I'm introducing another character's point of view this chapter. I don't really know exactly what I'm doing with the cast of characters I have so far, but... you'll see. :) There's even bit of a surprise to this chapter. The places may be real, but I do not own them, obviously.

We Weren't Even Friends

Chapter 3

Party and Principle

~~Ken's POV~~

The moment Brandon turned the keys on for his Porsche, I was in heaven. Amazing technology, interior, power. I was in awe. He lowered his expensive black squarish sunglasses as he put the car into drive. Although the speed limits are really low in town, his car bellowed with extreme amounts of power. He really has it all when it comes down to it. Money, style, intelligence, a good heart, looks... It's a shame I can't be like him... Well, I do have the honor of being his friend. I never would have met him if I didn't leave. It was the greatest decision of my life. Even though my apartment is small, it is really the first time I can say I have a home. I feel safe... I'm starting to dream at night, instead of being constantly swallowed by nightmares. I'm just excited to party and hang out with my friends. Brandon is smiling again... Good.

"Hey, thanks again for picking me up," I say to break our silence.

"Not a problem, buddy. I'd do anything to help you out. Just let me know," he says showing off his perfectly straight, white teeth.

"Who says I need help? I got it all!" I say as I punch him in the shoulder.

"Sure, you do..." he says as he rolls his eyes.

"I have you, don't I? And I'm sure you have it all," I say with a laugh.

"Not even close," he says as we pull up to a huge house right outside of town.

~~Brandon's POV~~

Mike's House. Six bedroom, 6.5 bathrooms, a foyer, a huge basement with its own set of rooms, where our party will be held with a beautiful bar full of great alcohol, and soundproofing, so when Mike's parents have their own functions, it doesn't get too out of hand so the neighbors don't get pissed off. It's more than big enough to have a huge party and I'm lucky enough to be his best friend. I'm really surprised that Ken got invited. Mike's probably just doing it to avoid making me mad, but maybe he is starting to lighten up a bit. While Ken is on my mind, what did he mean by "I have it all..."? I really don't. A family of wealth, being of privilege, expecting to be the greatest thing on Earth since sliced bread has about no perks at all. I just want to be appreciated. I want somebody to think I'm amazing... Maybe that's why Ken and Mike make me feel special. I just feel the same kind of vibes sent my way from both of them, like they look up to me like I'm the best thing ever. They don't know that I'm not. I guess, in their case, well... in mine too, ignorance is bliss. We walk in together, are escorted downstairs by Harold, the family butler, and he locks up the basement, our prison and paradise for the night. I go straight to the bar. There's a good thirty-five people here. Most popular kids from school, too.

"Well, ready to get a drink?" I ask Ken as I pat him on the shoulder.

"Yeah, after I take in the fact that I'm in a mansion," he says in awe.

~~Mike's POV~~

The guests of honor are here I see. It's about damn time though. I'm looking around at the people who came over. The coolest kids in school, captains of clubs, sports teams, cheerleaders, people with a good reputation. And half of the guests are not even here. But, the ones I wanted to really see are. I make my way through the crowd, already a couple drinks in, starting to feel a bit tipsy, but the night is new. Steph is working the bar and my family is paying for her bar tending training so she can pay for school. She's an awesome girl.

"Hey, Tess! Hey Carter," I say in a slur.

"Hello McDevitt," he says in his British baritone.

"Hey Mike," Tess says already plastered drunk.

I giggle a little bit. He always watches over her, and he doesn't even like girls. You think he would be out for some dick or something like that. I bet he gets on his knees and sucks a damn good cock. It's enough to make me hard right now, even though I just had sex a little less than a hour ago.

"Great party down under, right?" he says chuckling, while checking out my bulge.

"It is. Gotta celebrate," I say not even caring that he was checking me out.

I finally get through the crowd and to Kenneth and Brandon. I tell them to wait a minute and they say okay. They both smile and at me and I ask Steph to pour three shots of some of the strongest stuff we have. I run back with the shot glasses and raise a toast.

"To our new member of the choir, Ken! To be honest, I didn't think you were going to make it, but it'll be nice having new talent," I say.

"Aye," Brandon says.

