We met by chance in a bar in Frankfurt. It's common for GIs to get acquainted over a beer and we were no exceptions. I was already at the bar, nursing my second beer when he walked in and took the stool beside me, leaving the one to his left open. He struck up the conversation immediately after ordering his beer.

'Hey, how're you doing?'

'No worse than anybody else,' I said.

'You been here before?' he asked, looking all around as he reached for his beer and turned around on the stool.

'A couple of times,' I said.

'First time for me. You stationed here in Frankfurt?'

'No, Fliegerhorst. I'm here on a weekend pass,' I said.

'Yeah, me too. I'm at Coleman Barracks in Gelnhausen. What've you got at Fliergerhorst?'

'Artillery, transportation and ordnance,' I replied.

'Tanks,' he said. 'But you knew that.'

'Yeah, everybody knows you tank jockeys,' I said.

'Which are you in?' he asked.


'Ah, you blow things up,' he said.

'No, we furnish the stuff for you to blow things, up,' I said.

'Well, keep it coming,' he said. 'I love blowing shit up.'

The banter went on through a couple more beers. It was fun talking to him, but I was enjoying looking at him even more. He was cute as hell. Well, maybe cute wouldn't be the right word. Good looking, in a young sort of way, but not boyish. And he was put together good. His arms bulged inside the short sleeves of his uniform shirt and his neck was thick and muscular, the cords standing out when he turned his head. His neck was as wide as his head, like a football player. I managed to get a glance now and then down at his thighs spread out inside his pants and in the dim light I could see the heft between his legs. I wondered what he looked like in the shower. I'm not gay exactly, but this guy was a total package that was getting to me. Not many guys do that to me, the way girls do. Maybe I was bi; I never put a label on it. I took things as they came, and those rare occasions when the right guy came along, I took him. More often, though, it was girls; I would say the ratio was about seventy-thirty. Right then I was on the thirty side; I wasn't checking out any of the girls in the place, nor even thinking female after this guy walked in. I wasn't thinking male, either; just this stud... hell, I didn't even know his name.

'Hey, I didn't get your name,' I said.

'Colton, Aaron, Corporal,' he said, putting out his hand

'Covington, Sean, Corporal,' I said, taking his hand. I don't know why we added the 'corporal' when we were both wearing our rank on our sleeves.

He had big hands; long, thick, strong fingers, and as he had them wrapped into my grip, I was thinking what else he could do with them. His bicep bulged inside his shirtsleeve the size of a grapefruit and the muscles in his forearm rippled as we shook hands. I tilted my beer bottle toward his while entertaining images of those hands down between some girl's legs, his finger probing around inside her like a small cock, and the girl grinding herself against the sinewy muscles of his forearm. Don't ask me why those images...they just came to mind.

'Ready for another one?' I asked.

'Yeah, thanks.'

I waved at the bartender and held up two fingers.

'You've been here before, how cooperative are the chicks in here?' Aaron asked.

'Some of them are very cooperative for a price,' I said. 'But I'm guessing you don't often have to pay for it,' I added.

'I never have, I'm not about to start now,' he said.

'I don't see any reason why you should,' I said, hoping I hadn't said the wrong thing, along with the way I looked at him. I quickly turned on my stool and looked all around the place. 'Should be pretty good, there aren't many black guys here tonight,' I said.

He laughed, but I got the impression he wasn't laughing at my little joke. It was more a smug laughter, like the blacks didn't have anything on him. We talked about where we were from and where we took basic training and why we joined the Army in the first place.

'Three in, one out,' he said, as he slid off the stool and headed back to the restroom, meaning the three beers he'd drank and now he had to get rid of one.

'Yeah, me too. Hey, do you want your bottle to measure?' I joked as I followed him back. I had to piss too, but I would've followed him back anyway. The ten or twelve yards that I followed him back to the restroom, my eyes were glued to his butt. Shit, he looked tight, his butt muscles rolling inside his snug-fitting pants and flexing with each step. Inside the restroom, he stepped up to the long urinal trough, unzipping his trousers. I stepped up beside him but not too close.

'You know any another good places where there might be some action?' he asked as he jutted his butt back, hauling his manhood out of his fly.

'I don't know Frankfurt very well but we can go looking,' I said as I unzipped my pants. Talking gave me an excuse to have my head turned toward him and that gave me the chance to see what the heft between his legs was all about. I about choked. I hoped I didn't blink or do a double-take that he would notice. I swallowed, hard, maybe audibly hard. No wonder he laughed at my remark about black guys. He had the biggest cock I'd ever seen hanging out of his fly, or any other fly. Easily six or seven inches, and thick as hell. It was all I could do to keep my eyes front. I pissed beside him and he was aiming the flow back and forth in a sweeping motion. His flow crossed mine and caused sort of a piss explosion.

'Gotcha,' he said, laughing. He swept in my direction and I aimed and hit his stream, causing another explosion.

'Gotcha back,' I said. It was like two little boys, yet it felt so studly.

He finished first and when he milked it he pulled another inch of cock out of his fly. Then he sort of gathered it all up in his hand and shoved it back in his jeans and worked it into a comfortable position and zipped up, with some difficulty, I might add. I followed a few feet behind him back to the bar.

We started talking again and he turned around on his stool and checked the place out again. I saw the three black guys who had come in while we were back in the restroom.

'Well, looks like the competition has arrived,' he remarked.

I was taking a drink of beer. I guffawed and brought the bottle down, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

'You gotta be kidding,' I said. 'Shit, from what I saw back there, you've got nothing to worry about with the black guys. You are the competition,' I said.

'Well, I don't get any complaints, but the black guys; their reputation precedes them. German chicks will go with them sight unseen,' he said. Then he added with a grin, 'But hey, I thanks for noticing.'

'How the hell could I not notice, the way you were swinging the damn thing around? Don't tell me the guys in the barracks don't notice that swinging around. Hell, they'd better take not, just so they can duck out of the way.'

'Well, one guy for sure notices,' he said with a sly grin.

'Oh?' I said with keen interest.

