I was stationed in Germany in 1960 at about the start of the sexual revolution back in the states. I was glad to find how successful it was when I got back, but I was discovering that the USA was already way behind Europe in that regard. I was at Coleman Kaserne at Gelnhausen with the 33rd Tank Battalion. I drove a tank. Great duty. I'm Clay Hunter Dalton, Corporal, U.S. Army. I'm six-one, 230 pounds, solid. Still had my crew cut. A lot of guys, most, let their hair grow out after landing at their first duty assignment stateside, but I liked the look and feel of short hair. It was easier to take care of and I thought it looked studly; military. Not bragging, I'm not hard to look at. Even guys in the outfit kidded me about my good looks. Said I should be on a recruiting poster. I got a lot of kidding in the showers, too, not just because of the way I'm built, but because I'm hung. Above average. Well above average. Okay, fuckin' huge! I should say I'm well above average, hanging; huge when I'm hard, although the guys don't know that because I don't sport a hardon in the showers. If you can believe it; a fraction under ten inches, and thick so my hand doesn't reach all the way around it. Guys kid me that I should've been black. Even some of the black guys are jealous.

Gelnhausen is a beautiful city and the people were friendly, especially the frauleins, but the real action was in Frankfurt, about 30 miles west. It was sort of like the difference between my hometown of Portland, Illinois, and Chicago. On weekends when I could get a pass I headed for Frankfurt. One of those trips, after a night of drinking and whoring around, I went the next morning to a big department store to buy some new civies while I was in town; a sports jacket and a couple pairs of pants.

The Germans being a meticulous race, the sales clerk measured me like he was my tailor. I didn't see the need for it; I was buying pants off the rack. He measured me around the waist, slipping his fingers down inside the waist to check the fit. I thought that was a bit intimate but I didn't say anything. Actually, I didn't mind him feeling my hard stomach, which was what I thought he was doing. I was proud of my solid abs. When he measured my inseam, he checked and double-checked the measurement, nudging his hand up into my crotch, and pressing his hand against my thigh. He was real attentive, to say the least. He picked out several pairs in my size and came right into the changing booth while I tried them on, to make doubly sure they fit just right. He wasn't the least bit shy about the watching me strip down to my shorts. I half expected him to make a move on me but he didn't. I wasn't sure what I would do if he did. Mann, how things would change in just a few short weeks.

I hassled over which jacket to buy. The one I really wanted was way too expensive, and I was ready to sacrifice one pair of pants in order to buy it. Then while I was trying it on for about the fifth time, the clerk came over and told me it was on sale; the same price as the other one. When I was checking out I found that the bags contained more than I had purchased. I'd bought two pairs of pants and a jacket, just like I'd planned. Digging around, I found the jacket, five pairs of pants, a package of three T-shirts and three pairs of briefs and a sport shirt.

'I think you bagged up somebody else's stuff with mine,' I told the clerk.

'No, it's all your purchases,' he assured me.

'I only bought two pairs of pants and a jacket. That's all I paid you for,' I said.

'I know. I was instructed to include the other items,' he said.

'Instructed by who?' I asked.

'The gentleman over there looking at ties,' he replied.

I looked around to see a tall, blonde, slender-built German, well dressed, looked to be in his mid to late thirties. I walked over to him.

'Excuse me sir, but the clerk said you.......'

'Yes, do forgive me, but I saw you trying to decide which pants to buy, and the jacket.'

'And you just bought 'em?' I asked.


'I can't let you do that,' I said. I didn't know whether to be indignant and pissed, or grateful and accept his generosity but I wasn't one to accept charity.

'It's already done. Please don't make the poor clerk cancel the sale and loose his commission,' he said, and I noticed him looking at my nametag.

I thought about his feeble argument. 'You paid for the jacket, too; that wasn't on sale, was it?' I said.

'Yes. No, it wasn't on sale, and I bought it.'

'You were going to let me walk out without thanking you,' I said.

'My card is in one of your bags, if you wanted to get hold of me,' he said with a smile.

'Oh. Okay. Why?' I asked.

'A small token of appreciation for what you're doing here.'

'How do you know what I'm doing here?' I asked.

'Well, I can see that you're a corporal in the US Army. That's a 33rd Tank Battalion patch on your shoulder, so you're stationed at Gelnhausen where you and your comrades are keeping the Soviet tanks at bay.'

I blinked with surprise. The guy knew a lot about me and what I was doing there. I sort of appreciated that.

'Well, it's not something you need to thank me for this way,' I said, holding up the two bags. 'Uncle Sam pays me for doing what I do.'

'Please, let me. I know you soldiers aren't overpaid. Oversexed, maybe, but not overpaid.'

I laughed. 'Well, you've got that right, on both counts,' I said.

'If you will permit me to further show my appreciation, I would like to invite you to my home your next weekend pass. I live a few miles outside of Frankfurt. It will cost you nothing. I will pay your train fare from Glenhausen and my car will pick you up at the station.'

This guy was really freaking me out. I'd never run into any German who expressed appreciation for us being in their country; most of them acted like they would just soon we leave, except for what we did for their economy. A lot of the older generation outright resented us; those who still secretly bore allegiance to Hitler and regretted his downfall. There was one segment of the populace who appreciated us being there; that was the German girls. Maybe it was true about us American GIs being oversexed.

'That sounds great, but I don't know when I'll get my next pass,' I said.

'Whenever you do, just call the number on my card, collect. I probably won't be the one to answer, but I will get your message.'

'All right,' I said, nodding. 'Thanks. I'll be in touch. And thanks again for the clothes,' I added, holding up the bags.

'Don't mention it,' he said. 'Oh, when you come, wear your uniform, if you don't mind.'

'Sure,' I said.

I left the store and headed for the station, still wondering about the guy. If he was, say, thirty-five, he would've been twenty when the war ended, fifteen when it started; he would've known something of what was going on in the Third Reich. Maybe he was trying to make up for it. I wondered if he'd been part of the Hitler Youth. He certainly filled the bill for the Arian super-race. By the time I got back to base, I'd decided I wasn't going to worry about it. It was too far in the past for me to be concerned with it.

Back at the barracks, I opened the packages of shorts and T-shirts the guy had bought for me. They weren't what I was used to wearing, probably because of the price, and because I'd never seen any like them. The shirts were soft and sort of stretchy so they fit snug without being tight. They had a good neckband that hugged my neck higher than my other shirts, making it look even thicker than it was and the short sleeves were banded to hug my biceps and show them off to good advantage. The shorts were a whole other story. I held a pair up and wondered how I was supposed to get into them. Skimpy was an understatement. They were little more than a waistband with a pouch attached. But I slipped a pair on, pulled them up my thighs and stretched them around my butt as best they would cover, and hefted my manhood to lift it into the pouch. I fill up a pair of regular briefs pretty good; I overflowed these. I tugged the waistband up but the weight pulled it back down, making it dip down in front, almost in a V, right down to the hairline. The bulge in the pouch was almost indecent. The material was sort of clingy and I could actually see the outline, the rim of my cockhead. But I liked them. I liked the look and the feel. I hefted the pouch and let it fall and bounce a couple of times. It felt good. The stretchy material made the pouch bounce when I walked. Wearing them around the barracks was another story; I wondered what kind of guff I would get from the guys. I was standing with my back to the door when my roommate, Ryan Stucker, walked in and whistled.

'Dam, stud, you didn't need to buy special underwear to show off that tight, hard ass of yours,' he said. I turned around and he did a double-take when he saw the front. 'Wow! Where'd you get those? I would like to get some.'

I told him. Other guys noticed when I got brave enough to wear them in the hallway, coming back from the shower, and they asked where I got them. I suspected the store was going to have a run on the things.

I put in for another pass the minute I got back. We were heading out to Grafenwoehr on maneuvers for three weeks so it would be at least a month before I could get away.

I didn't mind maneuvers all that much. It wasn't the comfort of the barracks but I loved driving my tank and blowing things up. I loved the camaraderie of being with the guys in the field, and heaven forgive me, I liked playing war games and the prospect of a real war. I dared the Russians to come through the Fulda Gap. And as an added bonus, we didn't have to shave while we were out there. Oh, and I admit, I sort of liked the special camaraderie of bunking in a two-man tent with Stucker. Not that I had a thing for him - although I think I wished secretly that he would have a thing for me - I just liked being in his studly presence. I think because he was the nearest to me of any other guy in the barracks, in looks and build, and they say birds of a feather flock together. I guess you could say he was my kind of bird.

The day finally came. Saturday morning inspection went well and by 10:00 o'clock I was on my way to catch the train for Frankfurt. I was both anxious and curious. As the train pulled into the hauptbahnhoff in Frankfurt I wondered how I was to find the car being sent for me. I needn't have worried. When I got off the train, I saw a man holding a big sign overhead with my last name on it. Not just a man, he was in a uniform and cap, like a real chauffer, which he was. I walked over and introduced myself.

'I'm the guy you're looking for,' I said.

'Come with me, sir,' he said in crisp English.

I followed him outside to a big, black Mercedes limo. He even opened the back door for me. I climbed in and spread out across a seat that was big enough for a bed. There was a glass shield between the driver and me so there was no conversation. Once he asked me over an intercom if I was comfortable, and told me I could help myself to a drink from the bar. A 'few miles out of Frankfurt' turned out to be well over an hour's drive, counting going through the city.

Almost anywhere in Germany there is only the scenic route, but this was more scenic than anything I'd ever seen. Some distance outside the city we turned off onto a narrow road that wound around like a snake, leading upward in a gentle, but steady climb. It was hard to tell how far we drove but I was enjoying the scenery and imagining what this guy's house must look like if this was his front yard. We finally turned off and coasted up to a tall iron gate that swung open majestically. We crept through the gate, and it closed behind us, then went another half mile or so along a heavily shaded drive till we pulled up in front of the 'house.'

'Geezusss!' I whispered under my breath. This wasn't a house; it was a mansion. Almost a castle. I was on a fuckin' estate! I wondered who the guy was, and what he did for a living. The driver got out and as I started to reach for the door handle I pulled my hand back; the guy came around to open my door for me. As I exited the limo another man/servant came down the wide steps to greet me.

'Welcome to Scheornenburg,' he said with a slight, dignified bow as he took my small travel bag.

'Thank you,' I said. I followed him up the dozen or so wide steps and preceded him through the huge door that he held open for me. Inside, the foyer was the size of a large room with a big round table in the center, graced with a vase that held about a bushel of fresh cut flowers, just like in the movies.

