'Welcome Private Miller' the Sergeant shook my hand.

'Thank you sir'

I had just been transferred to a new a squad in the Marines as one of the fireteams needed a new man. I was selected to go, and had to move bases to begin training with my new fireteam and the rest of the squad.

'I hope we have made the right decision in selecting you to join our squad'

'I believe so sir' I replied.

'Excellent, I will leave it to Private Tyler to show you around'

'Thank you sir'

'Private Tyler' the big strong marine reached out and shook my hand, introducing himself.

'Private Miller' I replied, shaking his hand.

'Glad we have you, we've needed a new man on the squad for a while now'

'Hope I can fulfil your expectations then'

He stopped and looked me up and down before replying: 'I'm sure you will'

I was not quite sure what he meant by that but we continued walking as he showed me around the base and I met some of the other marines. I was little shocked by the living quarters as the whole squad still lived in basic training style dorms, at my last base we had our own individual rooms.

'Wow, haven't had sleeping arrangements like this for a while' I laughed.

'Yeah, we're pretty unique; we found it makes the squad work even better together'

'I can imagine it does'

'Ok man, hope that's everything, I'll let you unpack and I'll see you at chow'

'Thanks man, see you later'

I unpacked all my stuff and had a look around by myself, damn, it was going to be weird again sleeping in a dorm but I had managed before I guess I just got used to my own room. It wasn't long until chow time and a sat down with the squad to get to know them.

There were eleven guys other guys in the squad, not including the sergeant and they all seemed pretty cool, we had a bit of free time after chow where I got to hang out with them a bit. They were typical soldiers I guess, goofing around and joking with each other and I felt like I fitted in straight away.

After a bit of free time we went for a run together and I got to see the base a bit more and chat to a few of the other guys. I could tell already how close the squad was and how well they worked together.

At 22 I was one of the youngest in the squad, but there was a spread of people, the youngest was 18 and the oldest was 40 but they were all pretty cool and I got along with all of them. After the run I had to go for a quick medical with the doctor and so I was the only one the showers when I returned. I quickly showered and wrapped my towel around my waist before walking back through to the dorm.

'Holy shit' I said out loud as I saw the sight in front of me.

All of the guys in the squad were somehow involved in gay sex; I could see guys on their knees sucking cock, some getting fucked and hard cocks were everywhere. I had been a marine for 3 years and never seen anything like this, I had heard that these things go on but not this openly especially as the sergeant lives right next door.

However much the sight shocked me, for some reason I could feel my cock rising to attention, forming a visible tent under my towel. I stood there for what must of only have been seconds, but felt much longer as I took in what was happening and that it wasn't a dream. I saw Tyler in the middle of the group, on all fours, getting fucked by Hunter (the 18 year old); he winked at me and waved me over as his ass was getting pounded. Without thinking I walked over to him and stood in front of him.

'Hey stud, don't think you're gonna need that' He said as he pulled my towel straight off, revealing my 8inch hard dick.

'Very nice' He began pumping my dick before taking me by surprise and taking it in his mouth.

Hardly any girls had sucked it before, never mind any men, and boy; he knew what he was doing as I moaned loudly. He didn't gag at all taking it down his throat, with my balls slapping against his chin. I started to notice some of the guys stopping and watching me, the 'new guy' and a couple of them walked over and began rubbing their hands all over my body, tweaking my nipples and rubbing my butt.

I was in a daze as Tyler played with my dick, sometimes switching to suck on my balls; damn he knew how to make a man feel good. The next thing I felt was something down my ass crack and I jumped as the wet feeling swept over my hole.

'Holy fuck' I shouted. My first words I had said since I walked in on these guys. A heard a few guys laugh but I felt someone begin to pull my cheeks apart and lick my ass again. I was moaning like a little bitch, It was pretty fucked up how a dude licking my ass hole was making me feel so good but I was in ecstasy as Tyler sucked my dick at the same time. I was getting pretty close to cumming and was almost ready to shoot but he quickly pulled off.

'Not time for that yet, lots more fun to be had' He winked at me as he pulled away and stood up.

'Alright give me better access to that tasty hole' The guy eating my ass said, and I could tell from his voice it was Private Harris.

He pushed me down onto my knees, so now I was on all fours; my knees spread apart giving him access to my ass I wanted him to eat. He wasted no time in pushing his face between my cheeks, burying his tongue in my ass as I moaned wildly. I saw Tyler stand in front of me his hard dick pointing out towards my face, he didn't have to say anything, I knew what he wanted from his smile and I tentatively reached out to his dick.

I had never touched another man's dick before here I was and now wanting to do more, I stuck my tongue out and licked the head before opening my mouth and letting him sink into me. I guess it's my competitive nature but I was eager to try and get it all the way down like he had to me. It took a few attempts but soon as I was able to get him down my throat, trying to copy what he did to me and I think he was enjoying it.

