My name is Mark Davis and I was a seventeen year old high school senior, well built and star quarterback on the football team when my story begins. Oh, one other thing. I'm gay. But before I begin my story, let me give you a short background.

My brother was nineteen and a sophomore in college. When we were nine and eleven, our mom packed up and left, leaving dad to raise us. In our opinion, he did an excellent job, balancing his work with spending time with us. Dad owned his own construction company and could take time off when he needed to in order to be at our ball games or scout meetings.

Our dad, Rex, hired a housekeeper/nanny to watch us after school during the week. Because of him taking time off during the week for us, he often had to have business meetings in the evening after regular business hours.

Weekends, dad and his best friend, Greg, would spend time with us, taking us to sporting events, parks, or camping.

Now, to get to my story.

Spring break was approaching and dad had talked to Clay asking if he was coming home. Clay said that he and Jeff, his best friend, might go to the beach. Dad had told him that if they changed their mind, he'd love to have them come home.

Spring break arrived, and dad and I were pleasantly surprised when Clay and Jeff came walking into the house on Friday shortly before six. Clay introduced Jeff to dad and I and as Jeff and I shook hands, we scanned each others bodies. Our eyes met and here was an instant attraction to each other.

Dad insisted we go out to dinner and we had a great evening, talking and catching up on events and dad telling Jeff about some of mine and Clay's crazy escapades growing up.

Saturday, Dad said he had a meeting that evening with a new client and we were on our own for dinner. Clay was on the phone a lot arranging a get together with his old school buds, wanting Jeff to meet them.

Dad left for his meeting and when Clay asked Jeff if he was going to get ready to go, Jeff declined, saying he wasn't feeling well and would meet them later in the week.

After Clay left, I looked at Jeff and said, 'What he fuck! There's nothing wrong with you.'

'No, there's not. I just thought you and I could get to know each other better, and Clay could reunite with his friends without having to keep me involved.'

'Okay, if you say so,' I replied. 'Want to hit my Xbox?'


We went to my room and Jeff chose a baseball game and we began playing. We sat on the bed and after we got started, Jeff casually moved closer to me, pressing his leg against mine.

Several times during the early part of the game, when I'd make a good play, Jeff would reach over and pat my upper thigh. His signals couldn't be misinterpreted.

Soon, I hit the pause button and turned to Jeff and as I looked into his emerald green eyes, I asked, 'You want to play baseball or play around?'

He looked at me a second then leaned over and kissed me, offering his hot moist tongue. I accepted quickly and returned the kiss. When we separated, he asked, 'Does hat answer your question?'

'It sure does and it's the answer I was hoping for.'

We put the game controllers aside and were soon undressing each other. Once totally naked, we lay on the bed kissing and fonding. That quickly evolved into a hot sixty-nine. After a slow gentle start on each others cocks, things heated up and I began deep throating Jeff's beautiful eight inch cock. Soon we both climaxed violently and after swallowing, we again kissed passionately.

After he kiss, I asked, 'Jeff, is Clay into men


'Hell no, or at least not that I know of and we're very close.'

'Does he know about you?'

'Fuck no, and I don' want him to know either. Please!'

'Hey, my lips are sealed. If he finds out, it won't be from me.'


After a while, we started again, this time wildly fucking each other and shooing huge loads up each others hot ass. Sex with Jeff had been fantastic and I told him so. He said that he agreed and that there would definitely be more before he left.

We returned to he ball game shortly before Clay returned home. The three of us decided to go get a burger and when we returned home, dad was back from his meeting.

Sunday, we all showed Jeff around town and after lunch we went to the lake and took in the sights.

On Monday, Dad left for work before any of us were awake. After we did, get up we had coffee and breakfast. As we ate, Clay said that he was going to have the oil changed in his car and run some other errands to run and asked if Jeff wanted to go with him.

'Nah, you go ahead. I'm just enjoying laying around and being lazy.'

Clay dressed and left, saying he'd probably be back about noon. Jeff and I cleaned he kitchen

and as we did we kissed frequently, our cocks rock hard in anticipation of was what ahead.

When we finished we went to the den, stripped, and began our love making. After kissing and making out, we fucked each other then relaxed. After more kissing, we got into a sixty-nine and went to work sucking each other's cocks.

As we both sucked eagerly, the door suddenly opened and Clay entered.

Seeing us, he froze and said, 'What the fuck! I don't believe this shit! Both my brother and my best friend like sucking cock!'

We jumped up and feebly groped for our shorts, not knowing what to say.

'Clay, what are you doing back this soon. We weren't expecting you.'

'That's pretty damn obvious,' he said with a smile on his face.

Jeff spoke up saying, 'Clay, I'm sorry. I didn't tell you about me for fear of loosing your friendship. I'll pack my things and leave.'

As Jeff headed out, Clay said, 'Hold on a minute.'

Then looking at me asked, 'Bro, what's your story?'

'I've been gay since I was fifteen and I made the pass at Clay.'

'Mark, it was just as much me as it was you,' Jeff said.

'It really doesn't matter,' Clay said. 'Does dad know about you?'

'Fuck, no,' I replied.

'He doesn't know about me either.'


'Guys, I'm gay also. I'm really glad this happened. I've been scared shit less that I'd do or say something that might give it away. I've wanted to try and see you both nude but didn't dare risk it. Now, I love what I see.'

'Clay, when did you start?' I asked.

'My senior year in high school. I was curious and I knew Jim Wilson was gay and talked to him. He said he'd be glad to show me what it was like. We had sex and I loved it.'

'You're shitting me!' I exclaimed.

'Why do you say that?'

'Jim is the one I started with.'