'Yeah, the way he looks at me; I think he would like to do more than notice if he had half a chance.'

'Oh? Has he ever said anything?' I asked.

'Naw, I wouldn't expect him to; it's too risky,' he said. 'He doesn't know if he can trust me, and I'm sure as hell not going to say or do anything to initiate it.'

'If he did say something...would you let him?' I asked with a curious grin.

'Fuck, yeah, in a heartbeat,' he said, without hesitation. 'Wouldn't you?'

'I never thought about it. But, yeah, I guess I might, just out of curiosity,' I replied.

'Curiosity, your ass. I would let him, just to get my rocks off.'

I was getting frustrated with the conversation, knowing I couldn't do anything with it. I didn't know the guy well enough to trust him, and there wasn't enough time to get to know him that well. He moved on to another subject and I didn't steer it back. Time passed too quickly and finally, we both had to leave and get head to our units.

'Hey, maybe we'll meet up again sometime,' he said. 'Or if you're ever in Gelnhausen, look me up.'

'Yeah, you too, if you're ever in Fliegerhorst. Or give me a call next time you're coming to Frankfurt, I'll meet you someplace,' I said.

'I'll give you my unit's phone number, you can call me,' he said.

We exchanged phone numbers and parted company.

I thought about him all the way back to base. It was the first time I'd ever exchanged phone numbers with another guy, and it felt weird, like I had the number of a hot babe I was hoping to hook up with. In a way, he was just that. I had him pictured in my mind when I went to bed. I woke up the next morning with my usual hardon and the first thing I thought about was Aaron. Not him in particular, but his body, and his looks, and I couldn't get the image of his big cock out of my head. Yeah, I was still operating in the lower thirty percent; the gay percent.

I thought about him a lot after that. Hell, all the time. He called a few weeks later just to say Hey. I called him a couple of times. But we never had a chance to meet up again. When I was free, he couldn't get away and when he was free, I was tied up.

He didn't know it but he was giving me fits, in more ways than one. One, he was so damned good looking and built and hung. Second was the conversation we'd had about the guy who he thought was hot for him but didn't have the nerve to do or say anything, but he would let him give him head if the opportunity arose. That just made me hotter than hell. I was unsure myself, but I thought I could work up the courage to break the ice, given the time and the right circumstances, even though I didn't know if anybody could even get their mouth around the head of his cock when he was hard.

We weren't having any luck getting weekend or three-day passes together so I called and asked him if he could get just an overnight. Yeah, but that wouldn't be long enough to warrant going to Frankfurt. Fine, I could get a three-day and come to Gelnhausen. That was great with him, but he couldn't get three days off. I didn't care; whatever time I could have with him would suit me fine. He wouldn't be free till after Saturday morning inspection but I drove down on Friday evening. He said he could put me up in a spare bunk in the barracks. That in itself sounded exciting. Not that being in a barracks was anything new, but it would be a whole new bunch of guys to check out, and specifically the chance to see Aaron in his natural habitat.

I got there about eight at night, showed my ID at the gate and got directions to the barracks. Aaron greeted me with gusto, a tight handshake pulled into a tighter bear hug. I was a little surprised at his reception, no better than we knew each other, but his hard body felt good pressing against me. He took me upstairs and showed me to an empty bunk where I would sleep then we went back downstairs to his bunk to hang around for a little while and he introduced to some other guys before he took me to the PX for a beer.

'Listen,' he said in a hushed tone, 'the guy you're going to sleeping next to is the guy I was telling you about.'

I looked at him, confused, for a moment.

'Don't worry, he won't try anything, but I just though you ought to know,' he went on to explain.

'Oh,' I said.

We headed back from the PX and got to the barracks before lights-out. Unfortunately, we parted ways at the bottom of the stairs, I went up to my bunk and Aaron went to his and I didn't get to see him anymore that night. Nor the next morning, except to go to chow together.

I introduced myself to Matt, the guy in the next bunk, and several other guys came over and introduced themselves and asked me where I was from. We talked for a little bit before they began to amble off to go to bed. I took note of the way Matt looked at some of them, and how he looked at me when I undressed. They say it takes one to know one. I didn't consider myself gay, but there was no doubt about him. I was a little surprised when he shucked his briefs to get into bed naked. Looking around I noticed several other guys getting completely naked. Maybe it was a thing in this outfit, or at least on the second floor, to sleep naked. I decided to match him and peeled mine down and tossed them aside. I let him have a good look before I stretched out on the bunk. I went one better; I'd noticed some of the other guys stretched out on his back, naked, without any covers on so I didn't bother to pull the covers up. So many guys sleeping naked, I had to wonder if maybe Matt's sexual preference might be well known in that corner of the second floor of the barracks. Several times after lights out, I looked across and saw Matt looking at me.

'How long have you known Colton?' he asked in a quiet tone.

'A few months. We met up when he was in Frankfurt on a pass,' I said.

'You've been out together, then,' he said.

'Just one time, actually. We hit it off and decided to hook up again.'

'Fucker's an animal when he's turned loose, I hear,' Matt said.

'He acts like he could be a lot of fun,' I said.

'He's sure got all the girls at the PX drooling and dripping,' he said.

'Drooling and dripping,' I said, laughing. 'First time I heard that.'

'You can almost hear their pussies sloshing wet when he goes up to them. Of course, if I had what he's got, they would all be sloshing over me, too,' he said.

'He is a pretty good looking guy,' I conceded, without sounding gay about it, or mentioning that I'd seen his cock.

'If those girls ever saw him running around the barracks or in the showers, they would have to call in the MPs to quell the riot,' he said.

'Well, it can't hurt to buddy up with a babe magnet,' I said. Suddenly I saw his hand move and realized that he had it wrapped around his hardon! He was lying on his side, facing me and the wall, so nobody else could see, but it jolted me that he would be so bold in the barracks, especially with a stranger. I pretended not to notice but seeing him like that kick-started my own cock and I reached down to pull the covers up. I think he took it as an end to the talking, or maybe that I was rejecting his overture. But I thought if I let it go on, he might crawl out of his bunk and give me a blowjob and that could be risky; I didn't think most of the guys were asleep yet.

