The following morning I woke up about half an hour after breakfast usually began so I had to pull on some clothes quickly and dash down to the canteen before I was too late.

It was only when I sat down with some cereal that I began to feel uneasy that some of the others might be embarrassed on account of things getting seriously out of control the previous night. What if they were having second thoughts about me. I had this surreal feeling that perhaps I was going crazy and it hadn't really happened

Most of the guys seemed to have gone already and that made me feel the more uneasy.

'I'm afraid I overslept a bit' I said rather weakly. Harry, a tall heavy built guy gave me a long look and then smiled knowingly.

'Yes!' he said at length.

'Where is everyone?' I asked.

'Gone to the college' he said and then I remembered they had told me about some school visit.

'So there's just the four of us till we meet up at the gym. You will be around won't you!' said Harry. The sudden earnestness of his manner gave me a sense of relief

'Oh yea I expect so' I said uncertainly.

'You'd better be or we'll be around to fetch you'

Andy was sitting further up the table and slid down the bench to where I was sitting. 'So what are you doing this morning?' he asked.

'I had intended taking a stroll down to the bazaar' I said casually.

Harry suggested they came with me to make sure I was OK. They were very protective towards me and treated me like a woman.

I got up to go back to my room. 'Are we leaving now then?' Andy asked. I said that I still needed a shower and 'one or two other things'.

'Need a hand with any of these 'other things'!' Andy laughed.

Andy had a distinct bulge at the front of his shorts and as the others stood up it was clear their testosterone was getting to work on them too.

'Come on round' I said, knowing there would be no way of preventing them and soon all five of us were back in my room.

'I think I'd better go to the toilet first' I said as casually as possible but I think my tone of voice must have betrayed my mounting excitement.

It seemed my fears of them loosing interest in me were all in my imagination. Later I came to realise that they all felt quite casual about having me around and having sex with me. They not only saw me as a typical Dandy arty type, physically puny and easy to impress but they had a particular fetish about controlling me sexually especially up my bottom.

So I went into the bathroom and took my pants down in front of the others who had all followed me in. I pulled up the seat and bent down in front of the pan because they had all crowded round and seemed to want to see me in action. By now I was totally nude.

Harry said what I needed was a 'fucking good enema' so he grabbed the syringe which I had nearby and filled the basin with warm soapy water. I watched his strong hairy forearms and the virile veins in his biceps bulging from the sleeves of his T shirt each time pulled up the plunger to charge the syringe. After each fill he pushed it firmly into my soapy asshole and pushed in the plunger with his big hands as I felt large doses of warm fluids being forced up my rectum. Then, when I felt I was getting really full, Andy started working this big dildo into me and it seemed to work the fluid further in but it gave me a hell of a thrill inside. It was like these guys were inseminating me with huge doses of their hot semen. After about 2 minutes I just had to expel and managed a really good discharge into the pan but it was obvious that most of what was in me was their sperm from last night.

'What he needs is a fucking good seeing to inside! Look at his chick ass he's just a fucking girl!! I could get my fucking hand right up there inside his fucking boy bum. He needs a real man up him to sort him out!!' Andy was loosing his cool.

'Hang on, and calm down man! You're not going to do anything like that, he's only a kid and he's got a fucking nice tight hole. We're not going to spoil it!' It was Gus. He had just come and had seen my asshole expelling the enema. He was a very commanding person as well as having huge bulging muscles. With his pants down he looked like a Greek god and his huge hard cock made it obvious what he was about to do next.

'Right bend your fucking ass over that chair you're about to find out about real men! Or no wait a minute, better still get him back in his room on his back you know up on a table or something' . Gus was so cool about the directions he was giving Andy and Harry, it was so obvious he was in command and I was longing for him to come up me and control me totally.

'Come on hold his legs right back. Come on!! Get them right apart and pull those pretty pansy ass cheeks aside!! Now where's that fucking cream?' Now even Gus was starting to get impatient as he squeezed a large dollop from the tube and forced it up my bum hole.

'OK Andy you want to see how to fuck a guy inside. You see my fuck pole is just as strong as any arm!' he said this as he drove his huge dick into me. Some of the others had arrive too to look on as Gus drove his massive meat deep into my boy bum.

It felt so huge and all I could see was Gus' pectorals and arm muscles as he restrained his weight while working his cock deeper and deeper inside me.

I had just watched Andy washing his bare arms with soap. As Gus stretched my sphincter I imagined his whole arm was coming up me right to his shoulder.