We began comparing memories and found that Jim had started both of us no more than a week apart.

'Shit, he was having fun with two brothers without them knowing about each other. That's wild,' Jeff said.

'Well, can I assume that Saturday night you two had fun while I was out?'

'Yea,' I said.

'Okay, then. Since you two have already enjoyed each other, I think it's my time to enjoy both of you.'

Clay began to quickly strip as Jeff and I looked at each other and smiled. Within seconds, Clay was totally naked and his body was beautiful. His cock was rock hard and as big as Jeff's.

He stepped closer to us and dropped to his knees taking our cock in his hands. Looking up at Jeff he said, 'Sorry pal, family first.'

As Clay swallowed my cock, Jeff said, 'I understand. That's he way it should be.'

Clay deep throated my cock expertly and I loved it. It was awesome to look down and see my own brother sucking my cock. He soon brought me to a roaring climax and hungrily swallowed my hot load.

Clay was on his knees and when he moved over to Jeff and swallowed his cock, I lay on the floor with my head facing Clay's cock and began sucking him. I heard him moan as his cock slid down my throat.

He quickly brought Jeff to a climax and swallowed, then as Jeff stepped back, Clay looked down and said, 'Yea, bro, suck it. Suck that load out.'

Moments later I had the pleasure to receive and swallow my brother's huge delicious load. As I sat up, Clay grasped my head gently and kissed me passionately, our tongues wrestling in our connected mouths.

After the kiss, Clay kissed Jeff then said, 'I think his trip home will be the best ever.'

Jeff spoke up saying, 'Think of all the fun you two missed not knowing about each other.'

'Don't remind us,' Clay said.

The rest of the day was spent making up for lost time with Clay and I fucking and sucking frequently. We made sure not to leave Jeff out.

Dad called and said that we were going out to dinner and be ready at six. When he picked us up, he said, 'hat have you been up to today? You three look awfully happy.'

'It's just a great visit, dad,' Clay said.

'I'm glad,' Dad replied.

Tuesday and Wednesday after dad left for work the three of us stripped and began day-long sex sessions.

Wednesday afternoon dad called and said that he'd had a meeting come up and wouldn't' be home until after nine. That would give us extra sex time.

Around six, we were in my room and Clay began sucking Jeff. I started on Clay, and as we lay there on the bed, Jeff began sucking me. We had a hot daisy chain going, all of us moaning in pleasure as we took our time bringing each other to a climax.

As we sucked each other slowly, we suddenly heard, 'May I join the fun?'

Jumping up as if we'd been shot at, we turned to look toward the door. There in he doorway was dad, totally naked, his hard cock pointing at us.

'Dad, what are you doing home?' Clay managed to say.

'The meeting go canceled. When I came in I could hear you three moaning and came to investigate. When I saw what was going on, I wanted to join.'

'Join?' I asked. 'How?'

'Why don't I show you,' dad replied as he walked toward us. 'Sit on the side of the bed.'

We did and dad quickly knelt and began sucking Clay as the rest of us looked at each other wide eyed. After a moment he moved to me swallowing my cock, then moments later moved to Jeff.

After sucking Jeff for a few moments, dad stopped and looked up at us and said, 'This is a dream, having three hot studs to suck, especially since two of them are my own sons. Let me enjoy myself then we'll talk.'

He returned to Clay and sucked him off, then me, then Jeff, swallowing each load.

Afterward, we all went to the den naked and talked. Dad told us that he had been curious about make sex since his late teen but never acted on it until after mom left us. He found it was what he really wanted, and admitted that most of the night meetings were actually sex meetings with his secret lover. We asked who it was.

'Can't you boys guess?'

'Greg?' Clay asked.

'Yep,' dad said smiling. 'We've been lovers for two years, but have lived apart trying to keep i from you boys.'

'Well, now you can live together,' I said. 'I think it's great that you have someone to love and that loves you.'

'I agree,' said Clay.

We filled him in on how and when we started and how it began between the three of us.

Looking at me and Clay, he said, 'I can't believe you two didn't know about each other or play together growing up.'

After we talked, I sucked dad first and as I was sucking him he asked Clay to fuck him. Later, Clay and I traded positions. Then, before going to bed, Jeff sucked dad then fucked him.

As we all headed for bed, Dad kissed us all saying, 'This has been the best day of my life.'

The next day we talked to dad and he said he had invited Greg over that evening but didn't tell him anything. He said he told Greg that we'd gone camping and that they would have the evening together.

When we knew it was time for Greg to arrive, Dad has us hide in the bedroom. Dad let Greg in and after Greg stripped and they began making out, we made our entrance.

'What's going on?' Greg asked.

'Surprise,' dad said. 'Baby, they know everything. I only found out that they were all gay yesterday when I walked in on them all sucking each other.

Greg couldn't believe it and and we kissed him and welcomed him to the family saying now hey could actually be lovers and move in together.

Dad and Greg both called in to their jobs saying that they wouldn't be in the next day. Thus began our all night sex party with everybody doing everything to everybody.

It truly was a great week. Clay and Jeff returned to college, their friendship even stronger. When the semester ended they moved into an apartment together and became lovers.

Greg moved in with dad and I. It was so great to see dad truly happy.

when I began college, I moved in with Clay and Jeff, and after my first semester they both asked me to be their lover. Each of us have two lovers. Dad and Greg thought it was awesome.

We've all graduated and the unions are still intact. We've moved back to town and lie just a few blocks from dad and Greg and get together almost every weekend.

Our family 'secret' is out and we all couldn't be happier. When we recount how we all found out about each other we have to laugh.

Well, that the story of my family and how we discovered each others secret. Hope you enjoyed it.



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