I didn't always get to hear everything the guys were saying between themselves.

This particular morning three guys came into my room after breakfast to give me my regular 'Bum Servicing' as it was called. They extracted all the cum from my bum with a syringe so they could see how much it was. Then they would give me an enema, infusing warm soapy water up my bottom and working it right up into my guts with a long dildo.

After some time they would rinse me out with clean water. Next I got shaved all around my genitals and had my asshole creamed and ready to be fucked. This all made me feel very submissive and I would lie on my side with my legs forward so I could suck their cocks as they licked my genitals before they took it in turns to fuck my asshole again.

But this time there was this other guy with them. I had occasionally seen him before but he seemed a mysterious character as he was not a weight lifter himself. I got a feeling too he was somehow indispensable to the team. This guy Alex often carried a sort of medical briefcase and behaved a bit like a servant towards the team members and just did whatever he was told. He was not at all physically impressive like the others and his voice was high pitched too. I had begun to suspect he might be supplying them with some sort of body building hormones.

So yea! Alex was rather overweight and I guessed his body was more flab than muscle but what embarrassed me about him this time was that he was the only guy who was not naked!

The others seemed to be more tense than normal and were not only clasping my ankles and holding by legs up and apart; they were sitting on my hands so I couldn't move. I became aware that Alex was fiddling with me around my asshole. It was almost irritated as I like guys to be forceful and determined when doing things to my bum.

But Alex was inserting a speculum in me to open up my anus and had passed round an inspection torch so that everyone could get a good look inside me. At the same time he got out this long shiny looking rod thing with a small stainless steel blob on one end and an electrical wire coming out of the top. It was attached to some sort of control box. He carefully put some special cream on the bulb end then I felt him expanding the speculum and stretching my sphincter. He was going to insert the bulbous end into me. The next sensation I got was when I felt it somewhere right up in my rectum. But then almost at once I started getting these sharp contractions somewhere deep in my bottom. I was so overtaken by it all I didn't even realise what was happening.

Nearly all of them were standing by now round watching me writhing around unable to control myself while each took a turn on the control box. I just couldn't keep any composure and I was totally at the mercy of the guys as these deep convulsions took over of my rectum. I was so crazy with excitement I was frantically sucking the cocks of any guys near me then Gary came over very deliberately and stuffed his huge meat in my mouth. At once I got this strange tingling sensation in my tongue as I started licking his hood. And in the middle of his knob around his sperm hole his precum tasted really sharp. It was like it was on fire! Soon I could see waves of spasm in his groin as his buttocks kept clasping together and between them I could see the reason. There were wires emerging from his tight cleft. Alex must have put an electrode up his ass too; but then Gary lost control completely. He shot huge bursts of hot cum which were shocking me as they hit the roof of mouth like a powerful pressure hose. His huge balls were slapping me too under my chin as he spunked me so deep in my throat I nearly choked.

This whole episode had got everyone into a state of extreme excitement. They kept going on about how they were going to keep shaving me every day to keep me soft and smooth all around my balls and bottom. Only later I came to realise this whole episode was just a softening up for what they really had planned for me.

Alex was rummaging through medicine bottles and syringes in his case. His face had suddenly taken on a determined expression then he hesitated as if deep in thought.

'I suppose it would certainly stop any re-growth quick enough' he said eventually to Andy as if continuing a discussion begun earlier.

'On you go then!' said Harry impatiently standing with his arms folded in a way that displayed his pectoral muscles in the most sexy way. His cock had started to droop over his huge bulging testicles.

'What's going on?' I asked eventually as I noticed Alex drawing a clear fluid from bottle into a large syringe and then replacing the needle with a long rubber tube.

'What it is, is this' Gary explained in a hushed and rather patronising way. 'You see with what we're doing to you every day, you need something to counter-balance all our male hormones. Alex knows about these things, he gives us stuff for our muscles you see and you need something to keep you pretty.' He said slapping his hand on my buttocks. 'You see you're still young and with us pumping all our cum up your boy bum, we wouldn't want you to get hairy like us!' Some of them laughed but a bit nervously.

'So I am giving you something to keep you nice and smooth and pretty.' This was the first time Alex had spoken to me at all. He looked round at the others as if for support as he spoke. 'Don't worry I'll be keeping an eye on you. You won't get pregnant or anything like that! the most is your breasts may fill a bit'. There was more sniggering then as he was saying this I felt the tube which he had attached to the syringe being slipped up my bottom. By the time he had finished his sentence he had depressed the plunger and I felt fluid being infused somewhere deep inside me.

So 'Bum Servicing' then meant this too every morning for me. Soon the guys were whispering about what was happening to my body and taking every opportunity to check me out in the nude. They didn't have long to wait; my nipples soon became very sensitive and in a couple of days I felt my flesh swelling around them.

As days went by I found myself feeling more and more resigned to my changing sexuality. I loved them groping me and longed for ass penetration more for than ever.

Why didn't I try to resist? Well first it would have been useless because they could easily overpower me and second I couldn't help myself liking what they were doing to me. In truth I just wanted to be dominated by them and loved being told what to do by them all the time. Their big naked muscular bodies so impressed me and made me feel secure. I loved to see every muscle in their bodies flex as they climaxed into me. It gave me a sense of belonging to each and all of them. It was at those very moments I knew they were giving me all their strength and the power in their superb bodies and I loved them for it.