I woke up in the middle of the night to find the guy's bunk empty. I didn't think anything about it, figured he was in the latrine, till I heard a muffled sound in the corner. I raised my head and I could make out a figure standing, mostly hidden, in the corner at the side of the wall locker, and another figure on his knees. Matt was giving somebody a blowjob right in the barracks! I'd come awake just at the crucial moment as I watched the guy slump over, humping the kneeling guy's head. I laid my head back down as if I hadn't seen them. A moment later, the guy walked back between my bunk and the wall to the other side of the barracks to his own bunk. Matt stood up and came back over to his bunk.

After chow the next morning, I left to walk around and wait in my car while they got ready for inspection. It was nearly 11:00 before Aaron came out to my car to tell me inspection was over and he was free to go. We decided to wait and hang around the dayroom till noon chow then eat in the mess hall and save a few bucks.

After chow we drove into Gelnhausen.

'Did you meet Matt?' Aaron asked me.

'Yeah,' I said. 'He seems like a nice enough guy. I wouldn't guess he's gay,' I lied.

Aaron directed me to a small hotel in the old section of town. 'I assume you agree we need to get a hotel room, just in case we get lucky,' he said.


'I've never stayed here before but I know guys who have and they say it's nice and the old guy doesn't ask questions if you want to bring a girl in.'

We checked in and went up to check out the room. It was small but comfortably old German, with a huge bed, a small dresser, a couch and two thickly upholstered chairs. There was a bath situated in an alcove, and a nice view out over the countryside.

'I hope you've got no problem with sharing a bed; rooms with two beds are expensive as hell,' he said.

'Well, I haven't shared a bed with another guy since I had to move in with my older brother when I was eleven, but we'll manage. It's big enough for an entire squad,' I said.

'We won't get in each other's way with the ladies, then,' he joked.

We left the hotel and hit the streets in search of a gasthaus that Aaron said he frequented with his friends.

'We'll start out at Gustal's, have a few beers, but the real action is at The Alley. Babes you wouldn't believe. I should've told you to wear your uniform. They're crazy for GIs in uniform.'

'They won't throw rocks at us just because we're in civies, will they?' I asked.

He guffawed. 'I don't think anybody's going to throw rocks at you.'

'Well, if they won't throw rocks at me, they sure as hell aren't going to throw rocks at you,' I said.

We wiled away the afternoon at Gustal's, drinking and laughing and joking with guys he knew. I pondered whether to tell him about what I'd seen in the barracks. I decided I'd better not. We were going through the beer a little too fast, I thought; I was beginning to wonder how I was going to hold up going to The Alley where the real action was. Aaron cut us off when somebody wanted to buy another round, saying we had bigger bears to kill and we needed to be good and sober before we went on the hunt. But the bartender was already at the table with his hands full of beer steins so we stayed for another round, but we had a sandwich with it. I credit that one last beer for our downfall...or blessing, depending on how you wanta look at it. It was partly responsible for me spilling the beans about what'd happened in the barracks when Aaron remarked about some German guy making eyes at him in the rest room.

'Did you ever consider going out with that guy, like you and me? Away from the base, anything could happen,' I said.

'I don't know how many guys know he's gay...probably a lot, from what you're saying...and I don't wanta be tagged one of 'em by hanging around the guy.'

'Well, I know one guy who knows or sure,' I said.

'What do you mean?'

'I woke up and saw him giving a guy a blowjob back in the corner, beside the wall locker,' I said.

'No shit! Did you see who it was? Could you identify him?' Aaron asked excitedly.

'No, it was dark. But I got the come-on first myself right after we went to bed. He even showed me his hardon.'

'No shit!' he exclaimed.

'Why're you so surprised? You said you thought he was gay,' I said.

'Yeah, but I can't believe its actually going on right in the barracks,' he said. 'I didn't know he was that open about it. Fuck, I'm gonna get moved up to the second floor.

'I have a feeling things are pretty out in the open up on the second floor, back in the corner,' I said. 'Nearly everybody up there sleeps naked, did you know that?'

'No kidding! No, I didn't know that. I'll have to check it out, see if I can get moved upstairs,' he said.

It was early evening before we returned to the hotel, time to sack out for a little bit and get rested up then get cleaned up to go to The Alley. Only we didn't sack out. Aaron took off his pants and shirt so they wouldn't get wrinkled, and stretched out on the bed in his shorts and T-shirt while I sat in a chair, and we talked. Conversation in the intimacy of the room was different from in the bars and before long it was like we'd known each other all our lives. Aaron remarked that it was time to shower and get ready to go back out.

'There is no shower. It's a huge tub,' I reminded him.

'Oh, yeah. Well, maybe I'll take a bubble bath then,' he joked.

The air tightened in my lungs as he shoved himself up off the bed and peeled his T-shirt off. I was going to see him naked! His upper body spread out in a wide V up out of his shorts with his arms over his head. When he lowered his arms his big pecs settled with a little jounce on his chest, like two thick steaks, each capped with a large brown circle with his large, turgid nipples in the center. His abs pulled and danced and rippled with every move he made, even when he breathed. He had his back to me when he shoved his shorts down and I got lightheaded with anticipation. I had never been so attracted to a guy's butt before. His was making my mouth water. My breath came short when he straightened and walked past me to the large tub sitting up in the little alcove. What I had seen, or thought I saw and dreamed about, hanging out of his pants at the urinal was even more impressive in all its massive glory.

My attention was drawn to his butt again when he bent over to run the water in the tub. His hamstrings bulged and his buns parted enough to see the light flurry of hair guarding the forbidden portal entry and I gulped.

'Hey, there is bubble bath,' he said, laughing, as he reached for a bottle on the shelf. He squeezed some into the running water and the tub exploded in bubbles. It was a wonderful sight, watching him step into the tub and disappear up to his muscular chest in the cloud of bubbles.

'Ahhhh, that feels good,' he said as he sank into the hot water. 'I never took a bubble bath before.'

