Normally, I try to write my stories with the idea that everything will eventually lead up to my present life. Sometimes, I write as things come to mind. But, thus time, I just couldn’t wait. I will write about the events leading up to this adventure at a later date.


After several years of working very hard to get him treat me the way I really needed, Walt finally learned to accept that he is my master, and I am his slutty tranny whore wife. I am a totally submissive bottom, and require regular domination if he wants me to be happy. I’m miserable when he doesn’t treat me that way. Oh, I still like regular romantic sex and spontaneous wild fucking, but I’ve learned over the years not to run from my past, but to embrace the things I enjoyed most! I came to realize I am happiest when my lover shows a firm hand, once in a while!

Getting Walt to pin me to the bed, or against a wall, and fuck me hard was relatively easy. He likes having a little wildcat in bed! Getting him to order me to service him was a lot harder, but I make sure he enjoys himself. Hardest of all was getting him to spank me! I discovered one time, when I’d scared him so bad he thought he’d lost me (I nearly died doing something really stupid), that he swatted me for a long, long time! I found that I REALLY liked the feel of his hand firmly swatting my bottom. I fucked him like a mink that night! I convinced him to pull me across his lap and blister my bottom whenever I made him mad, rather than bottling it in. He likes it so well now, I get spanked at least once a week. He goes out of his way to find "offenses" that require him to discipline me. He brings tears to my eyes every time and I kneel and dutifully suck his cock. This works because I trust him absolutely. And I know he WILL stop if I ask. I even bring him my hairbrush from time to time!

Walt brings out his dominate side about every six to eight weeks.

Memorial Day Weekend 2016


It was Friday. I’d been grocery shopping and had a load of steaks and chickens for Walt to grill over the weekend. I’d also been shopping for an anniversary gift for him. We would soon celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary. I wore a short skirt that day. Walt would be getting home around one and I intended to be a few minutes late. I was hoping he’d spank me. Right before he fucked my ass off.

When I entered the house, I heard a gruff Walt say, “You’re late!”

I turned around to see Walt already dressed in his leather harness, the straps crisscrossing his chest, and a strap leading down to a cock ring. I nearly creamed my panties at the sight of him! I hurried to him and lay across his lap. He lifted my skirt, pulled my panties down, and gave me ten very firm smacks. I stood back up and rubbed my tender cheeks. I turned beet red when I saw Roger, wearing a similar harness, grinning at my discomfort!

I was very surprised to see Roger here, and dressed like he was! I’d slept with him a few times and had even joined him in a threesome with Stephanie, his tranny wife, and my best friend and lover. I’d never been in a threesome with him and Walt. Neither Steph nor I had been in a threesome with both husbands. Stephanie flat outright refused to let both of our husbands fuck her at the same time.

And I…….Well…I loved Roger almost as much as I loved Walt. (And these two smug bastards knew it!)

“It was very rude to keep our guest waiting!”

 Oh….I’m beginning to understand, now. 

 “Would Master care to vent his displeasure on my nice round bottom?”

 Of course, he would! Roger rapidly pulled me to his lap and gave me a double handful of hard swats. Both Masters stood before me waiting for me to suck them. But where was Steph? The last time I’d let her husband fuck me without her knowledge, she slapped me and screamed at me.

 Roger had me bent over the dining room table shoving his cock deep into me. I was going to have bruises on my hips where both men had held me while fucking me roughly. I’d already creamed twice. And received spankings for coming before my masters! Walt held my phone up in front of me. A naked Stephanie was grinning at me.

 “Hey, Babe! I see you’re already having a good time!”

 “Where are you?” I asked.

 “I’m spending the long weekend with the Twins.”

 She pointed her phone down to show two gorgeous blondes busily sucking her cock.

 “Gotta go now! See you soon, Babe!” then she hung up!

 Damn! The Twins were two drop dead gorgeous nineteen year old blonde sisters. They had cute perky breasts and nice asses. They liked fucking trannies when they weren’t fucking each other. They were also two of my students. I’d fucked them a couple of times before they signed up for my class. Now they were off limits. But I made the mistake of introducing them to Stephanie. Three guesses who gets to fuck them, now.  


