me. I texted her to meet me for lunch at my place. She came over to meet me and we'd just sat down in my room as Jason walked in. He didn't say a word but I did see him hesitate for a fraction of second. I shut my door. "Kirsty, why didn't we work out? Give me an honest answer." "We had a good run B, I mean I guess after a while we just wanted different things. I mean, we're in college now and there's just so much that's new. I wanted to get out there a bit because we can't really explore outside of here." "So you've been exploring, have you?" "Of course I have, and so have you too." "What do you mean?" "B, you can't be that dense, you think people don't notice when you go from multiple girls a week to NONE in months! Even if you were dating someone you'd at least be seen! But if he satisfies you... then by all means..." "So you're telling me that people know?!" "If they aren't blind they know something has changed! Even Jason's seen hanging out with different groups of people all the time. They probably wouldn't assume it was him because he's careful about who he's with publicly plus he's older plus he goes out frequently since he can. Why is this a shock?!" "But he doesn't sleep around tho..." "B! Stop being stupid! Did you listen to what I just said?! It looks like he does so people assume he does! You wiped off the radar and you don't have a car, and you can't go out anywhere and none of the girls on campus talk about you anymore! People put the pieces together! They are probably just being polite and not saying anything." I was stunned as I tried to process this overload of info. It wasn't that I was gay, I still liked women, but Jason was always here and he loved having sex with me... At least I thought he did. Time to put it to the test... "Kirsty, thanks for the heads up on all this, maybe I'm bi but that's it at best." "Hey, I'm not judging, do what you want with who you want B." "What if I want you, you know, for old times' sake?" "Brandon, I'm not jumping into this mess. Jesus, the tension in this place is thick enough to cut with a knife! Find someone else for that, but you can talk to me if you want to." "Thanks K, I might take you up on that sometime." "Later B." She left and within seconds Jason came out of his room. "So you guys had some fun, I guess." "Dude, Are you serious right now?! Do I look like I've been fucking anyone? Not to mention you would've heard her screaming all the way through because unlike some people she always liked what I gave her!" "Fuck You Brandon!" He yelled and slammed his door shut. I'll show him fucking "different".

Throughout the course of week we barely spoke to each other. We went to class, did our homework, went to games, and participated in our individual activities. My balls were swollen and heavy because I hadn't shot a load in 5 days (I pretty much stopped masturbating once Jason and I started to hookup consistently). I had put together a plan. Jason was going out on the club circuit this weekend and I was going to host a party at our place. Not just any party though, this party would conclude in a phenomenal orgy! My first move was to get my teammates on the basketball team to join in. So I started with Brayden (6'2", 180, chiseled, brown hair and eyes, 9 cut) in the locker room. "Hey man, I'm having a party at my place this weekend." "Nice man, what kind of party did you have in mind?" "Oh it's going to be sexy as fuck but it's a pretty exclusive guest list. Only the best looking people on campus." "Awesome! Obviously it's all about me since I am the ultimate looker on this campus! It's cool if I bring Itzel (his gf) with me, right?" "Actually, I'm going off of my A-List. But there will be plenty of girls there, so no worries on that score. Plus, I'm getting a top shelf bar too, so it will be crazy!" "Damn man, sounds real hot!" Brayden said. As he was talking I could see his dick moving towards a semi as he imagined what he would be getting up to inside of a day. Next, was Ari (6'1", 170, muscularly built, and 8 cut), Jordan (6'4", 200, farm boy build, and 11 cut), and Ryan (6'3", 195, muscular but not clearly defined, and 12 cut). I also got Pete, our trainer to join us. He was a little older at 25 (5'10", and 8 cut) but he was always trying to hang with us freshman. I think he was probably gay, because we could always see the outline of his cock hard against his shorts whenever he was around us. Step two: I recruited Kirsty to go out and find some escorts for a few hours. They had to be drop dead gorgeous, but we made it clear that they were not going to hook up with any of the guys (I don't have that kind of money). They would flirt and grind but that would be the end of it. Step three: I asked Jason if I could borrow some of his cds. He would always get amazing club music from his DJ friends. You could see what he was thinking on his face, "We haven't even spoken to each other in days and you just want to borrow my music now..." He practically threw a few cds at me and stormed out. I didn't let it fluster me; I was looking forward to the escapades I had planned. I pulled our TV into the third bedroom and brought in my spare speakers for the audio hookup. I pulled in the chairs from our dining room and placed them in an outward facing circle. I also set up my camera to record everything, so I could throw it in Jason's face. From the linen closet, I pulled out a spare set of sheet and set to work cutting it to ribbons that we would use for restraints and blindfolds. I dug through my porn collection and pulled the sexiest straight porn I could find. Now this wasn't for me, it was more for the other guys and the games we were about to play.

