ok I was in Algebra last week and we we're watching a movie.......every 2 minutes someones head would go down......mine went down in the first 2 minutes because I didn't get much sleep because I was talkin to my baby (hubby, you)n earlier that day........ and I started dreaming...‏I went to Texas to "visit" as a friends who "moved" away and wanted to "catch up" with you.....‏so you invited me into your room to show me around and you said "make yourself comfortable" "I have to go to the bathroom"‏I started by pulling out my blankets and that and laying them on the floor making a makeshift bed (which is suprisenly (sp?) comfortable I do it all the time) and I notice something under your bed like a wash clothe or something......

I reach down to get it and you come walking in and say "what are you doing" (in a nice but yet concerned/awkward voice) and I say "well I seen a wash clothe and magazine under your bed and I was going to pi" and you cut me off there by coming over to me and pulling me up to you and kissing me.....‏

at first I wiggled then I got calm as you stuck our tongue inside.......then you ended up pushing me against your door then against your dresser then onto your bed (while we were moving we were undressing each other)I say "Stop we shouldn't be doing this" (after we got undressed and were under the blankets of your bed) you said "we've already gone this far why not finish?) I say "because I'm afraid I've never done this before ,and I'm still a virgin".‏ you cut me off when I'm about to speak again by kissing my lips and sticking your tongue in.....then we started to make out‏ I then went down and started giving you a blow job then all of the sudden your mom bursts in and says "where's your friend at" (hence your holding me still) you then say "he went to the bathroom or downstairs or something" "he'll be right back" then she leaves......I continue to give you a blow job until ou cum in my mouth and I swallow it all......you*

I then move up slowly and start kissing you when I say to you "fuck me please....But be gentle and slow at first then speed up and get faster please...."

you say "I will baby don't worry"‏Then you move me on my back and slowly go to put your cock into my ass (I start to shake as I fell the head poking into me) I say "it's going to hurt....I think I'm going to scream in pain...

you should gag me sweetie" then you say "ok and you gag me with a gag ball" and I say sloppily "thank you"‏You then go back to slowly sliding into me when you get about half way in I shout out in pain...... You say "there, there John it's going to be alright....I'll be gentler" tears start running down my face but I don't want you to stop...‏ You then whisper into my ear "I love you and want to thank you for choosing me to take your virginity" then you hurry and slide it all inside of me as I cry out in agony and pain....‏you start sliding in and out of me and I start to clench and moan......‏after about 20 minutes on this position you move to doggy-style and start stroking me.........I keep saying (5-10 minutes into the doggy-style position) "can I cum please baby please" you say "no, no, no I'm going to keep edging you for another 5-10 minutes my slut/slave"‏(10 minutes pass by and you finally let me cum) My load goes shooting onto your bed my chest your chest your head board and pillows..........you start going in and out faster and faster.......‏you say "i'm going to cum! i'm going to cum!!!‏you then cum inside of me and I clench forward as every (8-10) gushes of your load go into my aching hole......you fall onto your bed and I fall beside you......I then begin to kiss you but then your mom yells "Shane Ryan supper's ready come down and eat" so we get up and get dressed.......then we went down to eat and I came out to your mother as being bisexual and you then came out to her as being bisexual.....(she was shocked but supported us)......(we never told her that we had sex in your room).......



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