“Let’s do the tubs tonight”

That’s how Tommy starts a conversation. I’m sitting home watching TV and the phone rings. It’s Tommy, he’s a good friend I’ve known a few years. Normally he calls me from work with some crazy questions or to see if I wanna go dancing at the Round Up, or favorite bar. He always starts talking on the phone like you were already in conversation and this is the next sentence. So when I see his name come up on my phone, I’m ready for anything but this one surprised me. We have never gone to a bathhouse together before, we’ve run into each other but never planned a trip. 

Turns out some porn star he likes is making an appearance and he’s just dying to meet him. Our  types are vastly different so I’m not really interested but I agree to go with him. We have two bathhouses in town, one I like better than the other and wouldn’t you know, we are going to the other one… oh well, why not, might be fun. We decide to meet there so I could cut out if things didn’t suit me. This place caters to an older crowd and normally I’d prefer younger.  We get in and make our way around to the lockers and put on our uniform for the evening, a thin white cheap towel and I set out to see what’s what. 

The place fills up pretty fast because of the porn star, I don’t remember his name, some leather daddy. He’s standing around talking to guys in a leather harness, motorcycle boots, chaps and a cock ring. Nice big cock with a PA in it and pierced nipples. I got to admit, he’s a hot looking man but just not my type. Don’t get me wrong, if he said he wanted to fuck me, I’d be assuming the position and he’d be balls deep in me in a second but he’s not the kind I go looking for. 

I slip away from the crowd and head out on my own. They have a maze I like, a little anonymous glory hole action works fine for me. With this crowd, I can pretend the cock sticking out that hole is attached to something hotter than what I see. The room is all painted black and the only light is a black light so all you get is a strange glow but you can make out something in the dark. So I’m on my knees sucking this really nice cock and enjoying myself when he slips it from my lips, ducks down and said.

“You a bottom?”


“Turn around”

Well you know I did! I mash my ass up to that hole and he started rimming my ass out big time. Soon he stops, stands up and pushes his hard spit covered cock up my ass. When he gets all the way in me, he starts a nice slow fuck, the guy had a really nice, bigger than average cock on the thicker side. He’s pushing all the way in and pulling all the way out over and over again and that’s when another guy walks up with his towel over his shoulder and stroking another big fat cock. He’s nicely built with hot body. I can’t tell a lot about him because it’s so damn dark but he walks up and presents his fat cock for me to suck so who am I to turn him down? So I’m sucking away at his cock, holding on to him and doing a great job considering I’m getting fucked from behind by the stranger on the other side of the wall. The guy I’m sucking pulls me up off his cock and looks he in the face and said, 

“You liking my mans cock up your ass boy?”

“Oh god yes”

“Think you’d like to come to our room and continue this party in a little more comfort?”

“Sure, love to”

With that, he slides his hands down to my hips and jerks me forward off the big cock that was just up my ass and tells his lover,

“He’s up for it, lets go back to the room”

I turned to look for my towel, I’d dropped it when I was sucking the other guys cock. I spot it in the floor over in the corner and bend over to get it.

“Damn nice, I wanna try this out real fast”

And with that he grabs my up turned up ass and rams his cock into my still open hole. I pick up my towel and stand up with his cock still up me. He’s thicker than his boyfriend but just as long. He takes a few slam fucks up my ass and then pulls out. 

“You’re gonna be a fun fuck boy”

He guides me out of the darkened maze and his boyfriend is right behind us. We head up stairs to the room not in silence. We finally get to our destination and we ditch the towels and get on the bed together. His pubes are nearly gone, nothing but a well shaped short buzzed patch above his beautiful cock. 

