Let me tell you when this man moved across the street I fell in love with him and he had no idea. With him living across the street I could see him mow the yard, clean the garage and what ever he does outside. He is in his mid 30's both our kids are the same age. I had never been attracted to a man before and have never done anything with one. John was very quite and did not speak to any of the neighbors. He would wave. John was an advid fisherman he would clean his catch out in the driveway and one day I walkede over there to see the fish he did talk a litlle and this was our first conversation.

Man I had a boner by the thought of being on his property. A few years later they put there house up forsale, and I really did not want him to move luckily the house did not sell and he is still there. I fantasized about him so much I wanted to hear his voice on the phone. I left a note on his truck late one night telling him to call my number I was interested in the house. He called numerous times but I would never answer I just wanted the number and I did call ity back to see who was calling and it was John he said the number had been left on his truck. I stored the number in my phone. His wife is a flight attendant and travels alot. One night he was in the garage and his wife was gone, I called him, not realizing to block the number when he answered I was in my garage and he was in his I could see his every move.

So when I called and I could see him reach for his phone, when he answered I told him I wanted to suck his dick, he was like who in the fuck is this. I said to him let me suck your dick and you can find out. he hung up the phone. I called right back he answered again I said the same thing he told me he was no fag I should find another bacman to suck off. I called him back several times to the point he told me I could not handle his big cock, and he would choke me with it, and then shoot me. Well a few days later he called my house number he had reversed searched my cell phone number, when I answered the phone he said I am the cock you wanted to suck he advised me he knows it was me and I should stop or he would advise my wife. let me tell you for the next year, I did not look his direction or call, but here latly I catch myself looking out the window to see if he is out. I was out mowing the yard the other day and so was he. I gave a frindly wave and he did nothing, after mowing I went in and showered and ran back to thwindow to see if he was out and he was not. About an hour later there was a knock on my door it was John he asked me if I could help him move a piece of furniture. I agreed to help him out so I walked over to his house.

During this process he brought up the phone call, asking me why I did that, and was I a fag. I advised him I had never been with a man, but if ever had the chance I wanted them to look just like him.. he wanted to know why I wanted to suck his dick. He then asked are you willing to swallow his cum. I said if I was given the chance to suck his dick I would swallow it all. He just smiled.

And thanked me for the help I turned to walk out, he said to me get on your knees. I turned around and he was unzipping his pants and demanded me on my knees. I went to my knees and he walked up to me and pulled his cock out, he said if you can make it hard you can suck the cum out of him. His cock was so nice 7 inches and not even hard yet, nice big head, I put my hands on it he said no hands just your mouth. I opened my mouth and he placed the head in my mouth I sucked and started bobbing my head back and forth on his cock.

Not hard it was pushing to the back of my throat. He said suck that big dick cock sucker I did and looked up at him he looked down and smiled told me it felt good I sucked it harder and he started getting hard. I had to pull it out of my mouth and I started to jack him off and sucking him he placed his hands on the back of ny head and started thrusting fucking my face so hard, I was chocking and gagging on this massive cock.

I stopped sucking a stood up to leave he told me he was not done with me he went to his chair and sat down and spreed his legs I went back on my knees and started to suck and take as much of his cock into my mouth, a few minutes later his hands back on m y head working his big cock in and out of my mouth then he pulled my head and thrusted so hard I felt his huge cock go way down my throat he would not let me off off his cock he tensed up and shot his load down my throat. He let me up. I left and we have not spoken a word since but I stare at him and want him to know I want it again.



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