It's D-Day (Party Central)! Today I'm going to show everyone just how wild I can be! The booze has arrived and I've just hooked up the strobes I picked up from a friend (who incidentally didn't make the cut for an invite). Kirsty and the escorts have just arrived and they meet the bill perfectly. They are hot, exotic looking, and don't speak a lot of English. "B, I told them that they won't be having sex with the guys, right? Just dancing and some flirting." "That's right K. All they really need to do is make the guys think that they will hook up with them." At this point I got a call from Jason, which I promptly ignored. I put in the music, cut down the lights and suddenly our apartment was looking like a mini club. The guys are arriving and each one comments on how great our place looks. The girls are already dancing with each other and the guys stumble over themselves in their eagerness to get in the mix. Pete is the only one that stops to grab a drink first. "This is some party Brandon, you definitely went all out. Now I'm going to pretend as though I didn't see you touch any of this booze and just have a good time. Speaking of which, where's your roommate?" "He's out." "Pity that." said Pete as he starts moving to the beat. The party gets into gear and proceeds for a solid 3 hours. Everyone is sweating and gyrating in my living room. Time for the Finale to begin. The girls guide the boys towards the spare room. "Ok gents, everyone had some fun so far?" "Yeah" echoes the general consensus. "Well, we are gonna kick it up a notch now. Everybody strip!" "WTF?!" is their reaction. "You'll enjoy it in a min, trust me! It's no different than us changing before the game right?" The girls strip down to their undergarments and the guys fully strip. I dim the lights down further. "Ok, every girl pick a guy and take them to a chair." Naturally me and Kirsty paired up as the ring leaders of this little exercise. "Guys, the girls are going to blind fold you and tie you down to the chair. Now this was the reason I wanted to make sure that we only had the hottest guys and girls here cuz we don't want people to feel left out if they don't get picked." Ryan says, "Dude, this is weird as shit." "Take it easy bud you'll enjoy it real soon." Everyone gets tied down except me but I stay seated in the chair to maintain the illusion. "Now, ladies, this is how it will work. You will collectively pick one guy at a time and give him all your attention. You can choose how far to take it but everyone will get serviced in some fashion tonight." Kirsty turned on the porn, the camera, and then saw the escorts out. "Guys, who are waiting at least have something to listen to and imagine the fun you'll be having soon." I got out of my chair and first went for Pete. I gently held his dick and balls and then started to suck him off. Pete bucked and moaned in his chair. The other guys offered him encouragement and asked for details of what was happening with him. "I don't fucking know but this blowjob is so amazing." He said with a groan as I swallowed him down to the root. His 8 inches were throbbing happily in my mouth as I brought them to higher peaks of pleasure. I pulled my mouth off of him and looked around at all the other guys whose dicks were standing straight in the air already in anticipation of receiving the pleasure that Pete was so clearly getting. Being careful to not touch Pete with anymore of my body than necessary, I pushed my asshole against his rock hard member. He was already dripping heavy amounts of precum so he entered my ass with little trouble. I lowered myself onto his dick almost to the base. There was a little pain but his lubrication dulled it to practically nothing and soon enough there was only pleasure overwhelming. Pete was crying out in pleasure and trying to fuck up into me but his legs being tied hampered him somewhat. "OMFG untie me, so I can give you a proper ass fucking!" Pete yelled. The other guys murmured in surprise. Their girlfriends never let them near their asses. The excitement was palpable in the air as they looked forward to fucking their first ass not realizing that it would be me, not some woman.