Roger had just filled my ass with his cum and Walt motioned me over and pulled me across his lap. Down came his hand across my cheeks.

 “This is for dripping cum all over the floor!”

 “And this is for wanting to fuck those girls instead of us! Don’t deny it! I saw your look!”

 My hairbrush replaced his hand as he tore my ass up. I was struggling underneath the blows. (Let me stop here, a moment. Walt will only use his hand or my brush. He absolutely refuses to use a belt or any kind of whip on me. And he STILL worries about being too rough on me!) When he felt I was sufficiently punished, he ordered me to go change into the appropriate attire: my nipple rings, my hoop earrings, and a leash for my dog collar. Nothing else.

 “Pizzas will be here, soon, “Walt said when I returned. “I want you to give Dean (our pizza guy) the usual tip. And give him a special treat!”

I’d been giving a couple of the delivery guys blowjobs for a couple of years, now. I’d even let Dean, the pizza driver, fuck me a couple of times. Walt suggested this when he finally came to understand my nature. I wasn’t being unfaithful, I was just in heat all the time! And I never did anything sexually with others without his permission.

 The pizzas wouldn’t arrive for a while, so Roger was going to spank me until they arrived. Thirty minutes later, I opened the door to a broadly grinning Dean.

 “Hi, Mrs. Schumann! You look fantastic!”

I smiled and pretended I’d forgotten his tip (he gets a cash tip, too). I bent over to get his money from my purse and gave him a nice view of my red bottom. He ran a hand across my ass.

 “Doesn’t that hurt?” he asked with concern. 

I turned around and purred with a sexy smile, “Yeeesssss! Very much!” then proceeded to suck his nice seven inch cock.

 Walt and Roger watched it all from the entryway camera as I put on a good show. Dean fucked my face for a few minutes then filled my mouth. He tasted almost sweet! After I swallowed, I kissed him while he fondled my breasts. I held onto his cock as I stuck a twenty down his shorts.

 I was expecting another spanking and was disappointed, yet highly aroused, to see the guys stroking their large cocks. I must have given them quite a show! We visited and gossiped about Steph while we ate and drank a couple of beers. Then it was back to business!

 I spent the next couple of hours on my knees sucking one cock while the other fucked me. Whenever the one behind me got tired, he would sit on the sofa and I would suck him while the other took over fucking me. Occasionally, the one fucking me would swat my ass. My small breasts and my small cock were swinging under the powerful thrusts.

 I lay awake most the night, sandwiched between these two sweat covered Masters. Normally, Walt and I would shower after such a workout, but I was highly aroused by their smell. I couldn’t sleep; I desperately wanted one, or both of them to fuck me, to use me for their pleasure. This was pure, sweet torture to me!


Saturday morning, I rose early and fixed a hearty breakfast for my masters and made sure there was plenty of beer in the refrigerator. Walt was planning on grilling steaks later this evening. I brought coffee to the bedroom. I kissed Walt lightly then teased his lips with a nipple, then did the same to Roger.

“Breakfast will be ready in five! You each have time to give me a coup of swats!”

Both men decided to spank me later.


Roger sat on the sofa, me straddling him with his cock buried deep inside my ass. My small cock was erect between us. He had me remove one nipple ring so he could suck my breast while he twisted the other ring. I held his head close. I was near creaming. Walt sat across from us stroking his cock and admiring my cute ass gyrating on Roger’s cock. Roger ran his finger down my crack and lightly stroked my asshole right above his cock. He gradually worked his finger inside me eliciting a moan of delight!

“Yeessss!” I purred. “That feels wonderful!

 All these years, and no one had ever tried to work a finger in alongside their cock! It was a wickedly marvelous sensation! I hoped Walt was paying attention! Soon, Roger worked a second inside. I immediately started coming! I started bucking with each spasm of my ass and it wasn’t long before Roger filled my ass. Some of his cum leaked out around his fingers and he brought them to my lips. He smeared my parted lips as I licked his fingers clean.

