The genial rays of the setting Sun filtered through the canopy, illuminating Central Park in irregular splashes of golden rays with a tinge of green as it reflected off the surrounding verdancy. I took a deep breath of the humid air and could smell, among others, cedar and honeysuckle. I looked out and took in the majestic view of God's gift to Earth that showed a glimpse as to what Paradise could be. The fiery aureate orb floated above the horizon, sending out its last caress of warmth to everyone on Earth as it slowly made its descent into darkness. Arabesque whorls of reds, oranges and yellows played across the skies, intermingling among one another as though doing the final dance of the day. And in a flash of amber, the Sun sank below the horizon, plunging the world into immediate darkness, turning the sky into a rich blend of blues and black, illuminated only by the twinkling stars that celebrated the rise of the Moon into the night. "Amazing," I breathed.

The tight fitting black long sleeved shirt hugged onto my body like a second skin, heralding my abdominal muscles as the centre of attraction by highlighting each contour beautifully while still proclaiming my pectoral muscles in proud honor as my perked nipples pushed against the fabric. The sleeves wrapped around my arms gracefully as they captured every visible vein brilliantly in the moonlight. The black jeans I had on emphasized the succulent calf muscles I had, proving yet again that they were my pride and joy. Having smeared my caramel-skinned face with camouflage paint earlier, I jammed a black watch cap onto my head with my black leather gloved hands, tucking any stray strands of my spiky jet black hair in place as I transformed myself into a dark entity of the night. I caressed the bow I held in my hand lovingly and could feel the weight of my quiver of arrows on my back, giving me the firm reassurance as I treaded lightly on my black combat boots through the shadows of the trees. That night, I was on a hunt.

I extended my senses before me, heightening them to the best of their abilities as they guided me through the dark. My ears perked to the slightest sound, the whistle of the nighttime breeze tickling against my cheek, the chirp of cicadas as the Park came back to life with the awakening of its nocturnal inhabitants from their slumber. Feeling my muscles tense up, I grinned at the feel of my adrenaline-laced blood coursing through my veins, dilating my pupils to enhance my vision as I heard the steady rhythm of my heartbeat in my ears. With every step I took, I could feel the hardness within my jeans growing intensely and I willingly let out a soft moan as I felt it pulsate like an entity. Suddenly, I heard the snap of a twig. I smiled, right on time.

I ventured deeper and saw my kill. Dressed in a white sweatshirt and a pair of black running tights, he had his back towards me as he did some stretches, just as he had always been doing on his jog every Wednesday night, his head bobbing to the beat of the music blasting through his earpiece that snaked all the way to the back pocket of his tights as he contorted his body to various forms, his muscle contracting and relaxing at every pose he made. It was as though those muscles had a mind of their own and watching them come alive was breathtaking. I reached back to my quiver and took out an arrow, the head glinting in the moonlight like a freshly cut diamond as I prepared the bow. I took aim and closed my eyes, centering my being as I slowed my breathing to that of the steady rhythm of my heart, merging them into a concordant melody that seemed to evaporate all of the adrenaline away, leaving nothing but a calm inner peace that was soothing for the soul, hearing nothing but the distant voice of my heart. Lub dub... Lub dub... Lub dub... And in between beats, I opened my eyes and heard the resounding thwack of the bow as I released it.

I heard the satisfactory cry of agonizing pain as the arrow sliced through his forearm before embedding itself in the tree with a loud thud. He clutched onto the wound, trying to staunch the massive bloodflow that stained his pristine white sweatshirt a bright crimson, increasingly growing in size with every passing second. His face was a mask of panic and terror as the rich coppery smell of blood spread throughout the air. Don't worry, the only predator he had to fear was me. With horror-stricken eyes darting about, he tried to find me with desperation as he fashioned a rough bandage from strips of fabric from his sweatshirt that he tore with his teeth.

"Who are you?" he cried out, his voice quivering with fright, oblivious to the fact that he was near my hiding place. I stepped out, just enough for him to see my form while still hiding my visage in the shadows. He stumbled back a step, taken aback at the close proximity between us, as I readied my bow again.

I released it and heard the high-pitched whistle of its sail through the air. Alas, it embedded itself in the dirt with a crackle as it crushed the dry leaves. Disappointed, I looked up and saw him running deeper into the dark. Shame, had he stood there a moment longer, the arrow would have sliced cleanly through his Achilles tendon, to which I had been looking forward to watching it shoot up his leg. I could faintly hear his ragged breathing being carried by the wind as I watched his diminishing form. I smiled. They always run, but that was what made the hunt exhilarating. Buzzing with a sudden spike of adrenaline, I took off after him, bounding lightly on my feet as I felt my muscles working like a well-oiled machine. Within seconds, I realized that the surrounding vegetation had grown thicker, blocking off the moonlight, causing it to darken drastically. I smiled, Lady Luck was by my side, and the elements were to my advantage now. He just made the biggest mistake of his life.

