Chapter one - A new scene

Hi my name is Chad, I'm 34 years old, I live in Los Angeles the city of sun, fun and hard work. I'm what you call a computer guy. I set up my own business at the end of the nineties making websites for other companies, working out online stores etc. Back then it was all a lot of fun (for computer guys anyway). I made a lot of money and it was also the time of the dot-com bubble. So when we hit the millennium the bubble bursted and a lot of online companies went bust. So did mine well almost...

I had made some websites for the adult consumer industry well... to put it blunt I made porn sites.

Anyway with the burst of the bubble this was the only industry that didn't suffer, just the opposite they grew and I saw my costumers driving big bling bling cars. Bling being a popular word at that time used by rap artists and added to the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary in 2002. (Yes I know, the fact that I know these things make me nerdish).

So maybe I have to describe myself a bit further. I wear glasses (yes I see you sight when you read this), but in my defense I try to buy hip models and they make me look smart - so my customers think that I know what I'm talking about. (and I do but it underlines it a bit more).

I'm 6 feet 2 (1.89m), weigh 161 pounds (73kg). I'm a jogger and from time to time I pull some weights but you know how it is having your own business means work work work.

My hair is blond although more on the darker side, I have blue eyes and the Californian sun gives me a good healthy color.

I have my own house, a pool, a room where you can play some snooker and I bought also a big home cinema system, I have a small bar so I can entertain my friends hanging out relaxing. (mtv cribs is one of my favorite programs).

I'm gay although I've had relations with girls and you can't see that I'm gay, well only when I'm not with a guy of course. At the moment I'm single and I like it that way, I can do what I want and decorate my house the way I want (yes I like decorating my house, I have some nice paintings and sculptures but I hate kitsch and I loath the color pink or girlisch decorations).

But I'm getting side tracked here, back to my story.

I had to get used to my new customers and their web content. Pictures of men and women with big words on the screen: JOIN NOW, FREE TOUR. You click on free tour and you get another join now. That's the easy part of the site, the secure payments mode is a different thing. Nowadays you have specialized companies but back then it all had to be worked out. (In computer terms you quickly speak in past terms). So I did what I was good at and got to work.

One day I had a new customer, a company called hgb inc. A boring company you think but the hgb stands for horny gay boys. Which says it all of course, I must say I find that these companies don't have a lot of imagination but maybe that's just what the customer wants: see a dick over and over again.

One time I got invited to see a shoot, I was curious so I said yes. I think the owner just wanted to impress me and maybe to renegotiate our contract. Let him try I thought. If he thinks I let walk over me he's in for a surprise. I am tough when it concerns my business.

So I got there drove down a large driveway to the big main house. I got out, the firm owner walked over, shook my hand and saw me look around. 'Call me Haines' he smiled.

'Long driveway' I said.

'Yes we need privacy in our business, we have outside shootings too'.

'Come in I give you a grand tour'.

Haines was a bit of a strange guy not at all what you'd expect, or maybe on second thought he is, I don't know.. An almost bold guy around 50, wearing a colorful shirt half open, exposing his dark brown chest hair that looked to have a life of its own and growing towards the sun.

Further he wore short and slippers. Although I found this a bit comical his eyes were sharp, analyzing his every move. Better don't underestimate this guy I thought, appearance isn't everything.

We entered the hall, there were boxes en metal cases everywhere, clearly for technical equipment.

'I started this firm two decades ago' he said, mainly we did photo shoots for magazines and we made vhs movies.

He showed me the living room, there were cables lying on the floor. In one corner there was a pile of furniture probably props I thought. The room looked a bit cheap, unnatural.

He saw me looking and said 'From time to time we repaint and we redecorate making sure the movie has the right look'.

A guy carrying a light spot entered the room and disappeared into the next.

'We write all are stories ourselves' Haines said. 'Storylines are very important to us, they give our movies more edge'.

Another guy walked in totally naked and plunged himself into the sofa.

'One of our actors, in between scenes they have to sit and wait'. 'You do a lot of waiting don't you Dale?'

Dale grinned and grumbled something in agreement. Guess his communicative skills weren't that important in this business. But I must say he had a nice body and I couldn't help staring at him, it was like looking at a stud dreamcar and you knew you'd be in heaven when you could take it out for a spin.

Haines gave me a slap on the back and said 'Come on lets continue our tour'.

I couldn't help thinking it was like visiting the website: continue the free tour but we expect you to join at the end.