'This way, sir,' he said, with a wave of his hand toward a pair of tall doors to the left. I followed him, but not without getting a glimpse of one of the maids that happened to be leaving the foyer. She was dressed in a black and white maid's outfit that looked like that of a French maid in a porno flick. High heels and a skirt that came a bare few inches below her butt. I had to turn for another look before he opened the doors for me but she was out of sight.

'Dauummhh!' I swore under my breath, bringing a tight, discreet smile to the man's face.

'Corporal Hunter Dalton, sir,' the man introduced me to the man who had bought me the clothes at the Kaufhoff. He stood and came across the room to greet me. It was a good distance across the room; the library, or drawing room, I never knew which was which.

'Welcome, Corporal Dalton,' he greeted me warmly, taking my hand. 'I trust you had a comfortable ride.'

'Very,' I said. 'The countryside is beautiful. As is your house. When you told me you had a house in the country, I never dreamed it would be anything like this.'

'Thank you. It dates back to my great, great, great something or other grandfather, from the days when the Germanic states were still feudal states.'

'Looks like your grandfather won the feud,' I said, bringing a chuckle from the man.

'I want you to enjoy it while you're here,' he said. 'Everything you see is at your disposal.'

'I never got your name when we first met,' I said, still looking all around the room in awe, and I'd forgotten what it said on the card.

'Kurt Keppler,' he said.

'Keppler. I'd heard the name, and it suddenly dawned on me. 'Are you.....?'

'Yes, that Keppler,' he said with a smile.

'Hell yes, everybody's heard of Keppler,' I said. 'Everybody I know who can afford it, is buying a Keppler stereo to ship back to the states when they go.'

'That's good to hear, it takes a lot to keep this place running,' he half joked. 'Would you like a drink before I suggest the plans for the day?'

'I've become partial to German beer,' I said.

He pulled on a thick corded rope and a moment later the manservant appeared.

'Two beers, Hans,' he said.

'Right away, sir.'

'Do you like to ride?' Kurt asked.

'I haven't ridden since I used to go riding on my grandfather's farm,' I said.

'After you've enjoyed your beer, Hans will take you to your room and outfit you with proper riding attire. We don't want to mess up your uniform. Do you shoot?' he asked. 'Of course you do, you're a soldier. I planned that we would ride up to the shooting lodge....it's a pleasant ride....where we will have lunch, then if you like, we can go to the range. Or you can simply lounge around the lodge and enjoy the scenery. The choice is yours.'

'I think I would like to try your shooting range,' I said.

'Very well. We will see how capable you are of protecting our country.'

'I'm an expert rifleman,' I said.

Hans came with our beer and Kurt showed me around his library, pointing out the books that graced the walls all the way up to the ceiling.

'How many of these have you read?' I asked.

'Very few to completion,' he said. 'Most have probably never been opened. But it's comforting to have all this knowledge around me. There are the classics, ancient and modern history of about every civilization known to man, the complete works of Shakespeare, Schiller and Hugo, sports books, science manuals, and even an extensive collection of pornography.' He laughed when he saw my expression. 'I happen to believe pornography is a form of literature and art,' he said.

'I'll drink to that,' I said, raising my beer.

'Do feel free to browse while you're here,' he said.

'Is there a Mrs. Keppler, if you don't mind my asking?'

'There is a former Mrs. Keppler. She lives in the city,' he replied. He didn't volunteer anything more and I didn't ask.

'What kind of a staff does it take to run a house this size?' I asked.

'Not as much as you might think; my driver and butler, the gardener, the stableman, and two maids, and casual labor as needed. All other work is contracted out.'

'I think I saw one of your maids when I came in,' I said with an arched brow.

He laughed heartily. 'That would be Elga, or Nina,' he said.

'Wouldn't matter to me which one it was,' I joked, causing him to laugh again. 'When you said everything I see is at my disposal......'

'They are certainly not out or reach or off limits, if you wish to get to know them better, I'm sure they would be very accommodating,' he said.

'I definitely would like to get to know them better, at least the one I saw,' I said. Things were looking up already.

'They are both equally beautiful,' he said. 'Well, shall we get you outfitted for riding,' he said.

He rang for Hans who took me upstairs to my room, which turned out to three rooms plus a bath with a large dressing area. It was like a luxury apartment. The bathroom alone was bigger than my room that I shared in the barracks. There was a huge tub resting on clawed feet and a larger sunken, enclosed sauna with shower sprays overhead. I wondered if the fixtures were gold plated or solid. There was a large fireplace. The bed was a huge four-poster, the posts the size of tree trunks. When I inspected them closer I found they were carved tree trunks. The bed was piled high with mattresses and pillows. An ornately carved wardrobe took up nearly one wall and was at least eight feet tall.

Hans showed me around, including the rope I could pull to bring him running, then laid out my riding clothes and left me to change.

'If you need help with the boots, just ring for me,' he said.

'No, I think I can manage,' I said.

I stripped down to my briefs - the little ones that Kurt had bought for me, because I thought I should wear them - and donned the riding outfit. Not that he was going to see me in them, but it seemed the right thing to do. The pants fit like they were tailored for me; tapered in the legs and tight around the thighs. Tight everywhere, actually. My butt was really stuffed into the back, and the cut of the cloth left a rather large bulge in front. I would learn later that Kurt had gotten my measurements from the clerk at the clothing store and had the outfit specially made for me. The shirt fit snug across the shoulders and chest so it looked like I was bulging out of it. A pair of high, dull-finish riding boots sat at the foot of the bed. I found out what Hans meant about possibly needing help; I had a hell of a time getting the boots on. When I was dressed I looked at myself in the mirror. Hell, even I was impressed with the clothes and the way I filled them out. I looked like something out of a swashbuckling movie. I flexed my pecs and could see them jounce beneath the snug material. I thought if I flexed my arm, I might rip the sleeve. I brushed my hand down over the front of the pants and gave the bulge a push but it came right back. Nothing I could do about that. I went down to meet Hans.

We walked the good distance to the stables where two fine looking horses were saddled and waiting. I noticed a large swimming pool off to the side and looked forward to going for a swim later. A strikingly good looking young man, almost a boy, held the steeds while we mounted them. It felt good to sit in a saddle again. We rode at a leisurely pace up the long, rugged trail that led to a rustic lodge nestled in the dark, thick woods. Inside, a rather elaborate lunch was waiting. We ate at a leisurely pace, and drank more beer. Afterwards Kurt showed me the shooting range, built into the side of the mountain. I demonstrated that I was more than capable of protecting his country. Kurt was a pretty good shot himself.

'Were you ever in the German Army?' I asked.

'Yes, for two years, but it wasn't active duty as you have in your army, full time soldiering,' he said. 'We learn the basics, but our country depends primarily on you American GIs.'

After shooting, we went back to the lodge to relax with brandy. I would've preferred beer, but Kurt didn't ask.

'When we get back to the house you can browse the library, or use the pool, as you wish,' he said. 'Personally, I do not like the water, but I'm sure you would like to go swimming.'

'I would, very much, but I didn't bring a suit,' I said.

'You don't need one here,' he said. He smiled. 'The staff is quite used to nude swimmers.'

'Elga and Nina, too?' I asked with a grin.

He laughed out loud. 'They often swim nude as well,' he said. 'My staff has full privileges on the estate; riding, shooting, swimming.'

My eyes must've lit up. 'I don't suppose they would be permitted, or convinced to join me in the pool....Nina and Elga, I mean,' I said with a mischievous grin.

'Absolutely,' he said. 'I will tell Hans to tell them you invited them.'

'Just like that?' I asked, blinking with surprise.

'My staff is at your disposal, Corporal,' he said with a knowing look.

'Don't say that unless you mean it, Mr. Keppler,' I said.

'Please, Kurt,' he said. 'Of course, I don't force them to do anything they're not comfortable with, but I'm sure they would be more than comfortable with you. The estate is completely private. I invited you here to enjoy yourself. And be assured that Elga and Nina are of good quality. They visit the clinic on a regular basis, so you won't go back with any kind of uncomfortable or embarrassing condition.'

'That's good to know, but I don't want them to feel like they're obligated to......'

'Oh, I hardly think they will feel obligated once they meet you,' Kurt cut in.

'Whew! You're making me anxious to get back,' I said. Fuck I was getting horny. I wasn't sure what the setup was at Scheornenburg, but Kurt was offering me the company of two gorgeous, built frauleins, if Elga looked anything like Nina; or vice versa; I still didn't know which one I'd seen.

When we got back to the house, Hans met me at my rooms with an armload of heavy towels. He laid them on the bed and took one and folded it long ways and spread it neatly across the bed. 'I'll leave this one here for you to wear down to the pool, and put the rest of them at the pool. There is a back stairway to the deck, down the hallway and to your right,' he said.

'Thanks, Hans,' I said as I took off my shirt. 'Hans.....'

He paused at the door and turned around.

'The two maids....Elga and Nina....are they, uh....I mean, do I....can I just....have them....you know what I mean?' I stammered.

He took a moment to look me up and down. 'I daresay, they will probably have you, sir,' he said.

I blinked and laughed and he smiled.

'I will tell them that you've invited to swim with you, as Mr. Keppler said.'

'Yes, please do.'

Okay, they apparently didn't want me parading through the house naked. I stripped off the rest of my clothes and wrapped the towel around my waist and knotted it. There was barely enough to make a knot. I wondered about the way Hans had folded it, so it barely covered my butt, and it didn't cover me completely in front, so what was the point in wearing it. I glanced in the mirror and there was a good two inches of my cock hanging out. I tugged the towel lower on my waist, down to the hair, and only the tip of the head showed. I made my way down the hallway and down the back stairs that opened up on the deck. The water looked inviting. And the pool was big enough for swimming some serious laps. Hell, the width of it was enough for swimming laps. There was no diving board but the depths were marked, from three feet to nine feet. I looked all around, feeling suddenly conspicuous, about to bare myself to nature and everybody. I think I was looking for Nine or Elga. I doffed my towel and walked to the length of the pool to the deep end. I didn't like wading in like a pussy or sticking my toe in the water to see how cold it was; I liked to dive right in and get over the shock.

My cut through the water when I dove in wasn't as good as it could've been; I was out of practice. I swam the length of the pool then back, and was heading back to the shallow end when I had to surface for air. When I broke the surface I was greeted by a sight that guys only dream about. There was Elga, or Nina, standing at the end of the pool, stark naked. I was momentarily stunned. She was so perfectly molded that she looked like a statue. The thing that struck me was that she was shaved. I nearly gasped when I saw smooth flesh right back between her legs. I'd never even seen a shaved pussy before. I liked it. It sent chills through me.

