I was fresh out of high school, enjoying every bit of my vacation the best I could. It was Independence Day weekend, and most of my friends were out of town. I had decided to head out and make the best of the day outdoors. I got early on the morning of the 4th and grab everything for the beach.

As I arrived on the beach wearing black swim shorts and a wife beater, I felt the soothing breeze hit my body and the calmness of the ocean in front of me. I had decided to run a mile up the shore just to get in my fitness for the day.

After roughly 15 minutes, I settled down to catch my breath. I looked around to see a handsome stud make his way for the waters. My dick sprung up at the sight of this hunk that held a surfboard in hand. The surfer had black shiny spiky hair, luscious lips, tan skinned, huge biceps, broad shoulders and equally pumped up pair of pecs. I grabbed my dick outside of shorts to feel my emotions. I wanted this guy, every bit of him.

He planted his red surfboard into the sand and made his way towards the water. He took a few steps in and bent down to splash water on his upper body. He turned around. I saw his washboard abs glisten a bit as water dripped down to his red, yellow and blue swim trunks. And then.....our eyes met.

For a few seconds, I found myself just lost in his brown eyes, they were beautiful I thought.

He labored for a few minutes, looking out towards the waves, and preparing himself for his surf.

Suddenly he turned back at me, my heart jumped up as I tried to keep my composure sitting about 30 feet away. He smiled a bit and walked over, my mind began racing and I didn't know what to say if he had anything to say to me.

"You out for a swim?" he asked me.

"Yeah...I guess you can say that."

"The names Alex....." he says extending his hand out to me.

"Zack" I said as I shook his hand firmly, leaving a desire I wanted every part of him, hard.

"Well anyways, you think as long as you're here you could look out for my stuff? I've had to stolen before by some idiots and I would appreciate it if you could?"

"Yes, absolutely, I'm going to be here until noon" I said.

"Great.....um..by the way..do you surf?"

"Not that much"

"It's cool, just thought you might have wanted to borrow my board for a few" he said, sort of giving me a reward for watching his belongings. But I wanted to borrow another kind of belonging, his bulge was crying out to me to abduct it in my mouth.

Alex headed out to the open water with his surfboard. We were at a part of the beach where lifeguards weren't nearby, and beach goers were few and far between.

Given the circumstances, I decided to rest back and begin feeling myself. I saw Alex try and catch waves and his body was just too much for me to pass up on. My dick sprung out of my shorts upon me pulling it down a bit past my balls. I began jerking it up and down with fierce action. I closed my eyes and moaned out..."Fuck.......that feels so good Alex.....ahhh yeah don't stop....."

I pounded my left hand against the sand, my back arching up above the sand, as the jerking grew more intense. My head was tilted to the side, glaring out to surfing Alex who was swimming up to his board.

My left hand began feeling myself all over my sweaty chest, and then down to my cock as I massaged the base of my cock while I continued jerking with my right. I massaged my thighs and then went back and grabbed my balls.

"Ahhhh yes......fuck yeah........Alex......don't stop."

Suddenly, I saw Alex coming back to shore, in a hurry. I immediately put my cock inside my swim trunks and sat up as I tried to hide the raging boner I still had going.

Alex came to shore and immediately tossed the surfboard to the side. He began to slowly lower his trunks to reveal what was a red rash. I immediately decide to investigate what was going on.

"Just my luck....the jellys came biting today." Alex said.

Alex had a red rash which was on his right hip, near his groin area. My dick began rising and I tried to find ways to hide it but it was too obvious.

Alex began glaring at me with an odd look, one that gave away a red alarm that he wanted no part of what I was enjoying.

"Listen it's alright, I'm ok; I'm just going to head back...home and treat it." Alex said as he was ready to get up. But as he did, the pain was unbearable, and I decided to help him out despite his insistence. My boner went down a bit as I went to get water from the ocean and put it on the sting.

"Ahhh" Alex said as I treated the sting. I lowered his trunks a bit to treat the rest of the sting. His flaccid dick was inches away and I just wanted to pounce on it. I saw his ripped and chunky six pack abs, his bulging chest, his whole frame; my dick began getting hard once more.

And then I snapped.

I pulled down his shorts a bit and revealed his cock. Alex reacted by pulling back and then he glared at me. "You want my cock, you want it don't you?"

I smiled and nodded. "Look at you, of course I want to please you, I'll blow you like no one ever has before."

Alex pulled his shorts up and got up. "What a fag" he said as he laughed walking away. I was crushed as my attempt was thwarted. I laid back down and decided to suntan for the time being, shaking my head at my failed effort.

It was a few hours as I remain on the beach, taking occasional dips in the water and sunbathing as well. I would see some joggers pass by, some were hot, and namely the females but most were middle-aged men with a wad of hair on their chests.

It was noon as I went to lie down for a final time in the sun. I wore shades as I lay face up tanning myself a bit. I listened to some music and began to feel my cock again looking around and seeing no one in sight. A few minutes came to pass when I smelled the scent of strong cologne amidst the smell of the ocean breeze and sand.

I opened my eyes and lifted my shades up, it was Alex.

Alex wore a black fitted San Francisco Giants cap on his head, and had Beats headphones around his neck with the red wire coming down past his sexy chest and six pack abs. He wore the same swim trunks and had a patch on the jellyfish sting this time.

He dropped the surfboard and his belongings next to me and then dropped his swim trunks to the ground.

"Changed my mind....sorry about earlier.....I've been curious about how well a guy does it.....and if you want my cock in your mouth.....lets see how well you are."

I tossed aside my iPod and cushioned my head on a dufflebag. Alex sat his ass on my chest, he wipped his dick against my face, sliming. "I've always wanted to dick slap, but I'm too classy when it comes to girls."