These were my thoughts as Gus directed his strong dick against my gland. It was sending huge thrills through my whole body. I was shouting out things like 'Ah Gus stuff me! Stuff me!! You fabulous hulk!!' Then I was overwhelmed by this gigantic orgasm. I was writhing around under Gus' weight as he relentless pounded by ass and propelled my sex gland into ever more intense spasms.

Harry had to put his hand over my mouth at one point to keep the noise down. Then all of sudden after making one last huge lunge into my bottom Gus spurted a massive load of spunk straight up my bum hole and flooded every recess of my rectum.

At that moment I loved all those guys especially Gus, he had a strong character and I felt safe with him. I wanted his strong body to take care of me sexually; I wanted him to control me.

After fucking me Gus went off to do something else.

'You'd better shower alone after that' Harry said 'Or we'll all do you right there and that would be a waste of a morning wouldn't it?' he said looking at my newly fucked body admiringly. It was wondering if he felt a bit deflated after seeing the way Gus did me.

'Oh fuck!! look at that juicy crack I'm going in!' Andy said changing his mind. He leapt into the bath with me and we started up the shower and soaped each other down. His naked body was all round me and I felt a huge sense of expectation in my anus as I felt his powerful cock against my balls and thighs. Eventually after teasing my crack several times, I bent right down and he powered into me and turned off the shower.

'Listen!' he said, as the shafted me hard 'Sounds good aye?' All you could hear was a juicy sound as Andy thrust his cock in and out of my ass. He was soon shafting me really hard but then suddenly he stopped, gasped and groaned while I felt a lovely infusion taking place inside me as I felt him force his fuck fluids deep into my bottom.

The others had watched every detail but refrained from following Andy straight away so I dried myself and went and lay on my bed naked. I was on my side with one knee forward. In this easily accessible position I nonchalantly pretended to read a book. The guys were all looking really terrific in the nude. The huge bulging muscles were so beautiful I couldn't resist any longer and took Harry's big fat meaty cock in my mouth.

'We could give him a shave right now' he suggested having difficulty controlling his voice as I got to work sucking his raging knob.

'Yea like we were saying at breakfast'

'That was before you came down' Gus explained coming back into the room.

'He's got a razor and cream in the bathroom, let's get to work!'

They turned me on my back and pushed a towel under my ass. Needless to say I had to abandon my cock sucking as they effortlessly took my nude body in hand. Harry managed to secure some sheets to the headboard so that they held my legs up and apart. It was more comfortable for me and anyway I was powerless to stop them.

First they lathered my pubic hairs and I felt the razor drawn over the whole area just above my erect penis several times as they shaved me smooth. They then lathered me behind my balls and all over my bottom taking time to work apply it all round my anus.

I don't think they realised just how excited I was getting. This sort of touching around my most sensitive parts was driving me crazy. They had just started shaving me between my balls and my anus when one of them, trying to assist, gently held my penis. In seconds I was racing to a climax and they had stop their delicate work as my loins went into rhythmic convulsion as I spurt cum all over my stomach and right up to my chest.

'Sorry about that I didn't know you were so near. We thought you didn't have any left after that fucking you had from Gus'

'No I couldn't get it out you see. He is so big he squeezes my sperm tubes so I can't ejaculate. But it was OK for me, but I must have made a bit of a mess though' I replied.

Gus turned his head and seeing my semen immediately went down and licked every drop off my belly button.

They carried on shaving me and when they had got my bum as smooth as a baby they began shaving my legs and chest, although I only had a few very fine hairs in these areas.

They took me back to the shower to rinse off the soap and Harry, who had slipped out briefly returned with some baby lotion.

I went back to the bed and lay as before. By this time Andy was erect again and volunteered to apply the lotion but had to give up as I took his hot prick in my mouth and began to lick his hot pink knob. It was so hard and hot with shiny lobes and a little hole which began oozing with precum. It tasted a bit salty but I just loved every drop of his virile juices.

The others worked on different parts of me but they all wanted to get at my anus and genitals. Someone had been fingering me most of the time and even though I had jacked off only a quarter of an hour earlier my cock was hard and aching again as others were gently oiling my scrotum.

'Wouldn't he look good my some red lipstick on that juicy ass-hole!' I remember someone saying (and in a couple of days time he actually found some.) They were groping me in an investigative way, opening me up with their fingers to look inside. For me it was the most intensely sexy experience I had aver had. I love exposing myself anyway but this sort of intimate examination was indescribably wonderful.