'May I join you?' she asked in perfect English.

'Yes, please do,' I said as I swam up and grabbed hold of the edge of the pool. It was an instinctive move, at first, to hide my manhood from her, but then I realized how foolish that was. The sight of her took my breath away....there I was, looking right up between her legs, within easy arm's reach....and I had to take in a hard breath of air. When I saw she was going to wade in, I stood and put my hand up to help her. I saw her eyes rake over my body and drop to my manhood with a look that I could only describe as surprised appreciation. I don't shrivel up much when I'm in the water and the water wasn't that cold to begin with. I think my cock thinks all water is a shower, and it loves the shower. I helped her into the water and stood back from her, to look at her and to let her look at me.

'Are you Elga or Nina?' I asked.

'I am Nina. Elga will be out in a moment,' she said. 'Your name is Hunter?'

'Yes.' I dove sideways and swam to the deeper end of the pool before my cock turned into a steel anchor and pulled me under. No doubt, Nina was there for a reason but I didn't want to rush things. I stood in water up to my neck and watched as she tilted back gracefully to float on her back. Oh, Fuck! The way she undulated her body in the water drove me nuts. Her legs spreads out a little, teasingly, made me want to swim up between them and dock my tongue in her smooth pussy. I'd never eaten pussy before but I knew instantly that I wanted to try it and I was drooling over this one. It was a good thing I had my feet planted firmly on the bottom of the pool because my cock was acting up in a big way. I ducked under and swam toward Nina. I surprised her by swimming under her so our butts rubbed together. She squealed with delight and floundered to stand in the water that was not quiet up to her tits. Fuck, talk about flotation devices! I swam past her and she smacked my bare butt playfully. I decided to get bold too. I twisted over so I was on my back and floated past her with my cock sticking up out of the water like a periscope. Nina let out a little gasp and clasped her hand over her mouth when she saw me. Okay, we had that out of the way - my size - in case she wanted to rethink things. I'd never had a girl run away screaming with fright but I'd had a few who gave it serous consideration before taking me on.

'So big!' she said, giggling, when I swam back towards her, this time face down.

I shrugged, as if to say, nothing I can do about it. Just then Elga came out, also naked, and also shaved. Kurt was right, they were both equally beautiful. The two started chattering in German which I didn't fully understand, except that I figured out that they were talking about me, my muscles, and the size of my cock. I saw Elga's eyes light up when Nina apparently told her how big I was. She let out a little gasp and a squeal when I came up out of the water to help her wade out into the pool, and to prove whatever Nina said was true. I should've been ashamed for being such an egotistical showoff but I wanted to impress these girls, and I could see that a big cock and muscles impressed them.

We swam and cavorted around for a while, playfully, not really making overtures to each other, but all of us making it pretty clear that overtures would be welcomed. My cock alternated between hopeless, dejected rubberiness and proud, hard anticipation; like it wasn't sure it was going to get any or not and there wasn't any sense in standing tall and showing off if it wasn't. All the while I was thinking about how I was going to bury my face in these gorgeous twats. Geezusss, I couldn't remember ever being so hungry for pussy. Ever.

Elga climbed out of the pool and stretched out on a large padded, mattress thing, face up, tits standing firm and her pussy winking at the sun. I looked at Nina and she glanced over at Elga with a knowing smile. The message I got was, she's ready and waiting, go have at it. Okay, time to establish a beachhead. I swam down to the ladder to climb out of the pool so I wouldn't drag my cock against the side of the pool climbing up over the edge. I brushed the water off my chest and stomach and it ran in a river, right down my cock like I was pissing. My cock lolled out proudly, impressive but not threatening. I think it was still waiting to be sure of some action before it bothered to get hard again. It doesn't like rejection. By the time I walked the length of the pool to where Elga was lying it was standing up at a sharp angle, throbbing and quivering; yeah, that quick. My cock can sense pussy a mile away. Little did it know that it was in competition with my tongue this time. I wanted to eat this pussy! Something my cock definitely was not used to. It was okay with playing second fiddle to my fingers now and then, but not my tongue..

I stood at her feet, stroking my cock, caressing it for her benefit. She cooed something and her eyes sort of fluttered. As I moved down on one knee, she cocked her knees up. When I was on both knees, she set her feet wider apart in a welcoming gesture. Yeah, she was sure as hell putting herself at my disposal. I put my hands on her knees and she lifted her legs high and wide.

'I am ready,' she said with a moist gleam in her eye.

She didn't have to tell me. Lying there holding her legs out wide, pretty much gave me the picture. And if that wasn't enough, I could see her pussy was palpitating in a steady, sensual rhythm, winking at me, as if to say, come on big boy, show me what you can do. I moved up over her on all fours and lowered my face to her right tit. I love sucking tits, especially when they're nice and firm with big nipples. She had 'em. I like big/huge tits, too; like to bury my face between them, and I love fucking through a pair of huge tits, into a woman's mouth.

I sucked on her tit for a moment, causing her to moan and writhe under me, actually thrusting herself at me, then moved to the other one. She put her hands on the back of my head and guided me from one to the other. Her nipples got bigger. Meanwhile, my cock was throbbing and bucking down there between my legs, begging me to move closer to the target. I did and the head of my cock kissed her pussy and rubbed against it each time I throbbed. Within a couple of minutes, my cock had poured out enough precome to lubricate a crankshaft.

'Please.....I am so ready,' Elga whispered again, sounding anxious.

'Yeah, so am I,' I said as I eased my hips forward, nudging my cock against her. My cock was like a heat-seeking missile. It found the target and penetrated like a bunker-buster going through concrete, without much help from me. Only it wasn't concrete, it was soft, warm folds of pussy opening up and enveloping me. I didn't plunge into her like a rocket; I eased in slow but steady, gauging the depth by her eyes and her tiny moans and gasps of surprise.

'Oh, my Godd!' she gasped at one point and I stopped.

'Too much?' I asked. She felt snug and I didn't want to hurt her. I mean, I know I'm a horse, I don't need to prove it by plowing in like a Clydesdale. I glanced down at our juncture and saw that I had about four inches to go.

'Nooo,' she cooed. 'So big, but not too much when I get used to it.'

I fed her the last four inches nice and slow, pausing and twisting my hips around to make my cock lob around inside her and maybe stretch her. Finally, she wrapped her legs around me, locked her ankles around my butt and pulled me all the way in tight.

She moaned and closed her eyes and there was another tiny moan that wasn't mine and I looked up to see Nina standing right in front of us. She looked sort of helpless, horny, jealous....she looked like she was wanting something and I could see her smooth pussy palpitating. I watched her as I fucked Elga with long, easy, full-cock strokes. She was able to handle me real good. I was able to bury it and wish I had more to give her. She loved it when I buried it hard and deep and twisted my hips around. I think I was rubbing her clit because her eyes got real wide when I did that.

Suddenly I realized my mouth was watering from watching Nina's pussy. I mean, I was swallowing mouthfuls of spit. I've been a bona fide pussy-hound since I was fourteen but I had never gotten this excited over it. I instinctively flicked my tongue out, realized I did it, and did it again, on purpose the second time. I slid my tongue back and forth across my lips and flicked it like a snake poised to attack. Nina got the hint and moved up to stand astraddle her friend, squarely in front of me so I was face to face with her pussy. I leaned forward and lapped my tongue up between her legs. She moaned and set her feet apart so I could lick her pussy. She pulled the lips open for me to expose her cunt and her clit. She smelled like roses.

Fuck, I went nuts! For a guy who had never eaten pussy, I guess I was doing okay. Nina clasped her hands around the back of my head and ground her pussy in my face. I curled my tongue up inside her as far as I could reach and felt her clit rubbing against my upper lip. She squealed with pleasure, which brought Elga's eyes open. I wasn't ignoring Elga; my tongue and my cock were working in tandem, giving them both pleasure at the same time, not to mention what I was getting out of it.

Suddenly, I wanted to give Elga the same pleasure I was giving Nina. I eased my cock out and crouched back and buried my face between her legs. He pussy was wide open from my cock and I literally buried my mouth inside her, reaching way up inside her with my tongue. She yelled and clasped her hands on my head.

I was in a quandary. I was so hot and turned on and I couldn't decide whether I wanted to eat pussy or fuck it. I did both. I raised up and drove my cock back inside her and leaned up to lick Nina's cunt. Then I returned to eat Elga's pussy. Then an idea came to me. I guided and maneuvered Nina into a position where she was half-lying on top of her friend, supported on her hands and feet so both of their pussies were right there in front of me. Talk about doubling your pleasure. I began licking and tonguing them in turn, and fucking them each in turn. Nina let out a loud, surprised gasp when she first felt my cock prying her apart but after that it was only moaning and writhing and begging for her turn on it. It was the wildest sex I'd ever had. Not the first time I'd been with two women at the same time, but those other times were nothing like this. I couldn't get enough, and they couldn't get enough of me. They moaned and squealed and begged me to fuck them, lick their pussies, fuck them, eat their pussies, fuck them....shit, I could barely keep up with their demands.

I was as hot as I'd ever been in my life and so wrapped up in what I was doing that I lost my concentration, and suddenly I felt the trigger click down behind my balls.

'Ohh, Fuck!' I swore as I grabbed the base of my cock in an attempt to thwart it, but it was too late. I was frantically trying to find the nearest pussy to plunge into when Nina realized what was happening.

'Let us see!' she cried, as she moved off to the side so her friend could watch too.

It wasn't the way I'd planned the grand finale, but if that's what they wanted....I raised up and started fisting my like a teenager. Fuck, it was going to be a ball-buster. It was going to turn my balls inside out and make my asshole draw up in a tight pucker. It was going to make my asshole hurt. I worked it up with a frenzy till I felt it coming then I slammed my fist hard in my pubes and waited. My cock bolted steel hard in my fist, the head swelled out to an enormous size, all tight and purple, then I felt the powerful jolt of semen gushing through the thick seminal vessel along the bottom of my cock. I eased my grip to let it out. I came so hard it jolted me, jerking my hips forward. The stuff shot out like a long, thick rope, a solid six-foot rope of cum, before it detached from my cock and sailed further, shit, way up over Elga's head, to land with a slippery splat on the deck. It was thick, too; it looked like a giant, white slug had suddenly crawled up on the deck. I'd squeezed my cock to hold back and let the pressure build up and when I released it I shot off another rope that slithered up across Elga's face and hair and puddled on the deck above her head. Another splattered squarely in her face when she lifted her head to get a better view. Nina, not wanting to miss out, leaned over her friend to receive the next one in her face. She squealed with delight and opened her mouth for the next one. I landed it. I don't know how many times my cock belched, maybe a dozen, but by the time I was done my asshole ached and my balls were tight in my crotch from the trauma. Nina and Elga were streaked with semen, ropes of it clinging to their faces and tits and in their hair. It was not only a powerful load, it was so fuckin' thick. Fuck, I was dam near proud of it.

