This story took place several months ago.

On an early spring weekend, Bo, the college's soccer team goalie and a 21-year-old senior agreed to a weekend camping trip with Tad, the 45-year-old director of the college's outdoor sports and activities. They packed up their camping gear, a tent, food and a raft and headed to the river on an early Friday afternoon. They spent Friday and Saturday nights camping with an all day rafting trip on Saturday before returning to campus on Sunday. The river they had selected was moderate as to challenges for somewhat inexperienced guys.

They set up their tent, built a fire and prepared dinner. After preparing their raft for the next morning's rafting trip, they turned in early to get a good night's sleep for a long day of rafting the next day.

They were up around 6 AM, prepared breakfast and packed a basket for lunch with a cooler that included water, soft drinks and beer. 

On that nice spring morning several months ago, by 8:30 AM they had put their two man raft in at the headwaters and had set off for a 25-mile run. Around 10:00 AM, with he sun beaming day on a cloudless blue sky, they had passed through five nice fairly rough fast water flows.

At that point in their rafting journey, they had come up on a very smooth crystal like calm pool of water. The raft had stopped moving as they drank a couple of the beers while watching the beautiful surrounding mountains and a green pasture to the right.

Tad Shares the Story of What Happened:

I was setting next to Bo enjoying the sun, the beautiful outdoors and most importantly the beauty of the hunk next to me. As a gay man, I had never been more turned on by such a movie star looking stud. But the word on campus had never lead me to believe that Bo was not straight.

Bo had on a blue tank top that showed off his velvet like smooth skin, muscled arms and biceps, and a hard chest with his big nipples pressing through the tank top. He had very light blond hair, deep blue eyes and a prominent jaw. He was even more hot with his white short short tennis shorts showing off his smug and perfect bubble round ass along with a big bulge in his shorts plus very hairless muscled legs. Bo was about 6' and1-inch tall and around 170 pounds. 

I was not bad looking myself as a dedicated gym bum. I had dark brown hair, brown eyes, weighed a rock hard muscled 180 pounds and stood 6-feet. As the outdoor director, I was very tanned and trim.

Here is where the trip turned into a raging hot fucking time. As we drank the beer and with no warning, Bo intentionally pushed his big beautiful hot leg up against my bare leg. He began to rub his leg harder and harder against my muscled thigh. I too was in shorts. Unfortunately, I could not see his eyes for a hint as to his intention since he was wearing really sexy sun glasses. Could I be wrong as to whether he was coming on to me? Regardless of his motive, I lost it. A surge built up in my nuts and cock. Soon I was rock hard and I had no way of hiding my huge swollen 9-inch cock even if I had wanted to do so. I had sprouted a huge boner. 

It was not long before I learned of his intended actions. First, he grabbed his crotch and rubbed his hand up and down over his cock until what I would learn was a monstrous 10-inch tool running down his leg and the purple head sprung out of the bottom of his shorts. Hell, it was the biggest and most beautiful cock I had ever seen. And I had seen and sucked many hard cocks in my time. 

Then my dream came true when Bo said: "Man, this beautiful day and setting next to the hottest man around has me horny as hell. You have such a fucking animal appeal for me. You smell like a day's worth of animal hormones. I love how sexy that two-day scruff on your face looks. I bet it would tickle my ass if you rimmed my man pussy. My cock is about to rip my shorts wide open lusting after your hot mouth. Look at you Tad, man that is a big creature in those shorts."

That did it. I reached over and put my hand down his shorts and felt the biggest dong I had ever touched. It was leaking pre-cum onto my hand. Bo smelt so sexy.

In a few seconds, Bo took down my zipper on my shorts and pulled out my giant cock. He put his hand around my large shaft and squeezed very hard milking pre-cum out of my cock head.

The problem was that the two man raft was not conducive for sucking and fucking. So Bo got the idea to pull over to the shore when he said: "Look Tad, just over there. See that sandy beach and a nice green field just above the beach. Lets paddle over there and dock. We have a big blanket in here---a perfect place to fuck."

I just about blew my load on his hand when he suggested a place to fuck. Man, I felt a surge of more blood rush into my cock while my veins swelled even more. I must not come before we had the chance to suck cock and fuck.

We departed the raft, ran up the hill, spread the blanket on the ground and Bo took charge. It had become obvious that I would be his bitch for now.

He slide my shorts off of me, pulled my polo shirt over my head and off and placed his fingers under the elastic band in my briefs and pulled them down and off. I was left only in  my tennis shoes. Then he ordered me to take off his white shorts and briefs. He pulled his tank top over his head and behind his neck. He left it on making him even more sexy. Then he finally took off his sun glasses revealing the most sexy and flirty eyes that were burning a hole in my eyes and making my cock bob up and down with pure eroticism. There was no doubt that this hunk was not only gay but an experienced cock sucker.