I was doing everything I could to control myself from moaning but Pete's tool throbbing inside me was simply sublime! Within a few more seconds of fucking, Pete thrashed wildly as his cock exploded in my ass pouring white hot semen up my ass. This was a first for me but it definitely felt amazing. I was slowly jerking my own shaft just to stretch the sensation out. Pete finally subsided and pulled out of me and I moved on all fours keeping my ass in the air to prevent myself from losing his cum. "Oh...My... God... Whoever I just fucked has the tightest ass I've ever felt around me... It was AMAZING!" I smiled to myself and thought that I was finally starting to see Jason's perspective. Everyone else was still rock hard and my next target was Ari. He was always the quiet one among the group and always the most studious. Heck, he even played bball the way he studied, he had great technical precision and could execute any strategy we put together but you never really saw any spark in him. I couldn't tell if he even wanted to play or if there was some other reason for him being on the team.

My first glance at Ari's dick made me a bit nervous. He was definitely thicker than Pete but at the same time he looked so appealing that I knew I'd do what I have to take him in me. Thankfully, I was already lubed up! I bent down and started kissing his ramrod. As I moved my kisses down towards his balls, he started to breathe deeper. His balls were very nice and totally shaved smooth, so I decided to swallow them. I started to alternate on swallowing his nuts and a low moan escaped his mouth. Just hearing that made me want to give him more to moan about, so I swallowed his head in one fell swoop. He groaned his pleasure as I applied ever more suction to his meat. After a couple of minutes, his pre started to flow and I have to say that it tasted great! I was almost considering just sucking him off! But my ass was feeling less than filled and crying out for more. I turned around and mounted him. "Holy Shit!" exploded from him suddenly. "Whoever I'm fucking is so wet, it's just fucking amazing! Oh man, do what you want with me, I'm yours!" I didn't respond other than smiling to myself as I started to ride him. Because I had just been fucked a few minutes ago, there wasn't really any pain from Ari going up my chute. It just felt like it was a little tighter (which was exactly what I wanted anyway). I picked up the pace on riding him and my own dick kept pumping out pre all over my chest as my dick would slap my abs with every gyration. I could feel him getting ready to explode as his dick grew by at least another inch inside me. And then catastrophe struck.

The door slams open and I hear Jason roar, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!" At the same is exact second, Ari's dick convulsed and he shot his love juices deep into me. It felt like fire in my ass, but my face was as white as chalk as I saw Jason's face. He stepped forward and before I could say anything, he ripped the blindfolds off of Brayden and Ryan. They look around to see me still mounted on Ari and him pumping his seed into my ass. The looks on their faces are absolutely incredulous as though they can't believe what their eyes are telling them. Not only are there no girls in the room but I'm the one being fucked by them! Jason looks like Fury Incarnate just as Ari finishes shooting in me. "AGAIN, WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS NONSENSE?!" "Jason, you weren't supposed to be here," I said as I moved away from Ari, my ass dripping loads of cream onto the floor. "Let's take this outside for a minute," and I took Jason by the hand to the far side of the apartment.

Ari catches his breath asks in a low voice "What the hell is going on?" "We weren't fucking the girls who were here, you just got done fucking Brandon, Jason just walked in and he's majorly pissed," replied Brayden. Ari and Jordan not having seen anything through their blindfolds gasped with shock, but Pete remained quiet. Ryan said, "Pete, you don't seem shocked by this... you knew what we were walking into?" "Actually, I didn't, I was just really hoping you guys would get so drunk that I'd get to have some fun with you tonight. If I had known Brandon wanted to get fucked I would've been over here a long time ago. But, yeah, once he started riding me I knew. Girls can't move like that and when they try to, they screw up. Best lay I've had in a year!" "That's so fucking nasty, dude!" said Jordan. "Oh? Was it so terrible for you Ari? I mean you just got done with him, so you would be the best judge. Was it nasty?" asked Pete. Ari deliberated internally as he did with everything. "If you'd asked me before, I'd never have agreed to it in years, but his ass was definitely good. Hell, I wouldn't mind doing him again." "Seriously?!!" asked Ryan. "Dead serious, you just never got to try it. Plus I don't need to wear a condom with him... Pretty sure he won't get pregnant." "Man, oh man, Bray, talk some sense into him!" exclaimed Ryan. "Well I guess now's as good a time as any to tell you guys... I've been wanting to hook up with Brandon for a while now... I mean I wouldn't do anything like this and definitely never without permission but yeah..." "What the FUCK?!" said Jordan. "You're one of them too?!" "Fuck you right back man, you're the one who doesn't know what he's missing!" Conversation in the room died down in the face of these new revelations. "Does anyone know if they are going to untie us, cuz I could use a piss?" asked Ari.