I teetered on my knees like a tree in a windstorm, feeling a little lightheaded. I let go of my cock, surprised at the powerful throb it gave my fist before it sort of fell straight out to salute the two pussies it had just serviced. I leaned to one side and stumbled to my feet and more or less fell into the pool. It was the most incredible fuck I'd ever had.

When the two girls had wiped themselves off and mopped up the semen off the deck, I thought they would come into the pool with me. Believe it or not, I was recuperating fast and getting hungry again. But they laughed and smiled with satisfaction and waved at me as they headed back into the house, chattering excitedly. I swam a little bit, mostly I floated, I was so weak, and enjoyed the total relaxation in the warm sun.

When I thought my legs would support me, I climbed out of the pool and grabbed the towel I'd worn down and wrapped it around my waist. Walking to the house, I wondered where Kurt was; I hadn't given him a thought the whole time. It was late in the afternoon. My legs were so weak I could barely get up the stairs. Hans met me in the hallway.

'Did you enjoy your swim?' he asked with a tight, knowing smile.

'Yes. Very much,' I replied. I hadn't given Hans a thought, either, but I suspected the old guy had watched everything. 'I think I'll take a nap, if that's all right.'

'Certainly. I'm sure you need it. I'll wake you in time for dinner.' Yeah, he had watched us. Hell, I didn't blame him. I would've watched too if I were him.

I stretched out on the bed on my stomach, naked. The bed was so big I felt like a little boy taking up the space. I let my mind wander back to my boyhood days, specifically when I was fourteen.



Chapter Two

I said I was a pussy-hound since I was fourteen. That's not to say I was fucking girls at that age, but that's when I discovered it. I thought about it all the time, and one night at the movies I discovered it. I knew from the other guys that the girl I was sort of dating liked me. They told me she really wanted to have sex with me, but I didn't believe them. I didn't really believe kids our age were actually having sex. I know I bragged about it all the time but in truth, I was still a virgin, and I figured if I wasn't getting it, nobody was. The girl and I weren't really dating, we just went to the movies together, but once we were in the darkened theater it felt like a date. I held her hand and after awhile I moved it over to my leg where it was more comfortable.

She took it as a hint and began squeezing my leg and moving her hand up toward my crotch. I was surprised; I hadn't expected that. I slouched down and spread my legs in a go-ahead gesture, and within minutes she was feeling me up big time. I heard her gasp when she felt what I had stuffed in my jeans. I was pretty big even at that age and I was guessing from her boldness that she had some basis for comparison. I decided to return the favor. I put my hand on her leg and she moved her knees apart for me. I moved my hand up between her legs to find the surprise of my life. She wasn't wearing anything under her skirt! I had my hand in bare pussy! I was exploring pussy for the first time, feeling her up, making her squirm. She was nice and wet which made it easy for me to shove a finger up inside her cunt; that really made her gasp. I probed around and wriggled my finger around inside her and had her squirming around on my hand in no time. I gave her a second finger. There was plenty of room so I gave her a third. Finally, I had all my fingers and my thumb squeezed together, more or less fist fucking her.

She loved it, so much that pretty quick she was the one fucking my fist. I decided to give it a rest and launch a search for her clit. I'd read about the clit and what it could do for a woman. She must've realized what I was doing and she took hold of my wrist and guided my hand right where she wanted it. She held my hand there till I explored and found the tiny organ, then she let me have my way with it. I quickly discovered that toying with a girl's clit in public isn't a smart thing to do. It drives them up the fuckin' walls and they can't control themselves. She was thrashing around wildly and trying to keep from bouncing in the seat and she put her free hand over her mouth to stifle her outcries. I finally stopped before somebody reported us and got us arrested. I went back to fingering her pussy and she kept on squeezing and caressing my crotch and more or less jacking me off through my jeans as best she could.

I didn't know how or if girls came but she had something akin to an orgasm. She let go of my cock and gripped the armrests, trembling and fighting to keep from flying out of the seat till gradually, she settled down and relaxed. After that we went back to watching the movie, although I didn't know then and still don't have any idea what the fuck who was in it or what it was about.

I 'dated' her pretty often after that, and while other boys sat with their arms around their girls trying to get their hands down their blouses and squeezing their tits, I had my hand shoved up this girl's pussy while she groped my crotch. One time she had my jeans unbuttoned and was trying to haul my cock out but I stopped her. I was just too dam big for her to be hauling it out right there in the theater. It wasn't something I could cover up with my hand if somebody happened to look around. The only problem with all of the playing around was walking out of the theater, trying to ignore and hoping other people would ignore the huge bulge in my jeans.

I started wearing a jockstrap under my briefs to keep it tucked back and not be so obvious. Then I had to get home so I could jack off. One time she was really mauling me and I wasn't paying any attention to anything but feeling good, what with my fingers dancing around in her pussy, and before I could stop it, she got me off. I couldn't hold back. I had to let it go. Geezuss, what a cum! What a mess! I've always been a hard and heavy cummer, even back then when I was first able to shoot, and I soaked my shorts, my jock and right through my jeans. I hung onto the arms of the seat....fuck, my knuckles were probably white....I jolted and trembled through the climax, waiting till I could breath again before I reached down and felt the front of my jeans. The girl was already wiping her hand with a tissue. Shit, I think I could've wrung the stuff out of my jeans. I pretended it was hot and took off my outer shirt and wrapped it around my waist to get out of the theater and get home.

Despite my physical attributes, I didn't really 'experience' pussy in the true sense of the word till about four years later, right after I turned eighteen. Yeah, hard to believe how I got dam near through high school before I got laid. Not that I couldn't have; I was overly popular with the girls, most of whom weren't bashful about letting me know they would like to go to bed with me, or even in the back seat of my car, but it was enough for me, I guess, just to know that I could have them. I didn't have to prove anything. Meanwhile, I was stupidly happy fucking my fist every day of my life while I fantasized about all the girls I wanted to fuck but didn't. Weird, I know, and I don't even try to figure it out.

Oddly, when it did happen, it wasn't with the girl I'd spent so many hours fingering in the movies, nor even any of the girls who were so hot for my body. It was the neighbor lady. She was pretty young, maybe late twenties, and hot. Her husband was a stud, too, I thought.

I was working in the back yard in my old gym shorts and I had to take a piss. Instead of going in the house, I decided to haul it out right there and piss against the back of the garage. There was a high fence that ran along the back of the yard and between us and one neighbor, and I didn't see anybody in the yard on the other side of us where there was only a low fence. So there I was with my cock hanging out over my shorts when I heard a sound like somebody stepping on a twig. I looked up and there she was; the neighbor lady, standing there in the skimpiest bathing suit I'd ever seen and a big beach towel and a book. And I was standing there with my cock hanging out and my mouth open, and turning red, trying to squeeze out the last of the piss.

'Oh! I'm sorry,' I gasped.

'That's certainly not anything to be sorry about,' she said with a smile.

Not taking her remark as the compliment she intended, I was embarrassed as shit. I didn't know what to say. I pulled on my cock and shook it a couple of times and stuffed it back inside my shorts.

'Don't be embarrassed, I'm a married woman, for heaven's sake,' she said as she spread her towel out in the grass. 'Go on with our work, Clay.' People called me Clay back then. I started going by Hunter the night of graduation.

She was so nice about it, and I was duly impressed that she sounded impressed with my cock, so I got over it and went back to work, hoping she wouldn't mention it to my parents, even in a joking manner. A couple of minutes later I looked over and totally lost my concentration; there she was lying on her towel facing our yard; that is, with her feet facing our yard. And instead of lying like most women do in a bathing suit, with one knee cocked up and sort of leaned toward the other leg so they've got everything well hidden, she had her legs stretched out with her feet spread about three feet apart. Like I said, the bikini wasn't much more than a handkerchief anyway, and it had pulled to the side in the crotch so that only her dark blonde hair was hiding her pussy. I was bent over in a bit of a stupor, with a handful of weeds I was about to pull, staring at her crotch, when she peeked up over the book she was reading. I raised up to turn away like a good bad little boy but then she smiled and I froze to the spot. I glanced away, then looked back and she was still looking at me and still smiling. Shit, was she coming on to me? I remembered her admiring remark about my cock.

She laid the book aside and picked up the bottle of suntan lotion. 'Would you be kind enough to put this on for me?' she asked.

Would I! 'Yeah, sure,' I mumbled as I walked over and jumped the fence.

'You jump that fence like it was nothing,' she said.

'Its not as high as hurdles,' I said. I wanted to say I would've gone through the fuckin' fence to get my lotioned hands on her body. I walked over and knelt down beside her and took the lotion. I still wasn't sure, but I was entertaining the strong possibility that she was coming on to me. I mean, what was I supposed to think, a woman lying like that in front of an eighteen-year-old kid. I assumed she wanted me to put the lotion on her back where she couldn't reach, but she didn't turn over. She stayed on her back. Even as I rubbed the lotion between my hands, I wondered what I was supposed to do with it. There was plenty of smooth, tanned flesh showing; I could put it anywhere. I knelt there with my hands held out.

'Where do you want it?' I asked, like a stupid fool.

'Anywhere you think I need it,' she said.

'Oh. Well, I.....' I waved my hands around like an idiot, trying to decide where to put them. 'Actually, I don't think you need any anywhere,' I choked. Shit, she must've thought I was a blithering idiot and a coward, afraid to touch her.

'Then wherever you want to put it,' she said.

To prove I wasn't a coward I quickly placed my hands on her stomach, just below her tits.

'H-how about....here?' I asked as I began rubbing the lotion on her smooth skin.

'That's fine,' she said, closing her eyes.

I moved my hands in ever widening circles, up closer to her tits and down closer to her bikini bottom.

'You have very nice hands,' she said. 'So strong.'

'I guess that comes from playing sports and working,' I said.

'Yes,' she said, nodding, still with her eyes closed. 'My husband isn't home, and I think I saw your parents leave,' she said.

'Yeah, they.....they went to Bradsburg to see my aunt,' I said.

