I believe the world is not divided between man and woman; gay and

straight, rich and poor etc. rather it is divided between the weak and

the strong; the one who gives orders and the one that takes orders. It's

the Yin and Yang of creation. Don't feel sorry for the submissive one;

no, he loves his inferior position. It is not necessarily sexual but

often to gain control, one must dominate sexually.

That's lots of talk. Now let me show you from my life. I am 24

years old. I'm six feet three, blond, weigh 250 lbs. I've pretty

imposing. In addition I'm very good looking in a manly way. I have a

natural dominant leadership style and I have never had any problem

bending others to my will.and they were happy with the arrangement and

begged for more.

I run a landscaping service. I have three crews going at all

times and I deliver them with the equipment at the various homes and then

pick them up after an hour. They are expected to be finished at the site

in one hour, or else. I recruit my workers from high schools and local

colleges. They are naturally about 18 to 20. I look for jocks and post

my notice for new workers in the gyms. Jocks are best because the have

the strength and the ability to take orders (thanks to the coaches.) In

addition, jocks like outside physical work to keep up their bodies during

the summer and after school during the year.

There is a large turnover because the kids graduate or get better

jobs. Therefore I am interviewing someone almost all the time. This

particular day (not untypical) I was waiting to see a Jeff McNally. He

showed up, knocked politely on the frame of the open door. He was a

typical high school jock: muscular, wearing an athletic shirt and short

shorts. His smooth forearms and shoulders were exposed and looked strong

and sexy. He was a good looking dude: nice open face, short cut light

hair and nice blue eyes. I immediately grabbed the upper hand. 'Come in

Jeff. Close the door.' That was two orders to soften him up. He jumped

to comply. My strong tone of voice confused him and I could see his eyes

slightly glazed and a spot of color on his beardless cheeks. I got up

and purposely allowed his letter of application to slip from my hand and

onto the floor. 'Get on your knees and pick that up,' I commanded. This

was the final test. If he objected, then I would ease off. I might

still hire him but it wouldn't be as much fun. He started to get up

after retrieving the paper. 'I didn't tell you to get up. Crawl over

here and give it to me.' He paused a moment, sighed and began crawling

on his knees toward me. 'You are a nice doggy,' I said, scratching his

hair behind his ear. The boy breathed audibly and rubbed his face

against my hand. 'Nice doggy. Come here.' He crawled until he was at

my feet. I took his head and pushed his face into my crotch. 'Smells

good, doesn't it?' The boy mumbled and continued to sniff and rub me.

He was not sexually aroused but he was getting something he wanted:

orders from someone; a chance not to think, but obey.

'Jeff, boy, open my zipper.' He was breathing hard from

confusion and a new sense of sexual excitement. This was something

forbidden but made OK because I ordered it. He opened the zipper. My

cock was already lengthening because I get off on a kid's submission.

'Kiss the end of my dick.' He looked up at me questioningly. 'Yes boy,

it's OK, I'm ordering you to.' He kissed my pisshole. He moaned because

of the unfamiliarity of this action. 'Lick!' He put out his smooth

tongue and licked the head, then warming to his task, he licked the whole

shaft. 'That's a good boy. Now open your pretty lips and take my cock

inside.' Again Jeff hesitated, looked up at me. I slapped his cheek

lightly. 'Learn to take orders boy!' He sighed and took my dick in his

mouth. His mouth began to water and I could see saliva dripping down. He

slipped me deeper. He was almost again my hairy pubes. 'Now suck


He was very gentle; almost loving. It was an excellent suck. I

knew I'd have him for my pleasure anytime. He was loving it. I noticed

he opened his pants and took out his very long cock and began pinching

and stroking it and pulling on his balls. That was good because he will

remember this as pleasurable. 'I think I'm going to come.' I lifted his

chin and looked into his face. His eyes were closed, his mouth still

puckered for sucking. 'You want my sweet cream don't you.' He opened

his eyes and looked at me. There was complete defeat in them. He nodded

humbly. 'OK a few more deep sucks and I ugh, ugh aaah.' My whole body

vibrated and I began shooting. He couldn't take it all. I could see his

own cock shooting on the floor as well.

'Jeff, you got the job.'

'Do I have to do this again?'

'Do you want to?'

He stared in my eyes and then he said softly 'Yesss.'

Well I had some good fun with Jeff and a few other of my pets

over the next few months. Not all the kids I hired were submissive.

It's interesting that some of the most easily conquered ones were very

aggressive away from me and could dominate their work crews if they had


A few months later, one of my kid broke his leg in a motor cycle

accident. Again I was in the market. I check over some of the

applications and picked out one at random. His name of Raul Lopez. I

noticed that he was a star pole vaulter. 'Maybe he can vault my pole,' I

laughed to myself. The day of our appointment Raul came in, no knock,

just sat down on the other side of the desk. He was a bit cheeky. Let's

see if I can tame him. I began asking him the usual questions. He was a

very attractive kid, tannish Latino skin. wearing a short tee shirt which

exposed his belly and low slung black pants. He had a tattoo of a knife

dripping blood on his slim but muscular upper arm. His exposed stomach

was smooth and glossy. I found myself looking at it. He had fine

features and a shock of black hair. His most arresting feature was his

eyes: they were coal black and crackling fire, set in put whites. His

smile was very confident and he displayed gorgeous white teeth framed by

the most beautiful puffy lips I had every seen.

I tried to pull myself together and gain control of the

interview. 'Do you think you have the strength to do this landscape


He laughed and moved right up to my chair. ' I'm slim but I'm

strong. Here feel these pecs.' He lifted up his cutoff shirt and

exposed a nice set of pecs and tight muscled stomach. His nipples were

dark brown and seemed to be erected.

I leaned forward and felt. He was so smooth. I looked up. He

was smiling encouragingly. 'Lick those nubs.' I leaned forward and

stuck my tongue out. They were hard, like little cocks. His body smelt

intoxicatingly: sweat, sweet and a little rancid. He looked down at my

lap. My large penis was sticking up in my nylon shorts. ' You like

making Raul happy, don't you?' I nodded dumbly and would agree to

anything as long as I could continue to sniff and lick him. 'Let's have

fun. I've got my trusty Vasoline tube. Here, let me help you.'

He lifted me out of the chair. He was a strong kid. He turned

me around and bent me over the desk and in one motion, pulled down my

shorts. I wasn't wear anything underneath. 'A nice, white, gringo ass.

Some fuzzy hair, but we'll forgive that.' He leaned forward, greased my

hole and entered part way in one single coordinated move. I let out a

groan of surprise and a little pain. 'Hang in there Baby. You are going

to love this.' He eased a few more half inches in. I felt better. In

fact my cock which had retreated, began to rise and press against the

desk. 'Oh yeah, one more magic inch and we'll be home and you will cry

when I pull out.' He began lightly slapping my ass and I opened up and

he was there. I felt like I was filled beyond my capacity. He began to

slowly move, in and out, panting against my back.

I heard myself say. 'Fuck me Raul. I'm almost ready to come.'

He began slamming me, my cock was rubbing against the desk. Suddenly he

yelled something and I could feel his spunk inside me and I shook and


'That was very nice, boss man,' he said. 'Of course I got the

job. Yes?'

'Yes,' I said weakly.

Now I'm not so sure that we are, each one, exclusively dominant

or submissive. I guess some dominants haven't met Raul.



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