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One thought kept running through my mind. The thought was to have a man lick my balls, suck my cock, and let me cum in his mouth. Receiving oral is one of the more pleasurable things a man can receive from a woman and now I wanted to feel what it was like to receive oral from a man. There should not be anything wrong with receiving oral from a man.

My first first experience receiving oral by a man was when I met a couple for sex. We ended up with her on top sucking my cock and me eating her pussy. The hubby was watching the action as I buried my face in her wet pussy. I was totally distracted eating her pussy when I felt something strange. At first I could not figure out what was strange the feeling was but soon realized that I felt more than two hands playing with my balls and cock and clearly felt two mouths. I had a quick flash and visualized both the wife and hubby sucking my cock. I never had a man put his mouth on my cock and balls so had to decide quickly if I was homophobic or not. The sensation of having two mouths doing oral on my hard cock was so wonderful that I decided I wanted to meet another couple for a repeat performance. But it was hard to find a bi couple that wanted to meet a bi married male my age. As I longed for oral sex, I remembered that the man was better at sucking my cock than the woman. If I could not find a bi couple that I would now look for a man to suck my cock.[

I have had my cock sucked by divorced female, married female and now a couple. Now I wanted to see what it was like for a man to give me oral. In the swinging magazines, I remembered seeing advertisements from men wanted to give a blowjob to other men with getting sucked sucking them in return. I thought about how great it would feel to have a nice blowjob and from a man. My mind was made up and contacted several men who advertised in swinging magazine who lived nearby. Within a week I had the phone numbers of men who had agreed to give me oral.

I contacted one of cock sucker and said, "Hey this is Roger, I got your email about meeting."

I was horny and was straight to the point, "W hen can you meet?"

The queer man on the other end of the phone said, "Tonight after 7 pm." He also asked me, "How big are you? Are you a heavy Cummer?"

I responded, "I am seven inches, cut, and usually squirts three or four times. "Good," he replied.

I said, "I am a straight guy and do not want to suck you. I want my cock sucked, then cum in your mouth. That is it."

The cock sucker replied, "Sure that is fine and since you are not interested in giving oral, I will keep my clothes on." I was glad he was going to keep his clothes on. I did not want to look at a naked man sucking my erection. I was just going to close my eyes and pretend it was a woman's hot mouth.

"OK give me directions," which he did.

I showed up at the queer's house at 7 PM and knocked on his door. His ad said he was mid 30's white man. A man opens the door that is not what I had expected. I did not know what to expect never having known any gay man. Here before me was a normal man, dressed casual, slacks and a button down shirt, clean-shaven and he was any different from me.

He introduced himself as John. John invited me into his house. It was clean and tidy. His stuff was upscale and was comfortable. John motions me to have a seat on the couch and he took a seat next to the couch. John offered me a choice of beer or wine, I took the wine just to be polite.

John asked, "Do you live around here"

I replied, "I work not far away but live up in the Ranchlands"

John said, "Oh that is a fashionable area of town"

I responded, "It was ok but too many people if you know what I mean." I continued, "This is a pleasant place you have to."

We chitchatted a little about home prices; finishing off the wine. I had not jacked off in the shower this morning because I want to shoot a heavy load. I was horny as a cowhand in a whorehouse.

I mention the subject, "I am glad you responded to my letter"

John said with a sound of confidence, "I get several letters a week and can pick and choose"

"Why did you pick me?" I questioned

"Your letter pointed out you were a white, married, straight, and that you wanted to experience what it feels like to get sucked off by a man" John answered directly.

"Yes", I confessed, "my only experience was when I was in the service 25 years ago I went to an adult theater. I had to take a piss and entered one of the stalls. There was a hole between the stalls."

"A glory hole" he interjected, I nodded continued, and I took a leak and could see that someone was watching me. I was hard from watching the 'Deep Throat" movie and horny. I do not know what made me; I turned so my hardness was in front of the hole and two fingers came out and touched the head of my swollen cock. I moved closer, all of my erection was in the hole and on the other side in something that was wet warm and wonderful. I came in ten seconds and tried to pull out however the stranger was still sucking my limp cock. I zipped up and went back to the movie; that was my first male blowjob.