Back in Jason's room, I was getting chewed out (and not in a good way). "I've been calling you all night, you keep ignoring me, and I have to walk into THIS?!" "Jason, please man, just calm down, I can explain this." "OH REALLY?! YOU CAN, CAN YOU?! WELL, START TALKING BECAUSE THIS SHOULD BE REAL GOOD!" "Look, I'm sorry man. My ego just got in the way..." "FUCK YOU AND YOUR EGO!" "JUST SHUT UP FOR 2 FUCKING SECONDS! I'M TRYING TO APOLOGIZE!" That shut him right up. "I'm sorry ok... It just really tripped me up when you told me that I'm boring you. I thought I was giving you what you needed." "No, it was my fault for reacting like that. I mean, you'd never done anything with a guy before me, so how would you know? I'm just used to more variety because I've experienced it." "No one's ever told me that I suck before." "Come on, I never said that you suck, just that we need to change things up every now and again. We'll work at it every day until we'll be rocking each other's world all night, every night! Cool?" "I'm up for it man! I only wanted to make you happy! I was just shocked when I found out that I wasn't doing it for you!" "Now, tell me what the hells is going on out there?!" "Oh... Yeah about that... I was so pissed off at you that I was going to show you that I'm adventurous and that I can please plenty of people, so you were being dumb... So... Um" "Wow, haha, it's cool but this is just out of control. Aren't those guys straight?" "Pete's a maybe..." "I see, so you basically just outed yourself to your teammates to get back at me...?" "They weren't supposed to find out... That's why they were blindfolded and tied down... I had some girls here earlier, the guys were supposed to think they were fucking the girls and the porn would kinda drown out any noise from me." "Ah, I guess I sort of wrecked that plan... points for ambition tho! Let's see what we can do keep this under control for you."

Jason and I walked back into the party room. I pulled the blindfolds off of Ari and Jordan. Jason took control immediately. "So gents, clearly this evening didn't go as expected. The way I see it, we have two options here. A, we can go back to what we were doing and I'll join in the mix with you or B, we'll untie you and everybody has a really good time. It's not normally my style to do things like this but, you know, make lemonade and all that. If any of you thinks that they are going to make a campus announcement of some sort, I'd strongly suggest you reconsider as I'm quite sure that I have sufficient video here to level the ass who tries to blackmail Brandon and me. So how should we do this?" I was getting a real strange vibe from Brayden. He couldn't stop staring at me and it looked like he was starting to get hard again. I walked over to him. "What you thinking, Bray?" "Brandon, you need to untie me right now." I exchanged looks with Jason, who nodded his approval. I untied his legs and then reached over to get his arms. As soon as he was released, he immediately grabbed my now soft member. Before I could express my shock, Brayden opened his mouth and swallowed me whole. "Fuck!" I yelled but Bray's soft and sensual tongue was working me over like a pro and I was starting to get hard again. "Looks like he meant it" said Jordan watching Brayden choke himself on my rapidly hardening cock. "You ok bro?" asked Ryan of Brayden who simply responded with a wink and started fondling my egg sized balls. Jason walked over to Jordan, "How about a little fun for you?" he asked as he started to stroke Jordan's dick. Ryan looked over with a degree of apprehension as Jason pulled his chair over and started working both him and Jordan with his hands. "For Fuck's Sake, untie me! Why should you guys get all the fun?!" exclaimed Pete. I was fully hard and face fucking Brayden with my rod but reached over and unbound him. Pete immediately went for Ari and pulled the restraints, followed by sucking on Ari's dick which immediately hardened up. "I wonder if I can suck on both of you at the same time?" Jason said to Jordan and Ryan. They were both fully hard and watching with intense interest as Jason was rapidly stroking their shafts. Jason opened his mouth wide and swallowed Ryan's head, which he worked expertly eliciting a groan from Ryan. Jason followed that by maneuvering Jordan's purpled head over to his mouth and sucking him in too. The max he could do was both heads and then only for seconds at a time but with each instance the guys would grunt appreciatively. He continued working his facile tongue over the two of them and you could see that they were both into it. Their cocks were leaking copious amounts of pre which Jason naturally drank down. Everybody was really into what was going down so I figured lets ramp it up a bit. "J, how bout you let Ryan and Jordan double down on you?" Jason untied them both and they took their positions. Jordan was going to take Jason's ass while Ryan would continue getting head.