I decided I wanted to be naked with him while I waited for the tub. Boldly naked, as if it might make a difference to him. I turned my back to the tub and shoved my briefs down and bent over to take them off.

'Awww, don't do that!' he groaned, sounding like he was in pain.

'Huh?' I said, looking around.

'Don't bend over like that with that right, round butt in my face when I'm all full of anticipation about going to The Alley.'

'I wasn't exactly in your face,' I said, laughing. 'Do you act like that when guys take off their shorts in the barracks?'

'I think it,' he said. 'Shit, sometimes I wish that guy, Matt, would make a move on me. Weekends when we don't get a pass spreads the pussy few and far between.'

'Sorry I got you all worked up,' I joked as I set the chair a few feet from the tub and straddled it backwards, facing him. I saw him glance at my cock laying on the chair seat. 'Do you know any girls first hand at this place we're going to, like by name?' I asked.

'I don't know if you would call it first hand. I know some by name, and some by feel,' he said, with a chuckle.

'It won't be any trouble finding somebody to bring back with us, then,' I said.

'The only time I ever bombed out was when I got there too near closing time and they were all taken,' he said.

'Hell, you could've probably taken a girl away from some poor dude,' I said.

'Maybe. Probably. But I wouldn't do that,' he said.

We were strangely quiet, then. Suddenly I couldn't think of a dam thing to say to him, and he seemed to be having the same trouble. It was uncomfortable, and awkward, at least for me. Then, out of the blue, he asked me about the guy in the barracks.

'Hey, I'll bet you sort of got a hardon watching those guys go at it in the corner last night,' he said.

'What do you mean, sort of?'

'No shit, you did get hard, huh?' he said.

'Well, I was getting fluffed up, but by the time I woke up they were finishing up. I don't think it would've taken much for him to crawl over and give me a blowjob,' I said

'You ever have a blowjob from another guy?' he asked.

'No,' I lied. 'You?'

'Not completely,' he said.

'What do you mean, not completely? How do you not completely have a blow job?

'I had a guy go down on me in a restroom one time but he never got to finish me off.'

'You mean was actually able to get his mouth around it?' I joked. 'Shit, I'll bet that was frustrating as hell for both of you. How'd you get that cock of yours stuffed back in your pants, hard,' I asked, laughing.

'I didn't. We were in a stall and I had to hang around in there and wait till it went down.'

'Were you late getting back off pass?' I joked.

Suddenly I was disgusted with myself for lying. I'd had more than one mouth wrapped around my cock, and a few tight, male asses. I'd even had a cock or two in my mouth as a form of grateful reciprocation while a guy was working me over. Why was I lying to this guy? We were alone and naked in a hotel room, not just talking about sex, but talking about gay sex. If there was anything there 'even a spark' I was being a total dumb-ass for blowing the opportunity.

'Hey, I lied,' I said.

'About what?' he asked.

'About never getting a blowjob from another guy,' I said.

'How come? I mean, what's there to lie about?'

'I don't know, it's just...not something you go around admitting to,' I said.

'Hey, did you ever fuck another guy?' he asked.

'No,' I lied again, but immediately caught myself. 'Yes,' I corrected myself.

'Dam! No fuckin' shit, you have? How was it? Tight, I'll bet,' he asked eagerly.

'Good,' I said.

'Are you gay?' he asked.

The question came out nonchalant as hell, not an accusation, but more like he was asking me if I was colorblind or something. It jolted me so that I couldn't answer right off. Of course, my hesitation was my doom.

'No. I mean, I...I don't know,' I replied. 'And that's the truth,' I added.

'No, or you don't know?' he asked with a scowl. 'How can you not know if you're gay?'

'I've never been one for labels, and I don't know if having gay sex makes you gay, or partly gay; I just don't worry about it,' I said.

'Have you ever given a blowjob?'

He was backing me into a corner. Not intentionally, I didn't think, but I was feeling cramped for space.

'Don't lie to me,' he chided me.

'I...okay, I tried it once,' I admitted, and it was only partially a lie. I had tried it once and that had led to a couple more times but I didn't tell him that.

'No fuckin' shit!' he exclaimed again. 'You've actually had another guy's cock in you mouth. You've actually given a blowjob.'

'Well, I wouldn't exactly call it that. I don't know if the guy I did it to even considered it a real blowjob. It was pretty awkward and experimental, to say the least,' I said.

'Did you get him off?' Aaron asked.

'No, not really. Hell, I didn't know what I was doing. He finished himself off.'

'Bummer. How come you didn't finish what you started?' he asked.

'I was afraid he would go off in my mouth.'

'You wanta give me one?' he asked.

I was more startled than before, and for a split second when I was looking squarely into his big, dark eyes, I thought my eyes might have lied.

'I...don't...think...so,' I replied.

'You're hesitant,' he pointed out.

'Yeah, I'm hesitant about the whole thing because I don't believe I'm gay.'

'You don't have to be gay. If you've had one cock in your mouth and you're not gay, another cock in your mouth ain't gonna make you that way.'

'What the hell kind of philosophy is that?' I said, laughing.

He smiled at me. 'Hey..you know..maybe we don't have to go out to The Alley, after all,' he said. 'We could, uh...stay here in the room and...discuss philosophy.'

'I'm not sure I want to discuss philosophy with you,' I said, laughing.

'Afraid we might get too close to the truth?' he asked.

'Something like that, maybe,' I conceded.

He smiled at me again. 'There's room for two in this tub,' he said. His voice had taken on a strange tone.

Where did that leave me! He'd just given me an open invitation 'I wasn't certain for what, but despite my feeble and pitiful protestations, I knew I would never forgive myself if I turned it down. I was hesitant again. I sort of bit my lower lip, considering his offer. Godd, it would be a dream come true, to spend the night in bed with this incredible stud.

'Come on, its just you and me; shit, nobody's gonna know,' he said, in that same tone, more husky now.

'All right,' I said finally, in a quieter tone, as I stood up and set the chair aside. Again I saw him glance at my swinging manhood as I stepped up to the side of the tub.