"Cheers," he says as he hesitates downing the shot.

We party, play pong, play cards, play all sorts of things. After our shot, we switched to mixed drinks. Words are slurring all around. People are flowing in, just chilling, a couple people are sleeping in one of the guest rooms. This is a lot of fun. At this point, Steph, Carter, Tess, Brandon, Ken, my fellow soccer players Matty and Kyle, who are twins, and I are finishing a round of "Never Have I Ever" and it is Steph's turn.

"Never have I ever... kissed a girl," Steph says, drunk herself now.

"Well, I'm gonna fucking change that," Tess says.

All of us put a finger down, except for Carter, and really surprisingly, Ken, and Steph. Strange, he might be another Brandon. She goes in for a kiss and you can tell that all inhibitions have left the both of them. They slip tongue right away and I look immediately at Ken, who looks completely entranced by what is happening. I see him go hard, and I close my eyes, and I do too. And I create a picture in my head and the first thing I see is him and I, our lips, about to crash. I immediately open my eyes again... forgetting what I just pictured. Matty and Kyle cheer and Carter just looks disgusted. Brandon is laughing his ass off.

"Come on Tess. Stop being a whore," Carter says as he pulls them away.

The rest of the guys snicker at him and call him a killjoy. He shrugs and Tess and Matty sticks her tongue out at him.

"Put that back in there, unless you want to do it with me next time," he says as he wildly starts laughing at them.

"I need to go to the bathroom," Ken says after we all have calmed down.

"I got it," Brandon says.

He was sure as hell quick to answer that call to arms. I guess he knows the place just as well as I do...

~~Brandon's POV~~

Well, let's show him around. I see Ken stumble as he tries to get up, so I bend down to help him up. A feel a smack on my ass and it's from Carter. It's playful though, no cupping action. Ken, however, doesn't seem to trust my leaning and grabs my hand. It's hard, yet soft at the same time. I put my arm around his smaller frame and lead him to the bathroom through one of the guest rooms. I stand outside the door. Time keeps ticking, and ticking, and ticking, and then finally he comes out.

"Have fun jerking it in there?" I ask with a huge smile.

"You wish," he says as he wipes his hand across my face gently.

Now I go in to piss, he waits outside the door, because apparently balancing his own weight isn't part of his inebriated resume. I let out my 5 inch uncut dick and piss. Accuracy just a tad bit off, I'm not exactly hitting the water, but at least it's in the bowl. I'm finally done after what seems like gallons of urine later and I zipper up my pants and I'm having a shit ton of trouble with the button. I need some help.

"Ken..." I whisper.

"Yeah..." he asks.

"Come in here a sec. I need some help," I say.

He comes in and I point down to my pants. He laughs and covers his mouth to shut himself up. Good, this is so awkward. He fumbles around with it too, accidentally rubbing my dick, which somehow is staying down. Maybe I'm just too damn drunk. He then pushes me against the sink and I smell him for the first time. It's a sweet smell, not girly, just a sweet cologne, and it kind of turns me on. He finally puts the button on and looks at me and I rub his soft, soft hair. He moans a little and then looks scared at me. I... kiss him. His lips are soft and he quietly reciprocates. Our mouths are in drunken tandem. And I push him against the sink.

~~Mike's POV~~

How long are they going to be? Did one of them pass out? What the fuck? Fuck it. I'll go check on them. I stumble through the basement and make it to the bathroom. The door is open and... What in the actual fuck? Are they... kissing? What the hell?

"Ummm... AHEM!" I sneer to them as loud as possible.

Ken stops and Brandon puts him down. He stands there silently and I see fear in his eyes again, worse than ever before. Brandon turns around and looks at me, horrified. His body language, the aggressiveness on his end that I saw, as well as the passive side of Ken's, leaves me to guess that Brandon started this. Guys can kiss for fun, I guess if girls can, but Brandon looked all in. That bastard is hiding something from me. I feel jealous, angry, and betrayed by Brandon. How dare he?

"You a fag, Brandon?! Making out with that pretty boy?" I yell at him.

"You were watching for a bit, weren't you?" he yells back.

Woah! Was not watching. Way to try and turn that around.