'And the trees and the fence....nobody can see us,' she went on.

Oh, shit, she was coming on to me! I choked as I realized I was facing the prospect of getting my first piece of ass and I was without a condom. I swallowed hard, wondering what to do. I could run in the house and get one out of my Dad's dresser drawer, but I didn't want to interrupt what I was doing. On the other hand, if she was being so bold as to invite me, maybe she wasn't worried about a condom; hell, she had to know I wasn't carrying any around in my gym shorts. My eyes were all over her now, raking up and down her gorgeous body, but each time I looked left, they fell to her crotch with that lovely dusty-blonde hair peeking out.

I squeezed some more lotion onto her thighs and began massaging it around. Damned if she didn't spread them out a little more, so I got down between them so I could really massage her legs hard. Yeah, well, I was down there between her legs for another reason but I hadn't admitted it to myself yet. I rubbed my hands up and down her firm thighs, inching every closer to the sacred 'V.' That's when I noticed the snaps at the crotch of her suit! Fuck! Two little fuckin' snaps, that was all that was between her pussy and the world! Or, me and her pussy, in this case. She sort of squirmed when I dug my fingers up into the apex of her thighs, and spread her legs out wider. Finally, I was pushing my thumbs against her pubes and with a proudly deft move, I undid the snaps, both at the same time. I did it so smooth that I didn't know if she even knew I'd done it. Shit, I was home! I was hunkered down on my knees, face to face with a woman's pussy!

Things had advanced to the point where I didn't have to be told what to do. All those stupid, boyish fantasies suddenly culminated into the stark reality that I was going to fuck this woman. She had left no doubt what she wanted and my cock was making it perfectly clear what it wanted. But there was still the condom thing.

'I don't have a condom. I can run in and get one of my Dad's,' I blurted out real fast.

'You don't need one,' she said in a kindly tone.

I shoved my gym shorts and jockstrap down off my hips, exposing my burgeoning cock that had grown to proud proportions. Fuck, it was hard! And bigger than I'd ever seen it. I wrapped my fist around it as I inched closer on my knees, and aimed it at the patch of hair protecting the sacred prize. I felt her heat, then the moistness as my cockhead pried her cunt lips apart. She let out a little moaning gasp but didn't open her eyes. She hadn't even looked at my cock yet. On target, I wrapped my hands under her thighs and lifted them up, letting them rest on my shoulders. She was wide open now; I could her see her pussy lips palpitating, like it was trying to kiss the head of my cock and my cock was reaching out desperately trying to kiss back. Kiss, my ass; it was straining to get in there and mutilate her pussy. It had waited so long! I could also see her cunt lips glistening in the warm sunlight from the precome my cock had spread over them.

I leaned over her, supporting myself on my arms, bending her in half. My cock found its own way and I shoved the head inside her. It spread her apart, her pussy was stretched into a big O, distended around the head of my cock.

'Ohhhhh,' she gasped softly.

I bored deeper and looked down to watch my cock disappearing into her body. It was an awesome sight, as I'm sure it is for every boy, to watch his cock disappear into a woman's pussy for the first time.

'Ohhhhhhh,' she moaned, louder and longer.

I was about half way in, nearly shaking with excitement, so hot I was wondering if I would be able to hold off long enough to go all the way in. I shoved into the hilt before it was too late; gave her all eight plus inches. Yeah, I wasn't done growing yet.

'Ohhhh, Goddddd!' she cried out, and this time she opened her eyes. I mean, she was wide-eyed, like she was stunned at what'd happened to her. 'My Godd, how big are you?' she asked, sounding astounded.

'I don't know....eight inches, maybe a little more....I don't know,' I said.

'Ohhh, it feels like I've been mounted by a horse,' she said.

'I'm not hurting you, am I?' I asked. It was the first I realized with great certainty that I was a bit oversized. I mean, the way the woman's eyes were bugging out....I guess eight plus inches is pretty big for an eighteen-year-old kid.

'Ohh, no,' she said. 'You're so much bigger than Randy, though.'

Shit, my ego about exploded. I thought Randy was a stud; big, muscular, good-looking, walked with a manly swagger. I wondered how much bigger. Only an eighteen-year-old's ego could ask.

'How much?' I asked.

'He's six inches, maybe a little larger,' she said. 'And not nearly as thick, it feels like.'

Six inches! I almost blurted it out. Heck, I think I was born with six inches. I kept my cock buried deep for a moment, boring hard, and making it throb and quiver up inside her. Then I started fucking her. Slow, short strokes at first, because I didn't want to hurt her, but mostly because I was finding my way, figuring out what this was all about. It didn't take long to find the stroke that felt the best for her, and fuck, any stroke felt great to me. I gradually worked up to longer and finally full-cock strokes, giving her the advantage of all eight inches sliding back and forth through her pussy canal. I learned how to twist my hips and cork-screw my cock into her. She loved that. She was a small woman, and if she was used to only six inches, I wondered how she was handling my cock, where it was going. I wondered how she would feel about her studly husband after I'd fucked her. I wondered if she would even feel him after this.

'Is this your first time?' she asked me.

'Yeah,' I grunted, between strokes, and kicked up it up a notch to show her I knew what I was doing. I would learn that women loved the idea of fucking a virgin, and I lied a lot of times after that, for as long as I could get by with it, and told them all they were my first. By the time I was out of high school, though, I couldn't get by with it anymore. Girls and women just looked at me and assumed I was an experienced cocksman, and of course a lot of them knew first hand, and word spread. One woman who I met at a truck stop even laughed when I told her right in the middle of fucking her that I was a virgin. I didn't lie about it anymore after that.

It took about five minutes for me to master the art; I think guys are born with it. I was fucking her steady and hard now, like I was trying to hammer her into the ground.

'Ohhh.....ohhhh.....ohhhhh....ohhhh....it feels so wonderful!....Ohh, Godd, how did you learn do move like this?'

'Just figuring it out, what seems to make you feel good,' I said. Actually, I don't think there was a move I could've made that didn't make her feel good because my cock was evidently able to touch every nerve in her pussy simply by being in there. I don't know how long it lasted. Hours, I thought, but probably more like a few minutes. I know I wasn't putting forth much effort to holding back. I wanted to feel the ultimate experience of shooting off inside a warm pussy. I fucked her off the towel, right into the grass. Once I looked up and we were a few feet from her fence; I'd fucked her across the yard! She was going to have to scrub off the grass stains.

I didn't warn her when I was working up to my climax, I think because I didn't want her to tell me to pull out. I pumped her harder and my breathing was coming hard but I didn't tell her I was about to come and she didn't seem to notice. I just let it go. My body stiffened, my muscles tightened and I shook like I was having a fit, then my cock exploded. I mean, it felt like it blew all to smithereens inside her pussy. It felt like my cock was a fire hose, gushing hot come up inside her. I really worked hard those last dozen stokes. It took everything I had to keep my hips pumping, and finally, when I'd emptied my nuts in her, I collapsed on top of her. A few breaths later, I was that eighteen-year-old boy again, cradled in the bosom and between the legs of an older woman. It was a good feeling; the young virgin being had.

'Oh, Clay, that was wonderful!' she cooed as she stroked my hair and my shoulders.

'Yeah, it sure was,' I gasped, my face still resting on her tits.

'We should get up,' she said.

'Yeah, anybody could come along,' I agreed. I raised up and slowly pulled my cock out of her. I looked down to see her pussy gaping wide open like a big pink maw, still palpitating, and my semen running out of her. It was a fuckin' sexy sight. I reared back and shoved myself to my feet and pulled up my jock and shorts.

'I guess I better get back over the fence,' I said.

I jumped back and forth over that fence a hundred times over the next few months, or sneaked in the back door. Her husband left for work real early and I started leaving for school earlier, telling my folks I was working out before school. In a way, I was. I left by the back door, across the back yard, behind the garage and jumped the fence, then sneaked in her back door and headed upstairs for my morning workout. Surprisingly, I never told anybody, not even my closest friends, that I was banging the neighbor lady. I was afraid it would get back to my parents, or her husband, and I didn't want to ruin the good thing I had going. And I didn't particularly want to tangle with the big stud of a husband. He might not have had the biggest cock on the block, but he was built. Then out of the blue, they moved away. My mom said it was because he found out she was having an affair and he wanted to get her away from there for a new start. I thought, lots of luck with the new start with his six-inch dick.

Chapter Three

I was awakened by a light tapping on the door. It was Hans, informing me that I should get dressed for dinner. As before, he hung the clothes I was to wear on the inside of the wardrobe doors.

'Mr. Keppler would like for you to join him in the library for a glass of wine before dinner,' he said. 'Would you like me to draw your bath or would you prefer the shower?' he asked.

I much preferred a shower but the idea of somebody 'drawing my bath' sort of intrigued me.

'That bathtub looks inviting,' I said.

Hans walked past the bed and turned the water on in the tub. He poured something in the water and it burst with soap bubbles. I hadn't particular wanted a bubble bath but I didn't say anything.

'Will that be all?' he asked when he had laid out clean towels. The way his eyes raked up and down my naked body, I had to wonder just what he was asking; what else he might be offering.

I actually enjoyed sinking down into the tub full of soft, aromatic bubbles. Shit, if the guys could only see me now.

Dinner was obviously going to be formal. What Hans had laid out for me was almost a tux. I hadn't worn a tux since prom. I had to admit I looked damned sharp in it. Hans popped in again just as I was standing in front of the full-length mirror checking myself out.

He smiled and nodded his approval as he adjusted my tie. I guess I was supposed to look perfect for dinner.

I went down to the library where Kurt was dressed in like manner. He handed me a glass of wine when I walked in the door. Wine wasn't my favorite drink, but this was good stuff, and I guess a beer before dinner wouldn't be appropriate. We talked for a bit, mostly him asking me a lot of questions. I tried to change the subject a couple of times when he asked about my unit and our training. I finally succeeded, rather bluntly.

'I'm not supposed to talk about stuff like that,' I said.

'Oh, very well, I understand,' he said. I didn't really think he was trying to gather information.

'I never had a chance to check out the porn section,' I remarked, walking around the shelves of books.

He laughed and motioned to that section of the library. I took down several books and flipped through them. It was raw porn all right, but nothing compared to the large picture books I found. There were books/albums of every kind, with pictures of everything imaginable. There was one of just built, good-looking naked guys horsing around and having fun outdoors. Looked like it could've been a bunch of GIs horsing around, except that I wouldn't have imagined anyone taking pictures of them and making a book. Then I found one that knocked my socks off. It was filled with equally built, good-looking guys having sex together. I was startled at first but still, I looked at the pictures. It was a turn on, sort of; guys going down on each other and even fucking each other, only the way they were photographed, the looks on their faces, it was more like they were making love than just having sex. I'd never seen anything like it. Actually, I'd never really even thought about anything like it.