'Climb in,' he said as he drew his knees up and cocked them against the sides of the tub. The bubbles had dissipated somewhat and I could see his big cock lolling in the water like a dead fish. I think it might have floated except that it was too heavy.

I wasn't sure how he wanted me to sit; facing him, leaning back against the other end of the tub, or with my back to him, maybe leaning back against him. That seemed too intimate, but so was the invitation itself. Either way, he obviously wanted me somehow between his legs, with his knees resting against the sides of the tub. Still, leaning back against him was a bit of a stretch, I thought. I lifted my right leg to step into the other end of the tub but he stopped me with his hand around my calf.

'This way,' he said as he guided my foot to the other side of the tub. At the same time he dropped his knees back into the water and set my foot on the other side of his leg. I couldn't figure out how this was going to work, me with my back to him, but his legs down in the water.

He maneuvered me so I was standing astraddle his hips, my back to him, bent over gripping the sides of the tub with my butt in his face. Okay, I guessed he would spread his legs out so I could sit down between them and lean back against him like I wanted to do in the first place. Couldn't imagine it with this hunky stud, but that was the only way I could picture it. But when I started to sit down he clasped his hands around my butt to stop me. Now what, I wondered. Then I got the shock of my life when Aaron pulled me back and buried his face in my butt!

'Aaaahhhh!' I moaned loudly when I felt his tongue lapping at my asshole. It wasn't the first time I'd had a tongue in my ass but it was the last thing I expected from this guy. There was no way I would've guessed he was even a tiny bit gay. 'Geezussss, w-what're you doing?!' I gasped over my shoulder. What a beautiful sight, his handsome head and my butt.

'I'm gonna fuck your ass, and a real man don't fuck anything he don't eat,' he said.

Okay, I was surprised out of my mind, but decided that maybe he wasn't all that gay; he sounded like he was just being a man about it, like he was eating a pussy before he fucked it. I had heard of straight guys who rimmed in order to get their cocks into another guys ass, but I wasn't sure I believed it. For some it was a matter of macho pride, just like eating pussy. A guy's ass was like a male pussy to them. I did myself, but it was because I liked tonguing the right guy. I didn't mind at all getting rimmed by him, but the thought of having his big cock split me open scared me out of my wits. I wondered how he managed to find girls to fuck. My mind was in a whirl. I was thinking frantically of a way to get out of the situation I was in but I didn't know how I was going to tear myself away from the intense pleasure he was giving me with his incredibly long and talented tongue. How could I endure the pleasure up to the crucial point then graciously back out. Not that he would let me. I could just imagine him eating a girl's pussy then her telling him, sorry, no fuck. Yeah, he would go for that in a big way.

'Ohh, fuck,' I moaned as he pulled my butt apart and drove his tongue deep inside me. 'Ohhh, Geezuss, you've got a strong tongue. Ohhh, yeah...tongue it, man...ohh, fuck.'

'You keep saying Oh, Fuck, like you're getting anxious or something,' he joked.

Possibly the wrong thing to say. After several minutes of his tongue in my ass, he leaned back and I felt the cool air in my crack. He tightened his grip on my butt and urged me down.

'Ease down,' he told me.

I had this naΓ―ve notion that he was guiding me down to sit between his legs and lean back against his awesome chest and enjoy a bubble bath together, but I found out different, the way he was carefully guiding me by my hips. I instinctively tried to resist but he pulled my hips down just far enough that he had me off balance and couldn't raise back up again without sitting down and putting my arms on the sides of the tub for leverage, and if I sat down, I was screwed; literally. It was going to happen. I was going to get fucked! I was still technically a virgin in that sense. I'd tried it a couple of times; one time on pass with an over-zealous sailor back in the states but it didn't work out. He came on like he was straight and doing me a big favor by fucking me. He got the head of his cock in but it hurt so bad I couldn't stand it and I managed to shove him off before he impaled me. He tried to fight me and force me but I out-muscled him by twenty pounds or so and threw him off. That's when he turned meek and started apologizing and said he would make it up to me if I would just let him suck my cock. Well, hell yeah. Another time, it was such an awkward situation that we abandoned the idea all together. But somehow, I didn't think Aaron was going to turn meek and he wasn't going to let me get away from him.

Sitting down, my butt spread wide open and a few inches lower, I felt the head of his cock press against my hole.

'Take it at your own pace,' he told me as he held me there.

'Look, I...I've never done this before,' I said.

'Neither have I. That's okay, we'll take it easy,' he said, with not a thought in his handsome head that we shouldn't or wouldn't do it at all.

'I don't know if I can,' I said.

'Just ease down on it. Let your weight down on me.'

His hands clasped my butt tighter, urging me down, and I knew there wasn't going to be any discussion about not doing it so I braced myself for the inevitable, trying to block out the memory of the pain from the one only real experience I'd had. I was going to get a ten-inch cock shoved up my ass, like it or not. I didn't exactly let my weight down but I couldn't do anything about Aaron pulling me down onto the blunt head of his cock.

'Take it easy,' I said, my voice trembling.

'It's your call. Ride back up if it gets to be too much,' he said.

Okay, he wasn't going to try to rape me like the sailor, so maybe I could handle him. I let him ease me down some more and felt my asshole being stretched unmercifully, spreading open...Goddd! Suddenly the head burst through and I saw stars.

'Ohh, Goddddammmmm!' I cried out, tossing my head back in pure agony.

'Yeah, I know, it's gotta hurt a little at first,' Aaron said in a soothing voice.

'Ohh, fuck, this ain't a little! You're killing me!'

'Try a little more, and squeeze your asshole real tight around me, maybe that'll help work through it,' he said.

I wondered how he knew so much; how many times he'd been fucked. Whatever, I was in a bind; an impossible situation, between the proverbial rock and a hard place, the hard place being his hot, stone cock. I was scared to death to sit down but I couldn't raise up without a power lunge and I didn't want to jerk up off of the head of his cock; no telling what that might do to my asshole. Besides, I wasn't sure he would let me go, and if I tried to raise up, he might just pull me back down and I would be fatally impaled on his awesome hunk of man meat. I did what Aaron told me and squeezed my sphincter muscle hard around his cock. It hurt all the more but surprisingly, each time I did it, the pain subsided a little bit. Damn little, but a little.