Now the hot action took place. He got down on his knees on the blanked in front of my pulsating cock and began to suck on the head of my red cock. Holy shit, he clamped down hard with his lips draining more pre-cum from my cock. He took one hand and began to tightly squeeze so hard on my big warm balls. My cock was stone hard as he began to lick down one side of my cock shaft and back up the other side of my red-hot shaft. He licked my cock shaft as I moaned with pure lust and pleasure. After licking my cock and playing with my balls for some five-minutes, he started swallowing my big wood. He went down inch by inch until he had 5 or 6 inches deep in his throat. He paused there and once again clamped his thick lips down hard on my cock and just rested there for some five minutes. I was about to explode but held back. Then he released his lips and continued swallowing my entire cock. I could hear his wet mouth slurping as he gave me the hottest and wet blow job. I began to thrust my hips forward to meet his lips, tongue and throat as he came off and back down on my cock. He sucked my huge cock for some ten minutes until I said: "Oh fuck, oh holy shit, I'm going to come in your mouth if you don't pull off. My balls are full of semen that is about to escape." 

I guess he wanted me to shoot my wad because he ignored my pleas and began to speed up as he sucked my cock deeper and deeper into his throat. To make it even more urgent, he began to finger fuck my ass. I felt him drive two big fingers so deep in my ass that he was massaging my prostate. We had become like two wild animals or primitive creatures.

It was now too late as I felt the surge build in my nuts, the semen ran up into my cock and soon I unleashed a gusher of cum down his throat. He partially pulled off so he could collect my jism on his tongue. He wanted to taste my particular cum flavor. I gave him a huge protein meal.

When he finally pulled off my cock, I saw my cum seep out of the corners of his mouth. I reached down and licked his lips and the corners of his mouth and tasted my cum. I had always loved cum. We kissed and tasted and smelt the aroma of cum and sweaty sex.

I asked: "Bo, do you want me to suck your cock and give you a hot blow job?"

He surprised me when he said: "No, I am too hot for your man pussy this minute. My cock is aching for your beautiful pink ass. You can suck me off later today in the raft. I've got to fuck you now. But tell me how bad you want my cock in your ass. Tell me now."

"Oh Bo, please fuck my ass. Give me your huge cock. Please fuck me. Drill my ass. Make me your bitch. Please pleaseeee, fuck me."

"What was that again? How bad do you want my cock in that man pussy. Tell me again."

"Oh, really bad. Please fuck your bitch. Give me your seed. Please don't make me wait."

I laid down on the blanket on my back, pulled my legs up tight on my chest, and my pulsating ass ring was begging for Bo's big cock. He got down and placed his purple head next to my ass crack. He taunted me as he first jacked off to get his cock even harder, he began to rub his cock up and down my ass crack but did not enter me. For the longest time, he ran his very hot cock up and down my ass crack and even up onto my stomach and chest. I was about to die desiring his cock in me. Then the prankster actually came up to my mouth and plunged his leaking cock down my throat. I felt him drive his entire boner deep into my throat. The rascal had planned all the time to have me give him a blow job. I used my tongue to massage his wet throbbing cock. I felt the veins in his 10-inch cock enlarge and contract from my sucking on his cock. I tasted his pre-cum. It was the best cum I had ever tasted. After he let me suck his cock for five minutes, he pulled out and asked me: "Tell me one more time you want my cock up your ass. Say please."

"OH Please, please, pleaseeeee, give me your cock. Fuck my ass. I want your cock. Give it to me and I'll do anything you ask."

"OK bitch, here I come."

He lowered his big smooth hips down and began to insert his beautiful and gorgeous missile into my ass. I felt his cock go inch by inch deep into my anal canal. I soon felt my ass packed with his big 10 inches. Man he had me stuffed to the rim. He sped up as he began to fuck me with hard thrust. Soon he was fucking my ass with rough slamming so deep into my pussy that I felt his cock deep in the crevice of my ass where no object had been before. 

As he rode me hard, I felt his cock rub hard against my ass walls and it seemed as if he had punctured my prostate. I had never been fucked so hard and yet felt so great. He began to moan as I grunted and my screams were wild and primitive.

Oh shit, as I screamed and begged for more, a raft with four young studs came into site. They began to yell and laugh. I heard them say: "Hey, you big stud fuck that old man. Make him scream some more. Fuck the hell out of him."

Fortunately their raft went on down the stream as they laughed and yelled fuck him until he milks you dry.

This set Bo's cock and cravings in motion. I felt his cock swell even more, the big veins in his cock became even more pronounced and his heart beat increased as he laid down on top of me using his hips to pump wildly releasing a torrent of semen deep into my ass. I felt like my ass had been flooded with a river of rain. 

When he had been milked dry, he pulled his cum covered still hard cock out of my pussy and fingered my ass. He took his cum covered fingers and ordered me to suck them clean. We kissed, used the blanket to clean our bodies, put on our clothes and got back into the raft.

The rest of the day was filled with fun and lots of playing with each other's recovered cocks as we jacked off one another until the end of the rafting trip.

We went back to the camp and had dinner. Later that night I fucked Bo's big man pussy and he sucked the milk out of my balls again.


Naughty Eric


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