I caught up to him with relative ease and saw him glance backwards. I watched the surprise dawn in his eyes as they widened at my sudden reappearance. I beamed a wintry smile back to him. He was mine. I sped up to him, sprinting alongside him as though we were friends and was training with each other, if only it were true. I shouldered him roughly, purposefully swinging my forearm towards his wound, attempting to throw him off, and heard him cry out in misery. He struck back at me, aiming for my face with a punch, but I managed to duck just in time, returning it with a sharp blow to his chest. He gasped out and stumbled to a halt, trying to regain his breath. I jogged to a stop beside him and without hesitation, kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying through the air before crashing into a tree. I calmly walked over to him and knelt before him. His head lolled about and I could see a scarlet river of blood flowing out of his nose. I held up his chin with a black leather gloved hand and saw his eyes fluttering, struggling to open. Instantly, I choked him as I lifted him off the ground, applying the slightest force over my thumb and forefinger to produce the greatest pressure.

True enough, he began struggling as the air hunger built up within him as he tried to pry my hand off his neck, but I was stronger and held on, enjoying his torment at my fingertips. I saw his body shutting down through his eyes, like an old television being switched off to a small bright point before disappearing forever, and flung him away like a lifeless ragdoll. He lay there motionless as I walked over. I flipped him over and saw that he was barely conscious, clenching firmly to the last straw of awareness as I sat on top of his chest, pinning his elbows down with my knees as I slapped his cheeks lightly. "Stay with me, I'm not done," I taunted him.

That seemed to jar him awake as he began struggling again, trying to push me off with every last bit of remaining energy he had to escape my grasp. I leaned more of my weight over him and just waited for his struggle to die down, for him to slowly accept his defeat, for him to submit to me, while smiling down onto him. "What do you want from me?" he cried aloud in desperation. I backhanded him, fast and without reluctance, finding pleasure in the glowing redness of his cheek as I felt my black leather gloved hand tingle from the impact. I realized the bulge in my jeans had swelled and he realized it too. In fact, I could have sworn I felt something stirring under me. Suddenly, my ears perked to the snap of a branch. We were no longer alone.

"HELP!" he immediately screamed. Instinctively, I covered his mouth with a black leather gloved hand to avoid detection, but with the prospect of a savior in his mind, I could see the newfound energy fuelling his entire being as he began to formulate a plan. Before he attempted anything, I hauled him up and dragged him behind a tree, towards the cover of shadows where we would not be seen. I stood with my back against the tree while his was against my chest, my black leather gloved hand still clamped over his mouth as I placed my head beside his.

"Shhh..." I whispered but he screamed into my black leather gloved hand, only to have it muffled.

"Listen, asshole," I hissed and that seemed to garner his attention. "I can snap your head right here, right now. If you scream, I will kill you." He nodded, knowing his place.

I leaned into his neck and kissed him, letting my tongue trail along the length of his neck, tasting him in my mouth as his natural musk sent my nose to sheer ecstasy that surpassed the seven layers of Heaven itself. I sucked on him, right under his jaw and he let out a long moan into my black leather gloved hand as I rubbed my bulge against his butt.

I saw his eyes roll upwards with ravishment, feeling him melt in my arms while I arduously massaged his bulge with my free hand. Distantly, I heard the footsteps nearing us. I shielded him under me, and risked a glance. I saw the silhouette of a man walking towards us. Garbed in black and protected by the shadows, we were both invisible to the naked eye. He stopped before the tree, unaware of our presence.

"Shhh..." I whispered into his ear, lulling him to my command as I let my hot breath caress his ear, probing my tongue into every nook and cranny of it. His body rocked with lechery and he gasped out at the sexual grasp I had over him.

"Hello?" the man called out. He quivered in my arms. In an attempt to calm his nerves, I placed my black leather gloved hand over his face, letting the erotic smell of leather soothe him. I pressed a black leather gloved finger over his lips to remind him of his situation and was pleasantly surprised when he swallowed my entire finger into his full luscious lips before sucking on it ardently like a baby with a pacifier. Soon, the man left, leaving us alone once again.