'Yeah, that's it, squeeze real hard,' he encouraged me.

Yeah, I thought, he would say that because it was probably feeling good to him. I was concentrating on squeezing and trying to endure and work through the pain, and didn't realize Aaron was bringing me down further and I was sitting lower on his cock.

'Yeah, you're getting used to, you've got more than half of my cock up inside you already,' he said.

Geezuss, when did that happen! And how! I suddenly felt full. Where the hell was it going! But he was right, I was getting used to it. It wasn't hurting so bad now as my asshole stretched. It was actually feeling sort of good, in a weird sort of way. Well, not really, but the idea of riding down on this big stud's cock was making me feel good inside, if not in my ass.

'You know, I think you're ready for it,' Aaron said, and with that, in one fluid motion, he pulled my butt down and thrust his cock upward and impaled me on the rest of his thick meat.

'OOOOOhhhhhhh!' I moaned again as I parked my quivering butt firmly on his loins. Yeah, I sat down on him; I didn't have much choice, it's the only direction I could go. So he knew he didn't have to force me, and his cock drove up inside me into a place I didn't even know existed. Where the fuck had he put it!!!

'How's that feel now?' he asked as he wrapped his muscular arms around my stomach and my chest. I let him pull me back against him.

'Ohhh, fuck,' I moaned. 'I don't know; I can't describe it yet.'

'It don't hurt quite so bad, does it?' he asked cheerfully.

'No. No, it doesn't hurt, except for a real dull ache when your cock throbs real hard, and that's sort of a good ache.' And even the ache didn't matter with his big, muscular arms wrapped around me and his hard, thick pecs pressing against my back and his hard abs tight against me.

He laughed, causing his tight abs to ripple against my back. 'Let's just lay like this for awhile, let you get used to it. You said you've never been fucked before?'


'No kidding! Dam, you took me real good for your first time. Hell, I've had girls who couldn't take me that easy.'

'Yeah, I can imagine,' I said.

'Hey, I'm glad I'm the one to get your cherry,' he said.

'Maybe I am, too....I don't know yet,' I said nervously. Okay, the sailor didn't count; he had gotten my cherry. Even if the sailor did count, this guy could make anybody feel like a virgin all over again. He started clenching his butt muscles, first one then the other, jarring us from side to side, then both muscles at the same time, causing a bouncing motion. I started squirming around in his lap.

'Ohhhhh,' he groaned softly. 'Fuck, you've got a nice ass. Is that feeling good for you too? Must be, the way you're squirming around on me.'

'Just trying to sit comfortable, but yes...Ohhh, fuck, it feels great when your cock sort of lobs around inside me. It's hitting something in there that makes me want to squirm all the harder.'

'Maybe you wanta squirm up and down a little,' Aaron said as he helped lift my butt up and down on his cock.

'Ohhh....Ohhh, Fuck...Ohhh, yeah,' I groaned.

'Yeah, I think you wanta get fucked,' he said with a soft chuckle.

'Yesss. Yess, I want you to fuck me, ' gasped as I writhed around on him harder.

But instead he clasped his arms around me and pulled tightly against him and settled back in the tub.

'We'll get to the serious fucking in due time; let's just lie back and enjoy this for awhile,' he said. 'You feel real good against me, and I feel real good inside you.'

It was indeed a joyous time, lying back against his warm, hard muscles that rippled when he breathed or talked, and feeling his huge cock throb steadily inside me. We squirmed against each other but nothing else, except for his hot breath on my neck. I laid my head back on his broad shoulder. Then I felt his mouth; his lips brushing against the side of my neck. I tilted my head to the side and felt his tongue. He was kissing my neck! Shit, what was this big stud all about? It was like he was making love to me.

'MMmnnnnn,' he moaned softly as he nibbled on my neck and squirmed his butt around. I tilted my head around just to see what he would do and he kissed the side of my face. I liked the feel of his stubble. I turned more and his mouth searched out my lips and suddenly we were in a lip-lock. His tongue pried my lips open and found my tongue. One of us squealed, maybe both of us, as we kissed passionately. He put his hand around my head to smash our mouths harder together, as he practically devoured my tongue, and I could feel his huge cock throbbing harder and bolting up inside me.

He broke away suddenly. 'Fuck, let's get on the bed where we can do this right,' he whispered huskily

With his help, I raised up off his cock; I couldn't have done it without his help. I think I was dam near out of the tub before it popped free, leaving me with a terrible empty feeling. I climbed out of the tub with my knees shaking and a gnawing urge to have my emptiness filled again. I took hold of the chair with one hand to steady myself and put my other hand down to pull him up and we steadied each other as he reached for a towel. He dried me off rather haphazardly, and I returned the favor then we went over to the bed.

'On your back,' he said as I started to crawl on my hands and knees.

I lay on my back, propped up on the pillows with my legs spread out wide. He took one of the pillows and stuffed it under my butt then took my legs and laid them on his shoulders. I glanced down to see his huge cock swaying out between his legs like a battering ram that was about to slam through a wall; not too far fetched. He moved up on his knees with his cock in his hand, aimed it against my hole and shoved. I winced as he entered me again. It hurt, still, but I knew what to expect, that it would be over in a moment, and it was. By the time he had buried his cock all the way in my ass, it was clenching gratefully around the thick meat, begging to be fucked. To say he fucked me would be an understatement. He plowed me. He fucked me like a jackhammer, making the bed shake and squeak. He fucked me like a pile driver, so hard that I think the bed moved; the headboard banged against the wall.

'Maybe we should move the bed out,' I said.

'Fuck it. I don't care of they hear. I don't care of they come in and watch,' he said.