"Face fuck me" I said without hesitation. I saw right in front of me a growing uncut cock. I began to jerk it off inches away from my lips. I felt the warm meat in my hands, every inch and every vein. His groin area was clean shaven and he had a large set of balls.

"9 inches buddy...you ready?" he said.

"Do it" I said smiling. I opened my mouth and drove the cock inside. "Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck.....yeah man, that's right, take it."

Alex placed both his hands on my head as he began face fucking me intensively. I began gagging almost as if I was choking to death. But there we were, on the beach having sex at just after 12, with no worries. I put my hands on the back of Alex feeling his every muscular horizon on the back and grabbing hard at every end. I then reached for my own cock and began jerking it off simultaneously. I was in paradise, this was what I wanted and I got. The breeze, the heat, the sand, and this hunk was much needed.

30 minutes had gone by I believe before Alex pulled out of my mouth, my face was tomato red from all the intensity of it. Alex was catching his breath after all the moaning, his cock was visibly wet and dripping in my saliva. He looked back and saw my throbbing cock, he smirked at me and reached for it.

"If you let me fuck you...raw....then I'll do you the favor of sucking it.. but just for a little while....how bout it?"

"Deal" I said intently.

And thus we positioned ourselves in 69 form, I began the double dose of Alex's enormous cock in my mouth as Alex began downing on mine. I was oozing in pre-cum unlike Alex. The feeling as I felt Alex's tongue and mouth encase my cock was overwhelming. My knees buckled and I squeezed Alex's butt cheeks.

The absurdity of this moment became clear as an old couple had passed by as we had sex. They were jogging and were trying to make out if I was a woman. I didn't care at all, and we kept at it for another 30 minutes. Alex enjoyed sucking my cock, but I he enjoyed my blowjob that he figured he keep blowing me to keep the feeling going.

Alex got off me and laid next to me, we both looked at each other, knowing what was next. I got up and took off my swim trunks completely. We were both naked at this point on the beach as it was just past 1.

"Never thought I'd ever get to experience raw before." Said Alex as I positioned myself above his cock. Little by little, the dick made its entry to the narrow hole in my ass. I felt the cold, dripping wet cock penetrate me as Alex began to show no mercy. He grabbed my hips as he began to thrust his cock inside my asshole.

"ooooooo shit.......ahhhhhhhhh.....fuck... (me)

"yeah.........oh...yeah.......that feels..........so fucking great.......yeah......fuck....yeah...........ahhhhhhhh" (Alex)

I grabbed my cock and began jerking it off, I was literally in a state of ecstasy, I had never felt so alive, having this sex on the beach. I took a moment to just live in the moment, mentally photographing this hunk named Alex. I wanted this to last forever because it felt so great. Alex and I were locked in eye contact as he fucked me as hard as anyone ever did to me. He let out a smile in between the moans of pleasure and it made me feel great.

"ooooooahhhhhhhhhhhh yeah......is that as hard as you can go Alex.........?

"You want me.....to go harder? Has....anyone....ever fucked you harder?"

"You are not quite there yet" I lied. Wanting this straight stud to cum inside me. Alex took his pounding to another level as I began to feel his large cock brush by my prostate. I was on the edge at this point, my eyes wanting to pop out of me and I wanted to explode a gallon of cum on Alex's face.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck.......Alex..........fuckkkkkkkkkkk, don't fucking stop!"

"Ahhhhh shit.....I'm cumming....I'm gonna fucking cum!" Alex shouted out.

"Me too! Fuck here I cum! I shouted right back. "Taahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

A jet stream of white cum shot out of my dick, almost like water. At the same time, I felt a cold sensation in my ass of fresh cum oozing and shooting out like a geyser inside my ass.

"Ohhhhh my gad.......ahhhhh shit........ahhh man.............that felt amazing....shit....." Alex said.

I smiled right back as cum continuously flowed out of my dick. The end result was cum sprayed all over his chest, neck, and face. A cum shot landed just below his right eye and followed a path over his nose right to his lips. Incredibly, Alex began to taste it and gave me thumbs up.

"Doesn't taste that bad.....how about you clean mine?" Alex said as I got up from off his cock. I went in and licked every last bit of his penis clean of cum. Afterwards I laid next to him, he looked at me and began riding his hand through my hair.

"Thanks man...sorry again for that fag comment....after what we did....you could even call me that."

"No worries." I said as he closed in to Alex's face. I wanted to kiss him, but Alex was hesitating because this really meant endangering his sexually, for whatever it was worth.

I put my hand on his cheek and closed in. Alex succumbed to my approach and we both came halfway and we began making out. I felt Alex's juicy fat lips and began drawing out my tongue to dig deep in his mouth. Alex took over and he came on top of me. We began kissing passionately and afterwards we had sex again.

After a second round of sex, I learned how to surf with Alex as we spent the rest of the day together. We were off to the bars late at night at his place and a third round of fucking came about.

That time, Alex allowed me to fuck him and cum inside him. Alex and I slept together that night and the next day we went surfing once more. However he revealed to me that he was in town for only a few more days until he had to go to West Point. This explained the packed bags I saw when I had my night fun at his home. He said he knocked this off his bucket list and would never have a moment with a guy like he had with me.

"Would we do this ever again?"

"I don't know, chances are we may say each other again and get....Wet N'Wild....take care Zack". He said to me as he left the beach in his Jeep Wrangler.

And there I stood wondering how long I would keep doing this. I rode a high and it was addicting, and it wouldn't stop feeding. There was more, I wanted more, I really liked it, and more I would get.



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