"Good boy," I told him, and I meant it. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and pushed him down to his knees, positioning him before my bulge. He looked up at me pleadingly. I cradled his face in my black leather gloved hand, tracing his sharp high cheekbones and defined jawline with a black leather gloved finger as he moaned out with lasciviousness. He closed his eyes and savored the moment, the glossy feel of my black leather glove running over his alabaster white skin, and that was when I backhanded him, shattering the fantasy that he had created, sending him crashing towards the ground again. I held the side of his face down with my black combat boot and ordered, "Do what you're told, asshole." He whimpered under my combat boot and I applied more force onto his head.

"Alright! Alright!" he cried out in pain.

"Alright, what?" I demanded and shoved his face deeper into the dirt.

"Alright, Sir," came his soft reply.

I lifted my boot and relished at the defined imprint of my boot against the side of his face. I pulled him up by the hood of his sweatshirt and positioned him before my bulge again. He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled the zipper down with his teeth before pulling the hem of my black Armani boxers down, liberating my hard erect cock like a lazy panther stretching out in the warm caress of the Sun. Dripping with my precum, I trailed it along the side of his face to which he moaned out softly as I saw the ghost of a smile on his face. I slid the entire ten inches into his mouth in one fluid motion, denying him any chance to adapt as I felt the tip touch the back of his throat. I heard a muffled gag as he fought his natural gag reflex but I pushed myself deeper into him and could feel the tip sliding down his throat. I could feel him slowly wrapping his slick tongue along the length of my shaft, feeling the tingles of zest sent by the soft mass that was his tongue as he sucked eagerly.

As he licked my precum, I could feel my once light regular breathing change to raspy sighs and moans. I grabbed onto his hair tightly with my black leather gloved hands as I slid in and out of him, thrusting my being into him. He licked zealously, not wasting a single drop of my precum as my cock gleamed with his saliva. I slid myself out but he held on, losing himself to my cock as he continuously worshipped it with his tongue. I held onto his jaw and slid out, but he stretched out his neck and began sucking on my balls. I could feel his slippery tongue slide gracefully around my manhood, teasing every crevice as his tongue cuddled against my tingling balls. My balls slid out of his lips with a pop and I looked down onto him. His pupils had dilated to the point that his irises were just a mere outline around them, and residing in them was a biological desire, an insatiable hunger that was craving for more, yearning to be satisfied.

I knelt before him, his eyes following my every move. With our faces inches from each other in the dark, I could tell he was holding something back, as though he wanted to say something, but I already knew what was on his mind, what had been prowling his thoughts for the past few minutes, what his fantasy was. "Speak, boy," I commanded.

"I..." he stammered, shifting uneasily on his knees. I leaned in closer, our lips almost brushing each other, teasing the longing I saw in his eyes.

"Say it," I whispered huskily. And in that moment, my lips brushed over his ever so gently and his body rocked with lust as though that mere touch had sparked an electrifying current to flow within his body. He wanted me badly.

"I want to kiss you," he admitted to me. Immediately, I felt myself stiffen. Was that disrespect I heard? I raised a black leather gloved hand, preparing to slap him again, but as soon as he saw it, he realized his mistake and hastily added, "Sir."

I stopped mid-way. "What did you say?" I asked, although I heard it loud and clear. I just wanted to hear him say it again.

"I want to kiss you, Sir," he repeated firmly.

"Is that all?" I asked as I held onto the nape of his neck, sensually massaging it at the same time. Instantly, he collapsed into my chest as he let out a long moan while he wrapped his arms around my back, sighing out continuously with every stroke I made with my black leather gloved finger. Realizing what he had done, he hurriedly tried to push himself up while apologizing repeatedly.

"No," I stated and held his head there. I took off my tight fitting black long sleeved shirt together with my quiver of arrows and laid them on the ground. He leaned in and sucked my right nipple into his long awaiting soft tender lips as I leaned against the bark of the tree. He chewed and sucked on it avidly as I held onto his nape, pushing him deeper into me as I moaned with joy.

"Good boy. Yeah, that's it." My rock hard wet cock was pressed against his, separated only by the thin fabric of his black running tights, but I knew they were throbbing with concupiscence energy that fuelled us into each other's passionate dance. He bit into the sinewy muscle of my pectorals, mauling over every inch of my chest as though he had been a starving man on a deserted island that had been given a banquet fit for a king. He licked and slobbered all over me, lightly dragging his soft tongue along the taut ridges of my abdominal muscles. I grabbed his hair roughly and tried to peel him off my body, but he clung onto me, resisting me as he dug his nails into my bare back to satisfy his hunger. Eventually, he let go and that was when I lost it.