John said that was an unusual story and those adult theaters known to have glory holes. I told him, "I am a straight man looking to get a blowjob. My wife does not suck me anymore and I am tired of jacking off in the shower."

He said sensitively, "I fully understand. I am the same way except I like giving service to straight married men. It thrills me to do something you are not getting at home. I assume you are clean and disease free", I answered, "Yes, I have been tested since I want to make sure I do not catch something and give it to my wife."

"Good, let me see," he said pointing to my pants I unzipped my pants, undid the belt buckle and pulled down my boxers causing erection to be exposed.

John inquired, "Is it ok for me to touch you?"

I responded, "Yes" the wine had some effect on my answer. I was comfortable with being in a room with John. Before we met, I had considered John to be a queer cock sucker. Now he was just a man that knew what he liked to do for sex.

His hands were soft and touching of his hands on my hard cock was like electricity. I was now hard as he moved his hands up and down on my shaft looking at my swollen shaft and gland. I looked at John's hand on my cock then gazed up into his face. He looked at me looking at him. We both smiled.

"You have a bigger and fatter appendage than most men," he said moving his hand up and down slowly

"Really," was my reply. I have never noticed the other men size before. I commented, "Going to have to take your word on that."

I was naked from the knees to the waist.

"I know this is going to be your second time. I would like you to remember everything. If I do something that you are not comfortable with, just say no and I will stop."

"OK," was all that I could say. His hands felt better on my cock than my hands did.

He continued, "I am bisexual and loves a woman's wet pussy as much as a man's hard erection. I have a girl friend that sucks me off and does a good job so no need to find someone to suck me in return. She does know I am Bi and allows me to meet other men."

"I am going to start now is that ok," John whispered

"OK, sure," I whispered back. I wanted this to happen for weeks and now I will know.

I wanted to keep my eyes closed and not watch him suck my cock. Closing my eyes, I enjoyed the feeling of John's rubbing, sucking, kissing, licking, and nibbling on my gland head. It felt so good I had to open my eyes to watch. As I open my eyes, John's and my eyes met. John could tell from the smile on my face that he was finding all of my erotic and tickle spots, places where only other men would know. Like under the tip of the gland or the back of the balls half way from the ball sack and the anus. John's mouth felt warm, I never felt his teeth. One of his hands was caressing my balls the other one was on my shaft with my shaft in his mouth.

He would change his mouth's motions about every 30 seconds or so and allowed me to relax. He used a different technique to explore what was turning me on. Everything was feeling me a wonderful blowjob from someone who knew what he was doing. Everything he was doing felt so good. I found myself saying, "Yes right there; lick it some more; put the head in your mouth again; rub my balls; stop I do not want to dump my load yet; ok now but slowly; oh I am going to shoot now," as my body jerks and my joy tube squirts into his mouth. He had a full mouth of my spunk. I am not sure; I think he secretly drained his mouth to the nearby trashcan. He did his so quickly and inconspicuously.

I lay there for a few minutes in the afterglow of climaxing, he provided me paper towers for any additional cum that dribbled out my pee hole. He left the room, going to the bathroom, I am sure he was washing his mouth to be on the safe side. When he returned I was dressed. I lost my urge for sex and wanted to leave. I said, "Thanks that was fantastic."

He said, "thank you for coming by." I left.

I got into my car and started to drive home a little guilty about a man having oral sex with me. I would not have felt guilty about a woman sucking my man meat. What is the difference about receiving oral from a man? A few more miles down the road and the guilty was gone, I had rationalized that a hot mouth is a hot mouth male or female and right now, a male mouth is what I wanted. I phoned, thanking him for letting me come to his house. He said, "You have a nice cock, it was my pleasure. If you want to squirt again just give me a call."

Yes, I wanted to hear those words. I had a suck buddy who could suck me off anytime I need to feel relief. "What about this Thursday, 7 pm again," I said.

He said, "Yes perfect time, I will have another glass of wine ready for you"

We meet a couple times a week each time it was the same, he would not get naked, and I would drop my pants, exposed my cock then allowing him do his magic. Each time we met, he would amaze me with his oral talents and found that I had missed many years of receiving blowjobs from men.



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