While Ryan continued to get head, Jordan waved his dick at Jason's asshole as though having second thoughts. "Jason, your asshole looks so fucking small man, I'm gonna rip you up! You sure about this?" By way of response, Jason reached around to grab Jordan's cock and guide it to his hot hole. He used the generous amounts of pre flowing from Jordan's head to lubricate his ass. He then held Jordan and pushed himself onto his head, which slipped in with a resounding pop. "Aww fuck man! Damn but you're tight!" Jordan exclaimed as he watched Jason's ass pull in inch after inch of his throbbing member. Jason had an extremely satisfied look on his face as he got spit roasted by the biggest dicks in the room (excluding me). Ryan's cock was pulsing its satisfaction deep in Jason's mouth. Jason timed his ass contractions to coincide with Jordan's thrusts. Within minutes both Ryan and Jordan were indicating that they were ready to explode. The dual penetration led to Jason whimpering until his rock hard cock started gushing jet after jet of thick white cum into the carpet. Seconds later, Jordan yells out "Fuck!" as he unleashes his pent up load into Jason's ass. Watching these two studs climax, pushed Ryan to the point of no return as pulled his shaft out of Jason's mouth and white washed his face with 12 massive waves cum. I don't think I've seen anyone cum like that before barring yours truly.

Ari and Pete had decided to 69 and from moans of pleasure being elicited from their corner, they were having a great time taking things slowly. Brayden pulled his mouth off of my prong "I'm gonna fucking ride this beast." "Well, you have to be this hot to ride," I said indicating his lithe form as he pushed me down to the floor. My cock was standing straight in the air and begging for attention. Brayden straddled me and slowly lowered himself onto my head. I shivered with pleasure as his warm ass engulfed my weeping helmet head. He looked so intent as my cock traveled up his ass and grazed his prostate. His eyes widened in shock and he lost control literally dropping down on to my pelvis to take the last six inches with a howl of pleasure. He started moving up and down my shaft so fast it was incredible and his dick would slap my abs with each return. I could feel my dick jabbing his prostate as he gasped in time. But it's not my style to just lay back. "How the fuck did you take my cock to easily?" "Ever since I saw you in the locker room that first time, I knew you'd be huge, so practiced on a 9-inch dildo I bought. Didn't know you were so much bigger," He said as I lay him on his back and raised his legs to my shoulders. "Well, you ready for this?" "Stop pussying around and fuck me!" he yelled. So I gave him what he wanted, I started to jack hammer his ass with short fast strokes aimed at his love nut. Brayden howled in pleasure as his ass collapsed around my straining dick. I was fucking him so hard my nuts were turning his ass red where they kept slapping him. I could feel the build up inside my cock and I took all the way. "Your ass is fucking mine and I'm gonna breed you like my personal bitch," I said. Brayden just stared back at me, silently begging for my load as he squeezed around my cock. My breath burst out as my cum hose began to spray deep into his well pounded man cunt. His back arched as he began shooting warm streams of jizz. Even Jason stopped to watch us both explode with such incredible passion. I pulled out of Brayden, spent. I could hardly keep my eyes open as I passed out.