As I walked by Dale, I wanted to give him a nod, but he looked bored and seemed to have discovered a long hair on his otherwise hairless chest.

We crossed another room while Haines continued explaining. 'At the moment were doing a story about a photo shoot. One guy poses and the other guy shoots pictures, then it gets a bit more intense when the model takes of more and more clothes, when he's finally naked they start sucking each other off and then they fuck for the next twenty minutes'.

'Then what happens?' I ask.

'Well they cum and that's the end of the scene'.

Ah, I thought, I see they probably have a lot of work with thinking out these storylines.

'So here we are on the scene'. 'We have to make sure the lights are ok, we have to check out different kinds of filters, there are also different kinds of shots we have for example Two-Shot s: A comfortable shot of two people, framed similarly to a mid shot, but we do Cut-Ins too it shows some part of the subject in detail and so on. We have to think about these things all in advance so that the shootings goes perfect otherwise, at the end of the day we end up loosing money.'

I nodded, I've always had an interest in all things technical but now my mind was distracted by this scene happening before my eyes.

Chapter two - The shoot

Although I 've seen my share of pornmovies before it was something different standing in the middle of it. A hot guy sitting on a stool was being sucked off by another guy. The camera filmed from the side. Then the cameraman moved behind the guy sitting on the stool and filmed over his shoulder.

'Ok now look up' said a man making hand gestures. Guess he was in charge of what was happening.

'That's my movie director, Gerard' Haines said.

The guy looked up, straight into the camera while sucking.

'Ok, ok nice work, look into the camera, Danny move your hand more to the right'

'My crew making magic' Haines said.

I nodded.

'Its ok to talk' Haines said 'We edit the sound afterwards. Sometimes with other actor voices. We edit everything. When we make a close-up of a cock it also might be one from another actor, taken a few weeks later. Nothing is what it seems in showbiz.'

Haines laughed and slapped my back again. 'But hey I'm letting you in on some trade secrets'.

'When we have a shoot taking place in the hall for instance and then the action moves to the bedroom and then back to the hall. We shoot everything taking place in the hall first and then maybe a week later the stuff in the bedroom.'

The action was getting more intense and these guys didn't seem to care that people were watching them fully naked and well, exposing themselves.

The actor sitting on the stool moved his hand towards the head of his kneeling colleague and caressed his hair while throwing his head back.

The kneeling guy took the entire cock in his mouth. The sucking noises were arousing me and I felt a good pressure in my pants.

I stared and I couldn't swallow, my hart raged.

The camera moved again, now filming the ass of the kneeling actor who was now also caressing his crack.

Man this was a weird turn on.

'Cut' the director shouted and suddenly everything stopped. People started walking into the scene, the actors stood up and disappeared into the next room their cocks still hard.

'Ok, lets go to my office to talk business' Haines said.

I followed him to some stairs, we went up. On the landing we passed a plastic Michelangelo's David but with a large cock pointing upwards. Around his neck they had put a leather strap with a sign saying administration.

'He's standing here to give people directions' Haines chuckled.

We entered his office through a heavy wooden double door. The room was the opposite of everything else in the house. It was more like walking into the office of an old senator or something, heavy furniture, large leather seats, book cases with old books, wood work on the walls and so on.

'Take a seat, can I offer you a drink?' Haines said while he walked to a case with crystal decanters. 'Whiskey ok?'

'Yes sure' I said.

'Take a seat, let me be direct with you' He said while pouring a glass.

'I want to try something new with our website. I want to focus on our actors giving them more of a celebrity status like Hollywood does'.

'I want to give each of them their own page with pictures and frequently updated content, maybe a diary and stuff'. 'I want it to be interactive so viewers must be able to leave comments and questions, which the star then can answer. Giving viewers the idea that they are more close to the actor so that they can fantasize about his exciting life. Well we'll have to make up an exciting life of course.' Haines chuckled.

'But when our viewers have the opportunity to add comments and write stories, they themselves create content. Let the customers work for you and not you working for the customer, I always say - its like converting the Ikea model for the porn industry, haha'.

'I want be able to send automatic emails to our viewers with teasers, making them curious and making sure they come back to us and spend their fucking money'.

Haines slapped his fist on the table. 'Hell I want to milk those horny suckers out'.

He chucked his whiskey down and took up his phone.

I nipped my glass.

'Send up Jase' Haines said, some murmur from the other side of the line 'I don't care, get his dick up here now' Haines answered.