Suddenly, I didn't care either. All I cared about was being drilled, nailed to the mattress by his big cock with this big stud of a soldier hovering over me. We were everywhere on the bed. At one point I was hanging over the edge of the mattress, supporting myself with my hands on the floor. He kept right on fucking me. He stopped long enough to stand me up, bent over the bed and he fucked me some more. He bent me over the back of the couch and fucked me. He was insatiable, and I couldn't believe all the positions he came up with, and each one made his cock feel different inside me. When he had me laid out on the floor I thought he would get on top and nail me to the carpet but instead he straddled me, grabbed hold of my feet and pulled my lower body up till I was bent in half with my butt straight up in the air. Then he buried his cock straight down into my ass and fucked me backwards.

'Goddam, man, where'd you learn all these positions?' I asked.

'Just dreaming 'em up as I go,' he said. 'Do you want me to stop for awhile?'

'I don't want you to come yet, but I wouldn't mind a break,' I said.

'No problem,' he said as he pulled his cock out and put his hand down to pull me to my feet. My legs were shaky and he guided me to the bed, laughing.

'Shit, I fucked your legs out from under you,' he said.

I crawled up on the bed and stretched out. He lay beside me.

'You know, you're just giving me time to recharge my batteries,' he warned.

'My butt needs a break,' I said. 'Geezusss, I don't believe we're doing this.'

'Yeah, me either. It never crossed my mind that this is what we'd end up doing together, instead of going to The Alley,' he said. 'I mean, I wouldn't have believe you would be into it.' Suddenly he turned on his side and threw his leg over me and put his arm across my chest. 'I shouldn't be admitting this, but you feel good up against me like this, with your hard muscles, a lot different from a woman.' He squeezed me and moved his leg and arm up and down my body and humped my thigh with his cock. Then he moved over on top of me.

'Are you rested up enough? I wanta fuck you some more,' he said. He didn't wait for an answer. He lifted my legs up and rested them on his shoulders and raised up over me, tilting my body in half. I didn't object, even though it'd been bare minutes of rest.

'Take it easy,' I said as I felt his cock pressing against my hole again.

'Yeah, I will,' he said.

I didn't know what he called easy; maybe that he wouldn't ram me.

'Aawwwwhhhhh!' I cried as he shoved his cock all the way in without pause.

'Here bite my arm, stifle the noise,' he said, laying his muscular forearm across my mouth.

I shoved his arm aside. 'That just came out, I'm okay. I thought you said you were going to take it easy,' I growled. 'Fuck, man, don't you know how big your cock is?'

'Sorry, I'll wait a minute and let you get used to it again,' he said.

He was already in me and I didn't need to get used to it. I was ready for him. Amazed, but ready. I couldn't believe what was happening, that I was actually turning my butt up for this hunky soldier. But, dam, he turned me on. Maybe I was gay after all. Maybe not. Maybe I was just a straight guy who liked gay sex. At the moment I didn't give a fuck.

Aaron fucked me silly. I didn't know a man could have that much stamina and staying power, but he knew how to control himself. He must've been close to going off a dozen times, but each time he eased back and recharged.

'Are you ever gonna come?' I asked at one point.

'Do you want me to?'

'I don't care; I just don't see how you can hold off this long,' I said.

'Can you come?' he asked.

'If you'll let me,' I said. 'You've had me close a half dozen times, but then you back me off.'

'I didn't know I was doing that,' he said.

'Do you know you've about fucked my brains out, not to mention drilling me a new asshole,' I said with mock indignation.

He laughed. 'Okay, I'll work it up. You, too,' he said. 'Do you want me to come in you or pull out?' he asked.

'Whatever you wanta do,' I said.

'Let's try to come together, I'll pull out and shoot with you,' he said.

It was a climax like I'd never had before in my life. When he said he would work it up, he wasn't kidding. He concentrated on every move he knew in those final moments. In a couple dozen very controlled and manipulative strokes he had me past the point of no return and from then on it was a zooming buildup of unbelievable pleasure. He brought himself along for the ride. He grabbed my hand and put it on my cock.

'Jack it off, I wanta see you shoot,' he said.

My hand had never felt better on my cock. I gave it a few strokes and he suddenly pulled his cock out and hunkered up over me, fisting his own cock that was aimed right at me. I was going to get blasted.

'Uuhmnn, here I come!' he gasped.

He no sooner said it than a huge spurt of come shot out of his cock, hard and fast, and landed with a soft splat on my neck. The next one hit me in the face. The next one was my own come mixing with his. He shot off again and again, big, long ropes of semen, the likes of which I'd never seen before. I was being white-washed, along with the bed and the wall, and most of it his. I got a mouthful when I had my mouth open to groan, but I hoped Aaron didn't notice.

My head was spinning, as much from his climax as my own, and for the moment, I forgot all about the empty feeling deep inside my ass. Finally, I was drained. Aaron had a couple more good ones to go and he gave them to me up close and personal. He hunkered right up in my face and shot right in my face then rubbed the stuff all over my face with the head of his cock.

'Open up. Drain me. Suck me dry,' he said.

I opened my mouth and his cum-slick cock went in, right down my throat. My eyes popped out and I choked but he held his cock in tight for a few seconds before he pulled it back out. He spurted out more cum as the head of his cock burst into my mouth. I slurped it up then he settled his butt back on my stomach and let his cock fall on my chest.

'Geezusss Mother Fuck!' he gasped as he toppled over to lie beside me.

I lay there covered with semen; my neck and shoulders and chest and one arm and even in my hair, not to mention the taste of him in my mouth. Fuck, he tasted good! I had no idea I could like the taste of cum so much.

'You can say that again. Dam, how do you come so much?' I said as I was swiping the stuff away from my eyes.

'I'll get you a towel,' he said. He got up and went over to the tub and came back with a towel. 'I've always been a heavy shooter, even with I was a kid,' he said. 'Must take after my old man.'

'Well, you and your old man aren't normal,' I said.

'Hey, you laid out some pretty good cannon fire yourself,' he said.

'Hey, how do you know you take after your old man?' I asked with a curious smile.

'He didn't use condoms. He pulled out. I found the towels used sometimes. Geezusss, they were always soaked.'

The room suddenly smelled like sex; sweat and musk and semen. I loved it.

'They're gonna have to fumigate this room,' I said.