When I woke up, hours had passed and everyone was resting with someone else. As I moved around, Pete's eye cracked open and he winked at me. I smiled and looked around but I didn't see Jason. I slowly untangled myself from Brayden's arms and made my way out of the room. I found Jason sitting on the couch watching the TV on mute. "Hey" "Hey yourself" he said. "It got pretty crazy in there for a bit... You have fun?" "Sure, I guess... not as much as you, it seems" "What does that mean, Jason?" "Nothing... you've never passed out like that after sex with me... guess I'm not as good as Brayden" I sat down next to him, cupped his chin in my hand, and turned his face to mine. "Jason, I couldn't ask for anyone better than you. Only reason I passed out there was because I was a bit drunk from the party" I stared into his eyes as my lips met his and we kissed like there was no tomorrow. "I want you, Jason, those other guys were fun, but I want you. Do you want me?" "Yessssss" He sighed as he slowly released his breath. "Then take what you want." Our eyes met again as I gave him the permission he was looking for. He licked his lips in delight, leaned me back and raised my legs over my head. With incredible tenderness I felt his tongue flick my ass. Then again, only the gentlest touch to drive me crazy the way only he can. He buried his face in my ass and his warm tongue slowly circled my asshole continuously without pause, making me harder by the second. I didn't know how much I could take but I would try my best for him. He kept his steady rhythm of eating me out and moved a hand to stroke my now rock hard shaft. He reached further and further until he had my dick head in his hand. I was leaking pre into his palm as he cupped my head, just luxuriating in the intensely sexual heat radiating from me. His other hand pushed my ass further into the air and his fingers started teasing my ass. In went the first and was rapidly followed by the second. Turned on doesn't come close to describing me at that point. I wanted his dick in my warm hole but he had this mischievous glint in his eyes. I knew if I asked He'd only tease me further, so I kept my mouth shut (between moans) and prayed that he'd start fucking me soon.

He pushed my ass higher still. Damn, my back was starting to hurt but it was dulled out by the pleasure overwhelming my every nerve. There it is! I felt his head at the door of my ass, like a guest waiting to be invited in. Jason leaned over me, licked my shaft, gave my head a quick swallow before kissing me full on the lips with my pre on his tongue. As he kissed me deeply, his cock slid into me. That sudden penetration made my shaft bounce and spray us in the face with a shot of pre cum. I realized that my dick was only a few inches away from my mouth. Jason stopped kissing me and put his focus on fucking me with wild abandon. He knew exactly what he was doing as he drove me to heights of pleasure I had never experienced before. I couldn't tear my eyes away from my own dick. It seemed so close but so far at the same time. I grabbed my cock and pulled on it as I stuck my tongue out and opened my mouth. "FUCK YES! I was hoping you'd make that connection!" Jason yelled. He fucked deeper into me, giving me just the push I needed to pull my head into position and swallow it. My mind exploded with pleasure and I could barely understand what was happening as I wrapped my warm wet mouth around my throbbing head and sucked with a vengeance. My ass was screaming with pleasure as Jason fucked my prostate and my dick was almost too much to focus on. I could sense the distinct concentrations of pleasure and was rapidly becoming delirious. I was determined not to stop sucking myself but barely had any control, so I grabbed Jason's ass tight to make sure he kept fucking me balls deep to force my head into my mouth. I was close, so close. My cock was leaking pre into my mouth almost faster than I could swallow it down. I wrapped my lips tight around my cock and sucked like never before. My dick swelled and I started cumming into my mouth. There was so much cum flowing from me and the pleasure was so intense that my dick slipped out of my mouth and started spraying hot jets all over my face. Jason groaned and bred my ass. It felt like a dam had exploded in my butt and was filling me with liquid heat. My cock was throbbing and launching loads of my cum onto me. Jason grabbed my still oozing prick and started sucking every drop he could out of it. He pulled out of me and I could feel his sperm flowing out of my no-longer-virgin ass. I spread my arms and he lay down on me slowly lapping at the cum covering me until we both fell asleep in each other's arms. Truly a night to remember.




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