Chapter 1

I was just the average 16 year old son of the hottest dad I knew.  My dad looked just like Hugh Jackman and that was just fine with me, except dad was a lot hairier which was even better.   He’s about 6’2 230 pounds of solid manly muscle and three times a week, he was at the gym to keep those muscles solid.  Many times he’s tried to get me to go with, but I’d say I’ll stay home and catch up on housework.  Mom left us years ago for a rich guy in some other state.  She hasn’t talked to us since.  No biggie, I much rather being with just my dad.

One day dad came home from the gym and his tank top was dripping with sweat and clung his his muscular chest, his nips trying to pole their way thru the wet fabric.  Lucky for me, I was laying on the floor doing homework, which hid my growing hardon.  Then, there were his way to small shorts and his huge bulge.  That’s all it took, I was rock hard and I was oozing precum under my foreskin and making me hotter than ever.

‘Hey Mickey, what ya doing ?’

‘Just my homework ‘

‘Good kid, I’m gonna grab a shower and we can head out to grab something to eat’

‘Ok, sounds great !’

Dad made his way into the shower and I got up and ran to my bedroom to jerk off think of dads sweat covered body.  I laid down and pulled my 8” uncut cock out and slowly swirled the precum around with my fingers, bringing some to taste it, thinking it was dads precum.  I reached over and pulled out my favorite dildo.  A nice 7” super thick one that was modeled after an uncut guy.  Lucky guy to have a cock like this.  When I played with it, I always imagined it was dads cock.  

I brought it to my lips and kissed the head and slowly started sucking it and could even deepthroat it too.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I used my precum to lube up the head of the dildo and get my hole lubed up and slowly sank all 7” deep into my ass.  It always felt so good, stretching my hole and filling me so deeply.  Damn I wish it was my dads cock in my ass and not a dildo.

I rolled over and had my ass in the air and was using one hand to grab and fuck my ass with the dildo.  In and out, in and out, the thick dildo fucking my ass.  I squeezed the dildo tight with me ass to pinch my nips and stroke my cock.   To involved in my own fantasy, I let my ass relax and the dildo popped out. In my fantasy my dad walked in and popped the dildo back in and really gave me a good fucking.

‘You like that son ?  A nice thick cock in your ass?  

‘Yeah dad, it feels great.’

My dildo felt hotter and longer that before, I didn’t care, it was incredible.

‘How about I take out the dildo and use something else ?

‘Ok, anything you got, I’ll try it.

‘Well, it’s already in your hole, how’s it feel ?

‘Awesome dad, just fuck my ass and make me cum.  I’m so horny after seeing you come home ass hot and sweat, you’re so fucking sexy dad.

‘Thanks son, now let’s get you off.’

My fantasy was so real.  I wished it was real.  But I knew it wasn’t.

Dad started using what ever was up my ass.  Pounding my hole deep as he could.  It felt so good, getting fucked.

Dad, what’s in my ass ?  Just curious, it feels so good.

Glad you asked, you’ve got all 9 uncut inches of my cock in your virgin ass.  Been waiting a while to fuck this hot ass of yours.

‘Then fuck me dad, fuck me good, like you do to all those women you get.  Shoot that load in the rubber.

‘Sorry kiddo, I’m fucking You bare, you’re getting a huge load deep in your guts

‘ fuck yeah dad, breed me. Fill my ass up with your cum.  

‘Oh fuck, talking like that and this tight hole is too much, here is comes, uuuugggghhhhhh!!!’

I felt his cock pulsing, shooting his cum into my ass, breeding me. My fantasy, maybe one day it’ll really happen.

He slowly pulled is cock from my ass and flipped me over.  My cock was covered in my own cum.

That’s just what I needed kiddo, let’s shower together and grab dinner.

My eyes popped open, it wasn’t my imagination, my dad, did, just fuck me and pop my cherry.

I gathered all the strength I had left, jumped up and gave him a big huge hug.

‘Thanks dad, that was the best.  I’ve wanted that for years.  Can we do it again and again ??”

‘Sure kiddo, but lest shower and eat first.  That gave me a good workout and I’m hungry as all hell now’

To be continued ???

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