'The video section is here,' Kurt pointed out, taking down a book that he opened up to display a video inside.

'Very clever,' I said, checking out the video. It was also a gay flick. I checked out some others that were straight, and one that was Bi.

'Dinner is served.'

We glanced around to see Hans standing at the doors.

'We'll come back here after dinner if you like,' Kurt said. 'There is one video in particular that I think you might enjoy.'

'I think I would enjoy most of them,' I said.

We followed Hans into the dining room. Dining hall was more like it. The room was bigger than a house. The vaulted ceilings must've been twenty feet high. The fireplace was taller than me, a good ten or twelve feet wide. The table ran the length of the room, maybe sixty feet long, with chairs at each end and six chairs on each side. More chairs sat along the walls. I guessed it would seat forty or fifty people or more. A huge silver thing sat in the center, overflowing with fruit, with candles all around the bowl itself. Another half dozen candelabra were placed along the table. It was only set for two, one at the far end and another setting at the side.

Hans held out the chair at the end and I waited for Kurt to take it. Instead he motioned for me to sit there. He took the chair at the side.

'I feel like I'm in the wrong seat,' I said.

'Not at all,' Kurt assured me.

It was a true seven-course meal, starting out with a tray of black bread and assorted cheeses and fruit, with wine, followed by soup that Hans dipped out of a huge tureen held by the cook. Next came a salad of things that I couldn't identify, served in frosted bowls with a mild, almost bland dressing and icy chunks of something tangy sprinkled on top. It was good whatever it was. I thought it would be rude to ask what it was.

'You have such large hands,' Kurt said out of the blue. 'Very powerful hands, strong fingers.'

I was taken aback, didn't know what to say; nobody had ever complimented my hands before, and I sort of drew them away from the table.

'Don't hide them,' he said with a smile.

'I, uh....well, nobody every noticed my hands before,' I said. I laughed softly. 'I never noticed my hand before, like that.'

'Oh, people have noticed, I assure you. You just weren't aware of it,' Kurt said.

I noticed him looking at me again, at the side of my neck and I must've given him a funny look.

'You have a very strong neck, too. A thick, powerful neck is the sign of a strong man, and your neck is as wide as your head.'

'I guess I get that from my dad. He's got a bull neck,' I said. I thought it was odd that he would notice things like that, and mention them. I had an uneasy feeling; like he was being too observant toward me, but I tried to shrug it off.

The main course was an assortment of wild game that Hans identified as deer, wild boar, pheasant and dove, served with browned, buttered potatoes and thin gravy. I'd never eaten wild boar or dove. It was good.

Again, I noticed Hans looking at me. He smiled and I sort of smiled back while I was chewing.

'You also have a very strong face. Your facial muscles actually flex when you chew.'

I finished chewing and swallowed and reached for my wine glass. 'You're making me self conscious,' I said.

He came back with, 'And that makes you all the more handsome.'

I gave up. Let him look, regardless of what was behind those looks.

Next was a bowl of fresh, chilled fruit served with brandy poured over the top, and small, sweet crackers. I thought it was dessert. But as soon as the bowls were taken away, Hans returned with plates of what I identified as Black Forest cake with chocolate sauce drizzled over it. Okay this was dessert, and a fine way to end a meal. But following the cake, Hans came out with crystal bowls of fruit-flavored ice, to clear the pallet, Kurt said.

'That was the finest meal I've ever had,' I Kurt.

'Thank you.'

'I would like to compliment your chef.'

He frowned, like I had committed some kind of social blunder, but I didn't let it bother me. 'Not proper, huh?' I said. 'I would like to do it anyway.'

He smiled at my American GI persistence and rang for Hans and told him to bring out the cook. I complimented the man and it seemed to embarrass him.

Dinner took a long time and I drank too much of Kurt's fine wine. When we returned to the library I wasn't too steady on my feet.

'You said there was a video I might like to see,' I said as I took a seat on the long, wide, leather couch. I was curious to see which one he would pick out.

'Yes, why don't you go ahead and get comfortable, take off the jacket and tie, at least,' he said as he turned on the VCR and slipped a video in.

I removed the jacket and tie and undid my shirt a couple of buttons and settled back into the plush couch to enjoy the movie. Images began to appear, of the back of the house and the pool. Seconds later I got the surprise of my life; I was watching myself walk out to the pool, holding the folded towel around my waist. I immediately wondered how much he had filmed. I quickly found out when I watched Elga walk out to the pool, or was it Nina.

'Is this going where I think its going?' I asked.

'I hope you're not angry, I couldn't resist,' Kurt said. 'Don't worry, there is only the one copy of the video and you can have it. Or we can destroy it. If you would rather not watch it......'

'No, I would like to see it,' I said quickly. The prospect of seeing myself in a fuck video was exciting as hell. I wondered how he had filmed it from three different angles, for I had seen no one with a camera. I watched us in the pool....Elga climbing out....me climbing out..... mounting her, now lapping her pussy....I started getting hard from watching it.

'Very erotic, isn't it?' Kurt said.

'Yes, if I do say so myself. But I never saw anyone with a camera,' I remarked.

'Well, your face was pretty well hidden,' he said with a chuckle. 'I could've had an entire camera crew on the scene and I don't think you would've noticed,' he said, laughing. 'I have cameras mounted in the bath house, on the far corner of the roof, and in my bedroom. Do you like it?'

'Yes,' I said.

'I'm glad. You're very good. You performed magnificently; like a stallion.'


'You could make a good living at it,' he said.

'I don't think the Army would approve.' Already, I was thinking how I could get it back in the barracks and hide it. I would love to show it to my buddies. Kurt noticed me make a couple of swipes over the front of my trousers.

'I know it must be very exciting, watching yourself perform. Feel free to take those off,' he said as he got up to pour more wine.

I didn't, but I felt freer to give myself a good hard squeeze. 'I think I've had enough,' I said of the wine.

'It's already poured. Make this your last one,' Kurt said.

By the time the video was over I was practically squirming in my seat. 'I won't be able to get to sleep after watching this,' I said. Actually, I was entertaining thoughts of having Elga and Nina come to my rooms to spend the night with me.

'Another glass of wine might help,' he suggested.

'No, it's not worth the headache,' I said. 'Would Elga or Nine happen to still be in the house?' I asked.

Kurt laughed heartily. 'I'm sorry, they left earlier. I should've kept one of them back. Or both of them, in your case,' he added with a chuckle.

The day was wearing on me, especially the sex, and my belly was full and now I'd had too much wine. I was ready to go to bed. From my treatment so far, I expected Kurt to ring for Hans to take me up to my room and turn down my bed and place a chocolate on the pillow. I was surprised when he led the way himself.

'This has been a great day,' I said as we were walking down the dimly-lit hallway. 'I don't know how to thank you.'

'I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. And I'm sure I can think of something,' he said.

He opened the door and I preceded him into my room. I was surprised when he came in and closed the door behind him. Hans had already showed me around, I saw no reason for Kurt to remain. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it out of my pants, thinking he would leave when he saw I was ready to go to bed.

'You said you needed to be back to your base by six tomorrow?' he asked.

'No, midnight,' I said as I undid the top button of my trousers. I didn't remember telling him when I had to be back, or him asking.

'Then you can sleep as late as you want,' he said.

I had hold of the zipper tab, hesitating for him to leave. When he didn't, I unzipped the pants; I didn't want to appear shy or boyish around him. Maybe he was waiting to hang up my clothes for me, although I thought Hans would've done that. As I was tugging them off my hips, much to my surprise, he pulled his shirt out of his trousers, unbuttoning it with his other hand. Suddenly it struck me! Buying me the clothes, the invitation to his home and the remarks at dinner about my hands and neck, and showing me the video, and now....I was more than a little surprised.

'What're you.......?' I started to say, finishing my question by nodding to what he was doing. I let go of my pants and they fell down around my ankles.

He shrugged his shirt off, revealing a lean, tight upper body, well muscled and tanned.

'I thought you understood,' he said innocently.

'What is it I'm supposed to understand?' I asked.

'You've never been with another man,' he said with a rather deadpan look. He sounded like he was surprised.

'No,' I said, my mind racing ahead, trying to picture what he might have in mind, the images drawn from the pictures I'd seen in the book in the library. I went ahead and took off my pants, rather than look foolish and pull them back up like a scared boy. I saw the way his eyes raked over my body, now clothed in nothing but socks and the skimpy shorts he'd bought me.

'I knew you would look like this in those shorts,' he said, eyeing them.

'Thanks, I like them,' I said.

'Do you wear them around the barracks?' he asked.

'Yes. My roommate and some other guys asked where I got them. I think the store is going to have a run on them.' He was going right ahead and taking his clothes off.

'What a sight that must be, a bunch of young GI studs running around the barracks in those shorts,' he said.

Okay, where was this going? More, where was I going to let it go? I was a guest in his house. I was way the hell up in the mountains with no transportation back except his car. I wondered what, exactly, he had in mind. I had a fair idea, of course - I wasn't completely naïve - but the guy was hard to read.

'There's two thousand marks on the dresser,' he said as he was hanging up our trousers.

I glanced over and saw the stack of bills on the corner of the dresser, wondering when they had been placed there, for he hadn't done so since we came in.

'You're paying me to....to have sex,' I said.

'Yes, on both counts. I thought you would've figured out the latter by now, and the money is a token of my appreciation.'

I chuckled. 'That's five hundred bucks,' I said.

'If its not enough......' Again he let his eyes rake over my body, coming to rest on the front of my shorts. 'You can name your price, soldier.'

I was suddenly intrigued by it all; the invitation, the first-class treatment, the sexual overtures and now the money. No one had ever offered to pay me for sex.

'We won't do anything you don't want do to,' he said. Then he laughed. 'As if anybody could force you to do anything. I will be happy just sharing your bed, spending the night beside that magnificent body, although I'm not going to get much sleep if I'm refrained from touching.'

I wanted to ask him if two thousand marks still stood if that's all I let him do, but it would've sounded crude, like I was bartering myself. I was nodding as I brought up one foot then the other to take off my socks.

'All right, why don't we see what happens,' I said huskily. It was a lot of money, and sex of any kind seemed such an easy way to earn it, depending on what he wanted to do, of course.