 We retired to the guest bedroom. Walt lay on his back and had me straddle him. The only lube I’d used was from the previous evening. I was stretched enough that their cum in my ass was all the lubrication I needed. I rode Walt while he played with my breasts. I’d ridden him about ten minutes when he pulled my face to his and kissed me. We lay there kissing with his huge cock resting inside me.

 Suddenly, I felt Roger trying to push his cock inside me alongside Walt’s. My eyes went wide in fear! Having a couple of fingers inside with a cock wasn’t too hard! But two cocks? I’d had two in me before and It hurt like Hell! But I’d also had some really intense orgasms. But this time? Roger is a little over ten inches long and about an inch and a half thick. On the other hand, Walt is almost twelve inches long and well over two inches thick!

“Angie, you don’t have to do this,” Walt whispered. “This time no means no. You can say no at any time!”

“Masters, I want both your cocks inside me,” I replied. “I love you and I trust you!”

 Walt held me close, and whispered, “That’s my Little Bitch!”

 I kissed Walt as Roger worked his head past my opening. This hurt worse than the time Miguel and Silve had double fucked me. Roger rested inside me as I wept in Walt’s shoulder. I shook my head no when they asked if they should pull out.

 Roger started fucking me slowly. The sensation of having one cock traveling inside me while the other didn’t move was very strange, but after a few moments, I started feeling warm. The pain wasn’t receding, but I liked it! I could feel Walt’s harness rubbing against my breasts and stomach. The slight pain was arousing. 

 “Harder, Master! Harder!” I screamed. “Oh pleeeaaase! Fuuuck meeeeeee!”

 Roger had hold of my hips and began thrusting harder. I wouldn’t come this way. He was hitting the wrong spots. It still felt good, though. I continued kissing Walt. I could get used to this: especially, since I loved both these men! I heard Roger groan just he rammed all the way in and emptied into me. Walt later told me another man’s cock rubbing next to his felt odd, but nice. Having another man’s fluids coat his cock was arousing. But knowing I was game for anything was the ultimate turn on!

 Then it was Walt’s turn! Under my tutelage, he’d become a stud bull. He could fuck me all night, now! I straddled Roger and guided his cock back in my ass. Walt knelt behind me. I could feel Walt against my hole.

 “Please, Master. Don’t hurt me!” I begged, knowing Walt understood I was telling me to take me roughly, that I wanted to be fucked hard.

 I screamed when he broke past my sphincter. In the past, he would have stopped immediately, but he’d since learned to keep fucking me. I wanted………I needed the pain. With all the counseling over the years, I’d never overcame that need! If I’m not painfully sore after sex, then someone just didn’t fuck me very well!

 “Oh, damn! Oh, damn! Oh, damn!” I screamed over and over as Walt fucked me with long powerful thrusts.

 Now, I was being ridden the way I wanted it! The pleasure outweighed all the pain! I felt fuller than I’d ever felt before! His thrusts were pushing and pulling me along Roger’s cock. I started creaming. And a few minutes later, I creamed again! Then a third time, and a fourth! I have no clue how long Walt fucked me before he came, but I was spent! Even Roger came inside me. I felt like I had a gallon of cum inside me! 


The guys let me rest awhile after that intense session. I showered after I awoke and joined them on the patio. It was a little cool outside so I slipped on a caftan. The guys had put on Hawaiian shirts and board shorts over their harnesses.

“My! If you masters don’t look a sight!” I teased. Walt chased me around the pool a couple of times then handed me over to Roger to paddle me until the steaks were ready. I had to eat standing up!

After supper, the guys changed the bedsheets while I cleaned the kitchen. Walt pleaded exhaustion and went to bed. Having a wife twenty years younger than him quashed an ideas of having a midlife crisis. He can barely handle me, much less a twenty year old blonde bimbo! (My….aren’t I the catty one!!) Walt was just giving me and Roger some time alone, just as I do him and Stephanie when she’s here.


Roger and I made out a while, but I soon noticed his legs bothered him. He’d been injured in a military training exercise nearly twenty years ago and almost lost his legs. While he was walking better, long periods of exertion would cause him pain. I massaged his legs for an hour and lay beside him until he went to sleep.