'They're going to have to clean the wall, too,' Aaron said.

'You hit the wall?' I said, craning my neck to look around. Sure enough there was a big streak of semen clinging to the wallpaper. 'Dam, how far would that one have gone if the wall hadn't been there?'

He laughed. 'You wanta take another bath together? We've still got time to go out and find some chicks,' he said.

'I don't know about getting in the tub with you again. We probably wouldn't make it out of the room,' I said.

'Would that be so bad?' he joked.

He let me have the bathtub first since I was a mess, and he sat with his arms folded over the back of the chair and watched me.

'How'd you like it, your first time?' he asked.

'I'm going to say this once, then I'm going to deny I ever said it...that was the most incredible sex I've ever had,' I said.

'That was the most incredible piece of ass I ever had,' he said.

'Oh, so that's all I am to you, a piece of ass?' I said with mock indignation.

'You could be a lot more that that if we were stationed closer and could get together more often,' he said.

'If we were stationed closer, the Army would have to reconstruct my asshole,' I said.

'Was I too rough?' he asked.

'Not rough. I think just the only way you know how to be,' I said. 'And I don't think you know just how fuckin' big you are.'

I climbed out and drew fresh water for him and sat and watched him bathe.

'A bath feels good over a shower for a change,' he said. He laughed soflty. 'And we couldn't have gotten that close in a shower.'

'Not unless we wanted to get dishonorably discharged,' I said, laughing.

We got dressed and headed for The Alley. It was jumping. A live band, a lot of GIs, some German guys and a lot of German girls, most of them not with German guys. We took the last two stools at the far end of the bar and ordered two beers. By the time the bartender had our beer on the bar there were two women approaching us.

'I could use a beer,' one said to Aaron.

'So could I,' the other said to me.

'We'll share this one,' Aaron said as he took a quick swig then put the bottle up to the woman's lips.

The girls didn't bother sitting on the stools; they stayed standing in front of us, pressed between our legs. We were two more beers down when this big black guy came in, wearing his uniform complete with bloused boots, spit-shined, his chest covered with medals. The only thing he lacked was STUD in neon lights across his chest. Actually, he didn't need the sign, he exuded stud with every move, every blink of his snappy, dark eyes. He was apparently known in the bar because several guys, and girls, greeted him as he walked through. The bartender knew him too. He called him by name as he set his drink on the bar. Unfortunately, the two girls we were with wanted to get to know him. Some women are like that; they follow the cock, especially if its black cock.

The guy knew he had it and he wasn't at all bashful about using it. He stood out from the bar, sipping his beer, looking all around like he was casing the joint. His eyes came to rest on the four of us and somehow I knew Aaron and I were toast. Not physically, but the night wasn't going to turn out the way we planned. He strode up to us, his eyes shifting from one of the women to the other, those same eyes totally ignoring me and Aaron, like we didn't exist.

'Ladies,' he said in a deep, resonate voice as he put his huge arms around them.

Now, I'm a good-sized guy, and solid, and Aaron is even bigger and more solid, but this big stud put us both to shame and he knew it. It was a little humiliating to have him walk up and start making out with your dates, but it was also mesmerizing to watch him work.

The women giggled when he called them ladies.

'Ever notice how the little dogs sit on the porch while the big dogs go on the hunt,' he said with a smile so bright you needed shades. He waited while his remark soaked in, referring to me and Aaron as the little dogs. 'So, do you want to stay with the little dogs or do you want to come along with the big dog and see what a real man's all about? Plenty for both of you, guaranteed.'

The two women were already inching away from us, like he'd thrown a lasso around them. I could see Aaron was getting frustrated as hell.

'Dam, woman, I've got ten inches, what more do you want?' he blurted.

'Twelve,' the big soldier said with a deep belly chuckle. 'Twelve and counting. Make you feel like virgins all over again, ladies.'

We didn't have a chance. The girls moved right into his arms and that was the first he acted like we were even there. He flashed us a big smile and said, 'Have a nice night. I'll take good care of them for you. Promise, they won't go home disappointed.'

Aaron and I sat there, dumbfounded. I heard some snickering but it didn't bother me. I didn't figure there was a guy in the place who could've stood up the big stud, physically or otherwise.

'Dam, did you ever see anything like it?' Aaron said, shaking his head.

'Don't feel bad,' the bartender said as he set two more beers on the bar. 'He could've had any woman in the place. He just happened to pick yours.'

'He just walked up and took them like we weren't even here,' Aaron went on.

'He could've snatched them right out from under you if you'd been fucking them,' the bartender said.

Just then another guy came up to the bar.

'Don't let it bother you. I saw him come in and walk out with four women on his arms,' he said. 'Sometime I would like to tag along just to see what he has got.'

'Well, whatever it is, the rest of you ain't got it,' the bartender said, laughing.

We finished our beer and left The Alley.

'Next time I'm coming to Fliergerhorst where he won't be,' Aaron said as he left.

'So where do you want to go now?' I asked as we walked back to my car.

Aaron looked at his watch. 'We've got about six hours left on pass, do you wanta try again at another bar, or.....'

His 'or' and the pause that followed caught my attention. 'I don't care, do you want to...or....?'

He laughed. 'I think we're on the same wave length.'

'Okay, do you want to just go back to the hotel?' I asked.

'Do you think you can hold up for six hours?' he asked.

'Yeah, I can handle you,' I said.

'Are you sure you're not gay?' Aaron asked, laughing, as we got in the car.

'Does it fuckin' matter?'

'No,' he said.

'Just so you know, you're gonna reciprocate this time,' I said as we sat looking at each other before I started up my car.

'You think so?' he said cockily.

'I know so,' I said.

He looked at me for a moment. 'Okay. Maybe I can do that.'

'No maybe's,' I said.

'What do you want me to do? I don't think I could handle it up the ass,' he said.

'Suck my cock, then,' I said.

He was nodding before he answered.

'All right,' he said thoughtfully. 'All right, I can handle that. Nobody's gonna know what goes on behind closed doors in a little hotel in Gelnhausen.'



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