I Love this Boy

"I'm not sure about this" Maxx whispered, as Lucas wrapped his arms around his nude body. Maxx sat on the far side of the bed pondering as Lucas crawled over to him. Lucas could see the unsureness on Maxx's face as he stared out the window, watching the summer rain. Maxx didn't know if going to bed with Lucas was a good idea. Maxx had only just come out the closet but had been seeing Lucas for years and he'd waiting patiently all that time for tonight. Maxx sucked in a deep breath as a flash of lightning flooded the entire room.

Almost silently Lucas turned Maxx from the window forcing him to meet his ice blue gaze.

"We don't have to do this." Lucas stated stroking Maxx short black hair, it was dyed the sutle color Maxx had never been one for standing out and his natural bleach blond color made him feel he had to much of that.

"I know that dammit!" Maxx turned away laying himself out on the bed chest down his face buried in his crossed arms. "I want this intimacy with you," Maxx murmured into the bed sheets "you've done so much for me, always being there, I want to give back to you."

"That doesn't come through sex Maxx that comes through love," Lucas sighed crawling onto the bed next to him. "and you've given me that."

Maxx turned his head away from Lucas but he knew he was blushing. Lucas had loved Maxx from the moment he'd met him and now was no exception he would always love him, even without sex. Turning Maxx onto his back, Lucas propped himself up on his elbow. Maxx watched as Lucas allowed his hands to run the length his body down to his hip and back up to Maxx's shoulder.

"I want to do this with you," Maxx whispered, pressing his lips to Lucas' mouth. "I know you'll teach me and I only need one teacher."

Lucas could only laugh at Maxx's comment. Lucas' amber gaze met Maxx's ice blue stare, Lucas brushed another kiss against his mouth. "I love you." Lucas murmured. "And I would love to teach you." Lucas sighed as he kissed Maxx's neck as his hands worked over Maxx's body. He could feel Maxx shiver as Lucas' hands found their way under his shirt, Maxx leaned back allowing Lucas to strip him before doing the same the same. Maxx gasped at Lucas' body his stomach was fit and lean he'd always figured he was fit by what he could tell when they hugged but he'd never imagined he'd have a six pack. Moaning he leaned forward exploring Lucas' stomach with his mouth and tongue, Maxx could feel Lucas' stomach flex under his wandering tongue as he licked his way down closer to Lucas' tool.

Moving onto his back Lucas watched desperately as Maxx straddled his legs and began undoing his jeans. "You don't have to this," Lucas moaned as Maxx cupped him through his jeans giving him a curious squeeze. "it's your first time I want it to be special for you."

"Then teach me how to please you, that will make it special for me." Maxx smiled unbuttoning Lucas' jeans finding him bare underneath. "Commando, you never stop surprising me." Maxx giggled taking Lucas' harden member in his hand before kissing the head slowly. Lucas watched silently as Maxx explored him, his tongue sliding up and down the sides teasingly as his hand teased his balls.

"Should I...?" Lucas smiled down at Maxx he didn't have to finish the question for Lucas to know what he meant. Maxx waited as the conflicted look on Lucas' face became obvious. "I want to try it, Lu. Please?" Lucas closed his eyes not wanting to roll them at his own stupidity, how could he deprive his lover of the one thing both of them had been dreaming of doing for and to the other.

Slowly Lucas opened his eyes reaching for Maxx,who sighed as Lucas caressed his cheek. Maxx's sighed parting his lips just enough to allow Lucas to slid his thumb over his bottom lip parting his lips further, tilting him forward til Maxx's mouth met the head of his dick. "Just take it in kind of slow." Lucas stared as Maxx followed his command to a tee, when finally Maxx slid the whole shaft into his mouth Lucas had to mentally calm himself to keep from losing it at that moment. Maxx easily found his rhythm moving the shaft in and out of his mouth as he flicked it with his tongue.

"I can't take this anymore," Lucas replied smiling, topping Maxx's body, spreading his legs apart with his own. "I want to fuck you. Now." Maxx could feel his lover against his entrance he wrapped his legs around Lucas' waist instinctively, "Oh hell, forget love. I want your cock want to be inside me forever."

Lucas smiled at Maxx's excitement "First, we would need to get you very loose." Maxx giggled as Lucas put the two fingers into his mouth getting them wet before he removed them.

"Then what?" Maxx asked as Lucas inserted the tip of a finger into his ass.

"Baby, you're opening nicely," Lucas spoke as his lips brushed sensually across Maxx's parted mouth. "I think your dick is getting hard, too. I know mine is, watching your face. I love it; keep loosening that ass for your daddy." Lucas' finger slipped further brushing Maxx's prostate, then he inserted the next finger. The action provoked a gasp of pleasure from his partner.

"Oh, oh!" Maxx panted softly. "Shit! Shit!" The feel of Maxx's ass tightening and loosing around his fingers made Lucas drip pre-cum. Finally Lucas reached into his nightstand pulling out a thing of lube, lubed his fingers,gently sliding his fingers back in lubing Maxx's inside.

"Fuck me, Lucas! Put your cock inside me!" Maxx moaned, writhing on the bed.

"Spread your legs wide." Lucas commanded, tossing the lube onto the nightstand. Settled between Maxx's parted thighs, Lucas spoke again, "I do love you, Maxx, and once I get inside you, I'm going to show you." Lucas whispered, sliding his dick into Maxx's ass. "I know to go slow. If it hurts, we'll stop, okay?"

The innocence in Maxx's face aroused a protective emotion deep within Lucas' heart. His thoughts were racing as he grabbed Maxx's hips sliding himself deeper while Maxx's arms circled around Lucas' neck. The thought of having his own dick rubbing against Maxx's walls drove him insane. Lucas captured Maxx's lips in a brief erotic kiss before focusing his attentions to the moaning pleasure beneath him. The head of Lucas' cock had disappeared. Thrusting his hips slowly, Lucas slipped in halfway.

"Oh fuck!" Maxx cried out.

"Do you want to stop?" Lucas asked beginning to pull out before stopping suddenly. "This is your decision."

"No. I want this with you." Pulling out of Maxx's ass Lucas slide more lube into Maxx's ass.

"Damn, that does feel good! "Maxx moaned, moving in short, even thrusts as Lucas filled him again. Lucas only heard his lover's moans of pleasure when his dick found its way back to the halfway mark.

"I wish you could see the beautiful look on your face." Lucas whispered quietly against his lover's lips, "Fuck, you feel good" Pressed tightly against Maxx's body, Lucas was aware of his trembling.

"I'm close! Shit! Shit! Lucas!" Maxx moaned as Lucas closed his hand around his pulsating cock, jacking the hard flesh. Lucas moaned as Maxx kissed his neck and shoulders egging him on.

"Oh fuck harder! Oh fuck!" As Lucas felt Maxx's body convulse, he heard his whimpering growing louder. "Lucas! Daddy! Oh holy fuck!" Maxx cried cumming as Lucas rocked into him harder, bucking forward Lucas cummed inside him.

Lucas pulled him closer into his arms. "This is so perfect," Lucas moaned against Maxx's ear, pulling him close moving onto his back pulling Maxx to lay on top him.

"So, that was okay?" Maxx sighed beginning to drift into sleep

"Like I said," Lucas chuckled stroking Maxx's hair, "that was perfect."


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