I chased him in his own mouth, touching every crack and fissure with my tongue, making sure I left my mark in his mouth, claiming him as mine, as he gracefully evaded my capture. I pushed his head deeper into me and slipped my tongue into his throat, letting the tip touch the back of it before sliding into it. He gagged slightly and it seemed to rejuvenate him with a newfound lewd energy. He slowly wrapped my tongue with his and I moaned into him as he sucked on me earnestly. We parted and I saw that his lips were swollen, as was mine.

"Turn around," I ordered in my raspy voice. He obeyed and even stripped his black running tights off without me telling him to. He was learning fast. He laid on all fours on the ground, his butt completely exposed to me as he awaited me, like a good boy would. I slid into him in a single fluent move, causing anguish to explode within his very being as he let out a scream of pure suffering. I stifled it with a clamp of my black leather gloved hand over his mouth and could feel his sphincter muscles stretch to their fullest extent to accommodate me as he struggled in protest. He was breathing hard, but with my black leather gloved hand covering his nose and mouth, the erotic smell of leather seemed to lull him with every breath he took as he melted into my grip.

I started off slow, gradually letting him grow accustomed to me. I drove myself deep into him, probing him in every way possible, not overlooking any edge as I excavated him hard. I touched his special spot and his body rocked with waves of enjoyment as they travelled down the length of his spine. I could feel my cock throb with salacious energy within him as I felt his butt muscles hard at work, attempting to milk me off my liquid gold which I knew he had been craving for. I slid out and flipped him over, hooking his legs over my shoulders before sliding back into him. I moaned with prurience as I thrusted into him, feeling his legs pushing me deeper into him. I grabbed his cock, all eight inches of it wet with his precum, in my black leather gloved hand and began stroking him while thrusting myself faster, harder, into him. And, it happened.

I exploded into him, flooding his entire system with a white hot river of my molten gold as he sighed with euphoric delectation, his butt muscles milking me off every drop, swallowing it into his being like a precious gem that had just been formed from the Earth's core. At the same time, he exploded in my black leather gloved hand. I held his mouth wide open and watched as spurts of his explosion shot into his own mouth before disappearing down his throat. Without waiting for him to finish milking, I slid back out and put on my clothes.

"Goodbye, Tyler," I said solemnly as I slung the quiver of arrows across my shoulders. Tyler sat up, a dazed confused look on his face.

"Wait, Zul, what's going on? Where are you going?" he asked, his voice laced with concern. As a reply, I reached into my black jeans and took out my iPhone. I unlocked it and showed him a video. I watched the concern drain from his face, only to be conquered by bewilderment and panic. As the video played on, my face remained stoic and emotionless. Earlier in the week, someone had taken a video of one of the houses Tyler was assigned to as part of his job as a roofer. When I first watched the video, I could not believe what I had seen, but after multiple times, reality sank in and I knew I could never escape the inevitable truth. The video showed Tyler kissing his roofing partner as well as other explicit acts. When the video ended, I pocketed my iPhone and turned my back towards him, walking into the darkness of Central Park.

"Wait, Zul! I can explain! Please!" Tyler cried, grabbing onto the denim of my jeans. I looked down and saw that tears were streaming down his cheeks as he clung onto my leg. I simply reached down and pried his fingers off as he begged for forgiveness and a chance to explain himself. Suddenly, I felt all of the anger that I had kept out of my mind flooding my body, as though I was taken over by a different entity altogether. I grabbed him by the neck and slammed his back hard against a tree, causing leaves and twigs to rain upon us as it shook from the impact.

"I trusted you, Tyler. I fucking trusted you," I acrimoniously reminded him through gritted teeth.

"I'm sorry, Zul. I really am," was all he could reply, his mismatched yellow-gold eyes welling up with even more tears that threatened to spill over within the next passing second. And in that moment, I was reminded of all the good times we had, the laughing dancing eyes that drew me in to him at that fateful Dance, the pure look of delightful happiness spreading across his face when I presented him with his very own Enzo Ferrari, the triumphant look he had when he finished racing down the French Alps earlier than I did when we went on holiday together, the boyish smile he flashed when he presented me with a dragon-shaped dog tag for my birthday... All of that, crashed and shattered before my very eyes as that accursed video played through my mind constantly like a bad rerun of television, reminding me of his treacherous mistake continuously. It burned right before me, and I could feel the heat coursing through my veins, fuelling the rage I had boiling within me, threatening to explode like a dormant volcano would. But I did not.

I simply let him go, sending him crashing back to the ground and turned my back towards him, never expecting in a million years to utter those words.

"We're done."




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