It felt it a privilege too to have such beautiful men fucking me. Each of them would do me about four times a day and, as long as I didn't need the toilet during the day, I would accumulate about 70 -80 mils in my ass by the time I was taken for Servicing.

Alex was only involved in the process for the first couple of days. On Day 3 he was persuaded to pull his pants down and show what he was made of.

'Come on Alex, get your jack out and lets see you in action!'. Harry had taunted him.

I was not all that keen on being fucked by him at first. He had a high pitched rather effeminate voice and I guessed his body was not very manly. I need not have worried. He eventually pulled his pants half down with great reluctance displaying a pathetically small and limp cock. He was clearly never going to make it into me.

Poor Alex was obviously embarrassed by his inadequacy and I found myself beginning to feel some empathy towards him as he had to leave the room amid much laughter.

'Sorry about that, he really is ill-equipped poor lad' Gus said.

'I'm not sure if he had any balls on him. I didn't like to rub it in by feeling his sack but I reckon either they haven't dropped or even don't exist!' suggested Harry amid more laughter.

So often one of the others would come with the syringe and tube and administer the hormones to my bottom. But it was not the last I saw of Alex in other ways. He turned up in my room later on that same morning to try and apologise for what had happened and said it wasn't his idea to feminise me. He looked rather helplessly at me and said he wanted to explain his own problems.

He started up by saying he had just had a shower and had got himself well cleaned up. Then he took off his shirt and trousers and remained just in his pants and socks. He obviously wanted me to go further.

I have to admit seeing Alex's bare body made me feel really sexy about him but in quite a different way from how I felt about the weightlifters. Yes he was a bit flabby but his skin was very smooth and boyish. I began to see just how passive he was in personality too, always looking to me to take the lead.

Although he still had his pants on I could see his bum was big and nicely shaped. I couldn't resist so I just pulled his pants right down to his ankles. I was soon able to confirm Harry's theory. Then as he bent down to let me get a good look at his anus I found that looking at his genitals was very exciting and his asshole sphincter was the largest I had ever seen. It seemed to bulge out of his hole in deep folds so that it was raised slightly above the base of his cleft. It looked very damp and shiny and so I started fingering him gently just to get the feel of this meaty man cunt.

'I've never let anyone do this to me before' he said as I explored his inner sphincter. But given the state of his asshole I found it hard to believe.

'I left home when I was 15 and I hated the idea to seeing a doctor because I have always felt so embarrassed. When I got back to my room just now I realised there was nothing more to hide and I really wanted confide in you and have you examine me. I thought perhaps that with your small hands you might be able to do something to me'

'How do you mean?' I said.

He then asked me to push my whole hand into his asshole and feel him inside. He wanted me to fist him. I went to wash my hands and found myself lathering my forearm and well as my hands. I don't know why, I'd never done this before! He told me he'd been reading some book about how to drop retained testicles.

'How come you have such a large anus?'

'Oh I do quite a bit of anal masturbation and stuff some pretty big things up me. It's the only way I can orgasm, I mean through my ass you know. I've this suction thing too that has developed me quite nicely don't you think? I've never shown it to someone before. Do find it sexy?'

'OK whatever the case I am going to fist you and get to the bottom of what's going on inside your ass.' I had a nice feeling of being in control and by now I had got really psyched up about his bum.

I pushed my fingers in and maintained a steady pressure. Soon his anus relented and I felt my whole hand slipping into him. I had never groped the inside a guys bum before so I didn't really quite know what to expect. There seemed to be a lot of room in his rectum and thankfully so sign of any shit. I found I was able to get in as far as my mid forearm until I felt his inner lining resisting my probes.

I took my time exploring his bottom and soon found that be turning my hand in a certain way I was able get even further up him almost to my elbow. Then I withdrew a bit from this position with my arm emerging covered in slime from his rectum with the taught skin around his asshole clinging tightly around my forearm and wrist. My fist still just inside his inner sphincter when he let out a sudden yell of pain. I realised it was the wrong thing to pull my hand out suddenly so I just gently pushed in a little. I could feel something with my finger tips so I probed him a bit not knowing quite what I was doing.

'Do it again!!' he said urgently. 'You've done it!' he yelled 'I can feel I've got two balls now!!' I moved my left hand up to feel his scrotum and I could feel two very small hard objects which were not there before. Somehow the pressure of my hand and fingers had pushed them out into his scrotum.

He lay on the bed feeling his balls and kept saying 'Thank you!'.

'Never mind about the 'Thanks yous'' I said quickly washing me hands. 'I have unfinished business with you!' I grabbed his ankles roughly and pushed his legs right back as far as they would go. By the way I'd never done this before!! His eyes were wide with expectation but he seemed to know what to expect. I would have preferred it if he'd struggled or tried to resist but he just lay there while I pushed my small but very hard and raging cock into his gaping bum hole. With his asshole so slack after being fisted, it wasn't as exciting for me as it might have been. But I was thinking of those nice tight hairy asses of the weightlifters. Suddenly I wanted to fuck them too. It was while I was fantasising about Gary, his hard muscular bum and his tight hairy asshole that I let fly all my fuck juices. I just shot them full force right up Alex's bum hole. It was so satisfying as I felt my sperm spurting through my raging cock and thought of it flooding into his big smooth bottom.

After this Alex went back to his room to rest.

I didn't see too much more of him after that but then events took another turn when the Rugby team arrived outnumbering the weightlifters and challenging them to supremacy over me.



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