 I crawled into our bed next to Walt. He rolled over to cuddle me. He mumbled something in his sleep as I lay with my back against him and guided his cock into my ass. He doesn’t toss and turn a lot in his sleep so his cock will stay inside me pretty much the whole night. With his arm draped over me holding me close, it’s almost as good as getting fucked all night!


It was almost noon we rose. Walt decide I needed another spanking for letting him sleep so late. I gave him some lip about it being okay since it was a long weekend, hoping he’d give me more! He’d given me over fifty swats, but he was holding back, so I decided to get bitchy in his face.

“Is that the worst you can do? I hardly felt a thing!”

 Whoops! I saw I’d been a little too bitchy! Walt picked me up, grabbed my hair brush, and carried me under one arm to the living room sofa where he proceeded to “whale the tar out of me”. (I’d heard this

on an old radio program when I was a kid.) I struggled, but Walt can easily carry two of me, so I wasn’t getting away unless I hollered “NO”!  I woke Roger with my screaming and cursing (which got me even more swats!).

“How long have you two been at this?” he asked.

 Walt stopped and looked at my very red bottom. 

 “Angie, how many times…….? At least fifty?”

 “I lost count after one hundred!”

 Walt looked panicked. 

 “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to go so long!”

I straddled him and kissed him hungrily. I’d worked his cock into my ass and was riding it. Roger snapped a picture of my red ass and sent it to Stephanie. 

“Walt, baby, I’m fine! You know I’ll tell you if it’s too much!”

He smiled and I guided his mouth to my nipple. He bit my nipple hard enough to make me gasp. I covered our stomachs with me cream. I held his head close, wanting him to keep biting, and maybe bite a little harder! I felt him work a finger inside my ass alongside his very thick cock, He HAD paid attention! He worked a second in and I creamed again! 

“Suck me!” Walt commanded.

I knelt between his legs and tried to take as much of him as possible. Roger straddled my ass and drove his cock all the way in. How I love being fucked hard while I suck a nice big dick! I steadily worked Walt’s cock with my hands and mouth and was soon rewarded with his delicious load! Walt pulled my head down further until his cock head reached the back of my throat. Since he was now limp, I could take more, and he slowly eased his cock into my throat until my mouth was against his base! I’d never taken more than six of his inches before! My first time to REALLY deep throat him! I couldn’t breathe and was gagging! My gagging milked his cock and he came down my throat! I nearly passed out before he removed his cock.

I smiled lovingly at him and said, “Thank you, Master!”

Roger pulled me back and pinched my nipples as he thrust up into me.

“Harder, Master! Please! Fuck me harder!”

Roger grabbed my arms and held them behind my back. My breasts jut forward. Walt stood in front of me and twisted my nipples hard. When I screamed, he forced his cock back into my mouth and down into my throat. He pulled back a few inches then pushed down my throat again. He fucked my throat a few strokes and pulled back enough for me to gasp a fresh breath. He’d never throat fucked me before! No one had! I was completely at their mercy! And I loved every damned minute of it! Walt continued using my throat mercilessly while Roger hammered my now very tender ass. I lost all track of time as my two masters used me for their pleasure.

Roger held both my arms with one hand and reached around to stroke my cock. I shot my load all over the floor. Walt came in my throat again. He knelt in from of me and kissed me while roughly twisting my nipples. I came again.  Walt stood and stroked his cock in front of my face. He rubbed the head along my face as he stroked himself. Soon he covered my face with his load.

Now spent, Walt stepped away and got his phone He videoed me, my face covered with his cum, my breasts and cock bouncing while Roger gripped my arms tightly and fucked me hard. Walt caught the moment when I creamed one last time. Roger came shortly after that. Walt sent the video to Steph’s phone.


We were too tired to shower, so the three of us soaked in the huge tub out in the guesthouse. We had a plate of sandwiches and bottles of cold beer with us. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been fucked so thoroughly! And, as tired as I was, I still wanted more!

Walt picked up a phone and laughed. Steph had replied with three short clips of her own! The first showed her standing while one blonde was sucking her cock and the other was eating her ass. The second showed Steph licking one twin’s ass while the other fucked her with a strap on. The last showed her sandwiched between the twins, both of whom were fucking her ass with their strap-ons.


