It all started on a Friday when two very diferent creatures fell in love.

Hey Mark what are you doing after school. Oh hey Aiden, umm idk why. Well do you want to go to a secret place I have something to tell you. Sure I also have something to tell you. Cool I'll pick you up at your house around 5. Ok Aiden see you then. Ok it's. A date, Uhh I mean umm ughhh. Mark went up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and said yea it's a date.


5 o'clock cane around And Mark waited calmly at the door talking to his older brother. So I'm gonna tell him. What you can't he'll think were freaks and tell everyone then we will have to move! No he will accept me I know it. Fine but if he doesn't your tell mom and dad! Ok oh he's here gotta go we have a date. Mark gave his brother a wink, his brother loudly coughed UGH SLUT.

Aiden watched as his cute bf walked calmly to the truck. Aiden love to stare at Mark. He had light tan skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, pearl white teeth, and a very cute ass.

Mark got in and notice Aiden staring. Is there something on me. No, I just like looking at you, your so cute. Thanks but your even better. What no, ugh yea I may be cute but your hot. I love your tan skin, your amazing muscles, and your eyes, and hair, ahhhh turn on. What how? Well they have the same thing. There just brown. No not just brown a special brown. The have pigments of red in them that's only noticeable In the light. Well your eyes are amazing to, yea how. Well there blue. And alot of people have blue eyes. Yea but yours are a deep blue and they give me a harden that makes Mt Everest look soft and small. Aiden began getting closer to Mark and proceeded to kiss him. Mark quickly accepted Aiden's eager tongue as they continued to make out.


Can I open my eyes now Aiden. No Mark not yet but we are almost there. They pulled up into a wooden area with a lake and a open area of green grass.

Ok open, wow Aiden it's amazing. I knew you'd like it. They got of and walked to the grassy area. Mark well we have been going out for 3 months now. Yeah Mark quickly confirmed. There is something I need to show you. ok what? It's a secret you cant tell anyone and I just hope you accept me. Mark looked puzzled, but Aiden continued. He walked back about 15 feet and it started. Streams of fire started to surrowend Aiden. He Grew wings not too big but not to small they were red and resembled the ones you would find on a dragon.

Mark I am a Pyro. Mark was shocked he only heard about Pyro's in fairytales. I can create and controlfire and electricity. Please don't freak out I am still the same person.

Mark looked puzzled at first then began to smile. Whats up with you, Aiden asked. I do accept you and now that your out so can I. What are you talking about. Come here Mark grabbed Aiden 's hand and Brang him to the lake. What are we doing. Now it's my turn to tell my secret. Aiden was confused. What secret? You'll see.

Mark got into the water slowly. When he was in he said just watch. Bubbles began to appear as Mark laid on the water motionless. Marks shirt disappeared, and so did his pants and under wear. His legs got longer about another 1 1/2. His light tan skin became a blue that looked magnificent. His feet became a flipper. When the bubbles stoped Mark climbed onto the peer. Aiden I am a merman. Aiden was shocked never would he have guessed. I also have powers like creating and controlling water. Mark your a Merman and I'm a Pyro we are destined to be together. Mark was excited as Aiden came down to kiss him.


They were on the peer kissing when Aiden got the idea of making love to Mark. Man I wish we could but you don't have a hole. Oh Aiden, I do it's in the front though. What how? Well all merpeople have them. Incase all the females die then the makes can reproduce. Wow that amazing and it's in the front? Why don't you find out for your self, Mark winked at Aiden.

Aiden lowered his face and found it. Right where his dick would be. He inserted his finger and Mark began to moan. Oooh that feels amazing. Aiden inserted another and began to finger him. Mark's moans began to get louder and more frequent. Until finally he climaxed. I have never felt that way Aiden. Well baby I can make you feel many things. Even this Mark began touching Aiden's dick. Oohh that feels good. Mark undid his pants and saw the biggest cock ever. The head was like a giant mushroom, the shaft was long and thick, and where the rest of his body met his shaft there was a patch of hair. Under his enormous dick was abpair of big balls that were filled with Aiden's baby gravy. Mark began giving him a hand job, going fast and slow until Aiden shot a load of whited cream onto Marks face.

Wow Mark you really have magic hands! You should see me with water. Aiden, yeah baby. I want you to make love to me here right now. Are you sure I'm pretty big. I know that's part of the reason. Please it will be amazing. I'm a virgin my hole is really tight. And your dick is huge it will feel amazing. Ok want me to get a condom? No I wanna feel you.


Mark laid on his back while Aiden hot on top and prepaired to pound him. They began kissing and after a while Mark said I'm ready! Aiden pushed his bulbous head into Marks tight hole. Ohh fuck your so tight your pussy hugs my dick in every way. Ahh your thick how long are you? About 12 inches but no girl or guy has been able to take it all. Well baby I'm not any guy or girl now shove it in. Aiden did so and was on pure exctasy. Mark began feeling the pleasure deep inside him. Aiden began thrusting in and out. Going faster each time. He began kissing Mark and hugging him. As Aiden tongued his mouth Mark began to rub and pinch Aiden's nipples. Aiden began moaning and started going faster. After about 20 minutes of amazing sex Aiden announced he was gonna cum. Stay inside I want you in there. What if I cum? It's ok I have a plan. Aiden gave one last deep thrust and Mark lost it. AIDEN OMG AHH as he said it he tightened his hole and Aiden began to cum. OH FUCk he shot streams of jizz deep into Mark. As he pulled out he said damn you have the tightest and nicest hole ever. And you tookl it all 12 inches and all my cum. Oh crap I came in you and you said you could get pregnant. Calm down watch. Mark placed his hand over his wet pussy and began moving his hand. Slowly all the cum that Aiden shot began coming out in a controlled stream. I thought you could only control water. I could it was a longs it that it would work. What if it didn't and you got pregnant you would really risk that. Mark hugged Auden and said I thought you liked taking risk's. Mark began to dry and his tail disappeared.

Who would have guessed a merman and a pyro. I know it's crazy Mark. Crazy? It's hot just like you he said. Mark began kissing Aiden but to Aiden's surprise Mark Inserted his tongue into his mouth first. They made Out for a while then got into Aiden's car and began there ride home.



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