It was still less than 24 hours since I had first dropped my pants and invited the guys inside me. I was still a little apprehensive about my routine visit to the gym in the afternoon because these weight-lifters took their sport very seriously and I knew that if I was seen as a liability to their performance this new turn of events would quickly sour our relations. The others had gone directly to the gym from the college and so the five of us joined them there about 2pm.

The gym was always a noisy place as the team leaders barked out instructions. It had an atmosphere of physical discipline and controlled aggression as if the air were laden with testosterone. I later discovered that the latter was more literal that I had first realised.

That afternoon I sensed an atmosphere of frustration such as I knew happened when some of the guys were failing to reach their weight targets for the day and possibly even worse failing to meet those of yesterday.

Would I get the blame? ('Sex gives you week knees!' and all that crap.) We came in and went into the changing rooms to shed our travelling clothes. Local customs frowned on shorts etc. I joined the other in sports briefs, trainers and ankle socks but nothing else.

I watched Hughy who had just made an aggressive noise as he went down for his weight. He was looking me in the eyes as he tensioned his thighs and then his huge biceps and as if with ease he raised the massive dumbbell higher and higher until it was above his head.

Others were doing just the same and in minutes the atmosphere had transformed. Hughy had his arms round my waist and was about to slip a hand down my pants when the team captain pulled us all up sharply.

'OK get this straight!' he said 'This gym is our only training area while we are out here and while we are in it we go about our training and we do NOT indulge in sex!. Is that clearly understood?'

We all listened in silence.

'This means also' he went on referring to me, 'that when Karl here massages you both he and you keep your pants on. I accept we all need to shower afterwards and if I can judge your weaknesses by my own Karl must be left to shower on his own in the gym shower block. Right?' (Applause all round)

After that he came over to me as if to explain. 'Don't get me wrong, you did us all a service last night and performance today was above expectation. Perhaps you boosted their testosterone levels - I don't know' he said laughingly.

When I got back to my room there were already several guys waiting and very soon the entire team were all round. I took off my shirt and jeans bent down to undo my shoe laces. I felt my pants being pulled down to my ankles and as soon I felt the fresh air on my buttocks but there were several hands too. 'He won't need any lube. Look at his ass-hole it's oozing out' I found it difficult to keep my anus closed when the guys started feeling me and if I was standing up it nearly always precipitated a leak and everyone could see I was sticky and slimy in my crack and sometimes when I had been done several times blobs of semen would run down the inside of my thighs.

I lay down on the bed on my stomach so they could do me quickly from behind. As the days went on these early evening fuck sessions were routine and the lads were always pretty horny so they just wanted to get up me and jerk off. Later in the evenings they would get me on my back and do me long and hard sometimes on the bed and sometimes on a table.

That evening was the first and I shall never forget the way they were showering me with flattery about the beauty of my body and especially my ass and genitals.

'You're that fucking nice even better than a woman!' someone said. 'Each time I go up his ass I say to myself 'I'm going to give it him long and orgasm him inside' and all that and as soon as I feel that lovely anus around my cock I just go wild. I just want FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!'

This was Andy as usual holding the attention of those trying to wait patently while I was being done by a succession of guys who were pushing and shoving around me. Then Andy jumped me himself and started showing off with a huge lunge into me. His cock was a good 15 cms (6 inches) but when they did me from behind I could take them as deep as they could go. He soon lost control though and like all eleven of the others was pumping his sex juices into my bottom.

Most evenings we would go into the big room with lots of chairs and tables and drink whatever was available. As the evenings wore on my clothes tended to get taken off and some of the guys would fuck me there but many would come back to my room and then I would get my legs tied in the air and be shafted for over two hours continuously. As each guy was doing me I would get a chance to admire the others who were waiting. Sometimes I would fondle their genitals and they would come and kneel next to me on the bed so that I could give them lick their balls and suck their cocks. Some guys liked having their asses licked and even their anuses and I especially liked liking them just behind their balls. Others used to kneel astride my face and encourage me to suck them off. I used to take my time over licking their balls which I found extremely exciting and often caused me to orgasm violently if the guy who was fucking me was getting nicely into my prostate gland. I did used to take some in my mouth and often I would be receiving it from both ends! It eased the queue a bit!

After they had all fucked me at least once most would then go off to bed. Two or three who were selected on a rota would stay for the night taking it in turns to 'Go into detail' as it was called. There were three other beds in the room so I did get some sleep.

It is what happened when they came to enema me the following morning that really determined the future sexual development and orientation.




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