After we’d rested, Walt grilled again. Roger stood behind me and rubbed his cock in my crack, fondling my cock and one small breast and nuzzled my neck, while I prepared a salad. It felt fantastic having these two wonderful me lavish so much attention on me!

After I’d cleared the dishes, the men were ready to take me back to bed. As I lay on my back, they lay on either side of me. Both took abreast in their mouths and sucked. I held their heads close. Walt gently stroked my cock while Roger teased my asshole with his finger. I was surprised at how quickly I came!

“Masters, would you both stick your cocks up my ass again?” I asked.

Both seemed doubtful seeing how drained I was after the last attempt, but I assured them I was ready to try again. I even wanted to try a different position! Laying on my side, I faced Walt as he entered me. He fucked me a few minutes to loosen me slightly. Roger stuck a couple of lubed fingers in to loosen me more! He crawled behind me and slowly pushed inside. I grabbed Walt’s face and kissed him to keep from screaming. It hurt even worse than yesterday!

Both rested allowing me a chance to relax. We lay like that about five minutes and I nodded to Walt to begin. He and Roger fucked meat different paces: Walt slow and methodical, Roger quicker and harder. This felt totally different than yesterday’s double fuck. Sometimes, the cocks would slide in and out at the same time, other times, I could feel them rubbing each other. The differing rhythms brought me close to creaming several times then change enough to throw me off.

“This feels pretty good!” Roger commented.

“I like this, too!” Walt added. “How are you doing, Love?”

“I could get used to this,” I calmly replied.

They brought me to the brink so many times I knew I would cream a bucketful when I finally came. I was hoping they’d last a while. In spite of the pain, I felt pretty damned fantastic! The guys picked up the pace. Their cocks hit the back of my ass channel constantly! Roger came first, quickly followed by Walt. I came harder than I had in a long time! I creamed mine and Walt’s stomach.  I begged them to stay in me a few minutes longer. Their twitching cocks caused me to cream one last time!

Roger helped me clean up while Walt changed the sheets. They joined me in bed after they showered. I slept peacefully as the wrapped their arms over me.


Monday morning, the guys were still spent, but I was ready for one final ride. And I had a wicked idea! I would set up one of Steph’s cameras to catch the action. I had the guys lay on the bed with their heads at opposite ends. Their legs intertwined allowing their cocks and balls to touch. The camera caught me sucking each cock hard and lubing both at the same time. I held both cocks together and guided them into my well stretched asshole. I worked myself as far down as I could. I stroked my cock as I bounced up and down on their shafts. I felt stretched farther, but the pain wasn’t worse! I braced myself on their bodied and bounced as fast as I could. My breasts and erect cock kept time. I shot my cum towards the camera. Sweat was pouring off me as I kept bouncing. After about fifteen more minutes of hard riding, I came again! Shortly thereafter, both guys filled my ass. The camera caught their cum leaking out my very well-stretched asshole down their shafts.


I’d kissed Roger goodbye and sent the camera memory card home with him. Walt and I sat and watched some TV then ate leftovers. 

“Are you okay, Angie?” Gone was the Master. Now, loving, caring Walt was here.

 “Yes, dear,” I replied, then teased, “Can we do this again next weekend?”

“Just teasing,” I said to my weary lover.

 “It was fun,” I added, “But two of you in my ass is a little too much! I’m okay with any threesome you want…….Master! After all, my ass is yours to command!"

I excused myself and started the laundry, six sets of cum and sweat covered sheets. I returned to find my “Lord and Master” asleep on the couch, snoring. I kissed his cheek and draped a comforter over him.

 “You know where to find my ass, if you want it…….Master!”


 I had a great time! I was so sore, it was week before I was ready to fuck Walt again. I had places that hurt so bad, I could barely sleep. I felt like you could drive a truck in my ass! Two wonderful lovers used me like I wanted to be used.  It was two days before I could comfortably sit down! I look at my hairbrush and smile!


I DID ask for it!!






Angie K


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