His chest hair is trimmed the same, the hair on his legs is so fine and blond, you can hardly see it and his pits are totally hairless. He’s about my age, late 20’s might be older but I don’t think much if any. His name is Chris. The other guy is older than us, might be about 45, with dark brown hair the color of mink with dark eyes to match, His hair is smooth and thick and in a nice conservative business man’s cut, square jaw and about 6ft 6, a good five inches taller than me. He looks so familiar to me, I can’t put a finger on it but I never forget a face so it will come to me. Oh and his mane is Wells. So me and Chris get into a 69 and start sucking away at each other side by side and Wells gets in behind me and slides that fat cock of his back up my ass and gently fucking me. They traded off taking turns up my ass and soon I was so open and relaxed. This was no hard fast fuck. More interesting things were in store for me really soon. By this point, I was so fucking turned on, my body was on fire it seemed but they wouldn’t let me touch myself and they wouldn’t let me cum ether. I was like a maniac, I wanted more, I wanted it to stop, hell I didn’t know what the fuck I wanted, it was just so good. Finally, Wells gets up on the bed, laying flat on his back. 

“Sit on it. Come ride that cock for me” he said… so I did! 

I got up over him and stepped astride him and lowered my gaping hole onto his stiff cock and soon I’d bottomed out. I just squatted there on that fine slab of cock and I could feel his heart beat in his pulsing cock deep in my ass. He wasn’t going to last long. Chris comes up behind me and is kind of using my body like a fleshlight to jack Wells off. I’m looking down on his face and it hits me, I know who this guy is, I’d seen him on television many times. 

“Is Wells short for Weldon?” I asked as I’m fucking myself on his cock. Grinning back up at mere said.

“Yes it is. How did you come up with that?”

“I recognized you from TV. I knew I’d knew you from someplace”

I said as I keep riding his cock. 

“You’re on staff at that church,”

(This is a true event, I was sitting on the cock of a minister of a very prominent church in the area and they used to be on TV every Sunday and I’d seen him many times so this part is omitted to protect the not so innocent)

Turns out he was married to a woman, she knew he was gay and she kept his secret so he could keep his ministry. He was a really nice man, but anyway, back to the fucking. HAHAHA! 

So discovering I was not only having a great three way fuck but it was a preachers cock, fucking me bareback in a bath house with his boyfriend! You just can’t make this shit up! I mean I guess you could but I’m not, it really happened to me. So I’m even more turned on but as they say on TV, 

But wait, there’s more! 

Chris is still behind me, holding me as I ride that cock when he push’s me forward until I’m laying flat out on Wells chest and then it happened! Chris starts pushing his cock up into my ass with his lovers cock! I start to freak out!

“NO STOP! I can’t take that! You’re gonna rip me in two!” I said. 

Then Chris, softly in my ear…

“No baby. You can do it, I’m almost all the way in you. Why do you think we’ve been working you over so much for so long, not letting you cum. We wanted you nice and open so we could fuck you together. Feel that? We are deep inside you, both of us.” 

He leaned back so he can be as far up my ass as posable with his hands pushing me down in place on Wells and Wells has me in a bear hug so I can’t change my mind and run. 

“Yeah, nothing but our two cocks, incased in your hot juicy ass. You’re loving the feel of our raw cocks sliding back and forth like opposing pistons, churning your ass. We like finding pussy boys like you. Boys that will take our cocks no questions asked.” 

Wells purred into my ear. Then Chris starts picking up speed and he says,

“Then we breed them together, we pumps them full of our seed. OH FUCK, baby are you close? His ass filled with your cock feels so good, I need to cum!”


Then I start feeling one of them cumming, I think it’s Chris and then the other starts. Their cocks are flooding my ass full but I’m still in Wells bear hug and can’t touch my cock. Chris. Falls back on the bed, both cocks are still up my ass, Wells releases me and I sit up on both of them as they finish shooting inside me. I grab my cock and in seconds I’m shooting my load across Wells chest. I’m spent, they are too. Slowly we untangle from each other, cocks and cum fall from my wide open hole and I fall back next to Chris with his arm around me. 

We rested for a bit, I even fell asleep for a short nap. After we got ourself together, we made our way down to the showers and got cleaned up. I never did see Tommy again that night. The three of us talked for a little while and they asked if we could get together again sometime, I agreed and we traded numbers. We did do it again and I did both of them one on one a few times too. They were a hot couple, nice guys and hot fucks

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