I was so sick of my campus. I hadn't spent time off campus since last month, and I knew I was going to lose it if I didn't get off to relax this weekend. From 8am-3pm I was your average college student, majoring in horticulture at a small south eastern school, but in the evenings I worked as a pizza delivery boy for my uncle. After my shift Friday night I called my parents like I usually do and asked if they were using the cabin this weekend. They said no, and that I needed to go up for the weekend because they could just tell how stressed I was. I knew that I would never want to stay in that massive cabin alone, so I went next door to my friend Kieth's dorm room. Keith looked exhausted and so done for the week. We talked about how crappy our days were, and then I decided to go ahead and invite him to the cabin with me. Within 30 minutes we were packed and in my jeep headed off campus to the house. Keith was about my size, 175 lbs of muscle with a bit of an ass. He sat next to me and we talked about or classes and our work load and how we were both excited for some down time.

We finally arrived at the cabin, and took our bags in. I told Keith to just go ahead and stay in the master suite with me so that the house staff wouldn't need to clean an extra room. He laid out on the bed once he put his things away, and I went to the restroom. I came back to find him in the same position, but with nothing but boxers on. I had never really looked at Keith this way.. But it felt so good. He had a perfectly defined 8 pack that had the faintest bead of hair up the middle leading down to his underwear. He had massive pecks and thighs, which made me realize how much he must get to the gym. He caught me staring and made a quick joke and then left for the kitchen. I, of course followed him and watched his perfectly solid ass bounce as he went down the stairs ahead of me. I could feel my balls tighten a little and knew that I had to tone it down to make Keith feel more comfortable. He asked were the fruit and juice was, and began making a smoothie. I sat at the counter watching and making some stupid conversation about when the house was built. That was when I really saw it.. He turned to but the used blender and supplies in the sink when I saw that massive banana dick was semi-hard in his boxers. He sort of grinned at me as if to apologize, and then got his smoothie. We went to the living room and turned on a movie, and I sat on the same couch as he did just on the opposite end. We began to get tired as we were already exhausted from school and work. We went into the bedroom and he said that he needed a shower, so he went into the shower, and I stripped to my boxers to get in bed.

He came out in his towel and went to his suitcase to grab some underwear, and then he just dropped it. He dropped the towel letting that 10" monster free. I saw the hairy ball sack and the dark pink mushroom head on this massive cock.. He turned toward me and caught me looking this time.. And before I knew it.. He was on me. He came right on top of me bare naked and slapped me in the face with that massive cock. He pushed it in my mouth as I began sucking and sucking and feeling his body all over. He took off my underwear and I couldn't even stop to think of what was happening. He was still wet from the shower and had the sexiest smell I could imagine.. I moved down to envelope his baseball sized ball sack in my mouth and massage each perfect but with my tongue. I reached up and pulled that rock hard cock right back into my mouth and he grabbed my head and started face fucking me so profusely that I almost cummed right then. Moans and screams of "YES!" "Take that cock you bitch, take it!" And "lick me, take it all you bitch" came from Keith's mouth which made me even more ready to squirt. He pulled me up and kissed me as he began smacking and feeling my tight little ass. He started to drown his tongue in my mouth as I felt his fingers entering my little pink hole.. I knew what he wanted. He threw me down again and before I knew it had his massive dick all the way inside me. I screamed and moaned and shouted in pain as he fucked me over and over and I couldn't stop him. He had a tight grip on my and was now covered in sweat that was dropping on my tight muscular back.. He was close to cumming I could feel it. I reached back and squeezed his big brown nipples and felt all over his chest and impossibly perfect abs over and over.. I still didn't know what to think! He pounded in and out over and over and just rammed me until I felt my ass filling with his sweet love juice. He kept his fat cock in me for a while longer, and then turned me over. He was kissing me again and I just felt his sweet tongue all over me after that.. My nipples.. My abs.. The head.. And then all of my rock hard dick! He was a pro at sucking me off and played with my balls as he moved his mouth up and down. He kept eye contact the whole time as I moaned with pleasure. Then I pushed him over rather assertively, and shoved my dick into him! I rode him and rode him as he moaned and screamed until I came all in his tight virgin ass hole. It was so perfect..


Big Dick Rick

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