'I want you to meet one of our first 'stars' appearing on our new site content' Haines said.

I drank some more while we waited.

A knock on the door and a guy entered. I recognised him it was the cock sucking actor from before. He was still naked though his hard on was gone.

'Chad meet Jase' Haines said. 'Jase, Chad our computer guy.'

Jase came over and shook my hand. A bit weird since I was sitting and he stood with his cock dangling before me. I wanted to stand up to give him a proper hand but to do that I had to move my head past his groin, so I decided to stay and sit.

I wanted to compliment him on his work but that would have sounded kinda weird so I just said hello. (Yes and in case you are wondering I took a good look at this cock, you pervs).

He looked a lot younger, now I saw him from up close, maybe he was 22 or something, blond hair long but not touching his shoulders. You could see he worked out, a baby six-pack was showing. His arms were more muscled. Damn and his blue eyes were something you could drawn in. So innocent looking, like a kid discovering the world and thinking its all great. But then I got a mental picture before me of him sucking off another guy. How many guys has he sucked off I wondered.

My line of thought was disturbed by Haines saying: 'We need to make a good photo shoot, showing off all this boys features.'

'Turn around' Haines said to Jase.

Jase complied. Now I had a good view of his but. It seems he was shaven everywhere.

'I want you to think out a good lay-out and all the technical stuff so that's its user friendly'. Haines continued.

Haines speaks about this boy like he was just an object I thought, and more surprising Jase didn't seem to mind.

'We need to give him a life story' Haines said. 'Maybe he's a surfer or a gymnast.' 'Do some crunches'.

Jase sat down on the floor and did crunches.

'Yeah that's it we can take pictures while he's in action.' Haines continued brainstorming. 'We could oil him up or give him sports clothes.'

I saw Jase looking at me, he continued doing crunches. His muscles contracted and relaxed, a beautiful sight. How does he do it to get such a perfect body, I thought.

I gave him a smile.

He opened his eyes more or somehow they looked bigger, while he continued eye contact. He looked really like a puppy know. I know it was probably his trademark which he was showing of but it worked.

'So we better set up the details in writing and work out an addendum to the contract.' Haines said while he stood up to poor himself a new glass.

'Jase you can go know'.

The whole time Jase hadn't said a word. He stood up and left, though I had the idea that he made sure I could have another last look at his cock.

So the next hour we worked out the details of our new deal, but my mind wondered of from time to time to the picture of Jase. Maybe a negotiating technique of our shark Haines I thought: first make you horny, then discuss legal terms and contract details - brutal.

Chapter three - Drive

Finally we had a good draft of our agreement and it was time to go. 'I thank you for your visit' Haines said 'I think this will be good for the both of us. Till next time, maybe you can see more of our shoots or maybe you want to be in it sometimes'. He winked at me but I ignored his remark and shook his hand, wishing him all the best with his firm.

'Can you find your way back?' he said,

'Sure' I said and I left the room. Passing the 'David' on the landing, I went down. As I passed the hallway I saw Jase. Fully clothed now, he was wearing a sporty outfit and had a backpack over his shoulder.

'So your gonna make me famous' he said.

'Well I'm making a website all about you, guess we have to find out how popular you will be' I said.

'Yeah well Haines knows his stuff, but for today I'm done here.'

'Oh can I offer you a lift' I asked.

'Well I usually get a ride from the guys, but it seems they're still rapping up today's shoot. So yes if its not to much trouble or out of your way'.

'Where do you live?'

'Whitley Avenue'

'Oh that neighbourhood is pretty hip and urban and the area has plenty of young people.'

He shrugged his shoulders, 'It's cool but paying the rent is not always easy.'

I nodded when I showed him the way to my car.

We got in and I started driving. 'It is a bit out of my way, is it ok if we stop at my house first? I have to fax some documents'.

'No prob' Jase said. 'Cool car'

'Thanks, yeah I love my beemer.'

'So you've been working for Haines for a long time?' I asked.

'A year or so, I came here to be an actor, I'm still following acting classes. But things are expensive you know. I did several jobs, cleaning, working in bars, shoving boxes.'

'But your ok with what your doing now?'

'Yeah well it gets me by, you know.' 'What about you?'

'Oh I suck at acting' I said 'So I have my own internetcompany'.

Jase smiled and looked out of the window at the passing cars.

'So here we are' I finally said 'This is my place'. I parked the car and we got out.