"Fuck you asshole!" I say as I push him against Ken.

"Hey, stop it Mike," he says, trembling.

"Shut up, I wanted to trust you. You just let anyone make out with you!?" I yell even louder.

Carter, Matty, and Kyle run up to the room and after that last outburst, Carter tells them to leave. They are too drunk to remember anything, but he seems pretty sober still.

"Mike, what is going on?" he comes in too.

"These two faggots were just making out in here," I yell at him, immediately turning white saying that word in front of him.

His face turned red. He was super pissed and in fact, Carter scared me... He has always had this presence and it bothers me knowing that he is just as talented in singing as me, maybe even better.

"Apparently you are too, since you were watching! I'm taking them home, I don't give a fuck if you wanted to get to know Ken more. I know that's why you are having this party," he says in an angry whisper.

~~Ken's POV~~

Brandon's in tears. Carter is here. It's such a blur. I'm scared. I just kissed a dude. Why did he do that? Why did I accept it? Why didn't I push him off me? I just wanted to help him.

"I'm calling a cab for you two. Let's go outside," Carter says seriously.

I'm stumbling outside and the chilly air gives me this energy to run. And so I do, at this point, to where I think is home. I turn on my phone's GPS and I follow it. I'm downtown, people are everywhere, and I'm really drunk and confused. I check my phone to see where to turn next, but it's dead. I start wandering around what I think is Penn State and end up in this little garden near the back edge of the school. And I sit and my past is starting to haunt me. Those fears, they are coming to life again, I feel it in my soul. The pain, the hurt, the hardship, and I just don't want to feel anymore. Brandon made me feel so safe, and now, I don't know if I should trust him or even if I could if I wanted to. And I sit on a bench and sob and sob and sob and sob. I can't stop the tears from coming out. It hurts too much. Then, I hear footsteps walk up to me. I can kind of see what he looks like. Tall, short brown hair, toned body.

"Mike?" I vaguely ask.

"No, but who are you?" he asks gently as he sits next to me.

I see more of this guy. He looks around my age, probably in college, seeing as I'm somewhere at Penn State. Beautiful green eyes, tight green v-neck, white shorts, matching shoes. Boy, he's a pretty striking guy. God, these thoughts need to stop. He puts his arms around me and squeezes. I sob into him, not even knowing who he is, but the way he holds me is comforting. I finally get up and sit on the bench and he laughs.

"You kind of soaked my shirt, buddy. You at least owe me your name," he says with a gentle smile.

"Ken, Kenneth Quinn," I slur and with a sniffle.

"Hi Ken, my name is James. Nice to meet you," he says as he shakes my hand.

He looks in my eyes and sees the hurt and I look back. I don't see sympathy in his eyes. I see a shared pain. But, I block it out.

"Where are you staying? I'll take you home," he says.

"I don't really know my new address. I'm moved away from my other house and go to the high school. Where's Brandon? Where's Mike? I want them here with me," I slur even more.

"Ok... Well, you're staying with me tonight. I'm nearby in one of the dorms. You can't get arrested," he says seriously

He walks with me, arm in arm, helping me walk and we get to a dorm and he slides his ID card. We go up the elevator, and go up to his room. It's small, but both of the beds are slid together. A blonde haired boy is in there, Jame's age, and tall too. He looks brazen, but he is jacked. I see pictures of them everywhere.

"Hey Ryan, this guy here is in high school, and he's lost, so he's staying here," he says with a smile.

"Alright, can't have a pup like him getting lost," Ryan says as he separates the beds and makes one for what I guess is for me.

"Why'd you kiss me Brandon?!" I say as I look at him.

Why is James calling him Ryan? It's Brandon.

"Come on, go to sleep, what's his name?" he whispers to James.

"Ken," James whispers back.

"Go to sleep Ken," 'Ryan' says to me.

~~Jame's POV~~

It wasn't too long ago, I kissed a guy, and I'm not turning back. He looks hurt. I'll get it out of him and once I do, it will change his life.

"I'm not used to the small bed again," Ryan says with a laugh.

"Oh, well, at least we are closer," I say with a smile and a kiss to Ryan's lips.

And with this guy, I never would turn back without him.


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