Well me and my friend drake were on a sleepover at his house, and 1yr ago he told me that he was gay I said it was okay and all and I was fine with it and I told him that I wouldn't date him and I'm not gay and to not look at me in certain ways and were just friends, and he agreed 100%....but sometimes in HS I catch him staring at me but I quickly look away.

I knew he has feelings for me but I had a GF and we were sexually active, and I wasn't realy thinking about him. One day he had told me that he thinks I'm cute and If I wanted to give it a shot I said he'll to the NO......and he felt realy bad and I reminded him of the time we both agreed that he keeps his feelings to himself and that I don't want to date him! So were at the sleepover and you know were watching YouTube videos 'the whitest kids u know' and the 'andy milocnous show' and were laughing having a good time UNTIL, he says you wanna have sex? I ignore him and childly say 'suck my dick' (I was kidding) and he started to lick his lips then he said sure (horny) I could see his boner through his jeans, I said dude I was just kidding.....and he said I was too dude can't you take a joke???

We both went back to watching the videos.....just to let you know im on his

bed and he's on the floor........then he starts rubbing his self but I try to ignore it and act like I didn't notice what he was doing.....then he stood up and sat on the bed next to me, he said can I suck your dick, I hesitated and said I have a GF, and he started to rubb my cock and I was scared and it felt weird my best friend of the same sex touching me weirdly, and I toke his hand and shoved it from me

as I said I feel uncomfortable, then he leaned over and started to kiss me, I wasn't kissing back so he went down to my neck and starting to lick and kiss while I was breathing fast and stronlgy as I never felt this way before.

Then after about 4 minutes of kissing me he looks up at me and goes on his knees and looks at me and says can I?

I say k, so he undid my pants and starts to rubb through my underwear, I instanlty got horny, and he said your ready?

I said yes, he pulled down my undeezzz and was amazed as he said this is my first time having gay sex, it looked like he didn't know what to do so he started to play with me, for like 6 minutes.....and started to put his juicy tounge on it then he started to suck, by the looks of it he was happy but I was confused.....after 10 minutes of sucking he asks if we can try something different I say what?

He said it's something I always wanted to try when I watched gay porn I say what what? He says well one guy takes his thing and puts it in the other dudes ass!!! And I started to laugh and I said it sounds like that would hurt, he said u wanna try, I said

easy on my though so I went on my knees in a dog position and he toke out his cock out took a condom that he had under his bed took it out the wrapper put it on and put it in my hole and I started to moan faster and faster as I moaned faster he pushed faster and I said it hurts, and I said I never did this be4.....he said it's okay were friends right? I said

yeah I guess. In my mind I didn't know if I still wanted to be friends, and I also was thinking about my GF how she would react to what is happening this very moment!!!!


Michael Vonn

[email protected]


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