I let us in into the house, offered him something to drink while he waited and went into my office preparing my faxpapers.

'You have a really nice house' I heard him say, 'Wow and a pooltable.'

Guess he was wandering around checking everything out.

'Make yourself at home' I shouted back.

'Okay, no worries' he shouted and I heard a plunge.

Seems he had found the pool and decided he needed to cool off.

Damn I thought to myself, what a guy just living in the moment. I concentrated on my legal papers.

When I was done I went down to the pool.

'Really refreshing' Jase said come on in.

He did a few strokes swimming towards me. I noticed he was skinny dipping.

'Well ok let me get my swim shorts'

'Yeah right' Jase said 'you had the opportunity to check me out all the way at Haines office' 'I think you can now return the favour'

He smiled showing his white bleached teeth.

'Well yes that's only fair' I said 'But I'm not like you, I'm a skinny nerdish guy, nothing much to see'

I guess I was in the defence, and a bit insecure about my own body, but who wouldn't be when compared to someone with a perfect body?

'Come on', he laughed and splashed some water. Again he looked as if he didn't have a care in the world.

So I gave in and stripped slowly. I was sure he was finding it amusing, he had twinklings in his eyes. I stripped down my underpants and quickly jumped into the water.

The water was warmed by the sun and it felt good. My dick feeling freed from my underware.

Chapter Four: 'Dive in'

I was treading water, keeping myself afloat. I spread my arms and made the water ripple with my hands. Our eyes locked for a moment, my heart made a jump. At the same time Jase dove down. His legs kicked the water and I felt drops hit my face.

I saw him reappear at the other end of the pool. Why did this guy make me feel like I'm 16 again, feeling butterflies? I decided I had to act my age, I don't know what would you have done? I'm thinking put yourself above him even if it's just an act. I started swimming maybe I could do a few laps, working my muscles, getting my head together. He watched me from the side, he had his arms spread out along the side of the pool, the water level just brushed his nipples.

I did a few laps, my muscles were tensed. Joining Jase at the side he said 'Man its great you have a pool of your own, swimming beats the gym.' He smiled,' swimmers have great bodies too. '

'Well, it seems you don't need a pool for that' I smiled back.

He gave me a boyish look and lifted himself out of the pool.

Dripping water on my tiles, he stroke his hair stepped to the end of the pool and dove in. Like a spear he cleaved the water and in full speed he began making laps. Yes I felt my swimming before had the elegance of a man dropped in the lake with a weight bound to his feet. But hey who cares. I lifted myself out of the water, took a towel and put it around my waste. I arranged some drinks and then sat back on the side of the pool, my legs dangling in the water.

Jase was still doing his work out, he seemed enjoying himself, it was like he was comfortable, safe, just swimming.

I watched him, I felt like everything was like it should be. I noticed the sun warming my body and I lay back, closed my eyes.

Suddenly I felt water dripping all over my body. Jase had finished his work out and had now lifted him half way out of the pool , between my legs leaning over me. His face was right above mine more drops form his wet hair fell on my face.

'Thanks for that' I said.

He said nothing he just hang over me. Silence.

It was an electric moment, probably one of those moments you remember for ever.

Slowly he let himself slide back into the pool.

My mind was working overtime, what had happened, my mind was void.

I felt his wet head at the inside of my legs. His head disappeared under the towel I was wearing. An utterly warm glow took hold of my body, it spread from my tows to my ears. I don't remember breathing, thinking or anything. It was like I came to a halt and at the same time went into light speed.

The movements at my groin went faster, the knot of my towel came lose and both ends fell beside me. Exposing my hips to the sun. This wet blond head appeared in front of me. I couldn't resist and I ran my hand through it. The head responded, Jase turned his head so he could look at me. My hand touched his cheek. He continued, man some things you just can't explain, this hotty new everything there was to know and brought it into practice. I mean I just couldn't have done it myself like that and damn please don't stop.

I felt an unstoppable build up in my body, an over empowering force like you yourself could've made the walls of Troye crumble and seize the city. And there I was looking at my blond Achilles making it happen.

Instead of crumbling walls I shot straight into his mouth while he continued sucking me empty.

All my muscles relaxed, I just laid there, finding back my breath.

Jase jumped out of the pool and said 'I should go'.

'Yeah sure, of course' And I jumped up too.

During the drive to his apartment nothing was said, I mean, it just seemed so silly to make small talk now. When we got there he got out and said 'Thanks' and he was gone.

To be continued.



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