I got more confident sucking him and began playing with his cock and balls more as he moaned, while my ass was still being worked over by Harris' tongue until I felt him try to push a finger in. I spread my legs a little more and pushed back, letting him know it was ok to keep going as he sunk a finger inside me, probing around. I loved my ass being played with, something I had always heard felt good but never tried and a second finger soon went in as I moaned around Tyler's tasty cock.

'What's going on here?' I heard a booming voice shout and I froze, knowing it was the sergeant's.

'Just getting the newbie ready for you sir' Harris replied.

'Excellent, he ready?'

'Yes sir'

Tyler pulled out my mouth as the sergeant walked over and pulled me up by my shoulder.

'You ever been fucked before Private?' He asked me.

'No sir'

'Well if you're gonna join this fireteam, you're gonna get fucked'

'Yes sir'

I guess it was pretty fucked up that this was the initiation but I was actually pretty excited to get fucked, the fingers inside me felt good and If I was gonna get fucked I might as well try to enjoy it. Harris motioned me to lie on my back on a bed and he and Tyler grabbed my legs, revealing my pink virgin hole.

'Damn, that looks fine' The sergeant said as he stood behind me.

That's when I saw his dick for the first time, fuck it was huge, about 9 inches and that's when I knew it was seriously gonna hurt. He spat onto his fingers and rubbed my hole before spitting on his dick and aiming for my hole. I braced myself as he pushed the head through before slowly sinking into me, I yelled a little as my asshole accommodated his huge tool but the pain could have been a lot worse.

When his balls hit my ass cheeks he paused for a few minutes and rubbed my abs as my ass adjusted to his fucking huge cock. The pain was bearable and there were twinges of pleasure already and my cock stayed hard the whole time.

'Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck this ass'

With that, he began pounding my ass hard, rubbing spots inside of me I never know would feel so good, I was loving being fucked hard, his balls slapping against me as I moaned like a bitch. I could see the other guys had gone back to sucking and fucking, leaving the sergeant to plow me. A couple of the guys came over and offered me their dicks which I eagerly began sucking on, swapping between them and playing with their balls.

One of them straddled my head, and I took the opportunity to try his ass, I licked across his hole, before burying my tongue inside, fucking him with my tongue as sergeant fucked my ass. His pounding was getting harder and harder and he I felt him slam deep into me and shout as his cock pulsed inside me.

'One of the finest asses I've had' He said as he pulled out.

'Enjoy the rest of the party, private' He smacked my ass as he walked away as cum began to dribble out my crack.

'Alright, now let me try that big newbie dick' said Hunter.

He laid on his back and revealed his ass, as I stood up, a little unsteady on my legs and walked over to him.

'Fuck me hard, but don't cum, save that until later' He said.

I had never fucked anyone up the ass before but I knew it was gonna take a bit more effort than fucking a pussy as I began to push in. The head popped in and he sighed in pleasure as I pushed all the way, trying to do what the sergeant did to me.

'Aw yeah fuck me'

I guess he was more experienced than me and didn't need any time to adjust as I began thrusting hard in and out of hot hole. Man it felt good nothing like a woman, the tightness felt amazing around my dick as I built my speed up, as he begged me to fuck him harder. I felt another dick rub up my crack and turned to see Tyler grinning at me.

'You're already lubed up' he smiled as he fingered my now looser hole, pulling out cummy fingers and licking them.

I leant forward over Hunter, allowing Tyler better access to my ass and he wasted no time in entering me as we formed a fuck train, me getting double the pleasure. We got faster and faster until I could hardly hold myself in anymore.

'Aw shit, I'm gonna cum' I moaned.

'No not yet' Tyler said as he quickly pulled out of me pulled me back out of Hunter.

'There is one final stage of initiation' He said as I looked at him confused.

'Lie down on the bed' I did as he said, as my rock hard dick laid across my abs. All eleven guy s stood around me, pumping their dicks and that was when I realised what they were going to do.

'Open wide' Hunter said as he stood right in front of my face, ferociously jacking his dick, I quickly opened my mouth and felt cum splat on my tongue before more ropes hit me in and around my mouth and I then cleaned the end of his dick, tasting all the cum.

One by one they did the same, cumming in and around my mouth, and I was actually enjoying the taste, looking forward to the next load. When I had cleaned off the last drop of cum from the final guy, my face was covered in cum and my dick was bursting to unload.

'Alright, you can cum now' Tyler said, he quickly bent down and took my cock in his mouth and must of taken all of 30 seconds for me to blow straight into his mouth. He cleaned me off before pulling off and leaning into kiss me, letting me taste my own cum before scraping all the other cum on my face into my mouth so he could share it with me, which we both swallowed before pulling away and smiling at me.

'Welcome to the team, private'


Chris Miller

[email protected]


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