'Wonderful,' he said excitedly.

Kurt hesitated, I think to see if I was going to take off my shorts and when I didn't, he left his on. I climbed into bed. He walked over to a tall, ornate stand and held a match to a small metal bowl resting on it. I couldn't help taking in his smooth musculature, the graceful way he walked, and for some stupid reason, I thought of Ryan Stucker.

'Does incense bother you?' he asked.

'I've never smelled the stuff before,' I said.

'If it bothers you, let me know,' he said. Then he went around lighting several candles as the smell of the incense began to permeate the room. I liked it.

'I don't think it's going to bother me,' I said.

'Good.' He opened a drawer on the stand on his side of the bed and brought out a small brown bottle. 'Have you ever used........?' he asked, using a word I couldn't understand.

'I don't know what it is,' I said.

'I think you Americans call it poppers,' he said.

'No, I've never used the stuff,' I said.

'Well, in case you want to try it,' he said and tucked the bottle under his pillow. 'It enhances the senses.' Then he turned out the light and climbed into bed.

The flickering candles cast a soft hue over the room. I'm in bed with another guy, I kept telling myself. The guys back at the barracks would never believe it. I didn't know exactly what was going to transpire but I was pretty sure I would get my cock sucked and I shivered with excitement. I'd never had a pair of lips on my cock before, not even a woman's, but I was willing to find out what it was like. I think more willing in the relaxed state I was in from the beer and a full belly, along with the aura and the aroma of the room. I stretched out with my arms folded above my head, waiting to see what Kurt would do. My heart was thumping in my chest from the anticipation as I looked down at the tiny white briefs contrasted against my tan, the bulge sticking up so prominently that it looked like I had both fists stuffed in my shorts. When he didn't make a move, I wondered what I should do, if anything. Maybe he was scared to make a move without my permission. I gave it.

'For two thousand marks, you can touch,' I told him.

He laughed quietly as he rolled onto his side facing me, his head propped up on one arm. He reached out and laid his hand on my stomach.

'I want to spend time with your muscles, if you don't mind,' he said as he made circles on my abs with his hand.

'Go ahead,' I said, a little bewildered that a man's hand felt so good on my body. I flexed and rolled my abs under his touch till he moved his hand up to my chest. Yeah, I liked his open admiration of my body.

'You have a great chest,' he said, squeezing first one of my pecs then the other. Again, I shivered at the touch of his fingers raking over my nipples, surprised that I had feelings there. He felt my neck that he had admired earlier, tracing his fingers down the thick veins then squeezing my neck as if to test its strength. My cock was coming alive from his touch. I spread my legs out, one touched his and he laid his leg over it and nudged his knee up against the pouch of my briefs. He brought his hand down to my leg, rubbing it over my thigh, squeezing the muscle.

'You've got legs like tree trunks, only smooth,' he said. 'Did the Army build you up like this?'

'I was built pretty good in high school, but I guess you could say the Army put the finishing touches on me,' I said.

'I'll bet you don't even realize what a terrific body you have,' he said.

'Well, I sort of do, I see myself in the mirror every morning,' I said.

'Shaving? Or in a full length mirror?'

'Both. There's a full-length mirror at each end of the barracks and you see yourself coming back from the shower.' I brought one arm down and laid it across my chest. He took hold of my hand. Of everything he was doing, taking hold of my hand felt the weirdest. I'd never had a guy hold my hand before, and it felt sort of intimate.

'You have beautiful hands,' he told me again as he examined my fingers.

I laughed, embarrassed. 'Nobody ever told me that before.'

'Strong hands, thick fingers,' he murmured, then he leaned down and sucked my middle finger into his mouth, causing me to let out a little moan. 'Does that feel good?' he asked with a smile.

'Yeah. I don't know why but it does,' I said.

'I can show you something else that feels good,' he said. He moved down to the foot of the bed and took my foot in his hands.

'Such large, beautiful feet,' he said, fingering my toes and caressing my foot.

I didn't say anything. I just lay there and watched him. Suddenly he sucked my big toe in his mouth.

'Aahhh!' I gasped with surprised.

He smiled around my toe and sucked and licked it with his tongue.

'Aawwhhhh,' I moaned softly. This was getting too weird. I'd never even heard of getting your toes sucked. 'Ohhh, shit,' I gasped, curling my toes and squirming on the bed. Geezusss, how could it feel so good. I couldn't lie still. Finally, he released my toe and came back up to lie beside me.

'Big, powerful feet are also the sign of a strong man,' he said.

'I never heard that before either,' I said.

'But the real power of a man is here,' he said as he laid his hand on the pouch of my shorts, causing me to jump, and he laughed. I couldn't help humping the bulge up into his palm as he began to squeeze and maul it.

'Godd, you're big,' he whispered.

'I guess I am,' I said, again trying to sound modest.

'Do you check this out in the mirror when you come back from the shower?'

I was embarrassed to tell him that I did.

'You know you do,' he chided me.

'Okay, I do,' I admitted.

'You should. You should be proud of it.'

'I guess I am.' I was proud right at that moment, and I was getting hard.

'I'm sure others are checking it out as well,' he said.

'I don't know about that,' I said. 'Not openly, you can be sure of that. The Army frowns on it.'

Kurt leaned up and smashed his face in the bulge and I could feel his hot breath and the dampness of his tongue, then it was more wet as he mouthed the bulge and his spit soaked into the cotton material. When he raised up, my shorts were soaked with spit and my cock was sticking out toward my hip, straining against my shorts.

'I think it wants out,' he said as he squeezed me.

'It feels like its gonna bust out if I don't let it out,' I said, watching the powerful throbs that made my cock swell and stretch out even longer.

'I'll let it out for you,' Kurt said, but he didn't. He lifted the waistband just enough to expose the head of my cock. 'Like a raging stallion, wanting to get out of the barn,' he said.

I was already pumping ball juice and it was forming a puddle on my stomach. Kurt began licking the underside of the head, causing my cock to throb and ooze out more juice.

'You're overflowing,' he said.


'Godd, it's almost like you're coming,' he said.

'Naw, you'll know when I'm coming,' I said.

He began lapping up the precome off my stomach and off the end of my cock as it oozed out, and I knew I was in for something special from this guy if he liked the stuff. I clenched my butt muscles, squirming around on the bed. I wished he would get to it; I wanted him to suck my cock in the worst way. I wanted to find out what it felt like to have a pair of lips curl around the head of my cock. Finally, he pulled it straight up and lowered his mouth over the head.

'AAAwwhhhhhhh!' I moaned loudly, pressing my head back in the pillow with my eyes closed. 'Ohh, fuck! That feels good!' I gasped through clenched teeth. He started sucking me and I responded with exuberance. Dam, did I respond! I clenched my butt to thrust my cock up into his hungry mouth and when that wasn't enough I humped my butt right up out of the mattress. To make it better I clasped my hand on his head to hold him in place while I tried to fuck his mouth. He did his best, slurping and choking and gagging, but I wanted more.

'Fuck, I don't think I've ever been so horny,' I groaned.

Kurt lifted his head with a leering smile. 'I have a confession to make,' he said.


'The incense isn't just incense,' Kurt said.

'What is it?' I asked.

'There's some high grade pot mixed in,' he said.

'Geezusss, you mean I'm getting high?'

'I don't know; I don't know what it takes to get you high,' he said.

'I don't know either, I've never been high.'

'Do you want me to douse it?' he asked.

'No, I sort of like the feeling,' I said.

'Yes, I can tell,' he said with a smile, and went back down on my cock.

We quickly regained the momentum we'd lost when he stopped, but in my stupor it quickly wasn't enough. I tried to force him down on my cock. He resisted, but the tough soldier wouldn't be put off. I was the conqueror; I would conquer, dammit. I rolled us over onto our sides, then on over so Kurt was forced onto his back and I was hunkered over him in an arched push-up position. Fatal for him, victorious for me. I simply let my weight down and drove my cock into his throat. He was impaled before he could bring his hands up to my hips to stop me.

'UUUnnnggghhhhhh!' he moaned as I smashed my belly hard against his face.

I looked down to see his eyes bugged out. I still held him captive for a moment, thrusting and twisting my hips around, till he was flailing frantically to get air. Finally, I raised up, pulling my cock out of his throat. He pushed me the rest of the way up and sucked in air.

'Fuck, soldier! Are you trying to kill me?'

'Sorry, I'm just used to being on the attack,' I said.

'Well, don't attack so viciously. Don't you know how big you are?'

'Sorta, I've been carrying it around all my life,' I said. My cock was suspended out over his face, bucking up and down toward my stomach, demanding attention. I felt like demanding, too. I mean, he wanted sex with me, I wanted to give it to him, on my terms.

'I'll take it, but please, take it easy,' he said as he pulled my cock back down to his mouth.

I was more gentle and he was more accepting of my cock thrusting deep in and out of his throat, but I was still too much for him and I was so fuckin' hot I was tingling.

'Please, sir, can I have a break?' he asked finally.

'Sure,' I said and toppled over onto my back. I didn't want him to get discouraged and stop altogether, and a little part of me was afraid he would withdraw the two thousand marks. Not that I was selling myself - I would have done this for nothing now - but it was offered and laying over there on the dresser just waiting for me to pick it up.

Kurt crawled down between my legs and laid his head in the apex of my thighs, his face nestled against my manhood. He licked it as it throbbed up and down. It needed more attention than that. I reached down and began pumping it with my tight fist.

'You are just about too much soldier for any one man,' he said.

'I'm just so fuckin' horny. I think that stuff is really having an effect on me.'

'Do you want to fuck me?' he asked.

I blinked and raised my head up to look down at him.

'Are you serious?'

'If you're willing,' he said.

'Sure. Hell, yeah,' I said. 'I never fucked a guy before,' I said with renewed excitement.

Kurt brought a tube of lubricant from under the mattress and lubed up his ass, then greased my cock real good.

'Do you want me on my stomach or on my back, like a woman?' he asked.

The way he put it, I decided I wanted him like a woman. The idea of fucking a guy was completely foreign to me, and having him submit like a woman would somehow take the gay edge off of it. Call it justification ,but that's how I was thinking.

'On your back,' I said.

He lay on his back with his knees cocked up and wide apart, ready for me. I moved between his legs and like I would a woman, I shoved his legs toward him so his knees were in his armpits, tilting his butt up off the mattress. I looked down at his asshole, surprised to see that he was smooth as a baby's butt, just like Elga and Nina. Fuck, did everybody shave around here, I wondered. His asshole clenched, like it was winking at me, and compared to the size of my cock, I had my doubts about the fit.

'Are you sure about this?' I asked as I held my cock in my hand, looking at his asshole.

'Yes, very sure,' he said.

'I just don't want to hurt you,' I said.

'Pain is inevitable,' he said. 'Don't worry about it; it will only turn into pleasure.'

'I hope you're right. I guess you've done this before,' I said as I hunkered forward to set the head of my cock against his hole. I was still wondering how the hell it was going to stretch around the girth of my cock.

Kurt closed his eyes and they fluttered. 'I don't want to sound like a pussy, but go easy, will you? I've done it before, but you're going to make me feel like a virgin again.'

'Is that bad?' I asked.

'Oh, no. Just scary,' he said.

I inched forward on my knees, pushing my cock against his hole. The rubbery muscle gave but didn't open up. I shoved a little harder, and it gave some more but to no avail.

'You're being too cautious,' Kurt said. 'Put some of the power of that hard butt behind it.'

I inched forward a little bit more and clasped my hands around the upper part of his thighs. Then I shoved hard. I was amazed at how easily his asshole seemed to open up and swallow my cockhead. Apparently it wasn't that easy for him.

'AAAAwwwhhh!' Kurt cried out softly, bearing his head back into the pillows.

I waited, still watching our juncture, still amazed how the tight muscle gripped my cock, almost angrily.

'You okay? Are you ready for more?' I asked after a moment.

'Yess,' he hissed. 'I'm ready for all of it.'

I gave him all of it, in one slow, easy shove. I couldn't believe I was doing this; shoving my cock into a guy's ass. I could believe less that he was actually taking it. I gaped at what little of my cock remained, stunned at the feel of his warm, live ass squeezing and palpitating around the rest of it. I tried to imagine all those hard, thick inches inside him. I guy just isn't built to be fucked, and I wondered where those inches went.

'Is it okay?' I asked.

'Oh, Yesss. Godd, Yesss. It feels incredible,' he replied.

Okay, if you say so, I thought. I couldn't imagine how. I hunkered forward to bury myself to hilt, pressing my loins hard against his spread butt.

'Ohhhhhhh,' he gasped. 'Oh, Goddd!'

'My name's Hunter, not Godd,' I joked.

'Your name might be Hunter, but you are a god,' he said. 'Fuck me, Hunter,' he moaned.

I eased back, watching his ass pull outward and I wondered if I might turn him inside out. I pulled slowly, till the tight muscle clasped itself tightly around the rim of my cockhead and hung on for dear life. I tugged back and it squeezed harder, refusing to let go. Then I shoved back in.

'Ohhhhh, that feels so wonderful,' Kurt moaned.

I started fucking him. It was the most incredible thing I'd ever done or felt, even including Nina and Elga. His ass was different from pussy; it was snug and so alive. It felt like he had muscles all the way in as far as I went, and he knew how to use them. Yeah, he had done this a lot of times before.

Kurt groped under his pillow and found the poppers. He uncapped the bottle and took a couple of hits.

'You maybe should've used that before, when I was going in,' I said.

'No, now is better,' he said as he inhaled and let the stuff do its magic. He handed the bottle to me. I hesitated. I was so damned hot and primed and horny I didn't think I needed anything to enhance my feelings. But Kurt insisted.

'If you've never tried it you don't know what you're missing. At least try it,' he said.

I took the bottle and held it to my nose, closing off one nostril like he had, and sucked it in. It was weird stuff, and I felt a weird sensation coming over me almost immediately; a good weird sensation. I took another couple of hits and within seconds my head was spinning, there was warm burning all through me and I had trouble focusing as I sailed off to a place I'd never been before.

'Geezussss!' I swore.

'Yeah, see what I mean?' Kurt said.

'Fuck! Talk about enhancement! Shit, is my cock growing, or is it just the poppers?'

'It's definitely throbbing,' he said.

'Mannn, I don't know if that was a good idea. I feel even hornier. It could be downright dangerous,' I said. I hovered up over him and lifted my hips, held the position. 'You're gonna get fucked like you've never been fucked before,' I said as I drove my cock inside him.

'OOOOhhhhhhhh!' he moaned loudly. 'Ohh, Yesss, do it, soldier. Fuck me! Fuck my brains out!'

I gave the bed a workout, not to mention his ass. I was suddenly a stallion mounting a mare, like one of the horses of the Apocalypse, raping the world. My cock felt like a club, a battering ram, and I was muscle personified, wielding it like a warrior Hun. I was my cock! I had never felt so virile, so powerful in my life.

'Ohh...Ohhh....Ohhhh, fuck...Ohhh, my Goddd! Awwwwwhh....awwwy, yesss, fuck me, fuck me you big stallion! Oohhhhh....Ohhhhh this is incredible. Fuck me!' It was Kurt moaning under me, Kurt, the world, that I was raping, trying to match my thrusts, but he was no match for this powerful warrior.

I breathed in the pot-laced incense and Kurt handed me the uncapped bottle again. I accepted it, and this time he administered it to me, again and again. I took it and my virility soared. I wished Nina and Elga were there with us. I could fuck all three of them. I looked at my arms and down at my stomach. My muscles bulged and rippled as I fucked him, and it was as if I were seeing myself for the first time. When had I become such a superman?

Nina....Elga....I thought of their smooth, shaved pussies and began salivating. I looked down at Kurt but saw only tight, rippling muscles and cock. But there was more to the handsome male under me. I was fucking him; a man! I had my cock inside him, just like a pussy. I swallowed the spit that overflowed my mouth. I was consumed with a desire I didn't understand. Suddenly I pulled my cock out and hunkered down and buried my face in his butt just like I had Nina and Elga.

I can't be going this, I thought. But I was. He smelled of soap and good-smelling cologne and male musk that I'd never smelled before - his and mine - musk that had been created by our bodies joining in heated lust. I sucked it in like an aphrodisiac, heady with it as I pressed my face into his butt and drove my tongue deep inside his gaping ass.

'Aaaawwwwhhhhhh!' he cried out, and continued groaning in German, most of which I didn't understand. Whatever it was, it was good, and I wanted to make it better.

I devoured him like a hungry wolf on a piece of raw meat. I drove my tongue as deep as I could, lavering the warm, delicate lining of his ass that squeezed back. I searched for his clit but never found it. My cock was so hard it ached, demanding attention. I raised back up and thrust my cock deep in the man's ass again, not easy this time.

'Ohh, My Godddd!' he cried out when I impaled him on my ten inches of meat.

Yeah, yell, fucker, I thought. After a dozen strokes I pulled out again and stood down off the bed.

'Turn over, on your hands and knees,' I ordered.

'Yes, sir,' he said meekly as he scrambled to assume the position in the middle of the bed.

'This way,' I said.

He turned so his butt was facing me. I gazed at it. Fuck, when did a guy's ass offer such an attraction for me? I bent down to eat his ass, telling myself I was getting him ready for my cock again, and I'd heard that a real man doesn't fuck anything he don't eat. Yeah, like I believed that! But I was lying and I knew it and it scared me. I straightened and rammed my cock in his ass again. I fucked him hard. He groaned and cried out in German. I must've fucked him for a half hour before I pulled him off the bed and continued fucking him standing up.

'When you're ready to come, I want your load,' he gasped. 'I want to see it, and taste it.'

'I'm not ready to come yet,' I said.

I fucked him through all the positions I knew and we were back on the bed, him on his stomach and me astraddle his thighs, smacking his butt as I fucked him, when I suddenly got the urge that would no longer be denied.

'I'm getting close,' I said.

'Oh, give it to me. Shoot me in the face with it,' he moaned.

I gave him a few more thrusts, bringing myself right up to the brink then quickly pulled out. Kurt scrambled around so he was lying with his face tilted up, an expectant look on his face as I jacked my cock to the finish. I smiled inside as the stuff broke loose and gushed up through my cock. He didn't know what he was in for. It shot out like a cannon and splattered against his forehead.

'OOOhhhhh,' he cried excitedly when he saw the volume and felt the power hit him.

Just as he cried out I shot again and it went right in his mouth. I'd never done this before, shot my load on somebody's face, till Nina and Elga, and certainly never in a mouth and it was hot as hell. Just having the guy go so crazy over it gave me the chills. I really gave it to him; a load to be proud of. Finally, I was drained and the stuff was boiling out of my cock. Kurt came in to devour my cock and suck it out of me. He was a mess; but a beautiful mess. I guess it was the first I'd noticed just how handsome he was. Maybe it was all that come streaked and running down his face that made him more handsome.

I sat back on my haunches, gasping for air. Kurt raised up, groping for a towel that he'd laid on his side of the bed. I toppled over to lie down.

'Geezusss, what just happened?' I moaned.

Kurt laughed.

'You just shot off like a rocket,' he said.

'No, the other,' I said, without speaking the words that I'd had my tongue in his ass.

'It felt wonderful,' he said. 'I was very surprised, though.'

'Not nearly as surprised as me,' I said. 'Geezuss, how do you stand the taste of that stuff? It smells rank as hell.'

'Its an acquired taste,' he said. He smiled. 'I have another confession to make.'

'I'm almost afraid to ask,' I said.

'The icy crystals on the salad....do you know what that was?'

'I'm almost afraid to ask,' I said again. He smiled and I knew. 'No! Don't tell me.'

'Yes. Frozen semen.'

Oh Godd, I thought, I ate somebody's come! Shit, whose? Now I really was afraid to ask. Godd, not Kurt's. Not Hans. I wanted to be angry but it wouldn't come. The drugged incense had me too laid back.

'Whose?' I asked finally.

'One of your own,' he said.


'Another big, healthy, overpaid and oversexed American GI,' he said.

'And how did you....manage to.....?'

'Simple. I asked him to leave a deposit before he left. He was quite a shooter. Very powerful. Very copious. Like yourself. And quite flavorful, don't you agree?'

I remembered thinking how good the salad was. He reminded me.

'You said you liked the salad.'

'Yes. I'm not sure how well I would've liked it if I'd known,' I said. I was exhausted and needed fresh air. 'Could we put out the pot kettle? I need to clear my head.' I asked.

'Certainly.' He doused and covered the container and opened a window. I got up and stood at the window and sucked in fresh air, then went back and laid down.

'Go to sleep if you want to,' Kurt said.

Yeah, I needed to sleep. I needed to get away from things; like fucking another guy in the ass, like having my tongue in his ass, like eating another GI's frozen come. Shit, did that make me a cocksucker by proxy? I was too tired to worry about it.



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